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DEAR DELEGATES do you want YOUR PRESIDENT to be posted on PR BANNERS and POSTERS like this ? come GE13

Didn't he say he does not want to be the President ?

Can you believe this person ?

Can you delegates support this person to be the No 1 ?

We can support him for No 2 but never for the President cause he is tainted . Only blinded fools with non functioning reasoning will support a tainted person as MCA president . Unless of course you are indebted to him thru $$$$$

And don't ever sympathise with cunning old wolves , you'll end up dead !

Vote PR

If You want to save MCA

You should know what to do on 28/03/10

Support Ong Tee Keat

‘Tainted politicians should exit quietly’

PETALING JAYA: Politicians with a “tainted image” should leave quietly, said Kuala Lumpur-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall Wanita chief Alice Lee.

“Leaders must know when to step down,” she said.

Politicians, apart from being capable and talented, must also uphold morality, she added.

Suspended MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, with a tainted image, should not lead the party, Lee said.

Citing an example, she said Jeffery Archer, a member of the British Parliament and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, had to resign after he reportedly paid for the services of a prostitute in 1986.

“Even though his wife said that he was a good husband, Archer still had to leave to prevent him from becoming the burden of the Conservative Party,” she said.

Lee said Dr Chua had admitted he was the one in the sex video clip.

“With such baggages, can he still lead MCA?

“Do you think Dr Chua can still bring glory to the party with such an introduction?” she asked.

Chor publicly declares support for Tee Keat

Here are a few articles in case you missed out .

Chor publicly declares support for Tee Keat

by Kong See Hoh

Datuk Donald Lim

Datuk Chor Chee Heung

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 27, 2009) :
MCA central committee (CC) member Datuk Chor Chee Heung ysterday publicly declared his support for Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and urged central delegates to rally behind the party president, the Chinese press reported today.

"I believe that central delegates should support the present leadership. Follow me in supporting the present party leadership," Chor, who is deputy finance minister, was quoted as saying in a public function in Petaling Jaya.

"We want continued stability for MCA. If the party has too many leaders with too many leadership styles, it would only create more internal problems."

Meanwhile, Petaling Jaya Selatan MCA chief Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai declined to be drawn into making a stand in the current leadership tussle. Smart guy , with Chua playing him out in the last party election by prematurely announcing he is contesting for a VP without his consent when in actual fact he wanted to go for the DP position . Chua in fact went round the country during his lunch and dinner talks telling everyone that he Donald is an idiot and a fool . Yes indeed , if he Donald were to support him now .

However, he said the 25 central delegates from his division would make a wise choice on the Oct 10 extraordinary general meeting EGM).

Pressed by the media, Lim who was involved in a three-cornered fight with sacked party deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and former secretary-general Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan for the party No. 2 post last year, said: "I will make a choice when the day comes. It (my vote) surely will not be a spoilt vote".

He disclosed that both Tee keat's and Chua's camps had lobbied for his and his division's support.

Both camps have their support but what is important is that they must think of how to pick up the pieces and close ranks.

With the EGM about two weeks away, bookies are said to have started accepting bets on its outcome.

Tee Keat is gaining in delegates' support
by Giam Say Khoon

Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek

Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat

PETALING JAYA (Sept 27, 2009) :
MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat is gaining more support for the extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on Oct 10 -- if the results of two online polls conducted by a vernacular newspaper are anything to go by.

About 61% of the respondents in a survey conducted by the Kwong Wah Yit Poh's website
feel that it is not suitable for a morally-tainted leader to lead a party or a nation.

The rest feel it is fine for a tainted leader to hold the top post in a party or lead a nation. ????????? Possibly the numbers made up of the Has Beens supporters of the Rotten Fish Head and the dick lovers from some of the women who can't stand to see their beloved pornstar king being out of action . They'll miss his elongated dick . That's the problem with some women who let their hearts rule their heads .

The poll does not name any particular political leader but it comes less than two weeks before the EGM to resolve the differences between Ong and suspended deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, who was expelled, but later suspended for four years, for tarnishing the image of the party through his involvement a sex DVD scandal.

In an earlier poll, also carried out on the newspaper's website, 69% of the 611 participants felt that Ong should continue to lead the party. Only 31% threw their support behind Chua.

The EGM will vote on the five resolutions proposed by Chua's camp:
> Move a motion of no-confidence against Ong; Vote NO

> Annul the decision of the presidential council to accept the recommendation by the disciplinary board to expel Chua; Vote NO

> Reinstate Chua as the deputy president; Vote NO

> Revoke any appointments made before the EGM including the appointment of deputy president; and

> Dismiss all possible discplinary actions and sentences against the requisitionists.

Political analysts see the EGM as a "win-all" or "lose-all" battle for the two leaders.

If Ong loses the battle and resigns, it could trigger fresh party elections because Chua, who would be reinstated as the deputy president, will automatically become the president until the next party elections as stipulated under the party constitution.

A disciplinary board member told Kwong Wah Yit Poh on Saturday at least 400 of those who signed for the requisition of the EGM felt they were "conned" because they were not aware that a motion of no-confidence against the party president would be included among the resolutions.

The board member feels these "conned" delegates would turn around and support Ong.

Another party insider told the paper Chua's supporters may be losing their momentum because the Oct 10 date for the EGM "has provided the incumbents sufficient time to counter the strategies used by Chua".

"The situation is not too positive for Chua. He must use whatever time left to explain to the delegates and hope that the delegates will not be swayed when making their decision during the EGM," he said.
Chua's supporters had argued, however, it was a tactic by Ong to weaken the morale and confidence of the requisitionists.

Pro-Chua EGM action committee chief coordinator Datuk Seri Tan Chai Ho also said the delegates signed in front of lawyers and commissioners of oath and that they had full access to the resolutions before signing the requisition form.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Disloyal Subjects .

In the olden days those who are disloyal to the Emperor , Country or are traitors to the country meets a fate which is shown in the pictures below .

Disloyal subjects who sleeps with the enemy , collaborates with the enemy doesn't deserved to hold the positions that they now hold .

Those who sits on the fence are sometimes equated to double timers , playing both sides , In WW2 they are referred to as moles .

However times have changed , they are not physically subjected to such capital punishment , they still are subjected to practices , in more human form , though .

I rest my case ........

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yen Yen Are you with us or not with us?

IN Politics there's No On The Fencing , Either you are With Us or Not with Us

Allegiance and loyalty in question

Let's trace back history to find out what sort of a person is our current Tourism Minister . She has a tendency of being disloyal to the one and to the party who has made her what she is today .

She has yet to come out openly to support the President , the one who submitted her name for her to become what she is today , ie the Tourism Minister . She is a Minister by virtue of the fact that the President has confidence in her loyalty which is surprisingly absent today .

