Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Fellow MCA comrades ,

Justice for OTK will always be with Ong Tee Keat , the uphold of justice , fair play and right virtues . I have not tukar camp or sudah hilang just as what some commenters have posted . I am taking a few days off after all these hectic months . I will be back .

The very fact that I have not deleted what I posted of all these leaders is proof that my opinion remains and shall remain posted for all to see .

My taking off for a few days is to see what moves they are planning . Chua only received 38% of the votes , not even 50% and with all those goodies thrown in . So I will wait for his move before I make my move , so be patient . In the meantime keep your comments coming .


  1. To be an inclusive team, CSL should have the following :-
    1.Appoint OTK/OKT to be CC and into Presidential Council as advisors (past president) Set a precedent to future wanabe.
    2.Retain both KCH and OTK as minister until next election.
    3.Conduct fresh election for the Youth and Wanita Section. They should have abstain from voting. Putongrenmin.

  2. disappointed member of mca3/31/2010 02:17:00 PM

    We are so disappointed with the CD. They did not have their own mind. They had to follow Cai Tan. The CD do not represent the majority of chinese community. From the survey we can see most of the people wanted OTK to lead.Not Porn Star. Less then 24 hours the opposition has hit him left and right. So shamful! 901 CD should resigned, they are not fix to be CD.

  3. Many Chinese are ashamed that CSL was elected as President. What kind of message is MCA sending to the chinese community in particular and to the younger generation of chinese and the whole nation in general and the whole world? Moral cleanliness is a top priority, then capability and not the reverse. Once a person commits adultery and a public figure his political life comes to an end. This is probably the world's first tainted leader to be accepted as a leader of a Party. The 900 odd CD who elected CSL are but thinking of themselves and what they can benefit from this embarasing.... no shame at all. The time of reckoning for what had happened on 328 shall not return void on retribution. Nowhere to hide.

  4. As CSL declared after successfully elected as MCA President, he would implement an all inclusive and collective team, we hope he will keep his promise by including current leaders in the Cabinet. Any changes in the existing team we starting the in-fighting again.

  5. In the eyes of the general public, these CDs are a bunch of vultures seeking goodies and perks. They do not feel the pulse of the public. It is no wonder MCA lost badly in the last GE. OTK tried very hard to redeem MCA dignity by revealing the PKFZ scandal, but, the CDs are not in favour of his doings. For the coming GE, I just wish good luck to all MCA candidates.

  6. Bad BN joke.
    UMNO says MIC is delusional for wanting the Ulu Selangor seat. Kling Mabuk. MCA says it voted a big dick as president. MIC says MCA is delusional. Any indian can have a much bigger dick than MCA.

  7. OTK is the best transport minister so far. Our public transport has improved so much. We hope Najis will retain OTK post. If not next election we will vote opposition.

  8. OTK team must first take note the view from the public and Chinese that THEY SUPPORT CLEAN AND RIGHTEOUS MCA PRESIDENT . CHINESE DO NOT LIKE CSL TO REPRESENT THEM . THIS CANNOT BE COMPROMISE. Whether OTK remains as MINISTER is not that important now. Instead of wasting time to do the work ARMNOR/WKS/CSL/TIONG/SIN CHEW/NANYANG/CHINA PRESS/TCC/LSC not happy and support. Why do not let DAP/LKS to carry on the work ? OTK has many other things can do.800 heroes

  9. The world is upside down so is society. Good clean candidates are laughed off and scorned as good is seen as evil and evil as good. It is a fact of society they rather get a morally unsuitable person to be leader and presumably a criminal/thief/muderer/adulterer/morally weak character. This is Satan's doing through his human agents. If we are not careful we may also be sucked into or influenced by the surrounding wickednesss/unrighteousness and assume right to be wrong and vice versa as the CD in this 328 election have shown. Our society is one of unsolvable dilemma and no matter what we cannot solve moral corruption, poverty and increasing crime. This is probably made worse by placing a morally tainted leaders on the pedestal of leadership. Unless we change ourselves we cannot change the party direction no matter how sincere or vocal we wish/can be. MCA after 328 is at the end of the road. The path to destruction is clear and no one can deny it with a tainted leader at the helm. People can agree/disagree but the people at large will show it at the 13GE unless we have farsighted CD that can change the tide of a surely disastrous future by electing a new party leader next year. Even that may be so the death knell is ever so prevailing and unstoppable. Think again.

