Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Fellow MCA comrades ,

Justice for OTK will always be with Ong Tee Keat , the uphold of justice , fair play and right virtues . I have not tukar camp or sudah hilang just as what some commenters have posted . I am taking a few days off after all these hectic months . I will be back .

The very fact that I have not deleted what I posted of all these leaders is proof that my opinion remains and shall remain posted for all to see .

My taking off for a few days is to see what moves they are planning . Chua only received 38% of the votes , not even 50% and with all those goodies thrown in . So I will wait for his move before I make my move , so be patient . In the meantime keep your comments coming .

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Women turn ‘green hatters’ in campaign against tainted leaders

KUALA LUMPUR: A group of women calling their movement “No Adulterous President” is demanding that public figures with stained reputations must not hold leadership positions.

To signify their intent, the women deliberately dressed in black, donned green hats made of hard paper and face masks with the words: “No Adulterous President.”

The group was formed three weeks ago, said its spokesperson Rachel Ten. They comprised about 20 women from various races and the face mask represented women who are oppressed and unable to speak out.

“We are of the view that any leader with a stained reputation will adversely affect an organisation and the communities that they serve which may ultimately cause the downfall of the organisation.

“As such, it is highly undesirable for such a person to be allowed to hold leadership positions,” said Ten at a press conference yesterday.

Their declaration came at a crucial time with the MCA election just a day away.

Asked if they were talking about MCA presidential candidate Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek, who was embroiled in a sex DVD scandal, the group said they were just giving a general statement in view of “current situations”.

“We do not intend to target anyone or any organisation. It is just that of late, there have been a lot of immoral incidents in the entertainment, sports and political scene.

“Such situations are becoming a trend. It is not a good example to the younger generation,” said Ten, an MCA member.

Asked why their group was called ‘No Adulterous President’ and not something more general like ‘No Adulterous Leader’, they replied that the acronym ‘NAP’ was catchier compared to ‘NAL’.

Courage to change

LETTER "Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives with them. The good is oft interred with their bones..."

When Mark Anthony made this oration, in William Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar, the masses fell for it hook, line and sinker and switched camps. Just like that! One speech and history was re-written. Have people changed since then?

On March 28 (Sunday), the MCA Central Delegates are faced with a daunting task - the election of a president and new CC members. It is a time of reckoning to resuscitate a party, now seen to be at its lowest ebb in its 61 years of existence.

It is time for the party to put a closure to all its internal problems and elect a team to move the party forward. The party must put a stop to the swaying back and forth with allegations and counter allegations. This attempt at self-destruction is excruciatingly painful and embarrassing to say the least.

The party must elect a president who is without baggage, forward looking, outspoken and with a passion and vision to lead the party, community and nation. Let there be no motive for revenge but only the vindication of transparency and accountability in the life of the party and against leaders armed with self interest.

We must fight for the objectives which MCA has set up for - a single fundamental idea that describes '...what a proper government should be, the idea of family, mutuality, the sharing of benefit and burdens for the good of all, irrespective of race, religion, creed or political affiliation. MCA must create a better future for our children, giving its people direction and purpose by constantly innovating and adapting to new realities.

chua-soi-lek-4History judges leaders on their handling of issues of national interest, not on their emotional being.

Allow me to write my take on the candidates for the presidency of MCA in the order they appear on the ballot paper.

1) Dr Chua Soi Lek

History is laced with public figures caught in sex scandals to their great personal detriment and shame. Most of them faded into obscurity. It goes without saying that public figures do not and cannot live by the same set of rules as the layman. Behaviour that is acceptable in an ordinary private citizen may not be so in one who is supposed to be an example of dignity, integrity and righteousness.

Soi Lek's adultery and his own admission as the man in the act of a widely distributed sex DVD scandal is something really unacceptable. He is now an unacceptable role model for Malaysians and is unfit for political leadership in both MCA and BN.

2) Ong Ka Ting

ong ka tingHe is now labelled as a 'recycled politician', I concur. Ka Ting had five long years as MCA president. Very little was achieved. His closing chapter was the March 2008 election disaster. MCA suffered its greatest defeat. My peers and I were the thousands that were overlooked in our applications for places in public varsities and scholarships. We applied through MCA. Ka Ting told us these were sensitive issues and he needed to discuss these matters with the powers that be behind closed doors. With that, the doors were slammed shut on our hopes and dreams.

History reminds me that there was an unprecedented occasion where 10 non-Muslim Ministers sent a memorandum calling for a review of laws affecting the rights of non-Muslims and a review of Article 121(A) of the Federal Constitution to the then Prime Minister Pak Lah. It is also indelibly recorded that Ong Ka Ting, Chua Soi Lek and Chan Kong Choy were cowed by the powers that be. They withdrew. Only Bernard Dompok stood his ground.

Ka Ting has passed the baton to Ong Tee Keat. He has declared his chapter closed. He should stay above the fray and not enter the ring on a combative stance and pretext of 'saving MCA' especially after he declared to the world that he is not to be disturbed as he has retired. He has stayed silent for the last 17 months, why the sudden change of hearts now?

3) Ong Tee Keat

He is a rebel with a cause. Ong's selfless services and sacrifices for the MCA have been etched in the party's history. He has the unflagging conviction towards the purity of MCA's objectives and worthiness of its cause.

He has been a forthright leader who spoke up fearlessly. He exposed the excessive amounts paid for the renovations of the Chinese primary schools in Johore. He spoke up on the unfair and unjust allocations of places in local public universities.

ong-tee-keat-7As transport minister, he opened up the can of worms and 'the mother of all financial scandals' - the PKFZ fiasco. We, the rakyat, has lost billions. We cannot have our future generations pay past debts. Seemingly, powerful politicians have vested interest in this financial scandal.

These vultures are out to get him. It is rumoured that big money is buying votes out there.
Obviously, Ong has stepped on the toes of some powerful figures. But I am convinced he is not cowed.

The Merdeka Centre survey conducted recently has shown that the majority of the respondents feel that Ong should continue leading MCA.

There may be times that he has erred - not able to fulfill his promises and made mistakes but I do strongly believe MCA still needs Tee Keat to navigate through these troubled and stormy times.

He has navigated and triumphed in his first foray into national politics. He defeated the indefatigable strongman Harun Idris. He took on Loke Yuen Yow in the National MCA Youth Election. Tee Keat won.

In the last 2010 AGM many pundits predicted only 300 Central Delegates will attend. 603 appeared on that appointed day.

He may be the underdog but he has got 9 lives.

Take your pick, mine is obviously the rebel with a cause - with his vision Courage to Change. Ong Tee Keat for MCA President.

Ronnie Tan
Kuala Lumpur

Survey shows backing for Tee Keat

Thursday, 25 March 2010 15:41

BANGI – A Merdeka Centre poll released Thursday shows that most Chinese voters back incumbent president Ong Tee Keat to lead the MCA.

The telephone survey covering 805 respondents across Peninsular Malaysia randomly selected adults aged 21 and above. It was carried out between March 17 and March 23.

mca-polls-merdeka-center-4The poll shopwed 60% of the Chinese respondents wanted Tee Keat to contest

Some 57% support the idea of Ong Ka Ting running as president again.

At the same time, 47% of Chinese respondents agreed that Dr Chua Soi Lek contest in the election.

The centre also found in its public opinion survey that 67 % of Chinese respondents say that the party remains relevant to the community.

Sixty-two percent of all respondents agreed that the MCA was relevant to the Chinese community.

A smaller majority of 51% agreed that the party was "talking about issues that are important to the Chinese community".