She has not been seen in the President's entourage during the roadshows .

She has not been seen during the President's press conferences .

She has not been seen during the recent Central Committee meeting which deliberated on the sacking of CSL which was rescind to that of suspension .

The Ministership post belongs to MCA and not to anyone individual . She serves at the pleasure of the Party and not to anyone one .

So my question to you Ng Yen Yen " Are You With Us or Not With Us ?

Are you telling us you are with him ? the Pornstar ?

"Are you with us or not with us ?"
This is a side-dish to intra-MCA squabbles.

So let me bring back this story which the Sun
on a Page 2 story sometime back in 2003 posted about her loyalty which incidently I am also asking her the same thing right now ! :
Deputy Culture, Arts and Tourism Minister Datuk Ng Yen Yen was a permanent resident of Australia when she took the oath of loyalty to King and country when she was appointed a senator more than nine years ago.

She was a director from April 1992 until she resigned in May 1995. Ng took her oath of office as a senator in August 1993, but nine months earlier she had declared herself as a permanent resident of Australia in documents filed with the Australian authorities.

In her resignation letter to the board of directors, she gave her full name as "Senator Dr Ng Yen Yen". The 1992 profile of the directors describe Ng as "a Malaysian qualified and registered medical practitioner".

"She has been living in Australia for approximately three years... and has undertaken substantial business activities concerned with the import of intellectual properties and commodities," the documents said.

Apparently, Ng had first refused comment when confronted after the expose by The Sun, she had also refused to reveal when she gave up her permanent residency when contacted by a portal yesterday afternoon for comment on a set of documents obtained by the online newspaper. It is understood that the documents showed she was an Australia PR between 1992 and 1995.

She had merely admitted to holding the status in 1995, but denied that she still has it. However, she promised to give all the facts at a press conference "to be held soon". Hours later, Ng decided to release a press statement last night, as follows :
"Dr Ng Yen Yen today denied she is a permanent resident of Australia following accusations from a rival party leader which questioned her loyalty to the country. She, however admitted to holding the status between 1990 and 1995.

"Ng said she had obtained the status to facilitate her frequent travelling to Australia to look after her three sons who were in their early formative years and studying there.

"My husband and I realised the need to be with them as frequently as possible to ensure the parental bonding within the family, as well as to ensure that they develop a strong value system and strength of character. The PR status enabled me to achieve this (need to be there for them).

"She said she revoked her permanent residency in 1995, in her second year of senatorship, as she need not travel to Australia that frequently anymore. Thus, she said the question of her 'dual citizenship' does not hold anymore."
Documents obtained differs little from the one revealed by The Sun, which indicated that Ng was an Australian resident director of a New South Wales-based company, Indo Pacific Securities Limited, beginning April 1992. The other directors of the stockbroking firm were two Malaysian residents, businessman Soh Chee Wen, former Air Force chief (retired) General Mohamed Ngah Said, and two Australian residents, Phillip Winter and Perter McCulloch. (The Australian Corporations Law requires all Australian public companies to have at least three directors, with at least two being Australian residents.)

In the documents, Ng described herself as a businesswoman with her Australian address in Tusmore, a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia.

Ling - Soh - Yen Yen Alliance. None of the reports mentioned about Ng's business ties with Soh. But for once, interesting things seem to pop out that will whet the appetite of those trying to piece together the complex web of relationships among present and former MCA leaders.
The Sun in Jan 24 reported that Ex-Transport Minister Dr Ling Liong Sik offered to procure the country's original survey maps as part of a business deal involving his former political protege, Soh Chee Wen. Austrian businessman, Franz Christoph Heldwein, 50, made this and other allegations in a police report he lodged against both Ling and Soh yesterday. The deal, he said, also involved Ling's son, Hee Leong.

Meanwhile, the Ling - Soh dispute has yet to settle, and the Yen Yen - Soh business ties are being unearthed. The plot thickens.

Ng must be brought to task on a pertinent point that Nadeswaran raised: Was Ng's taking the oath of loyalty to King and country morally and legally valid when she had held an Australian PR at the material time as she was being sworn in as a Malaysian Senator?

We have not seen the last yet, have we?

Delegates seen voting for a strong, revitalized MCA

KUALA LUMPUR - As the triple-10 extraordinary general meeting approaches for the MCA - at 10am on the 10th day of the 10th month – many party watchers believe the 2,400-od central delegates have more or less made up their minds.

Despite the convolutions or perhaps precisely because of the barrage of complexities that have emerged, they believe that the delegates have absorbed as much as they can or want to.

“Most just want to get the meeting over and done with. Life goes on and they want the party to move forward. They want a revitalized MCA that can recapture the hearts and minds of the Chinese community,” a party insider told the Malaysian Mirror.

Taking the bull by the horns

MCA president Ong Tee Keat took the bull by the horns when he sanctioned the Oct 10 EGM, where five resolution are due to be tabled that could see him ousted along with many of his stalwarts in the presidential council.

“Resolving the party’s leadership problems has always been our aim. As MCA president, I want to see the EGM take place."," Ong said earlier this week.

Ong is locked in a leadership conflict with his deputy Chua Soi Lek, whose sacking last month was commuted to a four-year suspension last Saturday.

Chua’s sin? He was caught in a sex scandal with the DVD of him having sex with a woman friend widely circulated across the country and even overseas.

For this, the presidential council, on the recommendation of the disciplinary board, sacked from the party last month.

But his angry supporters claimed this was unfair and vowed to overturn the decision at the EGM. At the same time, they proposed to table a no-confidence vote against Ong.

Sacking reduced to suspension

Saturday's review by the MCA’s powerful 45-member central committee ended with a surprise decision to reinstate Chua. But at the same time, it also slapped on the suspension as Chua’s scandal had undeniably tarnished the party.

Nevertheless, the EGM is still on and the five resolutions remain intact. These are (1) a motion of no-confidence against Tee Keat (2) to annul the decision by the presidential council to expel Chua (3) to reinstate Chua as MCA deputy president , Pease vote NO to these three (4) to revoke any appointments including the deputy president made before the EGM and (5) that no disciplinary action be taken against the EGM requisitionists.

Now with just about two weeks to go, the feedback from the ground is still cystal clear as far as the first motion is concerned.

“The no-confidence vote won’t be successful. From day one, the majority in MCA want Ong to lead. He enjoys immense support from the grassroots but he has had to fight against unseen hands and powerful external forces,” the party source said.

“I think the Chinese community is finally getting the picture and what he is up against. Support for him has increased even more in the past week.”

Born-again respect for MCA

The second resolution to annul the presidential council’s decision to sack Chua is less clear. Before his suspension, the clarion call from his camp had been justice for Chua!