  10. Wahai Saudara dan Saudari,

    Bukanya Orang Cina yg menhinakan MCA. MCA yg menhinakan Orang Cina.

    Bukanya Orang Cina yg menikam MCA. MCA yg menikam Orang Cina.

    Wahai Saudara and Saudari,

    Marilah kita merobohkan MCA !

  11. moo he deen says "1MALAY" "2Malaysian" LOL

    u chinks are in serious trouble

  12. After this MCA election, MCA is now a BIG SWINGING DICK or DICKETTES (female for dick).

  13. Surprised to note that the CD are very short sighted to elect a President that do not represent the majority of the chinese population. They seemed to be bound by greed.

    CSL has to beware of LTL every minute and every move as LTL and his gang cannot be trusted. Again MCA is back to square one, moving backward.

    Come GE13, MCA will fall. This is a majority public perception from old to the young voters.

    IF OKT to remain as Transport Minister then the whole situation will be different.


  14. Chua Soi Lok should plan to put Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun to sleep. They are not good for his health. If he want to be healthy and serve a long time as president, he must kill these viruses.

  15. "u chinks are in serious trouble"

    We chinks have been in deep shit for the past 60 years, no thanks to MCA !

    MCA has been doing a perfectly good job of putting the Chinese in harm's way.

  16. Come GE13, MCA will fall. This is a majority public perception from old to the young voters.

    IF OKT to remain as Transport Minister then the whole situation will be different.


    CAT pls wake up.
    This is bread crumb you re toking about.


  17. Tee Keat is on the move again, lets march with him;

  18. Fuck it !

    I will only march with Tee Keat if he march out of MCA !

    And I can gather a lot of my friends to march too, and all of us will take out our MCA cards and cut them to pieces.

  19. OTK will be shoot for not finishing his mission in MCA . OTK must remain in MCA under the Wind-Wind and Rain-Rain.OTK will not disgraced without the Minister Post but CSL sure want OTK to stay back as Minister because his is a MORALLY TAINED PRESIDENT. OTK not need to do anything now. Let the PM/CSL to decide his post.PKFZ makes OTK down and every Chinese understood. CSL mission is unite MCA but not Chinese. So we are non-member of MCA should not vote any candidates nominated by CSL. CSL must face the Chinese Anger very soon.

  20. Even memer of MCA should boycott voting for all CSL - LTL candidate in the coming GE !

  21. the best thing is for OTK to resign immediately as transport minister since he is no longer the president instead of waiting to be sacked by CSL.

    Go independent OTK.

    MCA is now hopeless.

  22. We will vote OTK if he goes independent.

  23. I will only support Tee Keat if he is independent !

    MCA will only tarnish Tee Keat's reputation.

  24. OTK can turn out to be SPIRITUAL LEADER in MCA. Continue his struggle and reform the image of the party as his only mission before the next party election. Never resign in any post , let CSL/PM/DPM to decide since OTK do nothing wrong. About the RM10 million no proof until today.OTK supports PM/DPM GUP ended up with loss in the party election. So PM/DPM should retain OTK post so that the MCA DIRECT PARTY ELECTION is easier to implement for the sake of BN also.

  25. " Even memer of MCA should boycott voting for all CSL - LTL candidate in the coming GE !"

    Every member should boycott voting for MCA in coming GE. Every member should sabotage all campaign by MCA starting with Ulu Selangor. Best if you campaign for PR. Show these buggers the colour.

  26. A lot of MCA members and delegates cannot distinguish what is private and public illicit affairs as opposed to open and secret sin. Suppose the latter is a form of rebellion that requires stoning to death in olden biblical times under the purview of Almighty and in modern times if a law of adultery exists subject to court for punishment. How do you like CSL to be treated? An open rebellion albeit a moral one that breaks the family unit down and bring shame to both family and Party is really disturbing. How can MCA members and elected now tolerated such heinous behaviour just because of political advantage or a hopeless cause or cannot be helped episode while the chinese community of about 6 million view it as the darkest day in the history of MCA. A strong and righteous point must be principled as a needle to the pole. MCA must call sin by its right name and not oscillating and CSL must be exorcised from the Party if it wants to see daylight breaks through and the daystar shines.

  27. All MCA members in Ulu Langat should smart to CHANGE FACE. Ask BN to support many many times of BIG MAKAN, let all Chinese school there have Million of Fund, promise many many projects and licenses . By election every night go to Karaoke to look for Lady Dragon . Last minute change face when go to voting. Learn from CSL and LTL how they pulled down OTK.

  28. take a break. come back stronger than before.