Asked what they felt were the causes of the problems within the MCA, 25% of Chinese respondents said it was the weakening of MCA's position following the 12th general election.

Some 22% chose the exposure of the PKFZ scandal by Tee Keat as the main reason.

Among non-Chinese respondents, 41% of the Malays and 45% of the Indian respondents say the caue of MCA's problems was the party's weakened position after the last general election.

Ong's first choice of people


When asked specifically about the PKFZ scandal, 51% of Chinese respondents thought that Tee Keat's actions to expose the problem improved the reputation of the MCA while 23% disagreed and felt it damaged the party.

Among all respondents, the perception was split: 39% of each group felt that it damaged or improved the reputation of the party while the remaining 22% did not know.

The majority wanted Tee Keat to contest but the outlook is unclear.

A plurality, 30%, of Chinese respondents said Tee Keat was their first choice to lead the party among a slate of leaders while 15% favour former president Ka Ting to make a comeback.

Chua comes third with 12% of Chinese respondents choosing him as their first choice.

When asked what they thought of Tee Keat winning the party election, a plurality of Chinese respondents - 47% - said they were not sure while 14% felt certain that he would win.

At the same time, 37% of them felt that he would lose.

Asked about Tee Keat's leadership traits, 62% of Chinese respondents felt he was "combative" but a large majority of 69% also felt that he was "courageous".

Majority want a vocal leader in the MCA

mca-polls-merdeka-center-5On the leadership characteristics desired of the MCA presidency, 26% of Chinese respondents say they wanted someone who could "stand and speak up on important issues."

This was followed by 10% who wanted a leader that was "fair and democratic".

Asked what the party needed to do to regain their confidence, 21% of Chinese respondents said they wanted the MCA to "retain good leaders" while 9% each of the other groups wanted the party to "resolve the internal conflicts" and "listen to the people".

The survey was funded via Merdeka Center's internally generated resources. Respondents were selected using the random, stratified sampling method and structured along the national electorate profile and specifically proportional to gender, ethnicity, age groups and state of residence.

View respondents' profile and other findings at

Malaysian Mirror

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday, 26 March 2010 19:30

HE said he is not a hero but along his campaign trail Ong Tee Keat has come to be called 'the Transformer' because he had ceaselessly told party members he wants to change the party into a progessive movement that can ride through all storms and weather.

If you still do not know them, the Transformers is a popular toyline centered on two factions of warring alien robots in its 25-year-old history.

The toyline has expanded to encompass comic books, cartoons, movies and every other kind of merchandise, including attire and costume jewellery.

The Transformers are depicted as mechanical beings that can reconstruct their outside appearance through scanning or touching a mechanical object of relative size to each Transformer's body.

The characters include Autobots Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Prowl, Ratchet; Decepticons Megatron, Starscream, Blitzwing, Lugnut and human characters Prof Sumdac and Sari Sumdac.

As in the MCA election where 101 candidates are vying for the 31 posts at stake in the leadership line, there are probably as many characters trying to get to the key positions in the Transformers' Cybertron world.

What he has been fighting for

Whatever may be said about him, Tee Keat said had repeatedly stressed he will stick to his guns - which is the commitment in the transormation of the MCA.

It was something he had been fighting for since the party plunged into its lowest ebb at the March 2008 general election.

It was a grand and exciting plan that fueled the enthusiasm of his party members, who elected him to be the president in October of the same year.

Now, in the sequel of that first round of transformation, it looks like Tee Keat has taken the role of the Autobots' leader to fight the Deceptron factions, led by his former deputy Dr Chua Soi Lek and the MCA's immidiate past president Ong Ka Ting.

"We need to undergo the ‘transformational pain’, to change ourself before other people change us.

"The choice is in the hands of the delegates” Tee Keat told journalists from the English media on Thursday.

ong  tee keat 4his means that the MCA could continue business as usual by reverting back to the old ways before the last election or move ahead with a more progressive style for the betterment of the members and for Malaysians in general.

'I make tough decisions'

"I dont see myself as a hero because I don't believe I am one.

"Sometimes, however, I have to make tough decisions. That word - hero - has never crossed my mind," he said, giving the example of the infamous PKFZ debacle.

"I did it (expose the discrepancies) to clear the Government in the name of transparency and accountability.

“Maybe, I am too hasty to make changes. But we have to change and transform fast before the next general election.

"MCA has to move forward and be more sensitive to accepting changes.

About the fresh poll

Although the party's next election is due next year, Chua and 21 central committee members resigned early this month to force the party to have fresh polls to select an interim leadership until the 2011 general assembly.

Tee Keat, who intends to finish his full three-year term, said: "For me, the message is clear. If you can betray your comrades, how can the rakyat be sure that you will not betray them?"

He said after the party's October 2008 election he had tossed the idea of fresh polls since the party was still divided in different camps.

"I mooted for fresh polls and was vehemently rejected by the same people whop later pushed for new party elections.

"Whatever happens is a collective decision. It is unjust to put the blame on me alone. MCA has never worked in that manner. The president does not have the ultimate power.

Tee Keat , who also mooted the idea of a 'Greater Unity Plan' that had Chua's support before the former deputy turned his back on the president, said the GUP was not merely a 'peace plan' to appease the warring factions in the MCA.

"It is a plan to to provide party leaders a platform to work togetherwith the grassroots.

"For the GUP to succeed MCA members, especially the leaders, need to have the commitment, understanding and selflessness.

"If the party leaders do not follow it, it will be a thing of the past."

Reaching out to the young

Tee Keat's transformation process for the party are contained in five key result areas (KRAs) that include direct presidential election that will allow MCA members - from the branches to the national level - to pick their leader.

ong-tee-keat-transformerCurrently the selection for the president and the rest of the party's central committee members are made by the more than 2,000 delegates who are eligible to attend the party's general assembly.

Tee Keat has also opened the doors of the MCA to non-governmental organisations and other interest groups via a consultative council, for the party to gain first-hand information and feedback from the ground on all aspects of the country's socio-economic landscape.

"The MCA has to reach out to a wider audience and not just to the 'usual' NGOs," he said, adding that the party has had dialogues with the inter-faith council, various youth centres, social movements and entrepreneur associations.

"I am planning more engagement with the NGOs and it will not be just dialogue sessions.
Competitiveness in education

A pet project of Tee Keat is grooming young talents to fill leadership posts in the MCA in future and he believes this can be achieved by encouraging better education and training prospects even for school or college drop-outs.

That is why, he said there is the HOPE programme which helps students to get into local private colleges with subsidised rates and the TRAIN programme for school or college leavers to pursue vocational training that include entrepreneuship and skills.

In the primary level, he said there were now direct government grants to the schools and "rather than lobby for more schools, it is time to show that the schools are worth the money spent on theFor the chinese primary schools i believe that it is a necessity to use the grant located by the government to enhance the capacity rather that lobbying for more schools.

“ Now the fund are given directly to the school board. They should used i wisely for the school, since all this while they are complaining about the birocracy. Now it is the time to show that the schools are money worth spent.

Underdog spin

Though he is the incumbent president, the word was spreading that in the presidency race he is the underdog - a tag that amuses him.

"It is a ploy to confuse my supporters and the make me pull out of the race.

"I remain focussed since the (underdog) spin is far from the truth," he adding that he met Ka Ting before the former president said he was going into the contest.

"Ka Ting, like a gentleman, came and told me he will be running for the presidency. It is not true that he wants me to pull out of the race and paave the way for him.

