Sunday, February 28, 2010

Penang senior citizens to get RM100 annually

Cheap skate vote buying ? Corruption or bribery ? What can you do with RM$100 ? for a year ? what gutter money politics ?

PENANG, Feb 28 — The state government will distribute aid of RM100 annually to each senior citizen in Penang who are eligible and aged 60 and above beginning April.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said the aid, given under the Senior Citizens Appreciation Programme, was one of the efforts initiated by the state government to assist and appreciate the elderly.

“There are 132,000 senior citizens in the state but only 62,000 had registered at the State Assemblymen’s Service Centres to receive the aid and according to the statistics, the areas with the most number of senior citizens are in the North-East and Seberang Perai Utara districts,” he told reporters, here today.

Lim said that beginning tomorrow until March 8, senior citizens could check the name register and their personal particulars in the website which was launched today. — Bernama

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Liow: AGM resolutions are only proposals

Only proposals ? who are you trying to kid ?

Then it should be worded as such " We propose that the following issues a, b, c , d be discussed by this assembly and be adopted if this assembly deems it appropriate .

But what you jokers wrote were not proposals but resolutions !

No wonder the Health Ministry has always been referred to as the Hell Ministry and the Minister as the Minister of Hell ! Controlled by the Devil !
Vegetarians be becareful , it has been said that vegetarians are easily influenced by the Great Satan .

Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai will not stop his supporters from submitting 'proposals' at the MCA AGM. - Picture by Jack Ooi

By Clara Chooi

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 27 — MCA vice-president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai today ignored the advice from a fellow party leader urging his faction to withdraw the resolutions submitted for the party’s March 7 annual general meeting.

Liow explained that the resolutions were merely proposals for discussion during the AGM, in which every delegate had the right to submit.

Liow added that the fact that they were mere proposals, the resolutions should be allowed to be discussed during the meeting and were definitely not unconstitutional as claimed by the leader.

The leader, central committee member Datuk Ti Lian Ker had advised Liow’s faction yesterday to withdraw their proposed resolutions for the AGM which, among others, called for the dissolution of the CC for the purpose of fresh polls. In addition, they have also called for an amendment to the party constitution to open up the duty of appointing and sacking of executive office-bearers which is presently handled by the president.

Ti had claimed that the resolutions were unconstitutional as they had contravened Article 168 of the constitution which stipulates that resolutions to amend the constitution needed prior referrals from the respective divisions and the CC.

Phang to settle 'unfinished business'

Lets wait for wednesday and see what tricks the fat monkey will come up with this time !

Saturday, 27 February 2010 00:00

KUALA LUMPUR - Following a recent legal victory that freed him from being muzzled, Robert Phang is set to settle some "unfinished business" next week.

The 70-year-old philantrophist intends to pick up where he had left off at the Maya Hotel in Jalan Ampang here on Jan 21, following an ex-parte injunction that was dramatically handed to him during a press conference there.

"There's more to come. We'll tend to unfinished business," Phang told Malaysian Mirror.

Phang, who has been in a war of words with MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong over the PKFZ scandal, said he will continue to speak on the matter, despite being sued by Wee.

He intends to hold a fresh press conference at the hotel on Wednesday.

Another brush with political drama

At the media meeting on Jan 21, representatives from the law firm of Mah-Kamariyah and Philip Koh stopped Phang 15 minutes into the conference and handed him an ex-parte injunction. The injunction was effective for 21 days.

However, on Feb 11, High Court Judge Prasad Sandosham Abraham dismissed Wee’s application for a temporary extension (ad interim) of the injunction, foiling the MCA Youth chief's legal bid to prevent Phang and Star Publications – which was named as second defendant – from further publishing alleged defamatory statements linking him (Wee) to the Port Klang scandal.

Basically, there is no order restraining Phang from speaking until March 10, when the court will hear the inter parte injunction between the parties.

Phang is represented by Gobind Singh Deo and Ang Hean Leng, while Wee, who is also deputy Education Minister, is represented by Ben Chan.

The aborted press conference was not Phang's first brush with political drama played out publicly.

On Jan 11, a live interview on Bernama TV ended prematurely after producers pulled the plug on a talk show, in which Phang was a guest.

pkfz-wee-robertForty minutes in, producers of the Hello Malaysia talk show apparently pulled the plug when Phang started mentioning Wee and the PKFZ scandal.

An admission by Wee

Phang, in his capacity as consultative and anti-corruption panelist of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, maintains that it is his "statutory duty" to urge the authorities to step up its probe into the PKFZ scandal.

This came after Wee admitted that his former consultancy firm Hijau Sekitar Sdn Bhd had been engaged by Wijaya Baru Sdn Bhd to produce a feasibility study for the expansion of Port Klang.

Wee said his former company was only tasked to carry out a conceptual study for Port Klang and that no fee was charged.

Wijaya Baru is owned by Tiong King Sing, the CEO of PKFZ turnkey developer Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd.

'Nothing dramatic in what I say'

Phang, who chairs the Social Care Foundation, said he still "urges" Wee to appear as a witness in the invesgations into the financial scandal, which at last count amounted to RM4.6bil in losses.

Asked on Wee's legal team's failed bid for an interim injunction, Phang said, "There was nothing dramatic in what I was saying, what I had been repeatedly been saying.

"I was calling for Wee to step forward after he admitted that he served on the board of a company that was linked to the scandal."

"In any case, I will continue to speak as my previous encounter with the press was interrupted," said Phang.

On how he felt about the injunction being overturned, Phang said: “We want people to come forward to assist the PKFZ investigations.

"There was nothing illegal in what I was doing. Invesgations must be done thoroughly,” added Phang. - Malaysian Mirror

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kick the racists out — Mohsin Abdullah

FEB 26 — Of late, we come to know of many racist remarks being made. Like Chinese ladies came to this country long ago to sell their bodies. And Indians came to be beggars.

And we were also told that remark like “do not let these foreigners step on the heads of us Malays” was also made. Sad. And level-headed and sombre Malaysians are angry too. Malays included. But the sadness and anger are felt more by Malaysian Chinese and Indians. That is understandable. When you’re hit directly with such racist statements you are bound to feel hurt. In fact you’re entitled to feel hurt and angry.

What is worrying is that racist statements and remarks continue to be made. Like there’s no end to it. In fact they have become more frequent and bolder. After all these years we still have racial problems despite a lot of talk of togetherness and being Malaysian. Yes we are not naïve to believe racism does not exist in our country anymore.

We know it happens everywhere. But we are worried, concerned and afraid that racists statements are made by people who should not be making it in the first place. It’s not that some people can make the remarks while some cannot. All should not be racist. But these people I am talking about are the ones we least expect or suspect. Whatever the word may be. I am lost for words actually. These people are in positions to make a difference in our society. And I am not referring to politicians alone.

Recently there was a letter sent to The Star newspaper from a reader identified only as “JB”. And JB we were told is Indian Muslim. The letter was about an incident in school related to JB by JB’s 12 year old son. I have to quote JB verbatim here as what was written in the letter: “His teacher had given out the UPSR registration forms to all pupils in the class to let them check their personal particulars. When it came to my son, the teacher announced to the whole class that my son is an Indian but he is ‘special’ because he is a Muslim.

“I can’t say for sure what she meant by special but what I am sure of is that this sort of statement is totally uncalled for. There are other Indian pupils of Hindu religion in his class and I wonder what kind of message the teacher has sent them. Is the teacher implying that the Indian pupils of Hindu religion are less special?

“The success of 1 Malaysia seems really elusive with the presence of such insensitive teachers at the national primary schools.”

I totally agree with JB. And although JB’s son was not hit directly by racial slur and racist statements, JB felt hurt. In fact JB’s son was praised by the teacher who I presumed was Malay/Muslim although JB made no mention of this. JB is Indian Muslim but felt the hurt and pain of the Indian Hindus.

