Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kedah MCA snubs Ka Ting

By Clara Chooi

KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 — In what appears to be a direct snub, 14 of the 15 divisions in the Kedah MCA have rejected former party president Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting’s invitation to a luncheon scheduled for tomorrow, forcing the presidential candidate to cancel it at the last moment.

The party’s state deputy chairman, Datuk Chong Itt Chew, told The Malaysian Insider that the luncheon had initially been fixed for 12.30pm in Sungai Petani but due to the poor response, Ka Ting had to cancel it.

“We just say ‘padan muka’ (serves him right) to him. He had to move the lunch gathering to Seberang Jaya in Penang instead,” said Chong when contacted today.

The obvious snub, said Chong, was solid proof that Ka Ting did not command any support from the state’s 173 central delegates unlike what was claimed in a Chinese daily last week. Must be Sinchew , very sure of it !

The report, he said, had claimed that Ka Ting had 60 per cent support of the central delegates in Kedah, which was not correct.

“I cannot answer you why Kedah divisions do not support Ka Ting but generally, we feel that he simply should not re-enter the party and join the presidential race,” he said.

He added that only Sungai Petani division chairman Datuk Beh Heng Tiong had agreed to attend the luncheon.

“Even then, he is a staunch supporter of (former deputy president Datuk Seri) Dr Chua Soi Lek,” he said.

Dr Chua is one of Ka Ting’s contenders in the three-way race for the party presidency in the polls this Sunday. The two will face incumbent president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

Chong said Beh had only agreed to attend the function as his brother, former Kedah MCA division chairman Datuk Beh Heng Seong, had organised it.

“He was only coming to give face to his brother,” said Chong, who is allied to Dr Chua as well and is contesting for a post in the party’s central committee.

Meanwhile, another central committee candidate, Loh Seng Kok, claimed that despite positive reports of Ka Ting’s trip to meet Sabah delegates yesterday, the latter had actually received a poor welcome from the state’s more than 25 divisions.

Only four division chairmen turned up,” he said.

This, he added, was in spite of the fact that Ka Ting had once led the Sabah liaison body.


  1. padan muka OKT tahu malu

  2. This election isn't just any election.

    This election isn't just an election where you guys elect a president.

    This election is a REFERENDUM.

    A referendum of which direction MCA gonna take.

    A referendum of whether MCA gonna surrender to UMNO, or not.

    If Ong Ka Ting wins, the message is that MCA gonna be surrendered to UMNO, tanpa isyarat !!

    Which is, MCA gonna become a slave to UMNO.

    They can step on you.

    They can spit on you.

    They can even kill MCA. They have the right, as MCA's master, since they OWN MCA.

    If Chua Soi Lek wins, it will send a message to UMNO "We gonna obey you no matter what".

    Under Chua, MCA is not a slave to UMNO.

    MCA will become a lapdog of UMNO.

    Yes, an anjing.

    Which means, under Chua Soi Lek, when UMNO tells MCA to sit, MCA must sit.

    When UMNO tells MCA to bark, MCA has no choice but to bark as loud as it can.

    When UMNO tells MCA to eat shit, well ... MCA eats shit, takde pilihan.

    On the other hand, if Ong Tee Keat wins, MCA's message to everyone is this:


    So ... about 50 - 60 hours from now the election gonna be over.

    Who would you vote for?

    Do you want to become a slave to UMNO?

    Then vote for Ong Ka Ting.

    Do you want to become UMNO's lapdog?

    Go ahead, vote for Chua Soi Lek.

    But, if you still have even an iota of dignity left, you vote for Ong Tee Keat.

    A vote for Ong Tee Keat is a vote for MCA.

    A vote for Ong Tee Keat is a vote for a dignified MCA.

    A vote for Ong Tee Keat is a vote telling UMNO to fuck off.

    But if you cast your vote for Ong Ka Ting, you might as well give your wife and daughters to the Malays, since THEY OWN YOU.

    And if you think you can cast your vote for Chua Soi Lek and you will be scot free, think.

    Because if you vote for Chua Soi Lek, you become an anjing, woof woof !

    You need to wag your tail --- oh wait, you got no tail? Wag your butt then !

    Wag your butt as vigorously as you can whenever an UMNO guy pass by.