  29. (a) I noted that many "Moralists" raised the "sin" of our (new) President over and over again.

    (b) No one denied, including CSL himself, that he had committed the sin....

    (c) But once the process called "Repent/repentance", or "悔悟;悔改;后悔;忏悔", or "Bertaubat" took its course, the sinner should be given the chance to live normal life....

    (d) For those who believe in God, you should not "play god". For those disciples of Confucius, you should not condemn the "sinners" to hell.

    (e) CSL is a Buddhist. He repented, and accepted the karmic consequences (losing all his position/fame/friends etc). Now he was accepted by 901 delegates to be their President (though another 833+578 delegates did not!), exercising their democratic rights.


    Everyone can go to Heaven. Just be good.

    Why don't we let CSL do good, be good, and serve the people for about 18 months (until Oct 2011) before we decide what to do with him?

    I supported the righteous OTK all along. But now the election was over and we have to move on --even though without OTK as the Taiko.

    Lim Ah Lek wanted to resign from MCA?

    Go aheadlah, if you feel that what you do is correct. Last time you also complained that Ong Ka Ting "screwed" you front and back just to get rid of you from MCA leadership....At that time (2003) I didn't hear that you wanted to quit party?

    Now just because you adopted the "protectionist policy" for your disciple, Liow the Fan Quat Chai,you wanted to "screwed" everybody who blocked Liow.

    Apa pasai itu macam?

    I am glad that Justice4OTK prefers to remain with OTK. That's your choicelah. Best wishes from me.


    Boddhi Lai

  30. Anon:10:52:PM. You fail to distinguish between what is open sin or adultery and what is private and personal as an ordinary citizen. The person concerned is a politician and even though he has repented he should not come back to politics then it is acceptable he can lead a normal life again by any religion. How can it be said that he should be allowed to vie and get voted as a top leader of MCA and be allowed to live a normal life again. Has MCA no honour for its integrity in allowing such a situation to occur. Please be clear - top leader in a Party must be clean and the fact that he may have repented does not make him clean again. That is why once tainted one should resign once and for all and don't bark on the reason that others are not caught red handed or the excuse that it is OK to commit adultery and live the political life again unless the Party wants it to be self destruct before the GE13 and worse the damage is already irreparable as many young children/ youth are getting the wrong message that it is good/OK to have illicit/extra-marit.. sex. It is a reflection of own character somewhat if one advocates or whitewash this issue or not wanting to print this mess the party is in. Very concerned

  31. ANON 11:32,

    TQ for your view.

    I think you are confused between the "values" and the provisions of religious pardons.

    Japanese and Koreans, for eg., do attempt to maintain that "value" mentioned by you.

    But in Malaysia, I think "we" are used to "close one eye" attitudelah....

    Buddhism does not distinguish any ordinary folk from a VIP or political leader. There is no such thing called "tainted leader". Once repented, the leader is "pardoned" and he may carry on with his life in any sphere....

    God/Heaven/Deities do not distinguish human beings by their professions/activities/social strata....Only their hearts/minds/behaviours differ from each other.

    Seen in this context, I submit that CSL (already elected the President of MCA on 328) has no reason to stop leading a party and serving the people(s).

    Of course,I understand your point. IDEALLY we want "clean" leaders....If you can find one - and the delegates are willing to elect him/her, that is fine for me.

    Till then, I accept CSL as the President of MCA and hope others may agree to do the same. Don't accept also never mind. We all have independent minds.

    Best wishes to all.

    -Boddhi Lai-

  32. Till then, I accept CSL as the President of MCA and hope others may agree to do the same.

    i say fck off.
    i don't accept CSL as the leader. not because he is a ssex maniac but because he is an umno tool.


  33. By Admin @MargeeMar

    Police have investigated MCA President Chua Soi Lek for oral sex, considered carnal intercourse against the order of nature, based on footage from his sex DVD scandal two years ago. According to news reports, Selangor Criminal Investigation Department chief Hasnan Hassan said that police were investigating the sex DVD under section 377(A) of the Penal Code.

    Not only will the police be going after those who circulated the tape, but they may also charge Soi Lek, who if found guilty can be jailed for up to 20 years.
    The sex scandal resurfaced on Feb 10, 2009 after a Kelana Jaya resident claimed that an envelope containing the DVD and a letter was placed in his mailbox. The letter instructed the recipient to lodge a police report after watching the video. The video, featured Soi Lek and a woman having sex in a hotel suite.