"People can say anything about our meeting. But I prefer the truth.

ong_teekeat2"I am bewildered why a certain party - some crafty people - are wooing my supporters by telling them I am the underdog.

"That shows they are not confident and shaky in the polls,"

No running mate

Regarding the conspicuous absence of a running mate, Tee Keat said the MCA constitution does not provide anything like the United States and Singapore.

"We don't have teams and I run the race individually.

"At the end of the day, whether we have a good team or not would depend on what the party members and thepublic decide.

"It's not a problem to me whether Kong Cho Ha or Liow Tiong Lai (the two deputy aspirants) become the deputy president. Both are my colleagues in the Cabient.

"These two leaders have a good working rapport with me. I dont see why I cannot get along with them if I have the mandate.

"The delegates will decide who are the best people to represent the community. Then, when it comes to the general election, the public will determine our relevancy.— Malaysian Mirror

MCA Candidates Comparison

To select the right presidential candidate for MCA on Sunday, 28th March 2010

There are three candidates vying for the MCA presidential post on Sunday, 28th March 2010. The following are the analysis of their personality, moral character, capabilities, values judgment and leadership traits:


DATO SRI ONG TEE KEAT name is synonymous to a clean and transparent Government. His non tolerance to corruption and abuse of power is clearly illustrated from his initiative and boldness in exposing the PKFZ scam, despite knowing the fact that it involved many of BN and MCA past leaders like Tun Ling Leong Sik and Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy , especially the other BN Member Dato Seri Tiong from Sarawak. His true grit is akin to the Chinese proverb, “Pure gold fears no fire” as he has nothing to hide.

This is again reflected by his guts to take discipline action against Dato Sri Chua Soi Lek for his tryst with another woman that was widely circulated in the VCD. Whilst the previous MCA leaders were dragging their feet for not daring to take action against the former Health Minister, it took DS Ong Tee Keat’ prowess to break the taboo to uphold honour, dignity and esteem of the party which most Malaysians, especially the Chinese community revered highly in their family, culture and traditions. As a senior leader of MCA, DS Chua Soi Lek had shown a bad role model for our generation. Everyone is as God has made him, and often-times a great deal worst. What a disgusting and shameful episode for history of MCA which has been badly tainted by this sex pervert. But somehow DS Ong Tee Keat had to pay a high price for his action, as this had brought about dissension and friction, not only between him and DS Chua Soi Lek, but also between their supporters thus causing a big rift in the party. But then should a leader who wants to restore honour and dignity to a party that has been rocked by sex scandal and corrupt practices be penalized for a deed that is worthy of praise and commend?

Only those who are blinded by a misjudged loyalty will not be able to appreciate DS Ong Tee Keat’s honest and transparent leadership. DS Ong Tee Keat deserves the right to continue to steer the MCA to a brighter and united organization and bring back the MCA to its days of glory when it was under the leadership of the late Tun HS Lee and late Tun Tan Siew Sin where mutual respect and tolerance were the binding core of the party. It is when one’s honour and dignity is eclipsed by greed for power and self interests (and sexual perverse) even to the extent of destroying the party that everything that’s done is seen as justified be it in the aspect of moral, legal or governance. DS Ong Tee Keat can be likened as a man who gives nothing but worthless gold, but who gives from a sense of duty to party and country. Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. DS Ong Tee Keat has them all. He is the greatest.


Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting was the President of MCA preceding DS Ong Tee Keats’s election. Though it can be said that he has a clean track record, the current squabble in MCA can be attributed to his misdeeds during the run up to the last MCA election. As a respectable former leader of MCA he should have offered to mediate over the leadership problem that had besieged the party for so long. But instead of doing that he waited for this opportunity to further complicate things by further fragmenting the MCA into pieces. His move does not help the situation at all. Let’s hope he will become the neutralizer to the current impasse so that MCA can walk again and be the sole representative of the Chinese community in the Government. There’s no doubt that BN needs a strong MCA so that it’s past record as the second strongest party of the BN component can be put on track again. His sudden inclusion in the fray can be seen as an opportunist’s move, taking advantage of the animosity between DS Chua and DS Ong. It is said that a wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.

MCA Candidates Comparison

To select the right presidential candidate for MCA on Sunday, 28th March 2010


Dato Sri Chua Soi Lek - the man who fall from grace. As the proverb says a man may survive distress, but not disgrace. He is a very smart man full of wisdom and energy, but has fallen victim to his own folly and frolic with a woman who is not his wife. That culminated in the widespread distribution of VCDs showing him and his woman in a compromising position. Unfortunately the act in the video did not win him any Oscar for best actor nor best performance but it did brought him fame for the wrong reasons that resulted in his voluntary resignation from the Cabinet as Minister of Health.

But to DS Chua Soi Lek, man is the hunter, woman is his game so to him it is only natural which does not prick his conscience at all. To him conscience, in most souls, is like an English sovereign - it reigns, but does not govern. That’s why DS Chua Soi Lek does not show any remorse for his wrongdoings and yet he had the guts to contest the last MCA General Election and won the Deputy President post hoping that he would be nominated to contest in the last Parliamentary Election and later a Cabinet Minister. But his wish did not come true as the Government could not afford to tarnish the country’s image by having a porno star in its Cabinet. That would make Malaysia the biggest laughing stock in the eyes of the world. It cannot be imagined how the Prime Minister would answer to pressman if he were to be asked if inclusion of a porno star in the Cabinet has become the norm of Malaysian society despite its well known strict adherence to culture, religion and tradition.

The big question is why, DS Chua Soi Lek, despite being known to be wealthy and had the taste of power and authority, was still persistence in his quest for a cabinet post, especially the Ministry of Health? Other than his perverse for sex, this man too has a perverse for money, power and position. He was once the Minister of Health and since he was in office, though prematurely left over the VCD sex scandal, he saw many opportunities where he could make money through creation of projects under the said ministry. In one particular case DS Chua Soi Lek whilst in office together with his cronies had set up a ‘special purpose vehicle’ called Syarikat Kurnia Heights Sdn Bhd to buy one Lot 44148 located at Jalan Hang Lekir 13, Skudai, Johor Bahru, Johor, at a cheap price and later sell it back to the Government (Ministry of Health) for purpose of setting up a hospital.

Their scam can be easily carried out as only DS Chua Soi Lek and his henchmen had the forehand knowledge and information on the Government’s plan to build a clinic or hospital at the said location. To make their plan realized, Kurnia Heights had successfully obtained a Power of Attorney from the original owner of the land, i.e. Maha Global Sdn. Bhd after entering a Sales & Purchase Agreement to buy and acquire Lot 44148 in Oct 2005 with the purchase price of more than RM8 million. The said land was later sold to the Government of Malaysia at RM29 million.

Rightly the purchase price by the Government should be RM13 million based on market value as recommended by the Evaluation Office of Putrajaya. As a result, Kurnia Heights, through its scam and fraud had caused the Malaysian Government to lose RM16 million. What is perplexing is that payment for RM25,787,978.00 out of RM29,889,872.00 was paid direct to Kurnia Heights as trustee and caveator whilst RM4,065,060.00 to RHB Bank Bhd as the collateral party. Check with Malaysian Companies Commission revealed that one of the directors and shareholder of Kurnia Heights is Phua Tai Kiang, who is the brother-in-law of the Political Secretary to DS Chua Soi Lek, Datuk Tee Siew Kiong. The wives of Datuk Tee Siew Kiong and Phua Tai Kiang are sisters.