But that is now moot. In fact, there has been a subtle swing.

MCA delegates are now seen as unlikely to vote against the presidential council. Ong has made it clear that such a decision would irreversibly weaken him. He has said he would have no choice but to quit if they did not uphold the presidential council's decsion.

“The way Ong has gone tooth-and-nail in this fight has awakened many in community, not just the MCA. If before, the Chinese were unhappy because the MCA never stood up for the community’s political rights, they are now wide awake.
"Who is this lion, why is he fighting like this, what is at stake and slowly, the answers are dawning on them and they like it. Hopefully, this will translate into born-again respect for the party." - Malaysian Mirror

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DEAR DELEGATES do you want YOUR PRESIDENT to be posted on PR BANNERS and POSTERS like this ? come GE13

This is the Tainted MCA PRESIDENT .

He Represents the MCA

He Represents the Chinese Community

Do you want a Tainted politician to lead you ?

Do you feel ashamed by this man ?

Vote PR

If You want to SAVE

You should know what to do at the EGM

Support Ong Tee Keat

Views on morality in politics

Dr Daphne Loke
Saturday, 26 September 2009 14:37

OPINION I have been suppressing the burning urge to write on the Dr Chua Soi Lek issue when his DVD scandal surfaced when the then MCA president was not the current incumbent. When he was recently expelled from the party, the urge almost disappeared.

Until today, one the vernacular newspaper reported that Chua with his wife and his son, now a Member of Parliament, were actively patronizing “buka puasa” parties. This straight away brought to my mind all kinds of questions of morality in politics. The infidelity of Chua who was then a MCA veep was exposed through nationwide circulation of DVDs of him in action.

The purpose of this article is to share my personal evaluation of this incident, based on some world views of morality in politics which crafted my expectations of the politician who would be my representative in government.

Question 1:

For the plot to go into such complexity, I derived the following conclusions:-

1. The infidel act had been going on for a long time. At least, it could not be explained as succumbing to momentary temptation.
2. That the plotters could easily set up the equipment to record the tryst showed that Chua was insensitive to what others think of his extra-marital activities. It was a small town setting and rumours could, or had, spread very quickly to everyone’s knowledge like wild fire.
3. That the same venue and the same room was used for the tryst all the time showed Chua trusted the caretaker of the Rest House. Alternatively, since what he did in the Rest House was already common knowledge, he just wanted the small town to accept his behavior.
4. For the caretaker to turn against Chua could mean that he/she did not share Chua’s ideals and beliefs in extra-marital sex. It was even possible that the caretaker revolted against Chua’s behavior to the extent he volunteered his assistance in the recording.
5. The circulation of the DVDs had gone nationwide and global via the internet. This demonstrated that the mastermind behind the plot wanted the results to be far-reaching, hence to ensure that Chua will not be able to rebound in his political career .

Question 2:

What adjectives should I use to describe this man?

1. Arrogant : He does not care about what others think of his actions – he is indifferent to others’ opinions.
2. Autocratic: He decrees or dictates like a king would and did not expect anyone oppose him.
3. Ambitious: Since the incident happened during the tenure of the previous MCA president, the scheme to bring down Chua must have been the result of long-term observations of his ambition in the party, including serious evaluation of the damage it would bring to the party and the Chinese community.
4. Assertive: He intends to reframe public opinion.
5. Bullying : He would stoop to duress to compel obedience.

Question 3:

Is a wife’s forgiveness of her husband’s infidelity enough to repair his misdeed?

A wife’s duties are many – to her husband, her children, the husband’s ambition and profession, the ambitions and professions of her children, the interests of the members of her husband’s family. Then only comes her own interests – her career, her professions, her ambitions.

Hazel Hawke put up with her husband’s infidelity throughout his tenure as Prime Minister of Australia – “for the sake of the Labour (Party) cause”. She only instituted divorce proceedings after Hawke had stepped down.

On a personal note, I waited for my children to be independent before I commenced divorce proceedings against my husband. And that was after 25 years of marriage.

All this tells on the selfishness of man. If a wife can abide by the social norms befallen upon her why can’t the husband discharge his duties as well. I cannot speak for Chua’s wife, but I can be certain that a feminine human being who does not feel jealous over her man’s infidelity, is not a woman, what more when that man is already her husband.

Question 4:

Does public opinion matter ?

Babara Berlusconi, daughter of the Prime Minister of Italy, commented on her father’s womanizing by saying,

“… public officials cannot afford to differentiate between their public and private spheres”.

She went further to state that,

“Politicians who are called upon to govern well, to make a community prosper, are also required to safeguard the values that it (the community) expresses, possibly elevate them”.

Berlusconi, too, apologized to his wife, and had publicly asked for his wife’s forgiveness as his behavior had “wounded her dignity”. Yet, two years later in 2009, the wife announced intention to divorce the Prime Minister and her reason was , “he would tell me another lie” and “I cannot stop him from making himself ridiculous before the world”. She, too, “had for many years endured his behavior ”.

In the light of such a similar current event where the public figure responsible for breaking public morals is being censured by his wife and his daughter, I seriously wonder how Chua’s wife and his son feel deep inside when they accompanied him at the “buka puasa” parties.

Rest of article can be read here

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Save MCA

Dear Delegates

Save MCA

Save MCA

From this Casanova

From this Tainted Politician

From this Wannabe President

It’s unthinkable for a tainted man to lead MCA,

KUALA LUMPUR: It is unthinkable for a tainted leader – and by his own admission, too – to become the MCA president, said community leader Tan Sri Robert Phang.

“The Chinese community will also feel its future and welfare will never be protected or enhanced by a leader with a tainted record,” he said.

The Social Care Foundation chairman was referring to Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, the MCA deputy president who was recently suspended for four years by the MCA central committee.

Phang added that “morality is definitely a very important fundamental requisite part of political leadership.”

Wise words: Phang appealling to all MCA delegates to do away with emotion, exercise prudence and due diligence in exercising their votes.

“What affects MCA will certainly affect Barisan Nasional,” he added.

The future and welfare of the Chinese community, said Phang, would also be at stake should Dr Chua become MCA president.

The party would always be subject to blackmail and intimidation by members of the public and other political parties should they choose a “tainted” person to be its leader, he added.

Phang said the five proposed resolutions submitted by Dr Chua’s camp for the Oct 10 extraordinary general meeting (EGM) were well constructed.

“Dr Chua has said many times he was never, and is still not, interested in becoming the party president or a Cabinet member.

“However, it has become very clear that the five resolutions are well engineered and if they are passed, party president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat would have no choice but to step down,” he said, adding that Dr Chua would automatically take over from Ong.

He said such a scenario would definitely create anxiety for the Chinese community and cause the central delegates to be affected.