    Upon watching the DVD, the resident realised that the DVD was a pornographic video and proceeded to make the police report. Chua had given a statement at the district police headquarters at Petaling Jaya and told investigators that the video is the same as the one that surfaced previously. In January 2008, the former Labis MP admitted to being the man in a sex video and resigned from all political posts.

    It is rather strange that the Police were swift to act against Leader of the Opposition YB Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim who is charged with sodomy, which by definition is considered as carnal intercourse against the order of nature just like the blow job Tiger Chua got from his lady friend but until now Tiger Chua has yet to be charged. Unlike Tiger Chua's sex DVD scandal, there's not even an iota of evidence to proof that DSAI committed sodomy as claimed by Saiful Bukhari.


    if CSL is going to continue to helm MCA - he will be in a compromised position. he cannot be impartial as he will be living under the shadow of his overlords - umno and pdrm.

    do you people get it? anal sex and oral sex is a crime in malaysia. yyou can get a blowjob BUT just don't get caught. much less get filmed.

    HAHA now you get it?


  34. I am not even a bit surprised with Boddhi Lai's "悔悟;悔改;后悔;忏悔" message.

    It is in line with MCA's hypocrisy since all they want is money, sex, fame, selfish gains.

    They say they represent the Chinese while they voted in the FGZs.

    They say they fight for the Chinese while the help UMNO oppressing the Chinese.

    They say they help the Chinese school while they help UMNO closing down Chinese schools.

    They say they help the Chinese student but when Chinese students are denied their placement in the Universities what MCA does? Nothing.

    They say they help the Chinese businessman but they never do anything when UMNO force the Chinese businessman out of one industry after another.

    It is sheer hypocrisy of MCA to tell us about "悔悟;悔改;后悔;忏悔".

    They are not in the business of "悔悟;悔改;后悔;忏悔" as long as MCA is still in business.

    They never intend to atone for their own sin because even today they are helping UMNO to oppress the Chinese people.

    Fuck MCA !

  35. You must be fucking dreaming if you think anyone from MCA would repent.

    Tell me, when was the last time anyone from MCA say sorry for the wrongs they have done to the Chinese people?

    Of course no one from MCA ever says 'sorry' since none of them ever felt that they have done anything wrong.

    For those motherfuckers all they care is their pockets. Oppressing the Chinese, so what? Taking away the livelihood of the Chinese, so what? Denying the Chinese students from obtaining higher education, so what?

    As long as they got money coming in, MCA will continue to fuck the Chinese.

  36. I think Boddhi Lai miss the point.

    It is fundamentally correct to say all religion preach moral value, why this is so?
    The teaching is more on preventive rather than proactive....the punishment of sins are secondary and come from many forms depending on what is your religious belief.......but generally it is right to say most people will forgive but not forget......tell me how to forget.

    What I want to stress here is people with tainted reputation cannot hold office with high authority, it is not a good example. What kind of message is he is sending to the people? As I have already put it sarcastically before that is like telling the people that they can go fuck around and have fun, cheat and do what ever immoral they want, when they are caught just say sorry then they will be forgiven, they can still rise up and become MCA president......this is not preventive, it is this what we want?

    You said he repent which I doubt, if he is then he should withdraw from politic completely to become a monk or any charitable organisation to serve the needful and not crazy of power and plotting the downfall of the sitting president.

    We have fundamental reasons to hate and expose this man, his irresponsible and selfish action cause other to pay the price ......a tainted president is a fact now and will not go away.....

    You tell me do we want the society to emulate him?.....

  37. from Omar Goh's blog:
    Congratulations to all the new office bearers. All the best to all of you. You are now the "trustees" and "representatives" of the national body for 1 year.

    The circus in MCA will take place again in 2011 (Constitutionally required Party Election) with many Branches and Divisions starting their meetings as early as the end of this year.

    Will MCA move towards a similar structure like the DAP (Father - son) ? Will MCA continue to speak up and be vocal on issues ? Or will MCA be pushovers and eunuchs ? Is MCA able to face DAP and rise again to be relevant ?

    looks like the umno dog is now backtracking.. ohhhh congratulating the winners.

    & attacking DAP as well.. nothing about his moohideen's 1MALAY 2Malaysian ?


  38. CSL a buddhist? Why the hell must MCA leaders claim to be Buddhist. Wee Ka Siong, Liow Tiong Lai and CHew Mun Fun Buddhist? Common you Buddhists. Why must make this claim. Do you think it shame you. What Karma? It is all man made.