If there are many Malaysians like JB then there’s hope for all of us in this country. And I think there are. Like JB, many of us are hurt and angry whenever other Malaysians become victims of racism, of racial abuse.

In football in Europe, they have a campaign to “kick racism out of football.” Let us all kick out racism from Malaysia. And say enough is enough. — mysinchew

Raja Azman's lawyers cry foul

Perhaps the interview should have been done at a five star hotel in town where the atmosphere would have been conducive and peaceful .

And talking about lawyers , they are the most convulsive liars , we have seen lawyar buroks , liaryar buroks , money crazy lawyars who will bleed you dry , lawyars who cheat and abscon their clients money , lawyars who only protect the criminals at the expense of the victims , etc etc . These lawyar buroks will pay for their " crime " they have committed to humanity . Just wait and see with your eyes .

Lawyers for Raja Azman Petra charged that the investigation conducted on the plight of their client by Suhakam had been neither fair nor thorough.

NONE Yesterday the national human rights council Suhakam, had conducted an investigation at the Sungai Buloh prison of allegations that the son of prominent blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin had been tortured.

Siva Subramaniam, heading the investigation had cleared prison authorities of any wrongdoings and claimed that Raja Azman's wounds were self inflicted.

However, both lawyers J Chandra and Amarjit Singh Sidhu are unhappy over the way the investigation was carried out.

"Why are we not called for the investigation?" Amarjit asked.

Chandra expressed shock that the probe took place in the absence of Raja Azman's lawyers.

He explained that it was important for counsel to be present to ensure that the interview is conducted in the right manner.

raja petra 080508 marina lee and lawyer j chandra 01 "Inmates might be pressured to give answers just to appease the authorities," Chandra (left) said.

They explained that the intimidating nature of the prison environment for the inmates makes it difficult to get at the truth.

"The prison is not the right place for an interview because the inmates are afraid" Chandra said.

Amarjit concurred, saying that the interview should have been done in a place where the inmates are not afraid to voice out their grievances.

"But here, they are put under a microscope and everyone is watching and listening to what they have to say," Amarjit explained.

The interview should have been, Amarjit said conducted in a neutral place, perhaps at Suhakam's office.

He added that Raja Azman appeared cheerful probably due to fear of repercussions from the authorities once Suhakam members left.

Suhakam: Raja Azman injuries self-inflicted

My lawyer went to meet my son in the Sungai Buloh Hospital today and it is confirmed that my son slashed his wrist and swallowed a razor blade. My son broke down and cried while telling my lawyer that he can no longer stand the physical and mental torture that he is being subjected to and that he wants ‘out’. And the only way out to him is to end his life. This is my response to the Malaysian authorities who are using my son to punish me.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Suhakam: Raja Azman injuries self-inflicted

The country's human rights body has absolved prison authorities of having abused Raja Azman Petra, son of fugtive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

National human rights council, Suhakam, today told reporters that the victim himself had admitted that the injuries were self-inflicted during a fit of temper and there was also no evidence of abuse or wrongdoings committed in the Sungai Buloh prison against him.

NONE"We have conducted a thorough investigation and upon interviewing a few inmates and wardens, it was proven that there are no human rights violations," Suhakam commissioner N Siva Subramaniam (right) said.

A four-member team from the commission had today spend two and half hours at the prison to investigate the complaints pertaining to injuries sustained by Raja Azman early this month.

Speaking at a press conference later, Siva Subramaniam said that the injuries to the wrists did not require stitches and were not as serious as alleged.

"He only scratched his wrists," he said.

slash verses scratched , lots of difference , slash could mean cut so deep with blood oozing out which needs stitches versus scratch , no blood , no medical procedure required .

Razors smuggled for shaving

According to Siva Subramaniam, Raja Azman had hurt himself using an "old and blunt razor". No explanation was given as to the origins of the razor.

As to the razor blade which was swallowed, Raja Azman's doctors said that it had exited through natural means.

When asked about the razor blade's origin, Siva Subramaniam explained that it is common for old razors to be smuggled into prisons for shaving purposes.

He said the incident stemmed from Raja Azman's animosity against a warden for putting him into seclusion for breaching a prison rule.

raja azman raja petra "Raja Azman (left) told us that he was dissatisfied and angry because he was put in isolation for scolding a warden," Siva explained.

According to Siva, Raja Azman appeared "happy-go-lucky" and he had admitted that the injuries were self-inflicted because he was very upset then.

Siva explained that all procedures have been adhered to by the prison authorities in handling this incident.

"Raja Azman immediately rushed to the hospital, upon discovering that he was injured," Siva said.

He added that doctors have confirmed that the inmate is healthy and has not sustained any internal injury nor was he suffering a mental breakdown.

Under observation

Also present at the press conference was prison director Narander Singh, who told reporters that all inmates are treated equally regardless of their status.

NONE"However, Raja Azman will be observed more closely due to his past history of inflicting self-injuries," Narander said.

Where's the father ? who mentioned that he was never that close to the son for the last 20 years and that his son was grown up and he couldn't control his son . Such irresponsible parents .

He is now in the prison's hospital ward for observation.

Raja Azman, who was held under remand in the prison since May 19 last year after failing to post bail, is facing four housebreaking and theft charges.

He swallowed a razor blade on Feb 8, 2010 and was admitted at the Sungai Buloh Hospital the same day. He was discharged two days ago.

Raja Petra’s son hospitalised after swallowing razor blade

Raja Azman is an inmate of Sungai Buloh Prison. —

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 11 — Raja Azman Raja Petra, a son of Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin, who was recently jailed for theft, has been warded after he was believed to have swallowed a razor blade.

Gombak police chief ACP Abdul Rahim Abdullah said the 34-year-old Raja Azman was spotted in a weak condition in his cell at the Sungai Buloh Prison by a warder while making his rounds two evenings ago.

Abdul Rahim said Raja Azman, who also had slashes on his wrist, was immediately rushed to the Sungai Buloh Hospital and was reported to be in a stable condition.

In his blog, Raja Petra claimed that his son inflicted the injuries as he could no longer take the physical and mental torture he was subjected to by the prison authorities.

Malaysia Today published an article stating that RPK’s lawyers met his son, Raja Azman at Sungai Buloh Hospital. They confirmed that his son, who is currently in remand, had slashed his wrist and swallowed a razor blade. Raja Azman broke down and cried saying that he could no longer stand the physical and mental torture that he was subjected to in jail, and that he wanted ‘out’. And the only way out to him is to end his life.

Rahim, however, refused to comment on the allegation.

“Investigations are still at the early stages. Give us time,” he said when contacted.

Raja Azman, the second child of Raja Petra, had last year pleaded guilty at the Kuala Lumpur magistrate’s court to four counts of theft, receiving stolen property and criminal trespass.

He was accused of stealing a Nokia mobile phone, a Seiko watch, and a bunch of motorcycle keys, all worth about RM3,850, belonging to student Saipul Adli Mohamad Yunus, 21, at No. 16, Jalan Sastera, U2/1K, Section U2, Shah Alam, at about 10am on April 24.

He was also accused of stealing a Yamaha 135 LC motorcycle worth about RM6,000 from student Ahmad Firdaus Jalaludin, 23, at the same location and time. — Bernama

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Bernama and Malaysiakini reports above are inaccurate. Raja Azman pleaded guilty to the charges after he was beaten up in the police station and was forced to plead guilty. He later told the court he was beaten up to force him to plead guilty.

He then withdrew his guilty plea and pleaded NOT guilty

Raja Azman has also not been jailed as the reports say. He is under remand in the Sungai Buloh Prison while awaiting trial because he did not apply for bail.

Both the Bernama and Malaysiakini reports are incorrect. ? >?

Furthermore, Raja Azman was admitted into the psychiatric ward after going berserk during a beating session and was later transferred to solitary confinement.