Phang also called on Dr Chua to retire from politics permanently.

“If this decision is taken, I’m sure it will go down in history that you have further contributed and become a tremendous helping hand to the party by not disrupting its machinery.

Phang appealed to all MCA delegates not to be emotional, exercise prudence and due diligence when casting their votes at the EGM.

In late 2007, copies of the DVD, believed to be of a secret recording of Dr Chua and his partner engaging in sex, were circulated in Johor.

Subsequently, Dr Chua admitted that he was the person in the DVD and resigned from all government and party posts.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Banner one

DEAR DELEGATES do you want YOUR PRESIDENT to be posted on PR BANNERS and POSTERS like this ? come GE13

Habis Lah !! MCA

Orang di bawah ia lah Chua

President MCA


If you do not want to see this

You should know what to do at the EGM

Your vote counts .

Support Ong Tee Keat

SUN in Spinning Mode

Soi Lek's camp may seek Ling's support in EGM
by Kong See Hoh see article here .

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 24, 2009) : An MCA veteran says that if the need arises, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek's men will seek the help of former party president Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik to lobby for support in the final countdown to the extraordinary general meeting (EGM).

The veteran said that with slightly more than two weeks to go before the Oct 10 EGM, it may be too early to say that Chua's camp will resort to the "old tactic" yet again.

"It depends on whether there is a need, and the situation," he said.

According to a report in Nanyang Siang Pau today, Chua won a three-way fight for the party's No. 2 post last year with the help of Ling.

Ling, who stepped down in 2003 after helming MCA for 17 years, is said to still hold sway in the party.

"Two days before the party elections in October last year, the veteran leader (Ling) met central delegates at a five-star hotel and at his residence where he lobbied for Chua," said the veteran, who was not named in the report.

Recalling the situation then, he said another contender for the post, Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan, had enjoyed strong support then.

Ling met many central delegates and urged those who would have voted for a third contender, Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai, to rally behind Chua.

The tactic worked, tipping the scale in favour of Chua, and causing Ka Chuan to fumble on the eve of the elections.

The veteran said the situation at the moment does not favour Tee Keat and that Chua is having the upper hand.

"But if the situation warrants it, Chua Soi Lek will apply his ultimate killer stroke -- to appeal to the veteran leader (Ling) again to lobby the support of the fence-sitters," the veteran said.

A Chua loyalist said the re-emergence of Chua's sex DVD, which he believed is the work of Tee Keat's supporters, will not undermine support for Chua.

If anything, such a low tactic would only put the delegates off, he said. The re-circulation of the sex DVD has the two rival camps pointing fingers at each other.

See my previous article The Hidden Hand on this issue , re-circulation of the sex DVD.

What a spin , must have learnt it from RPK

I say this SUN's journalist or reporter has been compromised to write such worthless , stupid reports or analysis . Either he an entertainment or sports journalist writing his first political report or he's just pass out with his SPM . There are a few more besides him .

To me TL ( stands for Tun Ling , not tu lan ) or more popularly known as Rotten Fish Head from his famous quotation the fish starts rotting from the head is a very unpopular figure among MCA members and delegates except of course for those die hard fans of his who have benefited in many ways from his excesses from money to titles to position .

Anyone seeking TL's help should also know that most of his machais are no longer delegates except for those Downhill Has Beens whose SUN is setting on the horizon.

According to this reporter who wrote " According to a report in Nanyang Siang Pau today, Chua won a three-way fight for the party's No. 2 post last year with the help of Ling."

Chua won with Ling's help ? Ha ha ha ha ...that's a great joke . Chua won through the Agong's Sign on paper being distributed to all the key divisional heads . Everyone know that except this reporter . Further it is a known fact that recently his son has been seen going round to certain divisions and delegates carrying what looks like a briefcase full of Sarawakian apples . In Sarawak they give money in fruit boxes , but here in Peninsula Malaysia its the other way round .So does it seem like do they need to call the Rotten Fish Head's help ? When the Small Rotten Fish Head has been going round ?

Chua won because many delegates were disillusioned with the Ong Brothers Sdn Bhd and also with the help from Chua Jui Meng's supporters who didn't like to see a Ong Dynasty taking over . Help from the Rotten Fish Head ? Mua Ha Ha Ha !!!!!!

The Rotten Fish Head couldn't even save his son Ling Hee Leong who contested for the Youth Head from being knocked out , they call it Technical Knock Out in boxing terms . They kicked him out , no one wants the Lings . He couldn't prevent his son , Ling junior from getting kicked out ? Ling junior LOST so how could he , Rotten Fish Head helped Chua to win ? Can't help laughing again .

And he further wrote "But if the situation warrants it, Chua Soi Lek will apply his ultimate killer stroke -- to appeal to the veteran leader (Ling) again . Killer stroke ? maybe to both he Chua and Ling , so that they will forever be forgotten , dead and gone . I welcome him to do it , get the ultimate killer stroke !

Jest for Laughs

Here are some nice cartoons

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Hidden Hand

The Third Force...EMERGED! by Ti Lian Ker

Excerpts from the article: I would like to condemn the recent reemergence of the DVD on Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek. There is a hidden hand in the entire DVD issue that had damaged MCA as a credible political party. The DVD incident is an incident of the past and Datuk Chua Soi Lek had been an unfortunate victim of these unseen hands rendering him a liability to the party. The DVD is a blemish of the past and ought to be cast out and not continue to last. The reemergence of the DVD is another move by unseen hands to incite emotions, anger and hatred amongst the members to embarrass Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek calculated to put the blame on the present MCA leadership. MCA delegates must be wary of their unseen hands manipulating the events leading to the ultimate destruction of the party's image and dignity.
Full story here .

Internal and External Forces

While I support what Dato Ti writes , I would have preferred the The Third Force to be labeled as Internal and External forces as those with vested interest to see them lurching at each other , as this would also encompass all those forces who has an interest to see both go off and be replaced by a new team . This was evident even in Ti's blog where there were calls by various parties and commenters to replace the both of them by bringing in Liow and Kong or even Ka Chuan . This is obviously started by these internal forces who sees this as a chance to upsurped power at the expense ot the feud between Ong and Chua liken to the removal of both parents when the father and mother quarrels and replace by surrogate parents .

Externally there's no short of supply of people with vested interest , Tiong for one , certain UMNO MPs , BN MPs ...etc..etc ..