    And don't forget, you must stick out your tongue too, and start jilat jilat those UMNO scumbags.

    Jilat the hands, jilat the feet, and jilat their smelly butt too.

    That's the price you gonna pay if you vote for Chua Soi Lek.

    On the other hand, if you want to remain as a human being with dignity, your only choice is Ong Tee Keat.

    I know, I know, Ong Tee Keat is stubborn. Sometimes too stubborn. So damn stubborn that you want to whack his stupid head.

    But then, that stubborn man is the only one left who dare to tell UMNO to fuck off.

    Yeah, "fuck off !"

    That's the message you gonna send to UMNO if you vote for Ong Tee Keat.

    So, it's your vote.

    You gonna cast it 50 - 60 hours from now, right?

    Think, before you cast that vote. Think of your wife and daughters. Think of jilat smelly butts.

    Think before you cast that vote of yours.

    Cast it wisely.

  3. 在328马华党选比较蔡细历、黄家定及翁诗杰,谁适合担任马华老大,是否应选择前律师公会杨映波日前公布的药方,即“相比之下,谁没有把柄落在他人手中者,选之。”- taken from malaysiakini

  4. My today prediction is : OKT (850),CSL(850),OTK(700),KCH(1600),LTL(800),NYY(700),Donald Lim(500),KKH(450),GBS(350). No prejudice to every parties.


    read this.

    Otk is toast?

  6. I hope Tee Keat is not toast.

    And I hope Tee Keat can learn something out of this episode.

    Tee Keat is too straight. Too damn straight. So straight that he can walk into a wall sometimes.

    Tee Keat, please la !

    We know that you are stubborn. That's you, alright, a tough nut to crack.

    But you need to be snaky a bit too, Tee Keat.

    Yeah, snake, ular, !

    You gotta learn to be like a sometimes, Tee Keat.

    I know you studied "The Art of War", Tee Keat. The other day you just quoted something from Sun Tze.

    What did you learn from the 13 chapters of that book, Tee Keat? To be stubborn? Or to be a snake, a ?

    Look, Tee Keat, I admire you for your courage, and I admire you for your integrity, but sometimes the things you do, aiya ... Why ah?

    , contrary to popular believe, is good, sometimes.

    You see Soi Lek? That guy is a .

    You see how that guy got away from his mess, time and time again?

    And some more, after he messed up, he still can manage to get sympathy from others !!

    That's , Tee Keat !

    You see Ka Ting?

    That guy has been salivating the Presidential seat of MCA all day and all night long, after he stepped down.

    But did he show any sign of his desire? No.

    For almost 2 years, Ka Ting acted as if he enjoyed his retirement. He acted as if he is out of the loop. His acts are so good that most people forgot about him.

    Then he strikes, and strikes hard.

    That's , Tee Keat.

    You need to learn to be too, Tee Keat.

    MCA is filled to the brim with . All types of . Long , short , fat , skinny , poisonous , macam macam .

    And you, Tee Keat, if you want to continue to lead MCA, you also need to become a yourself !!

    Please Tee Keat, please learn from Master Sun Tze. Please heed the advices Master Sun Tzu had jotted down in "The Art of War".

    To do that, you must first become a .

    If you do not know how to become a , Tee Keat, ask.

    There are a lot of around you.

    Ask, and you shall receive.

    Have a good day, !

  7. selagi masa belum sampai selagi orang duk teka apa yang akan terjadi.

    Di Kedah ramai juga yang sokong Tan Sri OKT.

    tak caya tengok sendiri di Jade Garden Restaurant SP. jam 12.30 tgh.

  8. To lead a psrty of snakes, the leader must be more snake than the rest. This is the law of survival. If OTK wins, he must become like OKT.

  9. 2300 years ago , economic , wars and building of Great Wall in China attributed to the downfall of First China Qin Emperor by his Pu Tou (Police) Lau Pan. Lau Pan later sweared in as the first HAN Emperor who has started the REBELLION TO TOPPLE QIN DYNASTY or CHANGE by way to half a WHITE SNAKE ( Jen Pai Se Gi Yi ).As MCA has so many kinds of snakes and OTK should show his sword to kill the KING OF SNAKE in the party. For those righteous, not bow down to money Delegates should vote OTK in 328 as a start to build up the Great Wall in Malaysia for the sake of chinese .


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