Another perplexing issue is that the wife of Datuk Tee Siew Kiang, Datin Lee Choon Guek, is one of the signatory to the cheques of Kurnia Heights. Beside this, another person identified as Tee Yok Ong, one of the siblings from Datuk Tee Siew Keong, was given the authority to collect the cheque from the Government despite the fact that he is neither a director nor a shareholder in Kurnia Heights. Despite the land scam and the sex scandal, our DS Chua Soi Lek nevertheless is going for the No. 1 post in MCA. He had actually over estimated his strengths thinking that it would be a straight fight between him and DS Ong Tee Keat, but his gamble backfired when Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting joined the fight. Conceit may puff a man up, but never prop him. So by outward show let’s not be cheated; as ass should like an ass be treated.

How Ong Ka Ting Masterminded His Political Comeback

Thursday, 25 March 2010 admin-s

By Chiselled Stone
MCA presidential aspirant Ong Ka Ting, contrary to popular belief, did not retire from politics after not seeking re-election at the party polls in 2008. He was busy doing what he does best - conspiring and hatching sinister plots. And he was about to mastermind the greatest MCA comeback in history - that of his own, to re-claim the party presidency.
It started even before he gave up his post. On grounds of impartiality, as the then MCA president, Ong Ka Ting decided not to stir the hornet's nest with the complaint lodged by a Johor leader against Dr Chua's DVD case. Instead, Ka Ting decided to pass the time bomb to his successor, Ong Tee Keat.
He knew that the stupid and arrogant Ong Tee Keat could not stand the sight of Dr Chua Soi Lek. That's when Ka Ting made use of Wanita chief and on-off girlfriend, Chew Mei Fun to instigate Tee Keat to sack the duly-elected Health Minister on grounds that Dr Chua was a disgrace to the party.
Poor Tee Keat took the bait hook, line and sinker. The wheels of Ong Ka Ting's return was set in motion the day the disciplinary board proceeded with Dr Chua's case. By doing so, Ka Ting knew the party would be split into two. True to Ka Ting's expectations, Dr Chua called for an EGM.
During the weeks leading to the Oct 10 EGM, Ka Ting took firm control of the maneouverings with the backing of his brother, Ka Chuan. And thus, The Third Force came into being.
Using his extensive network, Ka Ting got his boys and girls to ensure both Tee Keat and Dr Chua were ousted during the EGM. The "bonus" came when Tee Keat was hoodwinked into agreeing to accept the resolutions by Dr Chua's faction in toto.
(The then legal bureau head, Leong Tang Chong, was instrumental in Tee Keat arriving at the decision, made on the 7th Floor of the Ministry of Transport hours before negotiations on the EGM from both sides were to commence. Leong Tang Chong, who was rumoured to be romantically-linked to a pseudo blogger, was Ka Ting's appointee in The Star as it's chairman.)
By accepting Dr Chua's resolutions without any changes, Ka Ting knew the president and the deputy were as good as gone. He knew that when both sides were almost equally-strong, a few votes difference was all it took to get rid of both. And the 10/10 EGM proved just that. Tee Keat lost the no-confidence motion by a mere 14 votes.
Although Ka Ting miscalculated the readiness of Tee Keat and Dr Chua to patch up so quickly after the EGM, the ex-president was back on his feet in no time. He got Liow Tiong Lai to lead his (Ka Ting's) own men like Ho Kok Chung, Wee Jeck Seng and Chew Mei Fun into submitting their conditional resignation letters.
And then, using intermidiaries like Tan Sri Tan Kay Hock from Johan Holdings, he instigated Dr Chua's boys into doing the same. He fuelled the mistrust between Tee Keat and Dr Chua and convinced Dr Chua's supporters that they had the largest bloc of votes and Dr Chua should not play second fiddle to Tee Keat.
March 4 came and Dr Chua could no longer hold his boys, hence the mass resignation which triggered the fresh poll.
And even before it hit Dr Chua, Ka Ting had already placed his boys all over the country asking them to plead for his return. Then, he dropped another hint in a NTV7 interview saying he would return if need be. By the time Ka Ting made the announcement official, Dr Chua's gameplan for the poll was already out of the window. It was back to the drawing board for a new series of horse-trading, number-crunching and clandestine discussions.
That was why Dr Chua held back the official announcement until less than 24 hours before nominations. Others like Kong Cho Har and Liow also announced late, thanks to Ka Ting who finally came out to foil their plans which did not factor in the Ka Ting equation.
So, there you have it. A master politician, who's a genius in scheming and plotting. And one who delivered the votes to Pakatan Rakyat on a silver platter during the last general election. God bless MCA to have such a talented leader.
Soi Lek : I kept my promise , see you in the room

A vote for Chua Soi Lek,

MCA will become a lapdog of UMNO.

You become an anjing, woof woof !

If You want to save MCA

You should know what to do on the 28th

Support Ong Tee Keat
Written by one Anonymous


This election isn't just any election.

This election isn't just an election where you guys elect a president.

This election is a REFERENDUM.

A referendum of which direction MCA gonna take.

A referendum of whether MCA gonna surrender to UMNO, or not.

If Ong Ka Ting wins, the message is that MCA gonna be surrendered to UMNO, tanpa isyarat !!

Which is, MCA gonna become a slave to UMNO.

They can step on you.

They can spit on you.

They can even kill MCA. They have the right, as MCA's master, since they OWN MCA.

If Chua Soi Lek wins, it will send a message to UMNO "We gonna obey you no matter what".

Under Chua, MCA is not a slave to UMNO.

MCA will become a lapdog of UMNO.

Yes, an anjing.

Which means, under Chua Soi Lek, when UMNO tells MCA to sit, MCA must sit.

When UMNO tells MCA to bark, MCA has no choice but to bark as loud as it can.

When UMNO tells MCA to eat shit, well ... MCA eats shit, takde pilihan.

On the other hand, if Ong Tee Keat wins, MCA's message to everyone is this:


So ... about 50 - 60 hours from now the election gonna be over.

Who would you vote for?

Do you want to become a slave to UMNO?

Then vote for Ong Ka Ting.

Do you want to become UMNO's lapdog?

Go ahead, vote for Chua Soi Lek.

But, if you still have even an iota of dignity left, you vote for Ong Tee Keat.

A vote for Ong Tee Keat is a vote for MCA.

A vote for Ong Tee Keat is a vote for a dignified MCA.

A vote for Ong Tee Keat is a vote telling UMNO to fuck off.

But if you cast your vote for Ong Ka Ting, you might as well give your wife and daughters to the Malays, since THEY OWN YOU.

And if you think you can cast your vote for Chua Soi Lek and you will be scot free, think.

Because if you vote for Chua Soi Lek, you become an anjing, woof woof !

You need to wag your tail --- oh wait, you got no tail? Wag your butt then !

Wag your butt as vigorously as you can whenever an UMNO guy pass by.

And don't forget, you must stick out your tongue too, and start jilat jilat those UMNO scumbags.

Jilat the hands, jilat the feet, and jilat their smelly butt too. miss out something ....

That's the price you gonna pay if you vote for Chua Soi Lek.

On the other hand, if you want to remain as a human being with dignity, your only choice is Ong Tee Keat.

I know, I know, Ong Tee Keat is stubborn. Sometimes too stubborn. So damn stubborn that you want to whack his stupid head.

But then, that stubborn man is the only one left who dare to tell UMNO to fuck off.

Yeah, "fuck off !"

That's the message you gonna send to UMNO if you vote for Ong Tee Keat.

So, it's your vote.

You gonna cast it 50 - 60 hours from now, right?

Think, before you cast that vote. Think of your wife and daughters. Think of jilat smelly butts.

Think before you cast that vote of yours.

