Saturday, February 6, 2010

Put houses in order now, DPM warns BN parties

Did you ask Liow and gang to keep on creating problems for MCA ?

Easy way out , just ask Liow and gang to shut up and follow GUP !

What problem ? MCA problem today is the 13 junkies or monkeys whichever you prefer !

Better still ask them to get lost or out of the house and don't come back !

And before you ask MCA to put their house in order , better put your own house in order ! People who live in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones at other people's houses !

Ask your fat ass Deputy Minister to behave like a man and not like a Zombie in piggy land .

Muhyiddin: Take immediate steps to solve internal problems. — file pic

ALOR SETAR, Feb 6 — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today directed all Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties to take immediate steps to resolve problems in their respective parties.

Muhyiddin said BN does not want problems involving its component parties to have a negative impact and affect the support for BN.

He said leaders of the respective parties must try to resolve their problems to enable BN to restore the support of the people.

“Although the problems in component parties has not affected the administration of the BN-led government under Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, it will certainly ease the process of trying to restore the support of the people,” he told reporters after opening the Kedah Juara Rakyat programme here today.

He added that MCA must also take immediate steps to solve its problems so as to revive the confidence of the Chinese community in the country.

Muhyiddin said two component parties, namely MCA and PPP, who faced internal crisis throughout last year, were asked to take remedial action quickly.

He added that the Juara Rakyat programme was to show the people that BN was a party that really worked for the people and aimed at going to the ground to try and solve problems of the people, not only Malays but all races.

Muhyiddin said the people in a number of states had given their mandate to the opposition to administer their states but they can now evaluate which party had really worked for the people.

“The people who were convinced by the opposition’s accusations and allegations, are now able to see their true colours when given an opportunity to administer,” he said.

The deputy prime minister said the people can see for themselves that the PAS-led Kedah state government had failed to solve the problems of the people and Penang is another state suffering a similar fate.

“This shows the true intentions of the opposition while the truth has been exposed in their administration,” he said.

The people must therefore return to BN because only BN can continuously assist the people and solve their problems, he said. — Bernama


  1. until today, what is the GUP? we can only see changing of people 0 those YES man and Women, including half past 6 people from CSL team. Then it is the kaki sakit lah, can not berak lah. and CSL acted like president. His son become important lah..... I am sure all this will be history come next GE.

  2. There is nothing wrong in MCA except the few selfish and indiscipline fools led by LTL who refuse to abide by the norms of democracy.

  3. To ask WML keep this 10 monkeys down.So the crisis is over easily. VM

  4. J4OTK, great respect to you for telling off DPM regarding MCA problems.

    MCA will not have problem if UMNO stop kicking problematic ball to it.

    Instead of pestering MCA to have fresh election, why not have General election13 soon so that all problems can be solved.???

  5. i am quite sure DPM's comments are aimed at LTL and gang. cause they are the ones who still want to perpetuate problems in MCA now. Bravo Tan Sri (for now only)!


  6. he himself is full of shitt.mind your own business lah.only LTL 's group are creating irretating noise and problems,while others are back to work...and this 10;59 still MCC,just keep quiet and nobody say you're dump,,,.

  7. Hello,

    J4OTK got no balls to tell DPM, only rant and rave in his blog. DPM did not even know the exsitence of this blog.

    Show us you got ball of steel by writing direct to him. Please do not say you take no instruction from bloggers. (stale reason already).

  8. WKS has the ball to meet CSL in fast food house, why ?

  9. no lah, Wee happen to meet CSL in the toilet... CSL zipped up and bump into Wee. Itu sahaja....nothing more.

  10. J4OTK got no balls to tell DPM, only rant and rave in his blog. DPM did not even know the exsitence of this blog.

    You must be an idiot of the highest order ! You think THEY don't know of the existence of this blog when they can prosecute you for any seditious comment ? let alone a blog ?
    Ya I got no balls . come and see me and I'll prove it to you ! idiot ! If you want to be personal , I can be personal !

  11. j4otk

    If you want to whack anon you must first show your face. It is a trap. They want to know who you are!

  12. Thanks anon 3:58

    I think the Pakatan Rots fellas are also interest to whack me for obvious reasons . Thanks anyway . I choose to remain incognito !


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