Saturday, March 27, 2010

Women turn ‘green hatters’ in campaign against tainted leaders

KUALA LUMPUR: A group of women calling their movement “No Adulterous President” is demanding that public figures with stained reputations must not hold leadership positions.

To signify their intent, the women deliberately dressed in black, donned green hats made of hard paper and face masks with the words: “No Adulterous President.”

The group was formed three weeks ago, said its spokesperson Rachel Ten. They comprised about 20 women from various races and the face mask represented women who are oppressed and unable to speak out.

“We are of the view that any leader with a stained reputation will adversely affect an organisation and the communities that they serve which may ultimately cause the downfall of the organisation.

“As such, it is highly undesirable for such a person to be allowed to hold leadership positions,” said Ten at a press conference yesterday.

Their declaration came at a crucial time with the MCA election just a day away.

Asked if they were talking about MCA presidential candidate Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek, who was embroiled in a sex DVD scandal, the group said they were just giving a general statement in view of “current situations”.

“We do not intend to target anyone or any organisation. It is just that of late, there have been a lot of immoral incidents in the entertainment, sports and political scene.

“Such situations are becoming a trend. It is not a good example to the younger generation,” said Ten, an MCA member.

Asked why their group was called ‘No Adulterous President’ and not something more general like ‘No Adulterous Leader’, they replied that the acronym ‘NAP’ was catchier compared to ‘NAL’.


  1. hahahha! Very funny! I love these ladies.

  2. "Such situations are becoming a trend. It is not a good example to the younger generation"

    Why, why ...

    Scared of little dragonettess rampas your hubby ah?

    That is why I say Malaysian Chinese women are useless.

    They wasted too much time shopping and forgot all about the "katil kung fu" that their hubby needs.

    1. They are also forget to produce more babies to save the Chinese community. They also kill MCA on the spot.

  3. They didn't talk about husbands , they are saying ‘No Adulterous President’ not No adulterous husbands .

  4. Malaysia Anti Corruption Commission Deputy Commissioner Dato Mohd Shukri Abdull Is Protecting Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai

    Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) Deputy Commissioner has been paid a sum of RM 10 Million by Dato' Seri Tiong King Sing to give full protection to Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai to close his corruption case in regards to the Toyota Alphard which is worth more than half million Ringgit.

    By New Kid on Blog

    My last revelation regarding MACC with hopes that MACC will take serious investigation and action against Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai but due to large sum of money has been paid to Deputy Commissioner of MACC, the case is now being ordered to be close without further action. The evidence can be seen very clearly when Liow Tiong Lai’s wife was called for interrogation in MACC office. When the press and media got news of this incident, they swarm around MACC office where Liow Tiong Lai’s wife is being questioned by MACC officers, the MACC Deputy Commissioner ordered his men to smuggle Datin Sri out of MACC office through the basement car park. On the very next day, the Deputy Commissioner screw all of his officers regarding the leak of news to press and media regarding the investigation of the Alphard case.

    Another very silly excuse given by Deputy Commissioner to his Director of Investigation and officers that during the MCA campaign for fresh election no investigation can be carried out. He told his officer that MACC do not want to be seen to take side. It’s a very beautiful excuses but I would like to suggest it is better to declare MACC is on holiday during any party election or better to close down MACC during the party election, so nobody can accuse MACC take side. I believe public would share the feeling with me that its better for Deputy Commissioner to take leave during party election or resign and sleep at home so nobody can accuse him for investigating and take side.

    Come back to the case where MACC has fail to investigate and take necessary action, now I would like to provide more information to them, so MACC will not have any more excuses for not wanting to investigate.
    Dato Chai Kim Seng is a crony/proxy of YB Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai, his net worth is about RM 20 million with many big cars and big bungalow house worth million plus company shares and cash in the bank.
    Dato Chai Kim Seng declared that he borrow RM 60,000 from Datin Sri, the wife of Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai, and he pay back by installment sum of RM 4,700 monthly, where this amount was used to pay the installment for her Alphard luxurious van.

    Here is the juice of the story.

    Read more at:

    MCA Watcher

  5. My today and last prediction : OKT (700),CSL (850),OTK (850),KCH (1600),LTL (800) , NYY ( 700 ), Donald Lim ( 450 ), KKH ( 450 ) , GBS ( 350 ). Pyramid

  6. Stinking corrupt MACC. Abu Kassim. Investigate your deputy. ELse, you are part of the stink.

  7. PENANG, March 26 — MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat (picture) today claimed that an internal conspiracy was hatched to oust him as party president following MCA’s extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on Oct 10 last year.

    “Suffice for me to say that although I had been very inclusive since elected as MCA president, a well-planned conspiracy was hatched to get rid of me after MCA’s EGM on Oct 10 last year,” he told reporters after meeting up with Penang MCA delegates here.

    He said most of the central committee (CC) posts (in MCA’s elections in 2008) were won by followers of his predecessor (Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting) and that he adapted to the situation by working together with all quarters.

    “I kept my election promises...but I never expected to be stabbed in the back,” he said. He also said the party’s decision to sack Dr Chua Soi Lek over the latter’s sex DVD scandal was a collective one but it had been twisted by certain quarters to make it appear as though it was his sole decision.

    Tee Keat said he was also deeply saddened by claims made by Ka Ting that the latter was making a comeback to save and reunite the party.

    He said he had taken this into consideration when going for the number one post after Ka Ting retired and that was why his supporters chose not to contest all of the other top posts in the party then.

    This was to give room to all quarters to be part of the leadership line up, he said, adding that despite Ka Ting giving the excuse that he was contesting the presidency again to unite MCA, Ka Ting’s backers were sidelining his own supporters.

    He said this was tantamount to political hypocrisy and also voiced his concern about the surfacing of money politics in MCA, which he said would destroy the party.

    “I advise those with money to put it to better use like for building of schools or temples,” he said. MCA’s polls which will be held on Sunday is seeing a three-cornered fight for the presidency with Tee Keat challenged by Ka Ting and former deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

    Also up for grabs are the deputy president’s post, four vice-president posts besides places in the all-powerful CC. The Oct 10 EGM resulted in unexpected outcomes.

    Tee Keat lost a confidence vote, Soi Lek’s sacking was overturned but was denied the deputy president’s post, a decision which was later overturned by the Registrar of Societies.

    Thereafter the internal crisis in MCA only worsened, leading to two-thirds of the CC members resigning and forcing this Sunday’s polls. — Bernama

    MCA Watcher

  8. This Liow Tiong Lai is really filthy. Corruption and pludnering on a big scale. Just like his predecessor Chua Soi Lek. Kick them out. Send them to jail.

  9. I fully agree with you Justice4otk that there are elements within Umno who don't want a true great Leader like DSOng Tee Keat to lead MCA and the Chinese to greater heights in this country. These Umnoputras led by Mahathir Mohamed don't want OTK to win because they know that OTK cannot be controlled by them.