  39. Anon 10.24
    Please don't start a religious war....religion is very personal and just reap what you sow....


  40. Muhyiddin said he is Malay first and Malaysia at heart (does it mean second or just because he was born in Malaysia) and Najib said it is ok to be Malay first.

    Is this what MCA is fighting for in BN? To UMNO, we are Chinese first and Malaysian at heart. Is this how MCA fight for our right?
    This new MCA management is happily accepting all these shits. See what will happen in Ulu Selangor? See what will happen in the next election. Muhyiddin had just out the final nail in MCA's coffin. MCA just sit there like a dumb fool.

  41. Free Thinker. I am not trying to start a religious war. I just want the Buddhists to stop claiming MCA leaders are Buddhists. They bring disgrace to the religion.

  42. Is the law of the land somewhat based on religious which is given by the Creator in the 1st place? If so, is it not binding on everyone even before there was a hindu, buddhist, chrstian and muslim, etc? How else some religion like buddhism claim society's value system is diffferent from religious moral value! Is there a contradiction? How would the world see buddhist as a human? Tiger Wood is allegedly believed to have 14 mistress, some of whom are porn stars and he is a buddhist. What is American value system and his buddhist moral value system? Is there a universal moral value for politicians/ people with high authority or it depends on religion? What if Barrack Obama is a buddhist and if he commits adultery, don't you think he should not resign as President simply because he is a buddhist. Very confused!

  43. Justice4OTK, glad you are standing your ground. But please Brother make a stand on this Umno lover Goh Wei Liang who is nothing but a lalang who has done more damage to MCA than DAP could ever do.

    Goh Wei Ling and his APOMM blog does not represent the Chinse Brother. He is even silent on Mohideen racisr statements. Goh Wei Liang is certainly working for racist Mahathir and Umno to deceive the Chinese so that the MCA will be disunited for Umno to control.

    Rebuke him and all the so called Chinese who are Umno lackeys brother and we will be with you to walk with DS Ong Tee Keat.

    Chew Boo Keat

  44. BATANG KALI, March 31 — MCA tainted president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek tonight stressed that he would let bygones be bygones in order to strengthen his party.
In a move that appeared to put him on a higher moral ground, the former health minister showed he was willing to put the past behind him and continue working with members to restore the Chinese community’s confidence in the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN).

The tainted president track records tell us he is cunning, master of deceive and very good in lying through his teeth, say one thing to make him look good but actually practicing the opposite. OTK got it for him, right!, ....the outcome of the election is inconclusive and his position is untenable that why he try to pull wool over someone's eyes to strengthen his standing....will those people swallow his bait and get their head chop off when this rascal built up his strength.
Tell me how a tainted fellow who treated his party constitution as a toilet paper and even went to the extend to risk his party existence by boycotting a compulsory AGM can strengthen the party. Must be very silly to believe him.......

  45. Have you heard this story about one MCA member. Just recently he went to his favourite bak kut teh shop. He was scolded by all the people there. Now he say he cannot go for his bak kut teh anymore.

    He is so ashamed.

  46. Welcome back Justice4otk,

    I have to agree with Chew Boo Keat that if we are to MCA strong and stand up for the Chinese, we must first be united under MCA. And the only person who can make MCA strong and united is Dato Seri Ong Tee Keat.

    You have done a fastastic job for OTK but as Chew Boo Keat and many others have said youmust distance yourself from Goh Wei Liang or Omar Goh as he is sometimes called because he is pro Umno and only pretends to support OTK. At one time he even supported CSL.

    Please expose this traitor (Goh Wei Liang) and distance yourself from him, Justice4otk. Only then can we win the battle for MCA with OTK.

    Richard Loh

  47. I agree with Chew Boo Keat and Richard Loh. Justice4otk must condemn Goh Wei Liang for what he is and warn others not to trust him. Goh Wei Liang is too pro Mahathir and Umno to be of any good to MCA. He is also 2 faced.