On 6 February 2010 he was again subjected to a beating and then transferred to a punishment cell meant for one. However, Raja Azman was made to share this cell with five other prisoners.

While in this punishment cell, Raja Azman was given the razor blade, which he used to slash his wrist and then he swallowed the razor blade.

This is to correct the errors and omissions in the Bernama and Malaysiakini reports, which we believe was done with malicious intent.

Let's take a look at this article and the following articles and compare ...

Ku Li: Even Malays leaving Tanah Melayu

An honest opinion from an elder . Its not about UMNO as an organisation but of Hawks , Fundamentalists , Zealous Racists , Little Napoleons and Warlords who thinks this country owes them and belongs to them . The rot started during Mahathir's watch , when that fella with the janggut from ABIM came in and started building his empire by giving titbits and later on to big time incentives to his cronies and to the civil servants to serve his apirations of becoming prime minister . When he was the education minister he was the one who abolished the use of English from the civil service and from the courts . Those circulars were issued during his tenure as the Ed Minister in 1989 - with Dr M's unofficial sanction and approval . By then most of the subjects in schools were all converted and taught in Bahasa . That was why our standard of education dropped . University of Malaya used to be the top university in the region , but now wa tak tau , tanya Anwar. Ya he's the one who started all this mess from racial integration to racial disintegration . When he was Finance Minister almost all his family members , father , mother became directors of listed companies , not one but many many. During the Financial breakdown in 1996 had he followed the IMF recommendations (overturned by TDM to peg our Ringgit at $3.80)our ringgit would have traded at 5.00ringgit to a USD . That would have been the guillotine for all the Chinese Businesess in Malaysia . They would all have become bankrupt. Ahmad Ismail , Ahmad Zahidi , the current defense minister were some of his cronies who made it rich .

Umno veteran and Gua Musang MP, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah laments the state of affairs in the country. - Picture by Choo Choy May

By Neville Spykerman

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 — Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is concerned that even Malays are getting disillusioned with the state of the nation and leaving the country.

“Something must be wrong in this so-called Malay Land (Tanah Melayu) when they (Malays) are leaving.” said the Kelantan prince during an interview with The Malaysian Insider.

The Umno veteran and Gua Musang MP said people, especially the young, are feeling uneasy over developments in the country and didn’t mince his words when he pointed out that there are signs of decline everywhere.

“There are many Malays in London who are professionals, making good money, who will not return because the environment is not right in Malaysia.”

He added that the negative publicity generated by the caning of three Muslim women and controversy surrounding the use of the word “Allah” is not helping the country.

While the caning may have been in accordance to Syariah laws, Razaleigh said it still negatively impacts the country when it makes headlines around the world for the wrong reasons.

“Investors and tourists are wondering what’s happening in Malaysia, at a time when we need investments, capital and jobs for our young who are also increasingly finding it difficult...”

He said even the non-Muslims are being hauled up for holding hands and cited a case where Islamic authorities barged into a room where a foreign couple was staying.

Razaleigh also decried that race relations are getting increasingly strained because of divisive policies.

He said the government can stage as many open houses as they like but there’s no warmth.

“Of course people will come if there’s free food but it’s not genuine.”

He pointed out that despite the recent assurances on the crime rate coming down, people are still insecure about their safety.

“Even my wife is afraid to go out. Why should we be afraid in our own country?”

He lamented the corruption in the country and how Air Force jet engines that weigh a ton can go “missing” or how the nation’s first submarine, which cost billions, could not initially dive.

“Now that it can dive, we’re not sure if it can come up again.” he said, adding that it may sound comical but it is alarming.

On the streets, he said, corruption have allowed drugs to flow in.

“Malaysia is only a small market compared to New York, but because people are corrupt they allow drugs to flow in.” he said, adding that young minds and lives are lost because of it.

“These are signs of decline which were never here before,” he concluded.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look To The East For The Tsunami Wave, Not Europe - By Matthias Chang

This will be one of my shortest articles as it is written as a RED ALERT.

When I send out Red Alerts, it is a dire warning and a call for immediate action to protect your wealth (if there is any remaining).

Of late, I have been reading articles (some of which I have posted to the website) suggesting that Greece would be the trigger for the 2nd wave of the Global Tsunami. Obviously, if Greece defaults and goes belly up, it will have a disastrous effect, but not in the way that I see it.

There may be some manipulated “flight to safety to US dollars” (which itself is a dumb thing to do) in the short run. How can dollar be a currency haven when its value is total junk – toilet paper!

Such so-called “flight to safety” is a reflection of the intensity of the on-going currency warfare, principally between the Dollar and the Euro and skirmishes between the Dollar and the Yuan. But, this manipulation by the US global banks would not last and will be exposed for what it is – a global scam.

Since July last year, policy makers and so-called experts have relied on economic recovery in Asia to spur global growth and the resumption of the good times. Such thinking reflects a muddle mind.

Every economy in Asia is export-orientated and the domestic economies are just too small to take up the drastic fall in exports. Following Bernanke’s reckless lead, they have all jumped on the band wagon of quantitative easing – the printing of massive fiat monies (electronically or otherwise). Inflation has soared!

In an earlier posting to my website, I have indicated that there is a weak link holding up the Asian economies, and it is not China.

It is Singapore - touted by her US financial masters as an island of prosperity and financial stability. This is one of the biggest hoax since the collapse of Lehman Bros.

Singapore’s ratio of debt to GDP is a whopping 99.2 percent.

But no one seems to be taking any notice. Why are they making so much fuss over Greece, when Singapore is worse off?

If Singapore goes belly up, forget about any substantial growth in Asia to spur global recovery. Anyone who knows about the way business is done in the ASEAN region knows too well that if Singapore defaults, Indonesia will be the first to sink, followed rapidly by Thailand and Malaysia. The contagion will then spread to the rest of Asia. China will not be able to put out the fire.

China will survive the turmoil, but barely.

This is my nightmare scenario. And the second Tsunami is coming.


After the failure of Europe to solve the problems of Greece, Spain and Portugal!

But money can be made from this madness.

Let's say 'maaf zahir batin'

I think its better they make themselves disappear for good the sooner the better . I just can't stand the two cry babies , morons of the highest order !

KUALA LUMPUR – Let’s forgive each other for the mistakes and wrongdoings of the past, MCA president Ong Tee Keat tells his members, advising them to emulate the Muslims’ gesture of maaf zahir batin during the Hari Raya celebrations.

“As the president of MCA I would like to advise everyone in the party to emulate our Muslim brothers and sisters to forgive each other during this festival, and to foster goodwill.”

He made this plea when speaking to reporters at the MCA’s Chinese New Year Media Night here on Wednesday.

mca quitOng, who had repeatedly offered the 'olive branch' to his opponents in the party, was responding to the absence of three key officials – vice-president Liow Tiong Lai, MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong and MCA Wanita chief Chew Me Fun – at the function.

They had said earlier they will boycott events that Ong attends.

'I welcome with open arms'

“I’m a bit disappointed but it is up to them. This is an open house. Everyone is welcome and nobody is being sidelined.

“Even if Lim Kit Siang (DAP advisor) is here I will welcome him with open arms,” said Ong.

Deputy party president Cr Chua Soi Lek made a brief attendance before excusing himself to attend another event the same evening.

heng seai kieMCA information and communication bureau chairman Heng Seai Kie (pic) accompanied Ong in their table rounds during the event, which featured cultural presentations, quizzes and a luck draw.

Ong said the MCA presidential council will be meeting on Friday to discuss the party constitution.

Who can serve people better?

He said there would be “a bit of change” in the constitution, adding that the party would engage in frequent dialogues with religious, social and economic-based NGOs to strengthen the MCA.

Asked about the controversial statement by Gerakan advisor Lim Keng Yaik that the party could not hope to win back the Penang government from the DAP, Ong said:

“If you ask me, the most important thing is not about the politics. It is about who can serve the people better.