    I thank you for your courage Justice4otk for calling a spade a spade. Thank you for standing up for OTK and the Malaysian Chinese. Unfortunately it is sad that GOH WEI LIANG adores Mahathir and the racist Umnoputras who want to bathe the keris with the blood of the Chinese. GOH WEI LIANG has uttered a word about these racists or PERKASA like you have bravely done.

    I advice you brother as a fellow Chinese to disassociate yourself from GOH WEI LIANG. I don't trust him. He has claimed boldly that he supports Mahathir and the racists from Umno like Hishammuddin and these are the people who want to destroy OTK's political future.

    Lim Zhew Huan

  10. Read this before casting your votes

  11. Get ready to rule Penang !

    After May 1st, a lot of Penangites will get very fed up with that asshole LGE.

    MCA, better get ready !

  12. GOH WEI LIANG is Omar Goh, a Malay wannabe.

  13. How can people not forget that Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is a buddy of Encik Omar Goh?

    1. All Chinese must be careful to this Rid One T. MCA should not select him as a candidate for the coming general election.

      I am very sure, he will close all vernacular Chinese school once he gets minister post. He may plan to make all Chinese students weaker in education and poor in BM. See how dangerous his idea? What else could rakyat expect anything from this fella?

      MCA should not listen to him. Otherwise, not only BN will lost in the coming general election but MCA will also suffer become dinosaur and extinct forever.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. The act of leading is a responsibility that should be fulfilled with trust, as a rule moral character and honesty shall weighed heavily in any election. Without doubt politicians with exposed marital infidelity must stay out of public office. In this regards Dr Chua Soi Lek has become a liability to MCA, so what is he trying to prove here by offering himself as a contender for the next MCA president?.

    He may have the backing of MCA party representative that does not mean that he is well accepted by the rakyat. Needless to say, for top leaders to be subtaintable, it need the important backing of the people. Base on this logic, what will be the consequences if the choice of MCA president does reflect the people's wish. Surely the party representative can practice their right but they must also take responsibility for their actions. MCA people should know and always remember one very important fundamental factor that "Political party and government must be servants of the people and not master "

    This bring me to point out that the current MCA party election is not an internal matter that only decide their choice of leadership but more so to decide the survival of the which their fate lies in the hand of the such, any sane responsible MCA party representatives surely choose their leadership base on the rakyat's choice, as of now the clear choice is Ong Tee Keat.......the same party representative should also be wise to know the repercussion from the rakyat if they were to choose otherwise......

  16. We dont have to like OTK. He maybe an arsehole for all I care. But if he do his job and solve these problem, we should support him. OKT and Liow are traitors. Wee Ka Siong is Napoleon the pig (in Animal Farm). CSL is x-rated actor.

  17. 10,000 attend Perkasa assembly

    Over there, Dr M, Ibrahim Ali and the like stirring....Over here CSL/OKT fighting the MCA president for no reason!!!

    The Chinese community need OTK now to counter those forces....MCA must stop the infighting immediately and call all central delegates to unite and support OTK leadership to tackle impending problems before it to late.

  18. Tonite is EARTH DAY , switch-off MCA HQ bulbs , tubes at 8:30pm to 9:30pm. To prepare 250 Red Candles for 2377 MCA Delegates to enjoy the 327 Romantic Last Supper Gathering. Many delegates are very tire travelled all the way from North & South, East & West. Make sure EVERY DELEGATES can sit down peacefully tonight. No Money Politic, thinking of how to REBRANDING MCA , 65% Chinese still feel MCA is relevant. Ex-MCA

  19. "10,000 attend Perkasa assembly

    Over there, Dr M, Ibrahim Ali and the like stirring....Over here CSL/OKT fighting the MCA president for no reason!!!"

    It's a clear reflection of MCA, doesn't it?

    MCA never cares about anything else except for their own selfish interests.

    For 61 years they have done great damage to the Chinese, and looks like more damage will be done in the coming years.

    No matter it's CSL or OKT, you bet MCA will be as pathetic as it can possibly be !

  20. Ibrahim Ali rise the Kris while Mahathir cheers on...isn't that deliberate provocation.

    Time to stop infighting... unite under OTK leadership.

  21. Yes. Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong, Chew Mei Fun and Chua Soi Lek. Please see what is happening in the Perkasa meeting. See what you have done to MCA and the Chinese. You should be ashamed. You should be cursed to the 9th generation.

  22. In June, 1965 I joined MCA. I stick with MCA and supported MCA, but tonight, it might be the very last time I drive down to KL to attend an MCA meeting.

    While the Malays are congregating we Chinese are killing each others.

    While Perkasa attracts 10,000 attendance, MCA is attracting allegations of money politics, sexual politics, mud slinging, dirty politicking.

    With a heavy heart, I am starting my journey in one hour.

    Pray for me.

  23. JUSTICE FOR ALL3/27/2010 06:35:00 PM

    DS Ong Tee Keat is THE man for The President of MCA at this juncture and the political environment in Malaysia...a person who serve without fear or favour and able to voice his view without any baggage to carry. He singifies the DIGNITY OF THE PARTY AND THE CHINESE COMMUNITY. Please wake up, Central Delegates. You need to vote with a CLEAR CONSCIENCE for the community, party and the country. Sweeping problems under the carpet or pretending that everything will be ok when it is not does not help at all. A leader who has the stature to present the community's wishes and needs shall assist the country to unite and achieve common goals - yes man and those with baggages would not help at all.

  24. DS Ong Tee Keat is THE man for The President of MCA at this juncture and the political environment in Malaysia...a person who serve without fear or favour and able to voice his view without any baggage to carry. He singifies the DIGNITY OF THE PARTY AND THE CHINESE COMMUNITY.

    hahaha - then OTK with those qualities will lose.

    I predict this.

  25. In MCA 307 AGM, 800 Delegates without fear and favour to attend meeting called by OTK and the remaining Central Committees. The day where were CSL & OKT ? Somebody said the 800 delegates not MCA heroes because they may not duly support OTK. They have kept the party on , they have retained the DIGNITY of the MCA and to night they should be in the Sam Choon Hall. Outside the hall there 65% Chinese , with the same heart, hoping the 800 delegates to pour the support to OTK, the Righteous President whom 65% Chinese have acknowleged OTK contribution to the community. Next is PERKASA who always remains us MCA mission yet completed, some delegates may waiting RM to go into his pocket after the dinner, some delegates may be laughing who is the next MCA is not my concern. 65% Chinese know the fate is under the mindset of the 2378 delegates who is gathering to night. We like to call upon the 800 delegates, if this is a WAR you may only to sacrifice your position and RM , would you still like to be with OTK ? If you do not want OTK lost in the 328 , please do something at least from now.

  26. Those women are just stupid ass****!!

  27. MCA delegates are now said to be courages to accept changes in view of the dead end comes the next GE. Hope this is the case. IF OTK goes, MCA will also go and so do all in MCA...then MCA shall become history.

    Both CSL and OKT are not, as most Malaysians believe which include myself, dignified or courageous enough to stand up and tell in the face of UMNO the social injustice against the non Malays.