Taken from a page on the shooting of Chen Shui Bian the ex-Taiwan president during campaigning and blame it on your opponent . See here and here

Chen was reportedly shot in the stomach while campaigning in the city of Tainan on Friday, March 19, 2004, the day before polls opened on Saturday. According to Chen, the bullet left a flesh wound that was 11 cm long and 2 cm deep and was found in his clothes. He left the hospital on the same day with 14 stitches. His Vice President Annette Lu was also reportedly shot in the leg in the same incident. After the election, video from the hospital Chen and Lu were taken to showed Chen walking into the hospital after the Presidential Office Secretary General said that he had been taken in. The opposition made many allegations into the conduct of the security and hospital procedures requiring Chen and Lu to change parts of their stories in order for it to make sense. While many theories were put forth, the opposition had no access to the physical evidence so the Criminal Investigation Bureau refuted them.Others believe this was to make Chen and Lu seems sympathetic for the voters due to the unusual circumstances and evidence of the shootings.

The following day, Chen narrowly won the election with a margin of less than 29,500 votes out of 12.9 million votes counted.

Repeat of the Reichstag Fire

The Reichstag fire (German: Der Reichstagsbrand) was an arson attack on the Reichstag building in Berlin on 27 February 1933. The event is seen as pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany.

At 21:25hrs (UTC +1), a Berlin fire station received an alarm call that the Reichstag building, the assembly location of the German Parliament, was ablaze. The fire started in the Session Chamber,[1] and by the time the police and firefighters had arrived, the main Chamber of Deputies was engulfed by flames.

Inside the building, a thorough search conducted by the police resulted in the finding of a naked Marinus van der Lubbe. Van der Lubbe was a Dutch insurrectionist, council communist and unemployed bricklayer who had recently arrived in Germany, ostensibly to carry out his political activities. The fire was used as evidence by the Nazis that the Communists were beginning a plot against the German government. Van der Lubbe and four Communist leaders were subsequently arrested. Adolf Hitler, who had been sworn in as Chancellor of Germany four weeks before, on 30 January, urged President Paul von Hindenburg to pass an emergency decree to counter the "ruthless confrontation of the Communist Party of Germany".[citation needed] With civil liberties suspended, the government instituted mass arrests of Communists, including all of the Communist parliamentary delegates. With them gone, and their seats empty, the Nazis went from being a plurality party to the majority; subsequent elections confirmed this position and thus allowed Hitler to consolidate his power.

Historians disagree as to whether van der Lubbe acted alone or if the Nazis were involved.

My comment . Were the Nazis involved ? If they did , by burning their own parliament , and blaming the fire was started by the Communists , they were able to institute mass arrest of the Communists , and the Nazis went from being a plurality party to the majority and enabling Hitler to consolidate his power . That was how Hitler came into power and the rest is history .

The storyline is the same here . Circulate your own DVD and blame it on your opponent , OTK in this case , hurl all sorts of accusations and keep on saying that it was done by OTK's supporters . This is calculated to instill maximum damage to the party and arousing the anger of Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek's sympathisers against Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat . Make the central delegates angry and get the central delegates vote for him CSL , that's what they want .

He CSL also said without hestitation , the DVD was sent from Bukit Mertajam based on the post mark . Would a guy who send the DVD do it from his own place ? knowing very well the first thing to look would be the place where it was sent ? So this is obviously sent by his own people under instruction to be sent from Bukit Mertajam . On most cases they would have been distributed and posted from various parts of the country , including overseas to avoid detection . Perhaps the police forensic could help trace the fingerprints left behind on the envelope and on the dvd to determine the culprit .

PR Insider Exposed

MI Survey: No potential PM in PR

The Unspinners' take yesterday on Malaysian Insider's spin about its own poll on Pakatan Rakyat's popularity is worth a re-read. Exceprts:

"The poll had higher scores for PR's weakness but was not given much highlight - their "inexperience in governing (38 per cent); bickering and fighting among members of the Opposition grouping (35 per cent) and the absence of a "good candidate" for the premiership (20 per cent)".

"This anti-Najib portal could be trying to downplay the absence of a Prime Minister material from Pakatan Rakyat. Wonder who Pakatan Rakyat could offer for Prime Ministership?"

MCA’s real crisis – the Chinese no longer care
By Lee Wei Lian

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 22 –Chinese Malaysians appear to have grown increasingly dismissive of the potentially party-shattering power struggle happening in MCA and that is a distressing sign for an organisation which is entrusted by the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition to help regain the trust and support of the community.

Some print and online news organisations are facing difficulty engaging readers in the battle between MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and his erstwhile deputy Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek and this appears to reflect the situation on the voting ground.

The largest Chinese language newspaper by circulation in Malaysia, Sin Chew Daily, recently ran a piece titled “Who cares about MCA’s party crisis?”, saying that while it is still talked about within the community, most do not care if MCA collapses.

One online news website has been reluctant to send its video crew to cover the Chua-Ong leadership tussle apparently because such videos “cannot sell”.

Sources in mainly Chinese language news website Merdeka Review say there is hardly any interest in MCA with the exception of the announcement on August 26 that Chua had been sacked, with most of the clicks going to other stories. Read rest of talk cock from PR Insider here .

You believe all the Junk spin out by Malaysian Insider @ PR Insider ?

How To Get Rid of the MCA President

MI is funded using money from Fox Sdn Bhd, (a real PR firm!!) backed by Spinmeister Extraordinaire, Datuk Kali. Datuk Kali, as we all know, is the political father to Khairy Jamaluddin, whose father-in-law is the Father of Sleeping in Public.


I Love Malaysia

So, you think Ong Tee Kiat is the reincarnation of Justice Pao, the wise brave judge who set things right from the ancient Middle Kingdom, now immortalised in Hong Kong TV series? You think OTK is clean as the Pope and brave like Shih Huang Ti who reunited a China from a land of warlords? You think he's the best thing BN ever had since the ISA?

In the tradition of National Geographic Channel, "Think Again". It does not matter what OTK stands for, nor the number of PricewaterhouseCoopers reports he commissions. It doesn't matter how much money he wants the government to recover from Kuala Dimensi (KDSB). Cause no matter what he does, the Hainanese is up against powerful people who's working hand-in-glove with spinmeisters who are plotting his downfall.

In a wired world where perception is King and facts are twisted and spun, OTK is up against a formidable enemy. The enemy is not just the Chua Soi Lek-Tiong King Sing alliance, whose ultimate aim is to get rid of OTK and eventually sweep the PKFZ mess under the rug. The evil alliance knew that to get the public on their side, they need the media - a machinery evil enough to repeat lies so frequent, they can pass off as a page from the Holy Scriptures. They need PR magic that spin endless tales about OTK being under seige. Besides, CSL and TKS know The Star is already under OTK control.

And in any case, they themselves need PR makeovers like how CSL needs the blue pill to get it up (and the whole world witnessed that). CSL, after all is the poster boy for the illicit stuff people buy the world over. "Malaysian Minister Having Sex" is found in night markets from Patpong, Bangkok to Seoul, Korea. Oh yeah, if anyone forgot, he wanted to become head of the Malaysian Chinese and a minister too.