Cast it wisely.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kedah MCA snubs Ka Ting

By Clara Chooi

KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 — In what appears to be a direct snub, 14 of the 15 divisions in the Kedah MCA have rejected former party president Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting’s invitation to a luncheon scheduled for tomorrow, forcing the presidential candidate to cancel it at the last moment.

The party’s state deputy chairman, Datuk Chong Itt Chew, told The Malaysian Insider that the luncheon had initially been fixed for 12.30pm in Sungai Petani but due to the poor response, Ka Ting had to cancel it.

“We just say ‘padan muka’ (serves him right) to him. He had to move the lunch gathering to Seberang Jaya in Penang instead,” said Chong when contacted today.

The obvious snub, said Chong, was solid proof that Ka Ting did not command any support from the state’s 173 central delegates unlike what was claimed in a Chinese daily last week. Must be Sinchew , very sure of it !

The report, he said, had claimed that Ka Ting had 60 per cent support of the central delegates in Kedah, which was not correct.

“I cannot answer you why Kedah divisions do not support Ka Ting but generally, we feel that he simply should not re-enter the party and join the presidential race,” he said.

He added that only Sungai Petani division chairman Datuk Beh Heng Tiong had agreed to attend the luncheon.

“Even then, he is a staunch supporter of (former deputy president Datuk Seri) Dr Chua Soi Lek,” he said.

Dr Chua is one of Ka Ting’s contenders in the three-way race for the party presidency in the polls this Sunday. The two will face incumbent president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

Chong said Beh had only agreed to attend the function as his brother, former Kedah MCA division chairman Datuk Beh Heng Seong, had organised it.

“He was only coming to give face to his brother,” said Chong, who is allied to Dr Chua as well and is contesting for a post in the party’s central committee.

Meanwhile, another central committee candidate, Loh Seng Kok, claimed that despite positive reports of Ka Ting’s trip to meet Sabah delegates yesterday, the latter had actually received a poor welcome from the state’s more than 25 divisions.

Only four division chairmen turned up,” he said.

This, he added, was in spite of the fact that Ka Ting had once led the Sabah liaison body.

Former MCA sec-gen: Ka Ting foolish to return

By Jaynne Koh

KUALA LUMPUR: Former MCA secretary-general Ting Chew Peh has openly expressed his contempt for presidential hopeful Ong Ka Ting, calling the former MCA president a “recycled leader”.

“Recycling is for solid waste,” he told a press conference here today. “It’s good for the environment but not for human resource.

Ka Ting is involved in a three-cornered fight for the president's post with incumbent Ong Tee Keat and former deputy president Dr Chua Soi Lek in the presidential contest on March 28.

Ting quoted a Chinese proverb and likened Ka Ting to someone who leaves a company but returns in the guise of a “saviour” even after promising to stay out of company affairs.

"This is selfish and foolish," he said. "It's unfair to the new leadership and staff. It is time to move forward and let a new generation run the show."

Ting also slammed leaders who proclaimed their loyalty to the party, but were nowhere to be seen when the party was facing a crisis. But he came down particularly hard on Ka Ting.

"If a president is really good, there is no need to quit," said Ting. "And once you quit, stay out and allow someone capable to take over.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010 admin-sWhat do think-tanks do? For starters, they are supposed to come up with position papers that would put their funders in a better position to deal with future challenges.
Unless, of course, if it is INSAP, a think-tank run by MCA, in which case the top priority would be to hold weekly badminton practices and reward cronies. When Ong Ka Ting was the MCA president, that was precisely what happened.
By Chiselled Stone
Run by a woman he co-opted from the American Chambers of Commerce (AMCHAM), the only KPI Ong Ka Ting set for INSAP was how many namecards the staff can collect each week from cocktail parties especially in the diplomatic circuit.
Every Friday, INSAP would book badminton courts at the Bt Kiara Sports Complex, a short distance from Damansara Jaya, where Ong Ka Ting lives. Joining them of course, was Wendy Ong, Ka Ting's second wife.
Besides that AMCHAM woman (who doesn't play although she could shed more than a few pounds just by lifting the racquets), is Rita Sim, Ka Ting's proxy in Sin Chew newspaper which hooked the AMCHAM woman to Ka Ting. Both knew the importance of taking care of MCA's First Lady, in the same way Umno boys suck up to Rosmah.
Besides sporting events, INSAP has also become an ATM for Ka Ting's cronies. One of them is his ex-press secretary, Ng Kian Nam, who went on to join the elder Ong in the Housing and Local Government Ministry.
One day, Kian Nam the smart alec leaked to Bernama and Sin Chew Daily that his own boss, Ka Chuan had tendered a resignation letter as Minister to new dickhead MCA president Ong Tee Keat. Kian Nam thought he was doing his boss a favour. It backfired and for that Kian Nam was given the boot - and a hefty pay rise!!
He ended up in the MCA HQ's political education centre, but draws a five-figure salary from INSAP, which is chaired by Kapar land-grabber Tan Sri Lau Yin Pin.
Another crony who draws a salary from INSAP is the guy who runs the life long learning centre. The lawyer, who claims to be doing voluntary work in the centre, was actually paid RM12,000 a month from INSAP. On top of that, his firm got tonnes of lucrative conveyancing jobs for housing projects from the Housing and Local Government Ministry.
What about position papers? Of course INSAP did some work in that department too. It came up with the life long learning idea to turn a political party into a centre for career-minded people to further their education. Political work? MCA kept that aside, of course during Ong Ka Ting's time.
And oh yeah, it also came up with a brillant idea during the 308 general election campaign. The theme? Plead to voters to understand that political table-thumping is a no-go compared with subservience and behind-closed-doors dialogues. Wonderful.
Still wondering why March 8 happened? All because Ong Ka Ting bothered listening to INSAP.

Soi Lek thanks Pakatan for not targeting sex scandal

You want to know why ? Their Anwar Ibrahim is also in a similar position , so the less said the better . Pakatan people are also asking why Anwar has been charged for his sexual misconduct whereas you have not been ? Kindly refer to Chua JM's speech when he joined Pakatan .

By Clara Chooi

KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 – Former MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has commended the Pakatan Rakyat for not using his sex scandal against him, unlike his own party members. They want you to win , that's why , cause if you do , MCA is habis !

He expressed thanks to the opposition for not expounding on the controversy, saying that he had the highest respect for them because of this.

“None of the Pakatan Rakyat parties have used this scandal against me. That is why I have the highest respect for them,” he said in an interview with the media yesterday. Then you should resign and join Pakatan !

The party president hopeful slammed the members of his own party for having used the issue as their weapon, pointing out the bitter irony of how they were willing to defame him while the opposition had not. Please lah ! Dr Chua nobody defame you , the evidence is in the DVDs , please lah ask your producers the Ong Ka Ting and Co ! Defamation is saying something that you didn't do ! How can you say its defamation when the whole world has seen your DVD ?

“It is my own party members who have been using this against me, for fear of my advancement within the party,” he claimed. Not for fear of your advancement but for fear of voters rejecting the party if you are the president .

Dr Chua (picture) said that he was also resigned to the fact that his tainted past would forever come back to haunt him, although the incident had ended long ago. That is part and parcel of politicics . Its the same everywhere , not only in Malaysia .

“I have come to accept the fact that this is an issue that my enemy within the party or opponents within the party will continue to use to whack me.

“This is why I must thank the opposition. Because hardly anyone used it against me,” he said.