    If OTK goes, the vast general public esp the Chinese shall vent their anger on BN thus causing greater defeat to BN in the coming GE.

    The choice is yours, CD of MCA.

    For one, if you are to choose the wrong president of MCA, not only we are going to suffer for many years to come, so are your children who shall be forced to migrate when the mega size titanic sinks.We are already regressing at an unprecedented speed and it shall be a lot worse with mismanagement of all fronts...

    Kent Ming

  28. You are wrong, Kent.

    Whether OTK goes or stay, the vast majority of the Chinese already lost hope on MCA.

    MCA to most Chinese, is as irrelevant as a piano to a cow.

  29. Kent is right....

    There are still hope for MCA, to keep the hope a life, the CDs must vote OTK for President.

  30. MCA must be STRONG being inclusive, DIGNIFIED WITH INTEGRITY and be able to serve without fear or favour after today's fresh polls.
    The person who have the stature without any negative baggage to carry is CLEARLY DS ONG TEE KEAT.
    Dear delegates please vote with a clear conscience and put aside all the emotional factors which may have clouded you thus far.


  31. Stinking filthy MCA CDs. May the curse be with them.

  32. Tun Dr Mahathir did not played out by PERKASA to show his Keris yesterday. We have seen the change from UMNO & Malay. We have seen OTK wants to reform MCA. His is HEAD of MCA TRAIN REFORMATION. ALL CDs now must vote him. Only OTK can bring life to MCA , Chinese will reject PR in the next GE. Once OTK win , Sarawak State Election may be same as the GE which expected coming very soon. Thus why PM/DPM both want MCA to solve his crisis fast. Ex-MCA.

  33. It's Economy, stupid !

    What I mean is, what happen in Dewan Lee San Choon today has turn into a supply and demand situation.

    The supply of votes is limited but the demands, haha, everyone needs all the votes they can get.

    Every single vote today has become a hot item. So hot that it can be used as a bargaining chip to get what you want.

    May not be only for $$$, it may be the quick way to obtain a "Datuk" pangkat.

    That vote you have, dear CDs, may also become a path for you to land a directorship in a certain corporation listed in the share market.

    So, dear CDs, today is your day.

    Make sure that you maximize your gain when you vote today, ok ?

    Do not be fooled by those "conscience" or "moral" slogans.

    All the talk of "morality" or "conscience" or "Chinese community" are bullshit anyway, you know it, I know it.

    MCA has never had any morality nor conscience ever since 1964.

  34. Refer above anon : Hi, all MCA delegates who now in Sam Choon Hall, how PR supporters see you people like MATA DURIAN. GIVE THEM A SURPRISE - vote no.3 !

  35. Veteran Life Member3/28/2010 10:42:00 AM

    Anon 09.42
    Have humility and be reformed after 328.
    Foul and filthy language do not win anything.
    It only reflects your personality and mentality.
    Voting is not the right but previledge given to Central Delegates to decide the future directions of MCA. Righteous CDs with wisdom will have to vote for DS Ong Tee Keat to reform and reenergize the party to be relevant in Malaysia.

  36. Do not be fooled by the above 2 posters.

    Their only intention is to make themselves look good.

    This is your day, MCA CDs.

    This is the day when YOU call the shots.

    You want Datukship? You got it.

    You want a directorship? No problem.

    You want a 5-series BMW? Gimme a day or two.

    You need some dragonettes? How many do you want?

    Your vote is precious today. Very precious.


    Do not cast your vote yet.

    Do be friendly with all 3 camps.


    Wait till 2PM and 3PM.

    Approach all the 3 camps. Tell them that you haven't cast your vote and you are not sure who you would vote for.

    See how their response will be before you state your demand.

    Remember, wait till 2 PM or 3 PM. That's when things get VERY VERY HOT.

    Then start bargaining.

    Tell people from Camp A that people from Camp B promise you this.

    Tell people from Camp C that people from Camp A promise you that.

    Do this to people from Camp B too.

    See what they will offer you.

    Have fun, MCA CDs.

    This is your day.

    Do not waste it !!

  37. Anon 11.02
    You must be the most dispectable corrupted human being in this planet to be disposed off to Hell forever without any chance of reborn as you present in this world will polute the minds of beings seen or unseen.

  38. Anon 11.02
    You must be the most despictable corrupted human being in this planet to be disposed off to Hell forever without any chance of reborn as you present in this world will polute the minds of beings seen or unseen.

  39. haha. this is a good one. the girls were brave

  40. Dear Goh Wei Liang

    Is it true that you are buddy buddy with the racist Ridhuan Tee and a great admirer of the Nyanok Mahatir ?

    MCA Watcher

  41. The casting is over. Come back at 5pm. Who is the winner ? Not forget the last to vote is YFH. So who will be the MCA President, GOD knows.If you have bargained for what you want BEFORE VOTING , GOD knows. If you want go to HEAVEN, GOD say NO and HIM SAY " YOU GO TO HELL" that GOD has bargained with you .

  42. Today is MCA's day of doom, the DVD actor is the new MCA president.

  43. Latest news...Chua Soi Lek is leading by 1000 votes

  44. It's only a rumor!

  45. latest news...
    OKT's boys all wiped out from cc...

  46. That Bastard! He deserves it!

  47. asta la vista! MCA.

  48. OTK supporters brace yourself for some disappointment, but don't give up hope. With the same central delegates, we know we cannot win this battle however we shall gear up for another battle, we shall remove all those stupid and tainted central delegates central.

  49. Anybody knows the result of Deputy President?

  50. OKT and LTL won!

  51. With a DVD porno actor as MCA president, MCA shall be the laughingstock. The greatest joke in Malaysia. Lets go home and forget about MCA

  52. csl and kch won

  53. This is MCA?

    Hakka samseng win?

    What type of MCA is this?

  54. MCA is going from bad to worse !!

    Motherfucking CDs go die !!!

  55. Motherfucking Fan Guat Zai win???

    What type of motherfuckers are the MCA CDs???

  56. Remember that chau hai CMF said if CSL becomes the President she will resign, right?

    Resign now, chau hai !

  57. LOL !

    Anyone wants to bet?

    J40+|< gonna sapot the so-called "porn *" from now on.

    LOL !!

  58. So my analysis of the Chinese Horoscope of OTK, OKT and CSL was correct. Better than Lilian Too huh?

    I said that the two Ongs born in the year of the Monkey will be unlucky this year. CSL born in the year of the Pig and facing no obstacles this year will be the victor in the end.

  59. Haha, remember what I said?

    My calculation is Soi Lek would win.

    But I didn't have the DOB of Liow and Kang so I couldn't make any calculation.

  60. 马华重选成绩出炉!之前呼声最高的蔡细历果真以901票拿下回锅参选的黄家定和寻求蝉联的翁诗杰,凭着 38%的支持率成功当选第9任总会长。































  61. MCA. Time for whoopee. Your new president is king of whoopee. You new president and deputy president are back stabbers. Come on start stabbing each other's back.