“There should be a healthy race among the parties to see who can serve the people better.

“At the end, the people will choose, not the politician. They should remember that.”

On Kit Siang's 'political style'

Regarding remarks by Kit Siang that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is unable to work well with his deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin, Ong said:

“That is Kit Siang’s political style. The world has changed but Kit Siang has not changed.

“He continues to come out with statements condemning the government.

“Even when I started to question about the Port Klang Free Trade Zone, he said I had my own personal agenda.

Wheelchair-bound Ong, during a 'walkabout' in KL's Chinatown area, on the eve of Chinese New Year
“He can say whatever he wants to say. For me, we (the government) must make the taxpayers’ money worthy.

“Whatever we do or advise the private sector to do, it is not about glamour. It is about serving the people.”

Ong, who was seen limping as he moved about, said in jest: “It happened when I was young and trying to be a hero.”

He recently underwent surgery for his heel and then suffered from inflammation of the digestive system.

“Now that I am older, I think that I should have taken care of my health while still young.

“So, I’d like to advice young people today: don’t wait until you get old to try to improve your health and fitness. Do it when you are young and maintain it all the way till you are old.” – Malaysian Mirror

Why only now, Keng Yaik?

Keng Yaik known for his off the cult remarks like Lang Ti Bo Ti Lang , Kui Ti Bo Ti Kui , and the other one Indians hiding behind bushes and trees in the early mornings while tapping rubber !

VETERAN politician Dr Lim Keng Yaik has left mainstream politics, yet is under no illusions about the damage his profession has wreaked on the Malaysian electorate.

His glib comments dismissing NajibAbdul Razak Administration are a wake-up call to the prime minister, but it has also incurred the public's wrath. What he has to offer, is too little, too late.

He had serious misgivings about his successor, Koh Tsu Koon's leadership, was pessimistic about Gerakan's grip on Penang and had little faith in a high-income economy.

His disclosures, ranging from the Allah issue to Anwar, were made during an interview with the Edge Financial Daily. They served to illustrate his phoney representation in parliament. What is the point of closing the stable door after the horse has bolted?

lim-keng-yaik-najib-kohHis obsequious restraint towards his political masters in the Barisan Nasional government, for 36 years from 1972 to 2008, has done untold damage to Malaysian politics. It is like having a tiger by the tail, and is so apt, for this New Year.

Although his supercilious remark, "I give up la talking to this government" shows his contempt for Najib's failing policies, it inadvertently puts him in an unflattering light.

Politicians like him, with several General Elections experience, had the authority to challenge, but lacked the moral fibre to do so, when in office. They failed to stop, or retard the growth of, extremism, human rights abuses, imbalances in education and social privileges, that we are now a fragmented society, with a tarnished international reputation.

He was Gerakan president for 27 years but failed to summon the courage, to challenge discriminatory BN policies. It ill-behoved him when he was active, to question the stratagem, so why is he rigorously opposing then now? And if they were wrong, why did he not admit as much then? His unknown motives have proved disastrous for our economy.

Our Parliament is having a crisis of confidence, in its 52-year history. Our political system is afflicted by a deep malaise. We rightly question what motivates the politician who, once they are elected, fails to grasp the concept of public service but instead, becomes self-serving. Trust in our Parliament and its politicians, have eroded to an all-time low.

Keng Yaik confesses that Gerakan's strategy would be to move into mature politics on a multiracial footing. But when asked if the party should exit from BN decries, "There is nothing to get out to, how to get out?" Again, the spectre of the Tiger looms large: He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount.

We are further enraged when he brazenly admits: "politicians who think they can become rich quickly by joining politics should be condemned and kept out of politics and government."

He insults our intelligence and the voters who put him there. He has no scruples, and shows a lack of morals and integrity. Politicians, including his successor, should take heed. People like him, only demean their office.

What we desperately want are outstanding parliamentarians with sound reforms.



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tan : "I don't think Penang DAP is short of capable people. If possible, we should replace this arrogant chief minister,"

Controversial PKR Nibong Tebal parliamentarian Tan Tee Beng today apologised to Syed Husin Ali and retracted his remarks made against the PKR deputy president.

Tan issued the apology after emerging from a two-hour disciplinary committee meeting at the PKR headquarters in Kuala Lumpur at 5pm.

He however refused to do the same regarding his criticism of DAP secretary-general and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

tan tee beng pc 030110 02The PKR disciplinary board convened this afternoon to hear Tan's explanation of his public criticism of two top Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

"I take back my statement about Syed Husin Ali and sincerely apologise," Tan said.

Tan explained the reason for his outburst was because he was “provoked”.

"But I realised now that it was all a misunderstanding," he claimed.

Tan was issued a show-cause letter last week, leading to the disciplinary action against him.

The MP had earlier been reprimanded after launching scathing verbal attack on PKR deputy president Syed Husin and Lim.

Tan, the Nibong Tebal MP, had sought to expedite the hearing and submitted a letter to the party yesterday saying he wants to clear his name.

No apology to Lim

As for his comments on Lim, Tan said he refused to offer an apology that he would leave it to the disciplinary committee to make a decision on the matter.

“I will leave the matter in relation to Lim Guan Eng to the party leadership,” he said.

Tan was accompanied by Kapar MP S Manikavasagam and Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo-Burne. Both parliamentarians have voiced their support for Tan.

Loh stressed that the tiff was no fault of any party as it was a misunderstanding.

“Everyone should take a step back and take all matters into consideration,” he urged.

Also present was Ampang MP and PKR Women's chief Zuraida Kamaruddin, who called for an end to speculations of defections by disgruntled party representatives.

“Tan had already come forward to air his grievances in the right platform,” she said.

Tan had on Feb 3 called Syed Husin to quit at a press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

The MP had maded the call claiming he was appalled to read Syed Husin's remarks in Malaysiakini the day before saying that Tan "can go anytime".

"The one who should leave is him, not me," Tan had shot back.

Meanwhile, Tan described Lim as “arrogant”.

"I don't think Penang DAP is short of capable people. If possible, we should replace this arrogant chief minister," he had said.

Stop it or risk being sued!

KUALA LUMPUR - MCA members who submit baseless reports to the the party's disciplinary board are liable to be sued, board chairman Dr Fong Chan Onn warns.

He said reports to the board must be substantiated with evidence , failing which the complainants could be sued by those accused of wrongdoings.

The party had been bugged by quarrels, allegations and counter accusations for almost two years and an EGM last October that held so much hope to revive declining support for the party had, instead, made the situation worse.

At one juncture, the party was 'leaderless' when an extraordinary general meeting in October last year gave a vote of no confidence against party president Ong Tee Keat and, at the same time, also voted against accepting Dr Chua Soi Lek as deputy president.

At another point, there were three factions in the party - respectively led by Ong, Chua and second vice-president Liow Tiong Lai.

Liow's boycott of the Big Two

Chua, who was briefly without any position in the party, came back from the widerness following a Registrar of Societies' ruling and pledged his suppport for Ong.

mca-fong-liow-chua-ongLiow's group continues to oppose the two leaders, insisting that fresh party polls should be held and has told supporters to boycott functions attended by the Big Two.

"A lot of water has passed...'

Fong, who was appointed board chairman last month, urged party leaders and their followers to resolve their disputes fast to prevent a political deadlock during the assembly.

He said the bitter feud between Ong and and Liow "must end for the sake of party unity."

"A lot of water has passed under the bridge and MCA is still facing challenges of huge proportions.

"Our attitude is to let bygones be bygones. We are facing challenges of huge proportions in order to regain back the support Chinese community," Fong told a press conference at Wisma MCA here on Tuesday.

"We have very little time left before the next general election and the party should try its best to unite.

"Our suggestion to all party members is that we should try our best to serve the image of our party and not cause disrepute through their conduct and statements," said Fong.