He also praised the opposition for maintaining political decorum and ethics. You are not fighting them yet , in fact they have not used it against you for now hoping you would win the presidency which would make them have a walk over when the GE comes by pasting your photographs all over Malaysia , painting the towns red with your bedroom scenes .

“You notice that one of their colleagues also had a similar problem? But do they ever use it again? Did they use it after that? She took one month’s leave and then when she came back, nothing happened,” he said.

Dr Chua was referring to PKR’s Bukit Lanjan assemblyman, Elizabeth Wong and her nude photo scandal. Oh ! Elizabeth! , she's still single , not married , and the photos were taken when she was sleeping by her boyfriend without her knowledge , but in your case you are married and caught doing an act which is deemed punishable by law betraying your wife . Yes many have forgiven you as long as you are not going for No 1 . MCA cannot have a tainted person as its President . Chinese have high regards for their facee ....

Tee Keat is now the favourite

By Clara Chooi

KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 — With just two days left in the campaign, incumbent MCA presidential candidate, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, is claiming that the balance of support has tipped in his favour, undermining speculation that he is the underdog in the presidential race.

When asked if he felt that he was no longer the underdog, or the weakest candidate of the three presidential hopefuls, Tee Keat said, “Of course not!”.

He acknowledged that certain online opinion polls, like the independent Merdeka Center, had reflected this and said the results should not be taken lightly.

However, the Merdeka Center polls showed that Tee Keat was the preferred choice for president above his two contenders with 30per cent of the votes going to him.

Former president Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting came in second with 15 per cent support while former deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek came in last with just 12 per cent.

“This is a sign of the level of support [for me] and acceptance from the people,” said Tee Keat in a press conference at the MCA headquarters here this afternoon.

He added that people were now getting a clearer picture of the past events including last year’s infamous Oct 10 extraordinary general meeting.

Tee Keat favoured choice of Chinese voters, poll shows

Incumbent MCA presidential candidate Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat’ is the preferred candidate according to polls. - Picrture by Choo Chou May

By Leslie Lau, Executive Editor

KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 — Incumbent MCA presidential candidate Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat’s re-election campaign was given a major boost today after a Merdeka Center poll found that he was the preferred choice among Chinese Malaysian voters, with former president Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting the second most popular candidate and Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek coming in last.

The poll also found that the Chinese community felt the MCA, written off by many pundits after its disastrous showing in Election 2008, remains relevant in Malaysian politics.

But Tee Keat, whose tenure as presidency had been divisive and plagued by increased faction fighting, does not hold a commanding lead among the three candidates.

A total of 30 per cent of Chinese respondents in the survey preferred him as MCA president.

Ka Ting was the choice of 15 per cent of Chinese voters while Dr Chua got 12 per cent of the vote.

Kong: MCA crisis worsened by fresh polls push

By Clara Chooi

Kong says he joined MCA to “make friends”. — Picture by Choo Choy May

KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 — MCA deputy president hopeful, Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha, took a stab at his opponent, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, ahead of this Sunday’s polls, claiming that the current uncertainty in MCA was caused by “those who pushed for fresh elections.” While he agreed that the polls were necessary for the ailing party, Kong said the “Greater Unity Plan” was derailed because of pressure from this group.

Although he did not name Liow, it is common knowledge that it was the health minister who had pushed for fresh polls, in a bid to unseat incumbent party president, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

In an interview with The Malaysian Insider, Kong said the group that pushed for fresh polls had rejected the party’s “Greater Unity Plan”, which was introduced last year as an attempt to resolve the party crisis.

When asked who was to blame for starting the party crisis, Kong said: “I would say that it is the people who were pushing for this fresh election. And their never-ending way of not co-operating with the Greater Unity Plan of the party.

“Because of that, it actually sort of derailed the plan, which was for us to work together for a better MCA.”

Nevertheless, Kong later admitted the roots of the current crisis were much older, and the plan was actually introduced as a method of resolving it.

“Yes, of course, it all started from (former party deputy president Datuk Seri) Dr Chua’s (Soi Lek) sacking, that is true,” he said.

Chua was sacked from his deputy president’s post last year over his involvement in the sex CD scandal.

Meanwhile, Kong said he was banking on his anti-faction stance to garner support for himself in Sunday’s polls.

He claimed, however, that he was entering the fight for the deputy presidency on equal footing with Liow.

Although Kong, a former vice-president, has clearly shown his support for Dr Chua as the new party president, he still believes that it would be his impartiality and “non-controversial” ways that would earn him support.

“All along I have been seen as a person who is non-controversial and I do not make enemies with any of the factions. I never make negative remarks about MCA people and I always maintain that any problem in the party should be resolved internally, and not publicised and damaging the party’s image,” he said.

The housing and local government minister said that he was in MCA to “make friends.”

“I believe that, because of that, I can play a more effective role in uniting the party to move forward,” he said.

True enough, during the interview, Kong deftly side-stepped questions that might have led him to speak ill of MCA leaders, choosing instead to remain as neutral as possible.

He would not speak out against Tee Keat or former party president, Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting, both of whom will be facing Dr Chua the MCA’s top post.

Instead, Kong came to Tee Keat’s defence, saying that the leader had failed to unite the party due to strong internal pressure.

“Tee Keat actually tried to work very hard for the reform of the party. However, with all the internal pressure placed on him, we did not actually give him enough room to move and that was why his reform agenda did not go as smoothly as he wished,” he said.

Kong admitted that Ka Ting’s re-entry into the party had created a “new dimension”, but refused to say if he meant to imply a “faction” or a further split in the party.

“It complicates things a little, maybe. I would agree that his re-entry has created a new dimension to the web of the party,” he said.

Kong expressed hope that this Sunday’s polls would give MCA what it needed desperately — a team of leaders that was willing and able to work together, despite all the in-fighting.

He believes that the mistakes of the past should not be harped on, but focus should instead be given to revamping the party to face the coming general election.

“MCA has to be [an] inclusive party. It cannot be a winner-takes-all thing. If that’s the case, then it is not an inclusive party,” he said.

He said that, most importantly, the new team needed to clean up the party and focus on how to regain the confidence of the Chinese community.

“To do this, the party itself has to be united and intact. Following that, we need to address some of the issues that are close to the hearts of the Chinese community,” he said.

The issues, he said, were the economy, education, and the state of the country’s security situation.

“If we successfully address these issues, then I believe the Chinese community would support the government agenda better,” he said.

Repost of this article .

Kingmakers and comedians

Matthias Chang

Justice4otk says : Correctly Analysed . This is a piece of a well thought , well spoken , correct analysis , of the current situation in MCA .

Delegates might support Dr Chua Soi Lek previously for the the Deputy President's post but whether they will support him again for the President's post is left to be seen since the one going for the Presidency MUST be seen and deem to be clean and not tarnished or blemished by SEX scandals .

On another issue when CSL went round campaigning before 10/10/09 , he managed to win SYMPATHY votes painting OTK as being the bully for sacking him . Many delegates felt that OTK was wrong in sacking him and many voted for him CSL to send a subtle message to the President to protest .

Today OTK is seen as being bullied by those bullies ( you know who those bullies are ) and being made a victim of their ceaseless quest for power at the expense of the Chinese Community. This is the time I hope the CDs can show their sympathy to the President by supporting him .

And for those who have received money from the Tua Peh Kong , well take it as an ang pow but vote for the guy who has not given you any money . This is called killing two birds with one stone . You benefit as well as the Chinese people benefit for voting the correct person . DAP strategy , take the BN car to vote for the opposition . Take the money from whoever gives you and vote for Tee Keat .