    Liow Tiong Lai, Wee Ka Siong and Chew Mei Fun. Where is your Brutus spirit. You bunch of fcuking bastards. Start stabbing now.

  62. Wasn't J telling us in such cocky manner that OTK has 600 guaranteed votes?

    Didn't I warn J that not all those who voted for OTK would still cast their votes for OTK this time?

    Why can't you guys listen to good advices?

    Why you guys keep on listening to those giving bad advices?


  63. The real fucking bastards are those who voted for the Fan Guat Zai !!

    Why in the world MCA has so many fucking scumbags disguising as Central Delegates?

    But then nevermind. There's no hope left in MCA.

  64. J now has to start auditioning to be dvd port star. All those who want to be nominated to CC by the new president must produce a porn dvd for auditioning. Hahaha. MCA CC wannabes must improve their "katil kung fu."

    I love these new MCA jokes.

  65. That chau chi bai CMF is backtracking !!!!

    She said she would resign immediately if CSL becomes the prez, but now she says she needs the Wanita CC to okay her resign.

    Motherfucking bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Now that CSL had won, he must act quickly to consolidate power and cut down on opposition. He is faced with an unfriendly CC, a rebellious youth and wanita. He cannot to be soft like OTK. He must be tough. He cannot be forgiving. He must act like the emperor of old. He must bring out the poison wine and chopping block. He must cut down his opposition in one swift and harsh stroke. He cannot afford not to take this action.

  67. Imagine how MCA members would feel. In the next election, MCA = Mana Cari Ayam. MCA is lead by a big porn star.

  68. But how?

    Those motherfucking Fan Guat Zai are still there !!!

  69. 1. The Fan Guat Zai will fan guat the new president. This is for sure. Just watch the akan datang.

    2. In the meantime, CSL have two options:

    (a) give in to every demand of the FGZ
    (b) kill the FGZ

    3. Will j4tk be quiet and take up to be dvd porn star. If you cannot beat them join them. Dont forget the next MCA election is next year. The campaigning has only just started.

  70. You know who is the most happiest person right now?

    That motherfucker Wee Ka Siong, that's who !!

    From now on, the PKFZ scandal will be buried, and that motherfucker will get to enjoy the privilege of SUCKING EVEN MORE MONEY out of PKFZ !!!

    Motherfuckers !!!!!!

  71. OTK, u can go back and sleep liao...u can form another party if u still wanna be the lone ranger ...

  72. OTK, if you still want to serve the country, and I know you want to, please leave MCA.

    MCA is no longer the party which can serve the people.

    They only serve themselves.

    We see that today, OTK.

    The CDs voted the Fan Guat Zai in. Fan Guat Zai like that motherfucker LTL, that motherfucker hakkay samseng, that motherfucker OKC.

    Why should you waste your time in MCA that is no longer relevant, OTK?

  73. OTk loss....A bad leader lost...that is great for the country...Huraii..
    bye bye OTk...Hope u have a better life as a normal folks...

  74. u think OKT is very good ar...OTK is a dam cha Sui leader...He is a very very dam useless leader...Hurai for the country,......

    Hope he can be a normal citizen and live happily ever after...

  75. I have a feeling that CSL's term as MCA President will be shorter than OTK....... the big brother is planning something.

  76. I put a hex on the delegates. Like they say in Hong Kong movies. May there be no one to pray for them after they die. May they have no anus to let off the waste when they go to the shit house. These celaka people.

  77. To all OTK supporters - There's nothing to feel sad. The coming GE will shows what the Chinese community really want. I can bet that all the FGZ and porn star supporters will be annihilated by the voices of the majority of the community. I hope that will teach the ARNOputras a lesson as well.

  78. What we should is to instigate this Liow fella to continue his back stabbing practice. It will not take very much to do that. Maybe a second DVD? A more shameful one than the first.

  79. i think i will go shoot a porn movie now.

  80. But why at the first place, OTK hold hands with the porn star ar ? some more unity plan....Fuyoh....coz maybe OTK also agrees on Porn star concept?

    OTK is the king of all the king....

  81. OTk say he wanna give the operation decision to Chua Soi Lek...... Does he agree on Chua Soi Lek? Why he wrote to the authorities to resume Chua Soi lek position? He agrees with CSL....Haha...OTK dun talk nonsense here la....OTK is just like an ordinary politician...never walk the talk...

  82. jtOTK:
    My condolences to the demise of justice and MCA..I will use my vote to voice it out in the coming GEsssssssss.

  83. OTK,
    We , the common people, who will never ever able to buy out by the corrupted ones, will always be your backing. As the proverb says, those who have the heart and support of the people will rule. It is only the timing, you will be up and standing against the odds soon.

    There is nothing to lose in a corrupted party.In fact, it maybe a blessing so as not to take the blame for the coming debacle of MCA in the next GE.

    We will vote you but not MCA or BN, which we used to.

    Staunch OTK supporter

  84. The one lesson is this:

    Never trust Lim Ah Lek, never trust Fong Chan Oon, and never trust the MCA CDs for they are easily bought over.


    CSL Vs LTL

    Starring..Chua Soi Lek
    Liow Tiong Lai
    Chew Mei Fun
    Wee Ka Siong

  86. Right after that "COMING SOON" is "Wong Fei Hong Sau Tong" --- MCA chap lap.

  87. Oh, BTW, where the fuck is J?

    Busy making his own porn DVD? LOL !!

  88. The choice of MCA leadership is the wisdom of the CDs. The collective wisdom of the CDs set the direction of MCA. It is heaven's way of rolling the dice to determine if MCA will live or die in the future.

    In this election the dice is made up of :

    1. CDs who support CSL
    2. CDs who support OKT
    3. CDs who support OTK
    4. CDs who support money
    5. CDS who support MCA

    The dice was rolled and the result was clear.
    Heaven wanted MCA to disappear in the future. Dont blame the CDs. They are just tools of Heaven.

    SO let us light the joss sticks and call for the monks. Let us pray for the soul of MCA as it go on its journey to the emperor of the underworld ot face its justice for its deeds on this earth.

  89. anon 9:27 am top marks.

    very funny. can i burn some hell bank notes for MCA. also throw some rice wine on the ground...

  90. Dear Juistice4otk,

    Do you still want to support a Party like MCA that has betrayed and humilliated the Chinese People of Malaysia by electing Chua Soi Lek and Liow Tiong Lai? OTK is the true champion of the Chinese in Malaysia. Soi Lek and Tiong Lai are nothing but Umno servants. I await your response Brother.

    GS Chew

  91. Dear J4OTK

    Were you elected to the CC ?