Asked if Liow's boycot move had tarnished the party's image, Fong declined to comment.

On the cases before the board, he said it has 60 cases backlogged since 2008.

He declined to say if any of the cases involved top leaders.

No fresh disciplinary cases

He said since his appointment on Jan 30, the board had had not received any fresh cases.

The other members of the board are Chan Tse Yuen (deputy chairman), Lim Si Cheng, Lau Chih Siang and Ivan Chen Kai Hong .

The previous five-man, led by lawyer Ng Cheng Kiat, quit last November, after having its decision to sack Chua was overturned by delegates at last October's EGM.

“There is no point commenting on the issue any more,” Ong said , waste of time harping on the same issue

egm delegates2
"We stand...but not united." - Flashback to the infamous 10.10.10 EGM in October last year
In a related development, Ong told Liow and his followers to stop putting pressure on other members in their push for fresh party polls.

He said the group should not waste time harping on the issue but should instead focus on problems affecting the people.

“There is no point commenting on the issue any more,” he told reporters at a dinner with party veterans and Chinese associations here Tuesday night.

Chua not bothered by Liow

Chua, who was present, said he does not know the contents of the proposed resolutions submitted by the 10 divisions supporting Liow.

“I cannot be bothered because he (Liow) always wavers in his stand. Sometimes he boycotts events, sometimes he does not. Sometimes he selectively boycotts,” said Chua. - Malaysian Mirror

Another Gay Australian Senator ?

Of gays and lesbians

What else can we say regarding Anwar Ibrahim's peculiar friendship with certain foreign leaders.

And Robert Bob Brown, an Australian senator is one them. He is a definite and a proud gay living with his soul partner for the past many years.

Brown opposed the Howard Government's amendments to the Marriage Act in 2004, stating that "Mr Howard should relax and accept gay marriages as part of the future's social fabric"

He is also an atheist which make him thinks that he is not liable for punishment from god for all his gay sins etc. How convenience!

And all this gay and atheist issues makes us wonder, where did Anwar Ibrahim actually first meet Bob Brown?

Bob Brown is a 100% gay and Anwar Ibrahim is on trail for 'the basic concept of a gay couple will ended up doing in their life'.

But maybe the Anwar Ibrahim's politeness by asking Saiful Bukhari 'Can I Fuck You Today' could be thought by Mr Bob Brown himself.

PR - Petrol Respin

Some Joker sent me this email , I guess it must be from the Pakatan Rots or the DAP morons who probably wanted to see protests and getting the country sodomised by their foreign gay lovers . What a spin ! I find it preposterous since petrol without subsidy will only cost $2.70 a liter .

Subject: From May 1, the fuel will be pegged at RM 3.90 per litre for RON97, while RON95 will increase to RM 3.70 per litre

Attention to all Malaysian car owners....FYI.

PUTRAJAYA, Jan 8 - The mechanism for fuel pricing in Malaysia has finally been finalized and controlled under one mechanism, which also takes the high and lower income group people into consideration, according to Finance Trade Minister Tan Sri Anuar Ali.

"From May 1, the fuel will be pegged at RM 3.90 per litre for RON97, while RON95 will increase to RM 3.70 per litre. However, the prices of national-made vehicles will be lowered by at least 40 percent. For example, a full-spec family sedan Proton Persona 1.6 litre engine will cost around RM 23,000.00 excluding road tax and insurance. Import tax and excise duty will be revised to only 30 percent, from the current 200 percent. Imported vehicles such as the newToyota Camry 2.4 litre engine will cost around RM 65,000.00." he said.

The mechanics has been said to be undertaken by a team of experts from Australia and Canada who were earlier briefed on the issue of subsidy in this country, whereas after consideration by the transport minister, they have signed the constitution that the system will be made on May 1, the day it goes into effect.

Under the new system, there will be a major effect on the existing consumers who have already purchased a vehicle and to those who are in the midst of repaying the loan of their vehicle to their financial institutions.

Ahmad Tajuddin said the government might also re-introduce a cash return annually to Malaysians who own a 1,500 cc and below vehicle. The amount have yet to be decided but he assured that the amount will compensate the price of fuel by at least half to eligible Malaysians based on bumi quota.
- SkyNet News Asia
This email, including any attachments, is confidential and for use only by intended recipient(s) for the purpose for which it has been sent. Its contents may be privileged and if you are not the intended recipient of this email, you must not use, disseminate, print or copy this email or any part of it or take any action in reliance on it. If you have received this email in error, please contact the sender immediately by return email or telephone and delete/destroy the message. We do not accept liability for any corruption, delay, interception or unauthorized amendment of the e-mail or their consequences.

Government scraps tiered fuel subsidies for simpler ways

A motorist refills petrol at a pump station in Kuala Lumpur. - Reuters pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 — The government is looking at simpler ways to subsidise fuel for consumers after quietly scrapping the proposed tiered fuel subsidies scheduled for May 1 due to its complexity.

Industry sources said Putrajaya made the decision “recently” after complaints that the new subsidy system which uses MyKad for petrol purchase could be a hassle for consumers and petrol dealers apart from causing congestion at fuel stations.

“Oil industry executives have been asked to stop implementing the tiered subsidy system as the government has stopped it,” an industry source told The Malaysian Insider.

A consultant working on the programme confirmed the move, saying “the decision was made fairly recently.”

“It was just too complex and unwieldy,” he admitted to The Malaysian Insider, referring to the tiered subsidy system.

Under the programme that was being handled by Malayan Banking Berhad, motorists had to register using their Mykad to be eligible for some subsidy for one vehicle from May 1.

However, petrol dealers complained of additional costs despite making only 12.19 sen per litre for petrol and seven sen per litre for diesel. RON95 petrol is currently sold at RM1.80 a litre, RON97 and diesel at RM2.05 and RM1.70 a litre respectively. Shell is the only retailer selling the premium RON 97 Shell V Racing at an unsubsidised price of RM2.38 a litre.

The government has never revealed the tiered fuel subsidy system but went only as far to say that foreigners would not be eligible for subsidised prices. Fuel prices in Malaysia are cheaper than neighbours Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Foreign motorists are only allowed to buy fuel up to 20 litres within 50km of the borders except for the unsubsidised premium Shell V Racing petrol.

“Now the authorities will find another way to implement subsidies without burdening the public and the petrol dealers,” the industry source added.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Liow's team wants AGM to vote for fresh polls

Kuek Ser Kuang Keng
Feb 23, 10

Let's analyse what these chipmunks are saying !

MCA vice-president Liow Tiong Lai's faction is attempting to force a vote during the upcoming national annual general meeting (AGM) on whether fresh polls should be held for the party's central committee.

NONELiow's (left) faction today submitted four proposed resolutions for the AGM to the party headquarters, the first of which seeks the endorsement of the delegates to force fresh polls.

Liow's faction has been trying to force fresh polls after delegates passed a no-confidence vote against party president Ong Tee Keat during the Oct 10, 2009 extraordinary general meeting.

This is their latest attempt to force a fresh election after many months of futile attempts to convince the central committee to resign en masse.

How about a resolution by the central delegates to remove all those trouble makers ? Not just disciplinary action but sacking them from MCA ?

Clipping the president's wings

Meanwhile, the remaining three proposed resolutions are aimed at changing the party rules to clip the president's powers.

The second proposed resolution calls on the party leadership to establish a Central Board of Trustees to ensure transparency and professionalism in the management of party assets. This is the main issue which was proposed by Ka Ting who wants to control All the MCA assets and making the Party penniless . Remember what was mentioned here previously that he wanted to sell of the Star to the Tiong fella from Sinchew who does not have a English publication ? should he control the MCA assets ! and the fact that Star has $800 million cash reserves !

The third proposed resolution aims to limit the president's powers in appointing the presidential council and make compulsory the appointment of all four elected vice-presidents, youth chief, women's wing chief, all Cabinet members and deputy ministers, to the council.