THE 'kingmakers' of the MCA, whether from within or without, have always paid a heavy price at the general elections for having insulted and abused the intelligence of the Chinese voters and the community.

The comedy of (former deputy president) Dr Chua Soi Lek and (former vice-president) Liow Tiong Lai boycotting the party’s AGM, sheepishly followed by the heads of the Youth and Women’s wings, is an indication of how far down these leaders have degenerated into the gutter level of subservient politics.

One cannot but question the motives of these political comedians when they and their supporters submitted their resignation as central committee members a few days before the s AGM.

These same political charlatans have previously agreed to hold the AGM on March 7.

Their infantile theatrics

The AGM is the highest decision making body of the party, for that matter any organisation.

So, what was it that instilled so much fear (or what were the inducements offered by the kingmakers) that they deemed it fit to scuttle the AGM at the 11th hour?

The president and his deputy shake hands over a 'greater unity plan' that has since gone kaput. Is there a thought of backstabbling behind the smiles?
Whatever may be the case, their very actions have smeared the integrity of the party which they have professed to protect and redeem as a result of the MCA's political defeat at the last general elections in March, 2008.

In their attempts to embarrass and humiliate the president, they have actually insulted the Chinese community by their infantile theatrics!

They could still have their elections after the AGM, by having 21 members of the central committee resign in accordance with the party’s constitution.

But, it is a reflection of their stupidity and mental subservience to outside forces to think that by toppling the president, party unity will be achieved by a new team of second rate leaders, not yet matured enough to assume leadership roles.

Tragic blunder against Chinese support

Time after time, when the Barisan Nasional was perceived as having screwed up the electorate, the Chinese voters would take it out on the MCA, even though the party may not be responsible for the mistakes made.

In 1999, when the Malay voters swung to Anwar, the Chinese rallied behind Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his tremendous efforts in overcoming the financial crisis of 1997/1998 by way of showing their appreciation.

The voters swung against the Barisan Nasional in March, 2008 because of the inept leadership of the fifth prime minister Abdullah Badawi. But the MCA and Gerakan paid heavily for Abdullah's mistakes.

It is utmost stupidity - if not political suicide - to humiliate the MCA when the non-bumiputera and non-Muslims voters have yet to swing back to the Barisan Nasional.

It may be that the kingmakers take the view that a compliant MCA will help make Umno look stronger and in control, thereby securing back Malay votes.

There may be other considerations but if the net result is the humiliation of MCA, then it is a strategic blunder and it will be next to impossible to win back the support of the Chinese voters.

If the kingmakers really think that non-Muslims votes are irrelevant, think again. Swing votes win elections, especially when the opposing parties are evenly matched.

Be assured that the likes of Chua Soi Lek, Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun will be defeated at the next general elections.

I forecasted the massacre of MCA candidates in the March 2008 elections, on the Wednesday preceding polling day and I was proven right.

Count on it that I will be spot on in my forecast again for the next general elections. And because of this fiasco, the result of stupid meddling of kingmakers within and without MCA, there will be a hung Parliament, a first in Malaysian politics!

Barisan Nasional is forewarned!

Matthias Chang, a barrister of 31 years and an anti-war activist, once served as the political secretary to former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad. He blogs on

Ong Ka Ting "Top Dog"

By Two Cents, Free Malaysia Today

Crisis and opportunity, MCA in the worst of times, and paradoxically in the best of times. There is no need to write and re-write the comical, twisted events for a much jaded public and an even more exhausted community. We shall attempt to zero in on what may help put the issues in clearer perspectives.
That the once venerable party has sunk to its lowest depths is clear, one wonders what former deputy premier Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman would say today. His famous 'MCA tidak hidup tak mati' remark post-1969 would probably resonate well with the Chinese community today.
Its leaders are perceived as corrupted and self-serving, whose only ambition is to be and remain ministers. There are no clear visions or road-maps to speak of. It has been trounced in almost every seat with a substantial Chinese majority.

It is stuck, even trapped in its own dogma, unable to attract new passionate members, unable to re-brand or re-position its relevance to an increasingly demanding and aware electorate.
Yet, in this crisis, there is the greatest opportunity since 1974 to reinvent the party.
The March 2008 general election debacle, the increasingly desperate hopes of the party faithful, a community no longer expecting much of the party, Barisan Nasional partners using the party as a claim to its veneer or multi-racialism; this is paradoxically the best of times to bring forth radical out-of-the-box reforms that will and must re-create a new branding and identity for the party.
The party is arguably the richest political organisation in Malaysia, with sustainable recurrent income of RM60 million or more annually and assets of more than a billion ringgit. What is needed now is a great sincere transformational leadership .
As such, the first issue that should be dissected is to determine which of the three presidental candidates is most likely to bring forth that possibility .

From the best to the worst

When Ong Tee Keat took over the presidency, the conditions were already in place for transformational leadership. As a much touted maverick he brought much hope to those hoping for a revival. He was challenged by a former close friend and adviser on whether he wanted to be just another president or aspired to be the greatest MCA leader. In short, he had the free rein to reform the party then.
One and a half years on, he has been called the worst MCA president ever. His omnipresent reminders about his sacrifices, his tragic hero role is sounding tiresome. His declared brave war against the warlords of PKFZ contradicts his enjoyment of the warlord's private jet.
He even outdid Neo Yee Pan in sackings after sackings of perceived rivals as if the party was his private company. His fatal error in not keeping to his vow to step down should he lose the EGM last October cost him his last bragging rights - his avowed integrity or as they like to say in Chinese movies, his perceived righteousness.
As for vision and strategies to re-invent the party, all he did was nothing beyond re-shuffling the party's newspaper The Star to install his spin doctors.
The clearest indictment of his short reign is perhaps the turning away of his once close adviser and probably MCA's best strategist for the last 20 years Wong Mook Leong, who resigned in disgust from the central committee.
Tee Keat is now campaigning on allowing him to finish his agenda. Was there ever an outlined clear agenda or was it all war drums?
It would take many, many naive delegates to see his re-election indeed.

Return of old president

The surprise was, of course, Ong Ka Ting's return to the ring. Whatever the motivation or reason given, there is truly a need for a third and more palatable choice. Surely in the hearts and minds of many a delegate there must be a wish for a giant of a man; a proven leader of men with vision, integrity and courage who can appear and lead MCA out of the wilderness.
Contrary to popular belief, Ka Ting's presidency was not a result of the peace accord between Team A and Team B in 2003. He as former president Dr Ling Liong Sik's preferred successor was already planned by Ling and his advisers back in 1995. Despite his obvious lack of charisma, Ling stuck to his plan and Ka Ting took over upon his mentor's resignation.
Ka Ting's leadership will forever be known for two major milestones: the introduction of the three-term limit for key leadership positions, and the 2008 general election debacle.
The three-term limit rule was the result of aggressive and continuous pressure from key reformists led by Mook Leong, and to Ka Ting's credit he supported it. However, the events and leadership or the lack of it leading to the general election debacle must be on his shoulders. Ka Ting's leadership is generally agreed as insipid and colourless.
He is certainly not the man that can revive the party. He might have a chance if he campaigns on a more believable theme, that his mission is to prepare the party for transformational leadership change come the next party elections.

The better choice?