    MCA Watcher

  92. J has failed his bid.

  93. 对蔡细历确凿口交罪坐视不理


    在赛夫肛交案代表公正党实权领袖安华的辩护律师山卡拉(Sankara Nair),批评总检察长阿都干尼抱有欺骗和双重标准,一方面执意提控安华肛交,但另一方面却对确凿的口交罪行坐视不理。











  94. I am not surprise that Tee Keat lost in his bid to defend the MCA presidential post, knowing pretty well that vast majority of MCA central delegates possess only limited mentality which they are unreliable to see the bigger picture. The outcome of the MCA election, not only does not do justice to Tee Keat courageous and selfless contribution to MCA and the nation, it also convincingly reveal their deplorable weaknesses that reinforce the rakyat's believe that most MCA people are only seeking self-serving interest of fame and fortune which will definitely make the rakyat more determined to wipe off those parasites.

    Today I shall cry for MCA, but in a way happy that Tee Keat do not have to shoulder MCA burdens of stained reputation anymore. In the eyes of the public he already triumph........

    The wisdom of rejecting reform and transformation and putting a tainted person as the president tell us all that MCA cannot go thorough dramatic change for better which is the public wishes, they are not going to part with their self-serving interest any time soon which earned them that famous label. Instead they add more baggage to their already infamous tag. These clowns also fail to comply with the doctrine spell out in their own constitution to advocate confucianism which promote morality in every aspect, all these have been lost, evil have already taken over.

    Its wishful thinking that MCA problems end here, by going against the public wishes itself, it is the same as challenging the community and as good as making the public their enemy, this will effectively provoked a hostile backlash from the public is for sure. They have already rise the blood pressure of the many people....

    For the Chinese community the battle with MCA start today... lets me begin by telling MCA in no uncertain terms that we do not want your tainted role model which is only good for the dogs, we shall throw out all CSL and LTL supporters in the coming GE....MCA must be cleansed form such parasites.

    I would like to apologist to Tee Keat, Datuk Ti, justice4otk and all the righteous fighters in MCA to turn my gun on MCA. We tried very hard to turn MCA people around, to help them see the light, but to no avail. We have come to the conclusion that MCA must be totally eliminate before a new and healthy life can guys just stay and wait at the sideline and do your home work...and let us complete the job.

  95. anon 11.33. Sorry, I forgot about the hell notes and rice wine. I am not familiar with the rituals. Modern generation lah.

    Please add to it.

  96. 对蔡细历确凿口交罪坐视不理

    This is ANwar's lawyer mentioned in Malaysiakini, less than 24 hours CSL was elected as MCA President.

    I have already warned you guys.

  97. Wisdom,

    I would change the word "with" to "against in the following sentence you wrote:

    "For the Chinese community the battle with MCA start today"

    There is no need to throw CSL or LTL or WSK out of MCA anymore since the Chinese are going to wipe out MCA pretty soon.

    No more MCA, no more running dogs, no more heartaches.

  98. I think it is time j4tk think about moving to DAP, PR or maybe even PAS. MCA is done for. It do not justify his being there anymore. Move lah.

  99. The SAVIOR of MCA is DSAI and not DSOKT. The sodomy II case helping himself free from charge and prosecution. Sex CD in DSCSL will be widely accept by the Chinese except CMF.

  100. Now that CSL is the new president, two things must change:

    1. MCA need to install a boudoir (french for woman private room) beside the MCA president's suite. It must have a discrete private entrance and own private elevator. Most important, no hidden cameras.

    2. All female visitors must now be assigned an escort

    Oh yes. MCA. Change is coming!

  101. Aiya....NO need to say already...MCA become today like that ...Thanks to the OTK...He bring MCA to holland....JUSTICE4 OTK bring all chinese to holland....No need to say already...Why blame Chua Soi Lek. Bring Ong Tee Keat la...For not able to handle him well since he was the president of MCA. He is not capable of handling issues. He only know how to talk...He got no person to work for him(OTK)..讲天下无敌,作有心无力...OTK u bungkus la...MCA become like that this also become u la.....Sao Pei la...OTK...Chua Soi Lek (i also dun like him much)can become presiden also because u la...

  102. OTK dam cha management skills....

  103. Rachel Ten,

    I salute and share your group courageous efforts to bring sanity to MCA members that tainted personality must not stay in public office but they are not listening good. We have to put in more efforts to make our voices heard, I suggest we collect one million signature to demand that MCA remove their stained president....

  104. ANON 08:17 PM wrote,

    So my analysis of the Chinese Horoscope of OTK, OKT and CSL was correct. Better than Lilian Too huh?

    I said that the two Ongs born in the year of the Monkey will be unlucky this year. CSL born in the year of the Pig and facing no obstacles this year will be the victor in the end. 28 March.

    (1) Lilian Too overlooked CSL luck in March 6 thru 5 April 2010 (2nd moon of lunar year). Mac is CSL's best month!

    (2) Who said CSL was born in the year of pig/boar like Anwar?

    CSL was born on 2 Jan 1947 -before the spring day (which is 22 Jan 1947). So CSL is considered as born in the year of DOG --preceding Pig. So is Ng Yen Yen who was born in 1946.

    Anwar was born in July 1947. So he is in the year of pig. Muhyiddin was also born in mid 1947.

    Check this out:


  105. Boddhi, you were the one who predicted the fire monkey thingy, and now what? You put on the gostan gear???

    I was the one who said, and it's on the record, that according to my calculation Soi Lek would win.

    See who won? Hehehe !

    BTW, I am not a professional astrologer like that Madam Foo, but my calculation is almost 90% correct.

    Guess I can start my 2nd career after I retire. Hehehe !

  106. Can someone please tell Najib to shut the fuck up?

    He has no right to comment on MCA matters !!!

  107. Anonymous said...

    I think it is time j4tk think about moving to DAP, PR or maybe even PAS. MCA is done for. It do not justify his being there anymore. Move lah.

    Justice4OTK will not be allowed in DAP or PKR.
    He has been bad mouthing both instead of turning his attention to the cause.'

    a big motherfcking slip up./

  108. The central delegates are vested with too much power...their choice and thoughts do not reflect the sentiment of the majority of MCA members. MCA needs to amend it constitution for direct election for the central committee right up to the president to avoid unhealthy practices during party elections.
    With due respect most if not more than 50% of the central delegates are just simple folks including apeks and ah chiums who do not read or write....just follow the divisional chiefs who just hand picked them to be central delegates.

  109. go implement voting system to include all mca members. at least delegates from brances. by doing so, no more money politics or bigger money politics.


  111. 1. You guys have no resolve whatsoever to ask UMNO to shut the fuck up, so

    2. You guys have no right to tell others that you guys in MCA is amount to anything.

    3. Until you guys gather up the guts to tell UMNO to fuck off, you MCA guys better shut the fuck up yourself.

  112. ANON 06:49 PM :

    1. TQ for your comment. But I recalled that I rebutted Lilian Too who ruled out CSL & thought (wrongly) that it was the battle of the monkeys....

    2. I wrote this the other day after Lilian Too's analysis:

    8. Soi Lek only has a bit too much of "metal & water". If MCA delegates choose to "close one eye", it is no surprising that Soi Lek may be elected the new MCA President.