    Here he praises Ong ka Ting on October 27, 2008
    Let MCA continue with their unity approach in Barisan Nasional. I disagree with the term "fight for the Chinese" because that will only be a mirror to UMNO's racial cards. APOMM thanks Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting for his contributions to the Government of Malaysia in his capacity as Housing and Local Government Minister as well as his dedication and service to Malaysians especially the Chinese community when he was President of MCA. I wish him all the best and a happy retirement. Read here

    Here Goh Wei liang condemns Ong Ka Ting on March 14, 2010
    But Ong Ka Ting and Chan Kong Choy's era were not without controversies. Which Minister has ever handed over a Government Ministerial position to a kin ? And then, there were chatter on vice, phantom members, triads, money lending licences (Ah Longs), PKFZ and nepotism. Some of these issues are still haunting MCA today. Read here

    Here Goh Wei Liang praises Chua Soi Lek on July 23, 2008
    Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek might have a better chance. He has contributed a lot to the Malaysian medical and hospital systems. I congratulate and thank him for that.However, in politics, perception and image matters. We all know that his extra marrital affairs caught on tape looked like a set up.
    Even if that is true, Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek will have his integrity questioned, his character etc. So that might pose as a problem to Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek if he wants to make a comeback. Nevertheless, his track record in politics and public service should be commended. Read here

    Here he condemns Chua Soi Lek on March 04, 2010
    My words were clear when I raised my concerns and I did not mince a single word. "We must not take Dr Chua's goodwill and support blindly". Read here

    Lim Zhew Huan

  48. don't worry about this puny Omar Goh lahhh,,
    i am just copying the following for the benefit of all standing MCA members!

    Jilted lover cuts off penis Share

    Wednesday, 31 March 2010 20:54

    JAKARTA – A young man cut off his own penis and threw it down a well after learning that his girlfriend was going to marry another man.

    The jilted lover came incredibly close to death, doctors said, after losing a massive amount of blood during the incident in Central Java's Bantasari village.

    He was rushed to Cilacap General Hospital in critical condition where doctors saved his life — but they could not re-attach his penis because officials were unable to recover it from the well. Cilacap is 428km from here.

    "It was a critical time," hospital director Sugeng Budi Susanto told The Jakarta Globe yesterday.

    Keeping mum

    "Cutting off a penis can be fatal."

    A source said the 19-year-old had severed his penis in a suicide bid — thinking nobody would be able to save his life.

    Despite the throngs of reporters gathered at the hospital, Sugeng said the teenager was not speaking about the incident.

    "He’s still too shocked and embarrassed to talk to or see anyone."

  49. Religion is very personal. Everyone irrespective of whatever religion one professes must submit to the laws of the land and also the common universal moral values
    Just reap what you sow......he himself has to face the consequences as far as his religion is concerned.
    To the Buddhist one accumulates the negative karmas and he has to face it himself when they are ripen whether in this life or later on...

  50. I hear ALL you guys , and I also know a little bit about why CSL still manage to win despite the odds . Let's keep it that way OK ? you guys !

    But first the good news ! Najib has shot down any proposal for a Ministerial change . All current MCA Ministers will keep their posts . ie NO CHANGE ...Tee Keat is still Transport Minister .

    Note ny statement " shot down any proposal , meaning I do not know whether there's a proposal to remove OTK or not . I am not at liberty to tell .

  51. j4otk. Do you mean he payed the CDs? Of course he did. Did OKT pay?

  52. wisdom said...

    Tee Keat is on the move again, lets march with him;
    3/31/2010 05:21:00 PM


  53. disappointed member of mca said...

    We are so disappointed with the CD. They did not have their own mind. They had to follow Cai Tan. The CD do not represent the majority of chinese community. From the survey we can see most of the people wanted OTK to lead.Not Porn Star. Less then 24 hours the opposition has hit him left and right. So shamful! 901 CD should resigned, they are not fix to be CD.
    3/31/2010 02:17:00 PM


  54. We shall not release now even OTK has been reinstated his MINISTER POST. Experience told us to have WAIT & SEE altitude first. Shall nor rejoice too early now , main task is ahead, not easy job . But one thing hopes OTK should mention is THE DIRECT PARTY ELECTION FOR NEXT YEAR ONWARDS. We prepare to join or rejoin MCA , and ALL MCA DIVISIONS USELESSLY TO RAISE SO MANY UNFRUITFUL RESOLUTIONS, ONE ONLY enough is THE DIRECT PARTY ELECTION.
    800 Heroes

  55. Forget it.

    As long as MCA is being led by a filth and a FGZ MCA can go to hell !

  56. Who is this Lim Ah Lek guy?

    Hadnt been for him, Ong Ka Ting wouldnt have joined in to fight for the Presidency and then OTK would have had a chance against CSL.

    So it's not a big deal if he wants to resign..Right?

  57. The useless Lim Ah Lek has withdrawn his resignation at a meeting with the Koon Suan , Liow , Wong Mook Leong and Ong Ka Ting


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