They should have proposed this when Ling was the President or when Ka Ting was the president , they would know what they will get , A BOOT !

The final proposed resolution seeks the amendment of the party constitution to curb the presidential powers in sacking the secretary-general, treasurer, organising secretary and their deputies.

Sec-gen has final say

The last three resolutions are seen as a reaction to recent events which saw Ong removing Liow's supporters from various key party posts.

NONEAmong the most controversial removals were of youth wing chief monkey Wee Ka Siong (right) and women's wing chief cry baby Chew Mei Fun from the presidential council.

Liow's faction still faces a potential snag with the proposed resolutions because it is subject to approval by secretary-general Wong Foon Meng who is a staunch support of Ong.

"That is why we want to make the resolutions public. Now the ball is in the secretary-general's court," said Wong Nai Chee, a central committee member aligned to Liow's.

Pakatan’s true colours begin to show

Even as the Barisan Nasional is seen climbing down from perceived arrogance to embrace humility, the Pakatan Rakyat coalition has begun to show its insolence, contrary to its message in the run-up to the last general election.

IT took five decades of uninterrupted rule for the Barisan Nasional to develop a sense of invincibility that saw it punished in 2008.

But just two years in power, the Pakatan Rakyat – especially its members DAP and PKR – showed its insolence by trying to scuttle the national-level Chinese New Year celebrations in the second-biggest new village in the country last week.

Pakatan leaders in the state government tried to disrupt celebrations by taking down banners and forced the Barisan to change the venue from Pandamaran by giving various thinly disguised excuses.

These were tactics the Barisan had previously been accused of employing against its opponents, but such moves are no longer seen as smart and are considered petty and an abuse of public power, especially with the changed political landscape of the country.

In the end, the celebration was a resounding success, going by the 40,000-odd people that crowded Jalan Chang Ah Choon, the venue of the event.

Political sources said this was probably the biggest turnout of Chinese for a government-organised function since the March 8 tsunami that saw the majority of Chinese voters siding with the Pakatan.

However, the size of the crowd doesn’t really mean much this days and Barisan leaders agree but say it is a beginning.

“It rained, but the people stayed,” one Barisan leader said, taking heart in that fact.

He explained that the passage of time between March 8 and now was beginning to heal the wounds of the Chinese community, which is angry over its perceived unequal treatment.

“They are beginning to see things in perspective,” he said. “We have to convince them we can do better.”

While one political coalition with a long history behind it is climbing down to humility from perceived arrogance, its rival Pakatan which espoused humility during its climb to power is showing political arrogance and beginning to misuse public power to tarnish and derail its political opponents.

Hardcore Pakatan supporters would approve of these tactics but ordinary Malaysians are in deep fatigue and are averse to Pakatan-style of heavy politicking.

The trappings of power is visible among many Pakatan leaders, the DAP included.

They used to dress in the humble white shirt but today go about smartly dressed in expensive shirts and ties and with an entourage constantly around them.

One of the reasons why the Barisan was punished in 2008 was because it was deemed arrogant in words and deeds — from the famous keris waving incident to temple demolition and liberal use of the pendatang word.

Today, the Barisan Nasional is making amends for its past mistakes.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is actively courting alienated minorities constantly travelling the country meeting people from all ethnic, religious and social groups.

He knows it is a do-or-die battle for the Barisan, whose members, except for Umno and east Malaysian parties, fared poorly in the last polls.

Some of them have yet to recover from the severe beating they received at the polls and remain trapped in their own narrow leadership tussles leaving Najib to carry the extra burden of reviving the fortunes of the Barisan.

The very fact that the Najib and the Barisan leadership went down to hold a mass gathering in a Chinese new village and among ordinary people shows how important is the battle for the people’s hearts and minds.

Najib’s 1Malaysia message in Pandamaran, as elsewhere, was the same – “Yes we made mistakes, we were wrong. But give us a chance, we have learnt our lessons.”

Najib has also been swift to punish his own officers who fail his 1Malaysia mission.

While Najib is gaining political mileage with his people-centred, humanistic policies, there is a need to move beyond sloganeering and public relations to make tangible differences in people’s lives, especially alienated communities, irrespective of race or religion.

The Chinese community is not asking for the sky – just simple, plain fair play, egalitarian policies that treat its culture and language with respect and decorum.

Recognise and respect its contributions to nation building and where possible, leave it alone to manage its own affairs.

Beyond sloganeering and rhetoric ,there is a need for tangible changes that make real differences in the lives of ordinary people.

The younger generation – the generation that really matters – wants to see changes in government policies, institutions and the delivery system, especially a commitment to fairly share national resources with all citizens. - Comment by BARADAN KUPPUSAMY/The Star

Cops zoom in on Guan Eng

Feb 23, 10

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has been told to contact the state police to fix a time and date for his statements to be recorded in relation to six reports against him.

NONEAccording to the notice issued by the police, the probe is based on reports lodged in Penang - in Sungai Nibong, Kg Baru, Kubang Semang, Seberang Jaya, Sungai Pinang and Kepala Batas.

The notice said the alleged offences comprise four counts of participating in an illegal assembly, one of violating the Sedition Act 1948 and three counts of criminal defamation.

Lim's lawyer, Jagdeep Singh Deo, described the investigations as a form of harassment.

"The police are listing six cases to be investigated. This clearly shows intention to harass the chief minister, but he will cooperate fully with the police," he told a press conference today.

The reports were lodged this year although the dates are not specified. Little else is known about the alleged offences or the complainants.

"If chief minister is to defend himself, he has to know what he is being accused of," the lawyer said.

Lim: No comment

Jagdeep, who is Datuk Keramat state assemblyperson, said he will submit a request to the state police chief for copies of the police reports.

Urging the police to investigate the allegations fairly, he also pointed out that they should investigate all reports lodged, regardless of the status of the person involved.

NONE“Many reports have been lodged against others - the prime minister, menteris besar and cabinet members. I want to know whether the police are investigating those allegations,” added Jagdeep (extreme right in photo).

Lim, who was at the press conference, declined comment beyond saying that his lawyers are handling the matter.

The chief minister has recently come under relentless attacks from groups that have accused him of 'discriminatory' state policies against the Malays.

My guess

a) the Dragon Boat Issue

b) the question of who is the real owner of the more than $2 million house in Pinhorn Rd?

c) Why is Guan Eng sitting as the Chairman of the Tender Board ? Conflict of Interest

d) The issue of saying Teoh Beng Hock was murdered when the hearing is still on and no conclusion as yet .

e) others ..

Kit Siang Googles ‘Malaysia Muslim Caning’, gets 6.5m hits

Lim says Malaysia cannot afford all the bad publicity. — file pic

By Debra Chong

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 23 — The recent caning of three Muslim women in Malaysia for illicit sex has bruised the idyllic image of a united, multi-ethnic and progressive nation in the world’s eyes, warned a senior federal lawmaker.

The DAP’s Lim Kit Siang, in a Chinese New Year speech, said the caning incident was the latest in a series of bad publicity “flooding Malaysia” since Datuk Seri Najib Razak became prime minister 10 months ago, which has severely undermined the country’s image and competitiveness worldwide.

“Before I came, I Googled the two words ‘malaysia caning’ and there were 257,000 search results.

“I next added another word, to Google the three words ‘malaysia muslim caning’, and the finds multiplied by 30 times to return 6.45 million results,” the tech-savvy Ipoh-Timur MP told well-wishers at his party’s Chinese New Year do in Ipoh last night.

“Malaysia cannot continue to be in adverse international spotlight if we are to restore our international competitiveness by regaining national and international confidence in good governance; the rule of law; a democratic, progressive and model multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious modern nation to be ideal destination for FDIs, haven for tourists and hub for international students,” the veteran opposition leader stressed.

