Thursday, March 25, 2010

Former MCA sec-gen: Ka Ting foolish to return

By Jaynne Koh

KUALA LUMPUR: Former MCA secretary-general Ting Chew Peh has openly expressed his contempt for presidential hopeful Ong Ka Ting, calling the former MCA president a “recycled leader”.

“Recycling is for solid waste,” he told a press conference here today. “It’s good for the environment but not for human resource.

Ka Ting is involved in a three-cornered fight for the president's post with incumbent Ong Tee Keat and former deputy president Dr Chua Soi Lek in the presidential contest on March 28.

Ting quoted a Chinese proverb and likened Ka Ting to someone who leaves a company but returns in the guise of a “saviour” even after promising to stay out of company affairs.

"This is selfish and foolish," he said. "It's unfair to the new leadership and staff. It is time to move forward and let a new generation run the show."

Ting also slammed leaders who proclaimed their loyalty to the party, but were nowhere to be seen when the party was facing a crisis. But he came down particularly hard on Ka Ting.

"If a president is really good, there is no need to quit," said Ting. "And once you quit, stay out and allow someone capable to take over.


  1. good, 1st time this guy talk like a human...
    used to talk c....ock

  2. Sources from the ground, the tide have reverse course, very strong support for OTK building up. CSL is suffering from cold sweat now, he couldn't smile anymore. OKT already dead.....Kedah already deserted him, only a handful supporters in Penang.....KCH already shift camp to OTK

  3. really? good..
    tian yu yean

  4. Please ensure that while hammering OKT, do not let all supports goto CSL.

  5. WHY MCA HAS SUDDENLY FRESH PARTY ELECTION TO DEPRIVED OFF GUP. Answer can find out from Malaysiakini- CSL wants exchange of MCA President Post from OTK. CSL makes no different from LTL. Thanks OTK go for 328 Fresh Party Election. Otherwise MCA will be leaded by TAINTED PRESIDENT. THE FACES OF ALL CHINESE WHERE TO PUT ?

  6. This is an old gentleman way of saying CSL is a piece of human shit. This is really sharp.

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