Thursday, March 25, 2010

Soi Lek thanks Pakatan for not targeting sex scandal

You want to know why ? Their Anwar Ibrahim is also in a similar position , so the less said the better . Pakatan people are also asking why Anwar has been charged for his sexual misconduct whereas you have not been ? Kindly refer to Chua JM's speech when he joined Pakatan .

By Clara Chooi

KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 – Former MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek has commended the Pakatan Rakyat for not using his sex scandal against him, unlike his own party members. They want you to win , that's why , cause if you do , MCA is habis !

He expressed thanks to the opposition for not expounding on the controversy, saying that he had the highest respect for them because of this.

“None of the Pakatan Rakyat parties have used this scandal against me. That is why I have the highest respect for them,” he said in an interview with the media yesterday. Then you should resign and join Pakatan !

The party president hopeful slammed the members of his own party for having used the issue as their weapon, pointing out the bitter irony of how they were willing to defame him while the opposition had not. Please lah ! Dr Chua nobody defame you , the evidence is in the DVDs , please lah ask your producers the Ong Ka Ting and Co ! Defamation is saying something that you didn't do ! How can you say its defamation when the whole world has seen your DVD ?

“It is my own party members who have been using this against me, for fear of my advancement within the party,” he claimed. Not for fear of your advancement but for fear of voters rejecting the party if you are the president .

Dr Chua (picture) said that he was also resigned to the fact that his tainted past would forever come back to haunt him, although the incident had ended long ago. That is part and parcel of politicics . Its the same everywhere , not only in Malaysia .

“I have come to accept the fact that this is an issue that my enemy within the party or opponents within the party will continue to use to whack me.

“This is why I must thank the opposition. Because hardly anyone used it against me,” he said.

He also praised the opposition for maintaining political decorum and ethics. You are not fighting them yet , in fact they have not used it against you for now hoping you would win the presidency which would make them have a walk over when the GE comes by pasting your photographs all over Malaysia , painting the towns red with your bedroom scenes .

“You notice that one of their colleagues also had a similar problem? But do they ever use it again? Did they use it after that? She took one month’s leave and then when she came back, nothing happened,” he said.

Dr Chua was referring to PKR’s Bukit Lanjan assemblyman, Elizabeth Wong and her nude photo scandal. Oh ! Elizabeth! , she's still single , not married , and the photos were taken when she was sleeping by her boyfriend without her knowledge , but in your case you are married and caught doing an act which is deemed punishable by law betraying your wife . Yes many have forgiven you as long as you are not going for No 1 . MCA cannot have a tainted person as its President . Chinese have high regards for their facee ....


  1. Brother Kit siang elcome you to be the PResident...he has prepared red carpet for you.

    Leter together with the red carpet, you will be thrown into a cage.

  2. Dr Chua are you trying to tell that if you lose you are joining them, no need for you to lose, you can join them now. We know you does not have MCA interest in your heart, you have being saying this many time already. Walk your talk lah and go

    OTK Bodyguard

  3. Loo punye taikor hampir lemas oredi and loo still want to play play with Anwar?

    Aiya, j40+|< !

  4. MCA has funny characters lah! From porno star to brutus, pig and fried noodle. It also has an on-off switch as ADUN.


    Soi Lek has 2 faces and 1 evil agenda?

    ...I QUOTE..

    I receive this article in my mail box from “I LOVE MALAYSIA”. Does it make sense?

    1) Face 1 – Who were those behind the “Topple Ong Ka Ting” group? Theng Bok and Wong Leong were key leaders. Who was the mastermind of the group? It was the same person who hated Ong Ka Ting, and blamed OKT for being the one behind the DVD secret recording

    Face 2 – Who are those behind the “Topple Ong Tee Keat” group now? Also Theng Bok and Wong Leong- the same group, now with help from Tan Chai Ho, Loh Seng Kok, etc. Will the “Topple MCA president ” stop only when CSL himself becomes the president?

    2) Face 1 – CSL said this was the first time an MCA president called for an EGM ( )

    Face 2 – He forgot that Ling Liong Sik had also called for one to resolve the Nanyang controversy in 2001, following the Team A- Team B split. He obviously forgot that Lim Ah Lek had blamed CSL for being the “hair that broke the camel’s back” in the infamous “Batu Pahat Incident”, resulting in the formation of Team A-Team B.

    3) Face 1 – CSL said the MCA disciplinary board has always been headed by the deputy president. Now, it is headed by a veteran, an ex-lawyer, Ng Cheng Kiat.