    3. On the whole I wrote that CSL was the favourite. On Tee Keat's chance, I merely suggested the letter "T"....

    4. Politically speaking we already knew CSL was going to win. But then we could not say it openly, because we still wanted to encourage Tee Keat to keep going....

    5. Astrologically speaking, CSL was the strongest. Likewise, Liow Tiong Lai - Ox born in 1961 - had suffered a bad year in 2009 (4 Feb to 3 Feb 2010) becoz of Tai Shui. But he certainly is at his best from 4 Feb 2010....In contrast, Kong Cho Ha - tiger born in 1950, same age with Raja Petra who is on the run - clashes with Tai Shui in this tiger year!

    6. Further, many condenmed Liow's vegetarian habit. This was wrong. Liow is on vegetarian for the past 15 years. This means he had accumulated so much positive karma until today for "not killing animals for food". Had he not practiced vegetarian, he'd face "tragedies" during the ages of 37 & 38 . This is due to his eyes which exposed "three whites" (三白)

    7. It is therefore vital to know our destiny/fate by consulting qualified astrologers, so that we may attempt to improve the destiny/fate thru good deeds.

    8. You are welcomed to study astrology after your retirement, brader!


    -Boddhi Lai-

  113. If one feel that the aim is 100% correct. No way but to go ahead. Most chinese feel upset of the 328 result. Put You Step Backward, Can feel Ocean and Sky in Front. One Year is not a long time where 60% Elected CC is still Young & New. If MCA still wants Chinese support, not UMNO wants but ask yourself what you want.I have been in MCA almost 20 years and knowing Chinese is still supports the party but must not be the leader.OTK is the type of leader Chinese want. Leader can come and can go , but the FORTRSS is intact.

  114. ANON 08:02PM wrote,

    "Can someone please tell Najib to shut the fuck up? He has no right to comment on MCA matters !!!"

    What is the issue here, Sdra?

    I heard PM NTR's comment and I found it fair and reasonable. He is the chairman of BN --a sort of "Taiko", you know!

    What he spoke openly is for public consumption lah. It sounded good; nothing offensive.

    His Cabinet reshuffle may take place after the results Hulu Selangor (P94) by-election.If G Palanivel (Deputy President of MIC)wins, he may enter the Cabinet, and the current Minister of Human Resouces Dr. Subra may be dropped....

    Ong Tee Keat & Kong Cho Ha may also be replaced --probably by Wee Ka Siong & Chor Chee Heung respectively.

    CSL should stay out of Cabinet untuk the 13th GE. He needs to perform and unite the MCA first....Step by steplah. Afterall, he can become President for 9 years, and let Liow to be challenged/defeated by whoever is interested....Anything can happen during the next 4-9 years....

    TEE KEAT can also always make a comeback.


  115. Its is obvious that the current situation in MCA is untenable, the new tainted president does not command the majority as such more mess up is on the card. Further more the tainted president and deputy Brutus president are swore enemy, they are the root cause of MCA problem, Poor Tee Keat have being used by this two rascal and toss around and carry the blame of some other people's misdeed.

    Now what CSL going to say, he have force an election by the reason that the previous president does not command the majority, his standing now is even worse than Tee Keat situation ....moreover majority of central delegate have not forgive and forget his stained reputation. This joker will definitely go for LTL's skull which is one of the reason he want to be the tainted president of MCA at all costs.

  116. Yes, Tee Keat can always make a comeback, but a comeback in the running dog infested MCA would be a total waste of time.

    That is all I have to say.

  117. Hor Hor - the guy who took the prawn movie of his president is the vice president. so now they get naked & take each other in the same bed at a 4some with CMF & NYY..??

    fark - this is real unity mah..!!

    ah fark.

  118. Another fight in MCA WANITA is brewing! Look at the fierce Pandamaran Wanita - Leong..... the first one to unsheath the dagger. This is MCA culture.

  119. It's call guai ta guai - ghost beating up ghost.

    But in MCA's case, it's running dogs biting running dogs.

    Bow wow, woof woof !!

  120. The CDs finally get rid of OTK. OIK was trying to take away their rice bowls by promoting direct election. With direct election, CDs have no chance for monthly allowance, no angpows, no 5 stars hotel.

  121. It looks like Justice4OTK has 'gulung tikar' just as I have predicted. No more moderation or updated from this pro Ong Tee Keat Blogger. Just waiting for the Umno ball carrier Goh Wei Liang to do the same. This blog looks like a house just after a funeral. Heck, it is Qing Ming after all, so RIP Justice4OTK.

    Ah Guan

  122. Ball carrier Omar Goh can always go over to his second home - UMNO PWTC.

    J4OTK has no where to go. Not even the local chinese temple.

    lost souls.

  123. Dear Ah Guan and Lost Souls,

    I am sure you are not MCA members. SO SHUT YOUR BLOODY BIG MOUTHS...trying to put oil in the fire so to say.

    Of course, being a political party MCA needs to listen to members and non-members who are concerned in the MCA's well-being by giving constructive advices and suggestions but NOT writing like Ah Guan and lost souls which only served to reflect their mentality!

    In any democratic association, winning losing in the election year is the big deal.

    What MCA needs to do is to look into its constitution to amend the articlces which are dubious or irrelevant and also the system of election so that no one can misuse the previledges of being divisional chiefs or central delegates. Direct election with the technology of today is not a big problem.

    Unite to serve with dignity and be inclusive as winners should not take all and losers should not be treated with contempt.

  124. Oooooh, running dog still dare to bark?

    Hey, shit enforcer, you are nothing but a dog, a damn petty running dog !

  125. Enforcer,
    why don;t you go shopping for more high tech gadjets for better quality pictures. not grainy ones like we saw last time.

    Lost Ghoul

  126. PRO LAW ENFORCER3/30/2010 12:49:00 PM


    You are out of topic. Talking to both of you shall reduced to the level of dogs like both of you.
    You are just opportunists barking loud without meanings like mad dogs.

    Cusrsing does not solve anything and very undignified and uncivilized.

  127. Wasting energy answering to Ah Guan and lost souls.....only dogs identify dogs thus calling others dogs....just kind of stupid.

  128. Civilized Malaysian3/30/2010 12:52:00 PM

    Barking...and barking is the work of Ah Guan and Lost Souls.....there goes the dogs again.

    hope you will reborn as human so that at least you can talk like a human being and not barking all day long....

    Stop barking ok...dear ah guan and lost souls.

  129. Why barking....ah guan and lost souls...tidak ada kerja ke?

    Be constructive and do not act like dogs..




    Cadangan yang membina biar dari ahli atau tidak harus di layan tetapi caci-mencaci ditegah sama sekali..

  131. It is disgusting Ah Guan and Lost Souls trying to need to bark lah....
    Be sensible like a human being....not barking like mad dogs..

  132. Wow, see all those running dogs !

    Bow wow !!

    Woof woof !!

    No wonder CSL won. So many anjing in MCA !!!

    Woof woof !!

  133. LAW ENFORCER II3/30/2010 01:40:00 PM

    Dear Woofwoof,

    You must be a Big Dog...judging from the way you bark....bow wow and Woofwoof!!!!