TKS, on the other hand, is the poster boy for entrepreneurship par excellence. Buy land at RM3, sell at RM25. And to boot, get the contract to develop the land too. But these can't beat the "bill the government for RM1.4 BILLION" for work NOT DONE. Yes, many monsoon drains, perimeter fencing, high-powered cables etc in PKFZ were billed to the govt but none of those were found anywhere in PKFZ.

It did not take long for the duo to realise they have one perfect PR outfit right at their doorstep. It's called Malaysian Insider, but later on how the link came about. Many people mistaken MI for a news portal, but it is not. It's really a PR machine out to prop certain people and tear apart the credibility of others. It's run largely by a group of ex-journalists from mainstream media, tainted by allegations of plagiarism and espionage or were sacked.

Those who play close attention will realise that the most controversial articles do not carry the names of the writers. That just shows how much credibility and guts the person(s) has or have. One writer was sacked by his previous employer, only to open up a PR firm. Before the company could even prepare its first monthly balance sheet, it ran into legal troubles. The PR firm had released its client's sensitive information to the press, resulting in the client runing foul of the London Exchange regulations. The company sued the PR firm but that guy fled to Singapore. Another who used to determine what headlines go out, made headlines worldwide over plagiarism allegations, in a high-profile case that deeply embarassed Malaysian journalism.

But these are not the point. The point is, MI is being made full use by the CSL-TKS cartel to pit OTK against PM Najib, spin lies about OTK, make a hero out of a porn star and exonerate the villians behind the country's biggest financial scandal, the PKFZ. CSL knows that he does not stand a chance against the incumbent OTK who has the presidential machinery at his disposal. His contacts in the military intelligence has already tipped him off that the scales is tipped in favour of OTK. Otherwise, CSL would not have a problem getting the 800 signatures and swiftly called for the EGM, like how Tan Kwoon Swan did in the 1980s.

CSL knew the only way to topple OTK is to use outside interference. After all, he had used Umno and Tiong. What's a little help from a PR firm that was once linked to the then powerful gangters in Umno (that contributed to the coalition's massive losses on March 8)?

If one were to believe the lies MI spun, PM's office in Putrajaya would have a gaping hole in the ceiling because 500 times a day, Najib would "hit the roof" over OTK. MI is also fond of spinning about how probe into PKFZ was the worst thing to happen to BN since March 8. And if MI were to be believed, the walls along the corridors of power in Purtajaya had already been filled to the brim with the writing "Umno does not want OTK" (because PM Najib SMSes the MI "editors" his innermost thoughts on an hourly basis).

Ok, let's ignore the fact that two editors there had in late July changed new cars - one now drives a S class and another a BMW M6 Coupe (registered under Fox Sdn Bhd). But just how did the supposed "Umno-linked" Insider get drawn into the crossfire between the Chinese (OTK vs CSL-TKS)?

First of all, let's address 2 myths: MI is NOT Umno-linked anymore. That link all but collapsed the day Pak Lah unceremoniously got the boot for the massive March 8 losses. Secondly, it's NOT a Chinese battle, because underlying all the powerplay is PKFZ - a project where Umno's fingers are buried deep within.

MI is funded using money from Fox Sdn Bhd, (a real PR firm!!) backed by Spinmeister Extraordinaire, Datuk Kali. Datuk Kali, as we all know, is the political father to Khairy Jamaluddin, whose father-in-law is the Father of Sleeping in Public. KJ, as we also all know, is also considered a godfather to many Umno boys during his heydays. And these include Faizal Abdullah, the deputy CEO of Kuala Dimensi and Azim Zabidi, director of Wiramaju Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of KDSB.

Being KJ's proxies, both Faizal and Azim are deeply involved in the PKFZ mess.. Faizal is with Selangor Umno Youth and Azim was the political novice Pak Lah named as the Umno treasurer-general. Khir Toyo was also very much in the thick of things with KJ's help (land sold at a massive premium during his tenure) before the KJ-Toyo fallout. And everyone in Port Klang Authority knows that the overseas vacations OC Phang goes each year is funded by KJ and Tiong.

To put it mildly, KJ was instrumental in the PKFZ fiasco. He had access to his father-in-law and had him do many things - like getting projects approval signatures, for example just before the ex-PM nods off while listening to the Permodalan Nasional Bhd presentation on GLCs' performance. KJ has every reason to pull the handbrakes on OTK's efforts to recover money from KDSB.

Want to know why? Now, KJ no longer enjoys the immunity given by his FIL, nor the clout of being part of the First Family. And after being snubbed from a cabinet post (his counterparts in Wanita, Puteri and even his own deputy Razali were made dep ministers), KJ finds his own supporters ditching him faster than H1N1 cases are rising in the country. And he knew only one way to to regain the clout - stuff `em with cold hard cash. Umno members loves money more than Tiong loves his two private jets. KJ needs money - by the truckloads - to keep his heart pumping in the political Intensive Care Unit. KJ can ill-afford OTK coming after his machais' ill-gotten gains, for he has a stake in them. Gone are the days when KJ can walk up to any GLCs heads, thump the table, and get what he wants.

MI, meanwhile, is game for such malicious, unethical power play. Don't forget MI is a PR firm, not a news portal, much less part of the Fourth Estate and their main consideration is the bottom line, not ethics. Faced with a dwindling cash reserves (Fox Sdn Bhd is no longer dished lucrative govt contracts after Pak Lah left), it would do anything to stay afloat. Just look at the dwindling ads there. KJ understood this and had even worked out a plan to make MI the first "portal" in Malaysia, possibly the world to be listed - a plan hatched when Pak Lah was still in power - if his grand design succeeded.

One MI article, "Writing on the wall for Tee Keat, MCA" (as usual, doesn't carry the writer's name), was commissioned by KJ after CSL-TKS hit the panic button upon learning that OTK had revealed their unholy alliance during the MCA roadshows nationwide. The article came out days after police froze RM140 million in KDSB's account and soon after the PKFZ Taskforce briefed PM about the mess. (During the briefing, PM's bodyguards had to restrain him from flying out of the PMO because he couldn't hit the roof anymore because by now, there was a huge hole on the ceiling.) Even Pak Lah weighed in, with a script from KJ, calling for an end to MCA's public bickering. KJ is one of the earliest to call for Umno intervention in the MCA troubles because he knows once Umno sticks its nose in, it could force through a settlement - or at least move OTK to another ministry.