    Face 2 – He forgot that just a few years ago, it was also headed by a veteran and ex-lawyer, Tan Sri Kam Woon Wah. In fact, CSL was in the central committee which endorsed the formation of the then disciplinary panel.

    4) Face 1 – He said he should lead Johor MCA, not the president OTK.
    Face 2 – Being a Johor old hand, he “forgot” that since Tan Sri Lee San Choon, ALL successive presidents have led the State at one time or another.

    5) Face 1 – In the afternoon of August 18, 2009, the MCA central committee, which met in JB, endorsed two resolutions – to support OTK’s efforts to probe PKFZ and to back the president in lodging police reports into the case.

    Face 2 – On the same night, CSL held a press conference in KL to say that OTK should not drag the MCA into the PKFZ issue, although he had attended the said CC meeting a few hours earlier. What a hypocrite! He obviously doesn’t want his cosy relationship with Tiong King Sing compromised. They both want to get rid of OTK.

    6) Face 1 – On March 1, 2009 after the MCA 60th anniversary celebrations, OTK and CSL at the joint-media conference said they could work well with each other.

    Face 2 – Less than an hour later, CSL held another press conference at the same venue and complained that he “could not feel the warmth from the president”. Can you trust this man to say and do the right things in Cabinet despite whatever public pledges he’s made?

    7) Face 1 – In January 2008, he said he would resign as Minister, from all party post and as MP following the revealations of his sex DVD.

    Face 2 – Now, he said he did not resign as MP. He knew then if he did, he would be barred from being an MP for five years, effectively shutting any possibility of him making a comeback. Can you trust such a man who lies so easily?

    ... UNQUOTE


    ..I QUOTE.

    8) Face 1 – CSL complained of being snubbed for the Ministerial post..

    Face 2 – He knew that to be a Minister, he must be a Senator (because he did not stand in the last election). So when the central committee in early 2009 tabled a motion on who to fill up the MCA quota, he did not suggest himself, atlhough he was present at the meeting. Neither did his supporters in the CC nominate him. CSL himself let his Ministerial chance slipped pass.

    9) Face 1 – In his blog, CSL tries to play hero, seemingly speaking up against Umno and bringging up populist issues like ISA and public healthcare.

    Face 2 – He keeps running to PM Najib complaining of not being made a minister, Johor chairman and head of the discplinary board panel. Do you trust a man who’s beholden to Umno to speak up on issues affecting the Chinese if he becomes MCA president? He will squeal like a mouse the moment Umno dangles the 377b (offence for oral sex) in his face each time he attempts to speak up. Several police reports have already been lodged. Offenders are liable to whipping and a jail term of up to 20 years. Jail term and whipping or play along with Umno? It’s a no-brainer.


  7. Bravo j4otk !

    Hard hitting rebuttal to cunning actor most foul.

    CSL talking as if sexual transgression is morally acceptable faux pas.


  8. From FreeMalaysiaToday

    KUALA LUMPUR: Former MCA secretary-general Ting Chew Peh has openly expressed his contempt for presidential hopeful Ong Ka Ting, calling the former MCA president a “recycled leader”.

    “Recycling is for solid waste,” he told a press conference here today. “It’s good for the environment but not for human resource.”

    What he mean is that Ong Ka Ting is a piece of shit.

  9. see,,told you [csl] so many time not to go for no.1 post[cos you're not fit],dont want to listen,now 'lor loi soi loh' soi lek....hakka lau of sabah say...
    still not too late to withdraw and support DSOTK for president and be appointed as sec. gen... rid off 'recycied shit'.only then MCA stand a chance to compete in GE 13...

  10. 328 is the day for MCA to clean up rubbish OTK cause he made MCA soo smelly and bad for one and half year

  11. Damn right. MCA is history if Soi Lek comes to power. No need to get sentimental, after 60 years the end of the party could be near. Come next General Elections I will not vote for MCA and I won't be alone.
    The question on most people's minds is why elect a President and then try to bring him down less than a year in office. The chaos in MCA is solely due to one politician - Soi Lek and later Tiong Lai & gang. The snakes emerged from the grass when they sense an opportunity to grab power. Now that Ka Ting has entered the fray, we can see clearly that he is endorsed by the UMNO leadership for whatever reason and backed by a former MCA president.

  12. Above brother, 60% public want OTK to be MCA PRESIDENT, please be not so fast to give up MCA before 328. Chinese do need your support, is a WAR not only MCA internally, it is a WAR for us as CHINESE IN THIS COUNTRY SHALL WE REGARDED OURSELVES AS (1) PENDATANG (2) KEEN TO GRASP WEALTHY FROM MALAY ?


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