The 69-year-old father of Penang’s chief minister listed several incidents he claimed were cancelling Najib’s own efforts at cultivating his 1 Malaysia policy: the “Allah” dispute; the attacks on places of worship; the 5-0 Federal Court judgment upholding the power grab and topple of Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin as the lawful Perak mentri besar; the mysterious death of DAP political aide Teoh Beng Hock; and a campaign painting his son, Guan Eng’s administration as anti-Malay and anti-Islam.

“The vicious campaign to falsely paint the Penang chief minister and Penang Pakatan Rakyat state government as anti-Malay and anti-Islam is indeed a great test for Guan Eng and the PR Penang State Government,” Lim said.

“But what is little realised is that it is an even greater test for Najib and the Barisan Nasional — Umno, MCA, Gerakan, MIC and the Sabah and Sarawak component parties — whether they are serious about the 1 Malaysia slogan and concept,” he stressed, pointing to Najib’s inability to rein in the negative elements and get his own men from Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) to solidly back his 1 Malaysia policy.

What has that got to do with us ? You blockhead ? Please do not turn or make this " canning issue " into another issue for PERC to say that Malaysia is another Islamic fundamentalist country ? Why are you always opening Malaysia's backside for other Imperialist countries to fuck ? Same like the Anwar chap , always getting other to drop their pants ?

We have always talked about the Rule of Law , about the Federal Constitution , doesn't this fall under the Shariah laws and apply to Muslims in Malaysia only ? Why should you get us involved ? when the Monarchs are responsible for all Islamic matters in their States ? Are you Kit Siang trying to upsurb the powers of the Rajas and the Sultans on Muslim and Islamic matters ? or trying to make Malaysia Stupid in the eyes of the world ?

Until today you have not said a word about the RCI or inquest into the deaths of the six dragon boat rovers ? Conveniently forgotten or trying to create other issues to steer the rakyat away from the issue ? Common lah you moron , you have caused enough damage to this country already with all your consistent bullshitting on all the issues . Obsolete plane engines can be quoted as having worth RM$50 million ...

Kit Siang’s head is filled with problems, says Muhyiddin

More like filled with shit !

MUAR, Feb 23 — Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today refuted DAP leader Lim Kit Siang’s allegation in the news portal, The Malaysian Insider, that he does not fully support the 1 Malaysia concept.

The baseless allegation showed that Lim and the opposition parties had run out of issues to use against the government, the deputy prime minister said.

“I think Lim Kit Siang doesn’t understand my stand (on 1Malaysia) because his head is filled with problems, compounded by the problems of the opposition parties.

“All these problems have placed Kit Siang under pressure and so he wants to draw the people’s attention away from him,” Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, he told reporters after witnessing a Robotec demonstration by students in the Pagoh parliamentary constituency here.

He said the cabinet and all other parties knew how he and his colleagues in the government constantly looked for the best ways to realise the 1 Malaysia concept.

Muhyiddin said Lim’s allegation was a “trap” to cause friction between him and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

He said his relationship with Najib was strong and he had the same stand as the prime minister.

“I hope that we are not trapped by their politics of pitching our leaders against one another. This has been their tactic all this while,” he said.

He said he supported the 1 Malaysia concept because it was based on the principles and spirit of the Federal Constitution.

The Malaysian Insider, in its report on Feb 22 quoted Lim as challenging Muhyiddin to state his stand on whether he supported Najib’s 1 Malaysia concept.

Lim had accused Muhyiddin of being a “custodian and surrogate of the Mahathir legacy in the Najib premiership” and stated that Muhyiddin had been making public statements that contrasted with what Najib had been saying on 1 Malaysia.

Muhyidin also described Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) president Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail’s recent statement in the Daily Express Sabah about her husband, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s, sodomy case as a political statement to draw sympathy from the public.

Wan Azizah had claimed that the sodomy charge against Anwar was aimed at destroying his political career. — Bernama

Dragon Boat Inquest : I dare you to do a public poll whether the State Government should be held responsible !

Sodomy II: Lim dares PM to do public poll

Few will buy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's contention that the Sodomy II trial is “a personal, not political trial”, argued an opposition leader.

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang is so confident the overwhelming majority of Malaysians see the trial as political that he urged the government to conduct a public opinion poll.

lim kit siang on conversion case 210409 02“Extend the opinion poll to all keen observers of Malaysian affairs worldwide and there can be no doubt that the overwhelming majority of opinion - whether national or international - will be of the view that the Sodomy II trial is a political, not personal, trial.”

The Ipoh Timur MP stressed that he had no doubt over the outcome of such polls.

“Is Najib really unaware that national and international confidence in Malaysian governance - an important element for Malaysia's declining international competitiveness - hinges considerably on the process and outcome of the Sodomy II trial, which explains the presence of international observers at the trial?”

Trio go to Washington

Lim said that if the Sodomy II trial is not a political trial as claimed by Najib, the premier would not send a high-powered team to United States to speak at an event hosted by a Washington think-tank next Wednesday.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz, Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail and former chief justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad - will be participating in a two-hour seminar on governance and rule of law in Malaysia.

Lim also ticked off Najib for smacking down the opposition leader's suggestion for a special sitting of Parliament to discuss the call by 50 Australian lawmakers that the Sodomy II charges against Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim be dropped.

“Is Najib worried that he will not be able to get the solid support of every Barisan Nasional MPs if there is an emergency meeting of Parliament on the matter?”

I think you are the greatest idiot in the country !
Is Muhyiddin sharpening his knife?

Kit Siang"s continuous barrage of attacks on Najib is liken to helping the hardliner doing a brutus on his boss who is a moderate . No wonder Wee Ka Siong has learnt the art of brutusing from his political master .

If Muhyiddin were to become prime minister , so help us god !

In recent months several events point to familiar Umno intrigue. This occurs whenever there is a tussle for power at the highest level.

Is Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's deputy Muhyiddin Yassin (who just launched his blog - Muhyiddin Yassin for Malaysia) attempting to overthrow his boss?

Najib, who only came into power in April of 2009, is in real danger of not completing a term as prime minister.

umno selangor najib muhyiddin event anti pak lah banners 160408 04Muhyiddin (left) has taken some tangential positions to his 'boss'. Muhyiddin's stance on hot button issues such as the 'Allah' court ruling - that Christians drop the usage of the word 'Allah' and backtracking on the formation of an inter-faith council to resolve the 'Allah' issue through dialogue - were ominous.

In fact, Muhyiddin demonstrated his fundamentalist credentials as soon as he became deputy prime minister in April 2009 but strengthened them further in October 2009, when it was clear that fundamentalists were gaining the upper hand in Umno.

The context to this is simple - Umno has two different views on how to remain in power - to become a Malay/Muslim extremist party to capture the Malay votes or to return to the middle ground - which had served it well for the past 52 years.

Unfortunately, due to Najib's indecisiveness, he is considered the new 'Pak Lah' (the former prime minister) while Muhyiddin is seen as the new 'Mahathir'. Despite Najib's policy prescription of 'Malay leadership', it appears that Umno is still about 'Malay supremacy'.

Najib's '1Malaysia' slogan and policy agenda have been systematically rubbished by Umno hardliners with the support of key government ministries, Malay/Muslim civil servants and non-governmental organisations bent on ensuring continued 'Malay supremacy'.

Shattering of a projected image

Then there were the fire-bombings of places of worship (mostly Christian) after the 'Allah' court ruling which shattered Malaysia's facade as a peaceful nation where people of different faiths and races live harmoniously.

NONEFurthermore, a recent forum organised by Jakim (the Islamic Development Department) blamed Christians for tensions in the country and a forum panelist threatened Christians with a repeat of May 13 (race riots allegedly organised by certain Umno leaders after the ruling coalition lost their two-thirds parliamentary majority in the Peninsula Malaysia in 1969).

Several startling events point to insiders sabotaging Najib. The story of two missing jet engines which occurred during Najib's tenure as defence minister surfaced after being 'solved'.