But even the best spinmasters can only do so much. If you drive a kancil, there's only so much fuel-additive or modifications you can do to the vehicle. It can't be turned into a Ferrari, although there are some who harbour illusions of grandeur. You really can't make angels out of evil monsters nor evil monsters out of angels. Really, you don't even need any insiders to impart such pearls of wisdom.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Practise Hidden Sex

Practise Hidden Sex , Cover Your Face , Not Safe Sex

Chua Soi Lek says…”Practise safe sex” (LOL, I stumbled on this old news and couldn’t resist adding it here just in case all the budak-budak want to follow Uncle Chua’s footstep.

Your neighbourhood sei98poh aunty who blogs under The Obnoxious 5xmom brings you this news from The Star.

I am the one in the sex DVD, says Chua

KUALA LUMPUR: Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek admitted he is the politician in the sex DVD circulating in Johor.

In a press conference here Tuesday, Dr Chua said the girl is his “personal friend”.

He apologised to the Malaysian public, supporters and his colleagues.

He said he did not make the tape himself.

Dr Chua said he will not resign over the sex DVD. He will leave that up to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to decide.

The sex DVD had been circulating in Muar, Tangkak and Batu Pahat over the past few days.

The existence of the DVD was first reported in the Chinese dailies on Sunday while a Bahasa Malaysia daily reported about it Monday.

Whoa!!!!! You da man, Dr. Chua. I am sure all the men in Malaysia applaud your balls to admit. I am sure Pak Lah will listen….After all, he said God created man to love many women. Nay…remember what Pak Lak said when he was asked about his second marriage less than a year after Datin Endon’s death? So, bravo!

Now, I wonder if you, Dr. Chua who is the Minister of Health is going to recommend extra-marital sex with young women for good mental and physical health? I am sure your compatriots in the Immigration Department will not mind importing ship loads of China dolls to ensure that there are enough 20+ years old girls to pass around to all the married men in Malaysia? Remember to recommend free condoms distribution.

And I have to say this, Dr. Chua. Minister or not, I think you are damn suey for cheating on your wife. I do not know if you have children but I am sure you have just hurt a lot of people with your gatal-ness. I don’t care if you have been a good minister and community leader but any married men who have sex outside of his marriage does not deserve anyone’s respect. What more, an old man like you with a 20+ years old girl? (the wife said she forgave him *roll eyes* .)

HEY PEOPLE, mana mau cari sex video Chua Soi Lek? Put it on Youtube, yo!

**Sorry, I have closed comments. Wa mai liao. Sienz kah si. Bwahahaha*

Here are a few comments from some other posts found on the internet from those who have seen the DVD on

Anonymous said...

This Ex Minister of Health of Malaysia has a big
dick. He's 62 years old now, i think still strong to have sex. Good job sir. I hope u have baby with this personal friend of yours.
April 5, 2009 6:58 AM

Anonymous said...

you look strong dr. chua, at 62 you still that sex appeal look, thats why your personal friend i think enjoys your sex. have sex again dr. chua. girls who have seen this video will love to have sex with you.
April 5, 2009 3:36 PM

Anonymous said...

really big dick ex-minister of health
April 5, 2009 3:46 PM

Anonymous said...

what king of a dick is that, very strong and hard dick, girls will love that even you are grumpy old men. ur like superman Dr.Chua. even blow job great strong dick.
April 7, 2009 6:52 AM

Anonymous said...

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April 14, 2009 7:37 AM

Anonymous said...

Dr. Chua pls fuck me now
April 14, 2009 7:38 AM

Anonymous said...

i want to have baby with you pls
April 14, 2009 7:39 AM
Anonymous said...

Dr means know everything, he know how to handle it's lar... look at his position still standing and strong, that malay says, Urat dawai Tulang Besi, that mean his dick sting strong and standing, his like hungry lion leh...
April 29, 2009 7:17 AM
Anonymous said...

i can't believe that this doctor has a strong and standing dick. i salute you sir. you are the strongest person on earth i've ever seen. LONG DICK.
May 1, 2009 7:14 AM

Anonymous said...

your better than dr. hayden kho. your dick is longer than dr. kho. you have the longest dick dr. chua. strong and longer dick for dr. chua
May 23, 2009 9:12 AM

Anonymous said...

Ex-Health Minister promoting sex for health.....for all malaysians.
July 19, 2009 10:42 AM

Removing Chua vital to revitalizing MCA

This ia an old letter from J Khoo , however I still find it relevant to post his letter .

The story is familiar by now. MCA decides Chua Soi Lek is a liability and drops him like a hot potato over his involvement in a sex DVD scandal. Chua will not stand for it and fights back.

The simmering tension between MCA president Ong Tee Keat and Chua finally breaks out into the open. It’s an ongoing drama that is developing even as you read these words in the Mirror.

Chua’s dismissal was expected and it was only a question of when he would be booted out. Showing him the door was a good move that would augur well for the future of MCA.

Chua claims he faces a “second political murder”. But ever since he was made the MCA deputy president, Chua has been making what the party deems as self-serving and unreasonable demands.

He wanted to be appointed a senator and health minister. When Ong did not satisfy his demands, Chua fought him, dragging the party into the current mess.

As the MCA leader, Ong is his own man and regarded as the best person to lead the party after the 2008 political tsunami.

But he had to contend with a resurgent Chua, who enjoys strong support from the party’s central delegates.

This is a case of two tigers going head to head and one is bound to get hurt.

Ong also realises that if he allows the skirmishes to drag on, it would weaken MCA even more.

He had outflanked Chua, making it a point to inform the prime minster and deputy prime minister about the dismissal motion before making an official announcement. As a result, Chua was deprived of an avenue of strong support namely Umno.

He was left with three options:

1. Appeal to the MCA disciplinary board within 14 days;
2. If the appeal fails, his supporters would carry out a national signature campaign, with the aim of holding an extraordinary meeting to remove Ong, thus regaining his position in the party; or
3. If he can’t muster enough support to hold an EGM, he and his son Chee Yong would cross over to Pakatan, and join former MCA leader Chua Jui Meng.

Chua’s political demise has been written on the wall ever since the sex scandal broke cover last year.

When the shameful deed was exposed, he had decided to resign as health minister and withdraw from all MCA posts. He should have stayed out.

Petaling Jaya police, citing clause 337A of the Penal Code, have re-opened the sex scandal file based on a public (a MCA party member) report for committing unnatural sex acts, and had summoned Chua to record his statement.

Chua’s girlfriend who was filmed performing fellatio on him has yet to come forward to have her statement taken. Because of her absence, the police are unable charge Chua, who is married.

With the scandal still hanging over Chua’s head, it was hard for Ong to recommend him to be a senator or health minister.

Chua enjoys strong support from factions within the party.

But Ong is undeterred and he has the courage to stand up for principles by expelling a tainted party leader as part of efforts to reform MCA.

It is the righteous thing to do and the righteous shall prevail.