Dr Chua Soi Lek meanwhile has certainly stunned the pundits with his comeback win as deputy president and the fact that he is a serious contender today speaks volumes of his tenacity. Compared to the other two, his not having been president is a major plus as the other two had a go and blew their chances.
Chua's strength and weakness is his daring-do, his devil-may-care, hell-for-leather attitude. When he was in the Johor Exco, and while he was the health minister, stories were abound of him stepping on numerous toes.
On top of all these, there is also the sex scandal as whatever credit one can give him for his brutal admission, his rapid decisive action to confront the issue and subsequent resignation, the questions of that scandal remain.
Surely at the back of every delegates' mind the thought will linger - can the man perform (no pun intended) at the no holds barred level of national politics?
His supporters brandish his courage and decisiveness as the very values needed to transform the party.
Chua needs to find clever ways to address the sex scandal issue. He has obviously done that to his core 40 plus percent delegates. If he can sell the same to another five percent directly or via a strategic alliance, he will win decisively.
Without the albatross of a failed presidency around his neck, and with the worst of battle scars behind him, Chua may well be paradoxically the better choice.

Two Cents is a pseudonym of an MCA observer with inside track in the party. This is a three-part series in which he attempts to provoke the party to wake up from its deep slumber and regain its lost status. In this first part, he writes about the three candidates vying for the presidential post, tomorrow he will outline the battlelines and horse tradings that will take place before the polling on Sunday and in his final part, he will give his views and strategies on how to make MCA relevant again .

This the article from Malaysia Freedom

The Dirty Old Man Chua soi Lek trying to woo the corrupted MCA member!

Do you trust this dirty old man Chua Soi Lek which manage to buy his deputy presidency with corrupted money from UMNO? He is a UMNO puppet and will forever remain so as he wish to be the gangster leader in Malaysia with his naked photo of oral sex all over the internet.

Justice4otk says :
Now hoping to become MCA no 1 ?? Shameless , isn't it ? I don't know whether he knows the word when his long size dick has been displayed for all to see in the DVD . Imagine everytime he attends a function overseas as a Malaysian representative , people who do not know who is Chua Soi Lek , will type his name on the internet search machine and bingo ! up crops the title Malaysian Minister involved in Sex Scandal ! download the movie here ! Or go to GutterUncensored and his famous movie is displayed there permanently for all to see .Shame , shame , shame to him and to all those who will be voting for him . Malu lah !

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tee Keat dispels rumours nobody knew

By Neville Spykerman

KLANG, March 24 — Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat today “revealed” hitherto unknown rumours of his withdrawal from the upcoming MCA presidential race before proceeding to shoot them down.

Ong (left) surprised reporters after an event here today by telling them he was not withdrawing from this Sunday’s race, despite the fact that there had been no reports or rumours to the effect.

“This is a political gimmick by my enemies to draw support away from me,” said the incumbent party president.

He described the move by his political enemies as “unhealthy politics.”

The transport minister was speaking after a luncheon with political supporters from the party’s Klang, Kapar, Kota Raja and Shah Alam divisions here today.

Ong is locked in a three-corner fight for the party presidency with former deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and former president Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting.

He lashed out today at those spreading the “rumours” but expressed confidence that delegates were mature enough to make the right choice when casting their votes.

“I hope delegates put the importance of the party first and vote for the future… to stay relevant.”

Want to know why DS Ong Tee Keat made that remark ?

Well many of his opponents supporters has been going round spreading rumours that Tee Keat is going to lose and will withdraw from the race . By doing so they hope that Tee Keat's supporters will switch camp and support Chua Soi Lek as to them Ong Ka Ting is their arch enemy . Only then will they think they can win . This is fueled by the biased and lopsided Chinese Press ( controlled by Sinchew ) who have been protraying that Tee Keat has only 15% support .( Read the Chinese Presses with caution . They are all spun news with only 10% accuracy except for Oriental Daily )

This is pure baloney and dirty politics played by CSL's supporters .

Let me say this : they are in for a shock , as far as Tee Keat's supporters are concerned , they are hardcore supporters and will never be swayed by all these rumours . They are all prepared to go all the way with the President .

On the other hand the supporters of CSL is deserting him fast and switching camps to OKT's side leaving CSL having to restrategise his game of chess . Take for example where he used to control almost 60% of Kedah delegates . The response from OTK whirwind tour of Penang , Southern Kedah , Northern Kedah and Perlis have shown that his supporters are now clamouring and rallying behind the President . Ka Ting has very poor support in the Northern States except for a bit of support in Northern Perak .

My intelligence reports tells me now that CSL's supporters might in the final days throw their support behind the President when it seems that his CSL's fight is turning hopeless ! They are prepared to support Tee Keat to deny Ka Ting the win .

I have actually known about this for sometime , however we have to keep the info from leaking out to the other camps . As for now Tee Keat is fast gaining support .

And what did your girlfriend say ?

Yip quit for personal reasons, says Mei Fun

By Clara Chooi

KUALA LUMPUR, March 24 — Perlis MCA chief Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun has denied that Titi Tinggi assemblyman Yip Sun Onn’s shock resignation is linked to MCA’s infighting, saying it should not be a campaign weapon in the March 8.

She also denied there was any bad blood between her and Yip and said that the issue of his replacement in the state cabinet was not the only reason behind his resignation.

“It is not a problem between myself and him. From what I know, the exco issue is not the only reason... there are so many reasons behind it (his resignation),” she said.

One of the other reasons, said Chew, involved the issuance of land titles to the residents in his constituency.

“He is actually fighting to grant them land titles but there are some problems I think. However, I have discussed this with the Mentri Besar and I was told that this problem would be solved sooner or later... the state will look into it,” she said.

Chew added that Yip was also facing “local MCA problems” but declined to elaborate on what they are.

She admitted that she had not been able to speak with him today but had received an SMS from him in the morning.

“He said that he had already asked his supporters to be calm and that he will sort this issue out with the Mentri Besar,” she said, adding that he had also called her yesterday but she had missed his call.

Chew also denied that she was the mastermind behind Yip’s replacement in the state executive council, saying that she had merely played her role as the party’s state liaison chairman.

“What I do is according to my responsibility as the state party chairman. I do not have that kind of power of influence to decide on who becomes the state executive councillor,” she said.

A party source had told The Malaysian Insider this afternoon that Chew had, from the beginning, disapproved of Yip being in the council as he was not “in her camp”.

Chew was one of the leaders backing former party vice-president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai in the latter’s bid to oust party president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

The source had also claimed that Chew had thrown a fit when her request to place Indera Kayangan assemblyman Dr Por Choo Chor in the council was ignored by Perlis Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohd Isa Sabu.

Chew, added the source, had accused Mohd Isa of disrespecting the wishes of the MCA central committee and subsequently, an agreement was reached for Dr Por to replace Yip during this year’s state cabinet reshuffle.

Last Friday, Dr Por was sworn-in as the New Town Development, Local Council and Housing committee chairman, taking over Yip’s portfolio.

Chew vehemently denied this, and said that the decision to replace Dr Por was reached after a meeting was held between Ong, Mohd Isa and herself.

“In the first place, after the last election, the candidate proposed by the MCA to sit in the state cabinet had always been Dr Por. I do not know how Yip ended up getting the job. From the beginning, it was Dr Por,” she said.

She was quick to add however that that Yip had not been a bad state executive councillor.

“My advice to him now is to come, sit down, lets sort this out and discuss. Nobody said he was a bad exco member or anything but there are just some principles that have to be followed,” she said.

Chew also urged all parties not to jump into conclusions about the issue as it would be unfair to Yip.

“This is also nothing to do with the so-called factions in the MCA... nothing to do with it at all. The Perlis cabinet reshuffle is a yearly affair,” she said.

She urged all candidates for the coming MCA polls this March 28 not to use the incident as their campaign material to demonise anyone.

“I hope no one makes use of this to their advantage... do not use this as their weapon,” she said.