It was surprising that the scandal resurfaced under the eyes of Najib's once trusted ally, the current Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Since the scandal broke, two individuals, believed to be scapegoats, have been charged.

The biggest setback came recently when the prime minister's special aide, Nasir Safar, allegedly called ancestors of Malaysians of Indian heritage 'beggars' and 'thieves' and women ancestors of Chinese Malaysian 'prostitutes'.

This happened at, of all places, a '1Malaysia' forum attended by the Umno's partners from the Barisan Nasional.

Nasir also threatened to revoke the citizenship of non-Malays who challenged the limit of 12 subjects that a student can take at the SPM (Malaysia's equivalent to the O-levels) examinations (Muhyiddin is the current education minister who came up with this ruling which reduces the value of subjects such as Tamil, Mandarin and Bible Knowledge).

Contrary forces digging in

Several commentators have already suggested that Najib is facing unprecedented resistance to his reform agenda and is being sabotaged in the process as his middle of the road approach goes against the very being of Umno.

Najib's position is weak - both in Umno and nationally. His ruling coalition is unstable with all key component parties facing leadership crises. The economy continues to falter and Malaysia's weakening reserves suggests capital flight.

Anwar's sodomy trial and the 'Allah' issue may drive moderates further away as fundamentalists push Umno further to the right.

Judging by previous Umno intrigue (for example, May 13, 1969; Operasi Lalang, October 1987; Reformasi, September 1998), it is likely that Najib will have to resort to underhand tactics to save his position in Umno - and as always it is innocent Malaysians - mostly likely opposition leaders and democracy - that will pay the price.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lawless behaviour of motorists shocks JPJ chief

PUTRAJAYA: Road Transport Department (JPJ) director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan thought he had seen it all — but no, some motorists still continue to surprise him with their reckless behaviour on the road.

On his way from Kota Baru to Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday during the ongoing Ops Sikap XXI, he managed to photograph 93 cars blatantly flouting traffic rules.

“The drivers either overtook along double lines or jumped queue using the emergency lane.

“Some even used the road shoulder. I cannot imagine the kind of catastrophe that could have happened if there were people on it (road shoulder),” he told a press conference yesterday.

He added that he also alerted his officers to stop two cars and slap the drivers with summonses because they were “driving way too dangerously”.

Solah said that between Feb 8 and Wednesday, 2,968 photographs were taken of motorists committing various offences, including failure to stop at traffic lights, overtaking along double lines, jumping queue and using the emergency lane, drivers using their handphones and failure to buckle up or motorcyclists who failed to put on a helmet.

“The photographs were taken by my undercover officers, by the public and me.

“We have proof that these people committed road offences; there is no way they can deny it. We will slap them with the maximum fine of RM300,” he said.

However, JPJ officers caught only three heavy vehicles travelling during the Feb 12 and Feb 13 ban period. Of the 5,000 buses checked, only 11 failed tyre and brake tests while two drivers tested positive for drug abuse.

“With the long holidays coming to an end, I am pleading to road users to be mindful and patient. I also urge the public to play their role in capturing photos of vehicles flouting the law, so that we can take action against the drivers.

Road Transport Department (JPJ) director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan thought he had seen it all ! But let me add a comment !

I think from the photos posted , the motorists who overtook are NOT the guilty ones . Looking at the three pictures posted , there was a clear road in front of the car . The decision to overtake these cars must be that they were driving very slowly , in the middle of the road or to the middle of the lane , leaving the overtaking motorists no choice but to overtake them . Look there were no cars in front nor were there any oncoming vehicles on the other lane .

It is always these motorists who drive so slow that they are a nuisance to other motorists cause they are the ones who cause accidents with their "not sure of their driving"

Hello Datuk Director General , have you come across bone shakers , falling apart cars on the road ? Why is your department not doing anything about this ?


What about old folks who could hardly control their reflexes still driving on the road ? I have seen old folks who are probably in their eighties still driving at a snail place along the main roads ? What have your dept done about this ?
US is a sick country with mentally sick leaders

Dalai Lama awarded in US despite China anger

The Dalai Lama was bestowed with a US award for his commitment to democracy, the latest honor for the Tibetan spiritual leader despite China's angry protests over his White House welcome.

One day after President Barack Obama met the exiled monk at the White House in defiance of Chinese warnings, the National Endowment for Democracy on Friday gave the Dalai Lama a medallion before a packed crowd at the Library of Congress.

The Endowment, which is funded by the US Congress, hailed the Dalai Lama for supporting a democratic government in exile and his willingness to even abolish a centuries-old spiritual position if Tibetans so choose.

"By demonstrating moral courage and self-assurance in the face of brute force and abusive insults, he has given hope against hope not just to his own people but also to oppressed people everywhere," Endowment president Carl Gershman said before placing the Democracy Service Medal around the monk's neck.

I have no respect for monks going round to world leaders collecting metal garbage for hanging around their necks and becoming a subservient poodle serving these evil masters in the name of human rights when the first thing you become a monk is to submit yourself to the teachings of the Buddha and to rid yourself of all material possessions . I have known of many a great monks in Thailand who hardly leave their monastery while enriching their magical powers and knowledge .

The Dalai Lama, who fled his Chinese-ruled homeland for India in 1959, voiced admiration for US and Indian democracy and said China's authoritarian system was unsustainable.

"The Chinese Communist Party, I think, did many wrong things. But at the same time, they also made a lot of contribution for a stronger China," he said.

The Dalai Lama pointed to the growing interest of many Chinese in getting rich. Calling himself a Marxist in his support for a strong social safety net, the Dalai Lama joked: "Sometimes I feel my brain is more red than those Chinese leaders."

"Sometimes I express now the time has come for the Communist Party should retire with grace," he said in English, laughing that Chinese leaders would be "furious" at his comments.

Basic international norms 'grossly violated'

China earlier protested Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama, saying the United States had "grossly violated basic norms of international relations" and summoning the US ambassador, Jon Huntsman.

"The US action seriously interfered in Chinese internal affairs, seriously hurt the feelings of China's people and seriously harmed China-US relations," foreign ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu said in a statement.

In Washington, State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said the Dalai Lama's meetings with Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were part of a longstanding US dialogue with the Tibetan leader.

"I think on this issue, obviously we just agree to disagree," Crowley told reporters.

The International Campaign for Tibet, which works closely with the Dalai Lama, quoted witnesses as saying that residents in Tibet and historically Tibetan areas of China's Sichuan province chanted prayers and set off firecrackers to celebrate the White House meeting, despite tight security.

Beijing accuses the Dalai Lama of trying to split China, although the exiled leader has repeatedly said he accepts Chinese rule.

In a nod to Chinese sensitivities, the Obama White House prohibited cameras from entering the meeting, which took place in the Map Room, not the seat of presidential power in the Oval Office.

But the White House later issued a statement voicing support for the Dalai Lama and his nonviolent quest for greater rights for Tibetans.

With Obama, the Dalai Lama has now met every sitting US president since George H.W. Bush in 1991.

Obama memento to Dalai Lama

Offering one tidbit from Thursday's meeting, the Dalai Lama revealed that Obama gave him a memento from a much earlier interaction with a US president - a copy of a letter Franklin Roosevelt sent him in 1942.

Roosevelt mailed the Dalai Lama, who was then seven, the letter and a golden Rolex watch as a gesture to seek relations with the remote Himalayan land.

"At that time, my only interest is the gift of the watch, not the letter," the Dalai Lama said with a laugh.

"I actually don't know where that letter goes. Now after 68 years, just yesterday, President Obama gave me a copy of that letter."

The monk frequently tells the story of the watch, saying that fiddling with it helped spur his lifelong interest in science.

In 2007, he carried the gold watch in his pocket when George W. Bush presented him with the Congressional Gold Medal, the only time a sitting US president has appeared with him in public.