    You cannot change the results of the democratically elected officers of any association.....rather than acting like mad dogs...barking and whining...every member should reflect as to why it happened......identify the weaknesses and reasons so that solutions can be found to solve whatever problems MCA is facing. Wasting our energy unproductively does serve any purpose as all.

    So, stop barking and grow up to be matured politicians.

  134. ..identify the weaknesses and reasons so that solutions can be found to solve whatever problems MCA is facing..


    Lofty ideas. SO how do you go about solving all these peoblems. MCA is like the 7 warring states. except worst. There must be blood letting.

    You all have voted for a p0rno king & a goon of Muhyddin as President. Then all those dead wood like Donald Duck has been returned.

    MCA - Malay/Umno Captured Association.

  135. MCA is now a cartoon movie.

    With Pluto and Goofy and Donald and ... wait a minute, got X-rated cerut smoking scenes some more!!!!!

    Oh my !

  136. Muahahaha !

    Little Mermaid smoking the cerut of big-small-eye dwarf !

    1Malaysia produksyen.

    Muahahaha !

  137. CHINESE MALAYSIAN3/30/2010 02:04:00 PM

    Be positive. Do not be pessimistic. There is no problem that is without a solution if we are sincere.....crying over spilled milk is not the Chinese Culture...We have survived thousands of years.....MCA's problem is just a hiccup which can be solved if all factions put aside their emotions to put the house in order so as to serve without fear or favour.....time and changes do not wait for us!!!

  138. Concerned Life Member3/30/2010 02:08:00 PM

    The voting system should be changed. Too much power has been given to the CDs.....2300 of them do not reflect the sentiment of the members and Malaysian Chinese.

    The same CDs voted so not much to be expected.

    If we cool down and think rationally...chart our future there is still hope for MCA.

  139. That is the burdens MCA people have to shouldered by putting somebody against the people's wish and you people cannot stop us for talking. Worst have yet to come when you people face the rakyat asking for our vote, I wonder you people are strong enough to face the humiliation or not. Anybody want us to stop taking about the tainted president then get ripe of him, his sight stink. You people think we rakyat are stupid to swallow the garbage you people throw to us. By putting a tainted fellow as your president, your president is sending the message like this;

    Dear MCA members as long as you are capable and talented leader, you have the license to go and fuck around and have fun, if you are caught than apologist you still can be accept to be the president of MCA like me.

    A precedent have been set.....

  140. I overheard someone said:

    "We have survived thousands of years"

    WTF ???

    You mean MCA is the result of the thousands of years of Chinese civilization ???

    This is a motherfucking HUGE insult to all Chinese, past and present !!!

  141. If you see a MCA member, give him or her a slap. If you see a MCA CD, take a big stick and whack him or her. This is to show our appreciation to MCA members for their work.

  142. hahaha this is now the longest thread in j4OTK 's brief history. His Story. now nearing an end.


    >>>The voting system should be changed. Too much power has been given to the CDs.....2300 of them do not reflect the sentiment of the members and Malaysian Chinese.<<<

    Ya can't even stop a bunch of crooks from taking over -and yet ya wanna talk big abt changing the constitution of MCA.

    1000 year of evolution has produced a bunch of donkeys in MCA. Not even monkeys.


  143. Aiyah! MCA is Naimah!!!!

  144. It is madness. MCA is innocent. The present batch of CDs need to be changed. They are mostly illiterate uncles and aunties who hardy read or write.....just followed instructions from divisional chiefs who have been acting like mafia bosses... that is the problems. Amend the constitution that certain criteria is needed to run for CDs and all MCA posts so that they won't be robotic....followed instructions only after beeing treated to sumptuous dinner or lunch.

  145. 03:18,

    I already gave myself some big slaps, and also have prepared some big sticks for some of the CDs I know.

    Then I will cut up my MCA card.

    I will have no part in an MCA being led by filth, FGZs and running dogs.

  146. Patient Life Member3/30/2010 04:25:00 PM

    MCA needs to know that any actions taken will have repercussions from Malaysian Chinese, whether it is the election of party's office bearers or issues that affect them. So, CDs need to be very sensitive and not vote for self-vested interest only. THe present team of leaders need to find ways to pacify the people who may have their choices due to certain reasons. Listen to them too as MCA is supposed to serve them without fear or favour.

  147. 4.00 PM sharp.

    Will there be a mass card-cutting ceremony to bury MCA.. if so i want to join.

    I ll also bring paper dummies 'siu yan' and hell bank notes. Paper DVD recorders and cameras. they ll need plenty of electronic gadjets in hell.

    Omi Tofu.

  148. I j4tk should organise this mass card-cutting ceremonies. How about it? Maybe do it on MCA assembly hall.

  149. Anger does not bring any good...

  150. MCA nees to do this:

    Purge out all the uncles and aunties -- sorry those above 60s should not be represernting the braches. As they do not even know they are in, or you see them once every 3 years just to cast votes which has been arranged.

    They need to revamp the system, otherwise, only the rich can be SOMEONE in MCA.

  151. Where is J4tk? He seemed to be missing in action.

  152. The new teams of MCA should support OTK plan for DIRECT PARTY ELECTION to gain back the confidence from members and chinese as well. Many members were lack of chance to elect the PRESIDENT they wanted and feel shame now as a member of MCA. Such trend will eventually shrinkle MCA to become a MOSQUITO PARTY. The new teams of MCA should forseen this will happen and do some thing good for the future of Chinese and party. 800 heroes

  153. anon 05:06

    Agree with you that MCA need revamp, but not fair to whack uncles and aunties.

    The youths is one of the major problems and to be blame, they only listen to the big fat swine...

  154. No. It is fair to whack the uncles and aunties as well. They probably voted against OTK because of the fear their day of angpows are numbered. These uncles and aunties are just ignorant peasants. As for the youths, these are the bastards.

  155. Don't worry about justice4otk lah, he will recharge and come with full energy, his spirit will never failed OTK, so will be many of you.....

  156. WKS is now the Minister of Transport. Liow has been removed from his ministerial position. Kong stays on as Housing Minister.

  157. I have been a member for 40 years but I am ready to cut my card.

    I do not want to associate with anything MCA anymore.

  158. Life Member For 40 Yrs3/30/2010 06:45:00 PM

    Rash action will only bring pain and bewilderment.
    Right thoughts.
    Right speeches.
    Right actions.
    Be patient........everything is impermanent.

  159. To 06-45, I have been very patience.

    For 40 years I hope that one day MCA would turn a new leave.

    Through thick and thin I stayed with MCA. Times and times again MCA faltered.

    I am already 64 years old. My 3 sons already cut their MCA cards years ago. I am the only holdout.

    328 tells me that my wishful thinking will never become a reality.

    I am waiting no more.

  160. Vateran Life Member3/30/2010 08:18:00 PM

    I admire your are the rare type, do wait a bit longer
    DS OTK had done his best during such a trying time. Change and reformation are difficult to come about as most of the MCA leaders had been in the comfort zones....changes or reforms would certainly have enroached into some sensitive zones...thus the reactions to DS OTK's initiative to reengineer and reenerzise the party.