Johnny Khoo,

Monday, September 21, 2009

Japanese porn star

Japanese porn star to feature in Indonesian movie

Indonesian producers are out to get Maria Ozawa, better known as Miyabi, to star in a comedy.

JAKARTA, Sept 21 — Gentlemen, brace yourself for an upcoming Indonesian film that might tempt you more than any other: it will feature famous Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa, better known as Miyabi.

Scheduled for release at the end of this year, “Menculik Miyabi” (Kidnapping Miyabi) is a movie that will probably attract a lot of hype this year.

Written by witty blogger Raditya Dika, the comedy tells the story of a man so obsessed with Miyabi that he plans to kidnap her.

Production house Maxima Pictures are still pulling the necessary strings to cast the 23-year-old Japanese star, movie producer Odi Mulya Hidayat said, as quoted by newsportal on Thursday.

"It's not easy to invite her here and we have to pay her a lot to star in the movie," Odi added.

But excited male audiences should calm down and rein in their imaginations: Miyabi won't be doing any scenes of the type she is famous for.

It will purely be a comedy, just with an occasional shot of Miyabi's face here and there.

As a woman of distinctive beauty created from the mix of genes from her Japanese mother and French-Canadian father, Miyabi has risen into global stardom since she started appearing in porn movies in 2005. — Jakarta Post

Need a male co actor ? We have one here in Malaysia ! Quite famous too ! No introduction needed !

What will MCA become if we have Clowns like these

Moe Tan . . . . Curly Chong . . Larry Loh

And a Suspended Pornstar

who made fame by making it a first everything

.The first Deputy President (DP) of MCA to be caught with your Pants Down.

.The first DP of MCA to be videotaped performing a lewd act.

.The first DP of MCA to be uploaded to YouTube for sexual misconduct.

.The first DP to cheat on his wife by committing adultery .

.The first Pornstar Health Minister of Malaysia (Bolihland).

.The first DP of MCA to be sacked for loose moral.

.The first DP of MCA to plead to have a chance to die a MCA member.

.The first Health Minister of Malaysia to have his dick seen by all Malaysians.

.The first Health Minister of Malaysia to be seen performing cunnilingus on a woman.

.The first Health Minister of Malaysia with the longest erected dick .

.The first oldest Health Minister of Malaysia still able to do " horse riding ".....

Here's the addition from anonymous

.The first Pornstar DP of MCA to be handpicked by the PM to be the BN coordinator.

.The First DP performing 2 actions at the same time - horse riding and surfing the net using a laptop placed in a hotel bed.

.The first DP to give a Press Conference on the release of his Porn DVD.

.The First Minister Health Minister of Malaysia Giving Life Sex Lessons to the young and old raayat of Malaysia for better health.

Anymore ?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some Songs To Entertain You

Since we are in holiday mood here are some songs .

Chua: I’m the one in sex video

Health Minister of Malaysia Dr Chua Soi Lek had openly admitted on the firdst day of 2008 that he was the person featured in a video showing a man having sex with a woman purportedly in a hotel room.

“I am the man in the tape. The girl is a personal friend,” Chua told a press conference at the Labis MCA headquarters at 4pm. He was accompanied by a group of 50 party supporters and local leaders.

According to Dr Chua, the video was recorded two years ago.

The video, which comes in two DVDs, were first distributed free in Muar and eventually in Batu Pahat and Seremban.

The first DVD lasting 56 minutes has footages from four different camera angles of the hotel suite, while the second DVD lasting 44 minutes is said to show the couple engaged in sex acts on the bed.

And here are some songs to entertain you .
Hope they bring back some memories

Chua: I’m the one Petula Clark says - You're The One

Every time we meet,
Everything is sweet
Oh, you're so tender
I must surrender
My love is your love
Now and forever

You're the one that I long to kiss
Baby, you're the one that I really miss
You're the one that I'm dreaming of
Baby, you're the one that I love

Keep me in your heart
Never let us part
Ooh, never leave me
Please don't deceive me
I want you only
You must believe me


I adore you and no one before you
Could make me feel this way
Since I met you, I just can't forget you
I love you more each day

Whoa whoa, yeah yeah

There may be some tears
Through the comin' years
Ooh, all the while
I know you'll be smilin'
Your love will guide me
Through ev'ry mile

(repeat and fade out)

How about this song ?

Dirty Old Man by The Three Degrees

Hope you enjoy the music , I have chosen . Nice lyrics too ! Happy listening .

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Five Motions

pic from nut graph

Chua hopes EGM will settle internal conflict

KUALA LUMPUR: Sacked MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek is confident of garnering the support of delegates at the party’s upcoming extraordinary general meeting (EGM) where he hopes to be reinstated.

“We hope the EGM will settle the internal conflict so that we can move on to strengthen the party,” Dr Chua said in a live forum with the public by a local daily yesterday.

Dr Chua said party leaders must abide by the delegates’ decision as the agenda for the EGM has been reached.

One EGM, five motions

The proposed resolutions submitted by Dr Chua’s supporters are:
  • That the members of the general assembly have no confidence in the leadership of president Ong; Straight forward , either agree or not agree , vote not agree to the motion
  • That the presidential council’s decision on Aug 26 in accepting the recommendation of the disciplinary board and the subsequent decision of the central committee (if any) to expel or suspend Dr Chua is annulled; If this motion is not carried ie not annulled , and the presidential council's decision is upheld ( not agree to the motion ) then effectively he CSL is still not an MCA member by virtue of being sacked from MCA , so motion 3 below is void since you cannot restore a non MCA member as the deputy president of MCA .
  • Dr Chua be rightfully restored as deputy president of MCA; This motion is void if motion 2 not carried ( however vote not agree to the motion ) to be on the safe side .
  • The appointment made by the central committee, including that of the deputy president of MCA, be revoked; and ( not important , you can vote as you please )
  • There shall be no disciplinary action taken against any or all of the requisitionists by the disciplinary board, the central committee or the presidential council. ( not important , you can vote as you please )
Central delegates would vote on each of the proposed resolutions during the EGM, which Dr Chua would not be allowed to attend, Wong said.

Update latest !!!

MCA Central Committee suspends Dr Chua for 4 years , Latest News

The MCA Central Committee (CC) suspended Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek for 4 yrs, with immediate effect, revising the Presidential Council’s decision on Aug 26 to sack him.

As I explained earlier this motion 2 is very tricky , meaning that if it this motion is not carried not agree to the motion, it means CSL is effectively a non MCA member and NOW a suspended member since it has just been revoked . If it is carried , it could also mean the delegates do not approve of the presidential and central committee's decision which means the whole lot of them have to resign leaving no one in charge of MCA . That's my interpretation , and I hope the delegates should not allow this to happen by voting to not to agree to the motion .