  161. leave.

    Through thick and thin I stayed with MCA. Times and times again MCA faltered.

    I am already 64 years old. My 3 sons already cut their MCA cards years ago. I am the only holdout.

    I think you better throw it in lahh.. MCA will never reform in your lifetime. Rather than going to the grave with your card - it's best you chuck it at Wisma San Choon all torn up. show those mthfckers they have betrayed you for 40 years.

    If you chuck it in - you may die smiling for having the satisfaction.


  162. "I am already 64 years old. My 3 sons already cut their MCA cards years ago. I am the only holdout."

    Like the advertisement say, potong. Believe me, you will not regret. If MCA return to the correct path, you can rejoin.

    By the way, cutting your membership card do not mean you are resigning from MCA. You division head will continue to pay your membership due and continue to vote on your behalf. You will become a ghost member.
    This is how MCA works and a legacy of Ong Ka Ting and Ong Ka Chuan.

  163. By the way, cutting your membership card do not mean you are resigning from MCA. You division head will continue to pay your membership due and continue to vote on your behalf. You will become a ghost member.
    This is how MCA works and a legacy of Ong Ka Ting and Ong Ka Chuan.

    Hahah that's worst than slavery.
    IN slavery - after 7 years you can be freed according to some jewish laws. Or you can redeem yourself. This MCA ong-laws are too much.


  164. Whatever they want to do is no longer my business. I cut my cut last night.


  165. My Fellow Huaren,

    I'm really sad to read all these comments as how disunited we are as a community. Look at the Umno. They are smart by setting up PERKASA to further their Malay Agenda though they say they are not behind PERKASA.

    What's worse is that we are all taken for a ride by that Mother Fucking Goh Wei Liang who pretends to support OTK but is actually pro Umno and Mahathir blogger who is trying to destroy MCA and split us with his lies. He is another Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. Instead of calling for MCA and all Chinese to unite, he is busy trying to finish off MCA. He has given ebough ammunition for the Opposition to destroy MCA.Just read what Goh Wei Liang wrote in his blog below:

    "MCA's new office bearers consist of leaders who have investigation files with MACC, PAC as well as the Police which have yet to be concluded or announced. Google and newspapers are easily accessible to confirm this. Yen Yen is the first one to say that MCA has forgiven Soi Lek. Note that she said MCA. And MCA is possibly the first party in the world to have a sex scandal politician as President though I must agree that is his personal problem."

    This Mother Fucker Goh Wei Liang must be exposed and it is our duty to shut him and his Fucking Blog down for good. This pro Umno chauhai is from Ipoh and is studying in Sydney. If you see him or know him Fuck him hard and put him out of business. Don't underestimate the damage Goh Wei Liang can do with his blogging. This is Goh Wei Liang's Blog

    Jin Kean

  166. For me my aim is very clear that is to bring CSL and LTL and their gang down, these people are not fit to represent the Chinese community interest.

    For those who share the same sentiment lets focus solely on this area, no need to make enemy on the bloggers, they have their right and its up to us to agree or not........

  167. How can we trust any "Chinese" who is buddy buddy with that Ridhuan Tee Abdullah?

    How can we trust Omar Goh?

    But J4OTK trusts him, and many many so-called "Chinese" in MCA trust that motherfucker Omar Goh.

    That, by itself, does say a lot about MCA, doesn't it?

    So it's no surprise that MCA elects a porn star to be its leader and a FGZ to be the second in command.

    For the past 6 decades, MCA has betrayed the Chinese, and with the like of Omar Goh and LTL and CSL and J4OTK, MCA is poised to betray the Chinese for many years to come.

    That is, if we Chinese do nothing.

    It has come down to it ---> For the Chinese to thrive, MCA MUST CLOSE SHOP.

    No two ways about it.

    The longer MCA stays in business, the more it will be used by running dogs and FGZs to sell us out.

    It is either MCA or the Chinese.

    It's up to you which one you choose, but for me, the target is clear --- Terminate MCA !

  168. This comment has been removed by the author.

  169. anon 08;59,

    I will not dispute you anger toward MCA as I myself is very angry with their actions not to listen to us. But I cannot understand why you pick on the bloggers who give us the platform to voice our grievances...lets shoot at the right target, ok....

  170. "MCA's new office bearers consist of leaders who have investigation files with MACC, PAC as well as the Police which have yet to be concluded or announced. Google and newspapers are easily accessible to confirm this...."

    Of, course this is how Najib want it. If I am in the top position, this is how I want it. I want people that I can control. Do as I say, or else I release the information in the file. This was Mahatir's tactic. And I suspect this is Najib's tactic. Look at the stupid Badawi when he refused to use this tactic.

    Now that MCA is in the hook, it will quietly do as it is told.

  171. ANON 11:06 said,

    "Of, course this is how Najib want it. If I am in the top position, this is how I want it. I want people that I can control. Do as I say, or else I release the information in the file. This was Mahatir's tactic. And I suspect this is Najib's tactic. Look at the stupid Badawi when he refused to use this tactic...."

    No such thing lah, Brader!

    The correct statement should be this:

    "Everyone got a file for himself/herself".

    So there is no reason for our new President to worry unncessarily over the possibility of "balls squeezing" by someone at the top lah....

    It appears that every political leader/party is free to air his/her views.

    I personally feel that as long as the views so expressed are constructive to the nation-building and the beneficial to the rakyat, aiyo, please go ahead to open your mouth.

    Of course some sensitive issues we must discuss in-door lah. How can we let the HP6 people know the "compromises/negotiations" achieved behind closed door?

    We should forward from now. 向前走!向钱看!(halal/legal money lah!).

    -Ren Xing-

  172. Dear Ren Xing. Have you not heard of how Mahatir cowed his UMNO warlords? Have not heard of how Mahatir got Lee Kuan Yew to put Tan Koon Swan in jail. Have you heard of how Badawi refused to act on information giveb to him to get rid of certain people because he was too religous.

    How can you say no such thing? You are too naive. You will not survive in politics.

  173. For MCA, "向前走" is an impossible feat because they always "向钱看".

    As long as UMNO shows them the these running dogs will wag their tails and do whatever their UMNO lords want them to do.

    MCA, a perfect final resting place for the Mati Chibai Assholes !

  174. It's not Mati Chibai Assoholes, it's MAK CHIBAI ASSLICKERS !

  175. ANON 12:50,

    That was all bullshit lah.

    You people believed that rubbish, and also accepted the "refuse" wh stated that Justice Augustine Paul's balls were squeezed by TDM....hahaha

    I also heard that Luan Luan Sek also got very thick file in PMO/Bukit Aman what! hehehehe

    These were all flying letter/surat layanglah...because at that time modern media were not readily available....

    Anyway, please do not worry about my future in politics, because I am NO POLITIKUS lah!


    -REN XING-

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