Friday, February 26, 2010

Ku Li: Even Malays leaving Tanah Melayu

An honest opinion from an elder . Its not about UMNO as an organisation but of Hawks , Fundamentalists , Zealous Racists , Little Napoleons and Warlords who thinks this country owes them and belongs to them . The rot started during Mahathir's watch , when that fella with the janggut from ABIM came in and started building his empire by giving titbits and later on to big time incentives to his cronies and to the civil servants to serve his apirations of becoming prime minister . When he was the education minister he was the one who abolished the use of English from the civil service and from the courts . Those circulars were issued during his tenure as the Ed Minister in 1989 - with Dr M's unofficial sanction and approval . By then most of the subjects in schools were all converted and taught in Bahasa . That was why our standard of education dropped . University of Malaya used to be the top university in the region , but now wa tak tau , tanya Anwar. Ya he's the one who started all this mess from racial integration to racial disintegration . When he was Finance Minister almost all his family members , father , mother became directors of listed companies , not one but many many. During the Financial breakdown in 1996 had he followed the IMF recommendations (overturned by TDM to peg our Ringgit at $3.80)our ringgit would have traded at 5.00ringgit to a USD . That would have been the guillotine for all the Chinese Businesess in Malaysia . They would all have become bankrupt. Ahmad Ismail , Ahmad Zahidi , the current defense minister were some of his cronies who made it rich .

Umno veteran and Gua Musang MP, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah laments the state of affairs in the country. - Picture by Choo Choy May

By Neville Spykerman

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 — Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is concerned that even Malays are getting disillusioned with the state of the nation and leaving the country.

“Something must be wrong in this so-called Malay Land (Tanah Melayu) when they (Malays) are leaving.” said the Kelantan prince during an interview with The Malaysian Insider.

The Umno veteran and Gua Musang MP said people, especially the young, are feeling uneasy over developments in the country and didn’t mince his words when he pointed out that there are signs of decline everywhere.

“There are many Malays in London who are professionals, making good money, who will not return because the environment is not right in Malaysia.”

He added that the negative publicity generated by the caning of three Muslim women and controversy surrounding the use of the word “Allah” is not helping the country.

While the caning may have been in accordance to Syariah laws, Razaleigh said it still negatively impacts the country when it makes headlines around the world for the wrong reasons.

“Investors and tourists are wondering what’s happening in Malaysia, at a time when we need investments, capital and jobs for our young who are also increasingly finding it difficult...”

He said even the non-Muslims are being hauled up for holding hands and cited a case where Islamic authorities barged into a room where a foreign couple was staying.

Razaleigh also decried that race relations are getting increasingly strained because of divisive policies.

He said the government can stage as many open houses as they like but there’s no warmth.

“Of course people will come if there’s free food but it’s not genuine.”

He pointed out that despite the recent assurances on the crime rate coming down, people are still insecure about their safety.

“Even my wife is afraid to go out. Why should we be afraid in our own country?”

He lamented the corruption in the country and how Air Force jet engines that weigh a ton can go “missing” or how the nation’s first submarine, which cost billions, could not initially dive.

“Now that it can dive, we’re not sure if it can come up again.” he said, adding that it may sound comical but it is alarming.

On the streets, he said, corruption have allowed drugs to flow in.

“Malaysia is only a small market compared to New York, but because people are corrupt they allow drugs to flow in.” he said, adding that young minds and lives are lost because of it.

“These are signs of decline which were never here before,” he concluded.


  1. certainly has been misbehaving and acting out of character recently.

    What you have done and said is morally wrong as an elderly statesman, ex employee of Petronas and ex Finance Minister. You have breached the confidential agreement you have had.

    If you are not happy with the current UMNO leaders, the least you could do is resign or maybe stage another coup.

    For sure, you will not be let off this time.


  2. >> certainly has been misbehaving and acting out of character recently.

    That;s right. You should do the master's bidding and toe the party line - just like JT4OTK and his fellow ilks.


  3. Tengku is speaking truth fact and real daily happenings in this bolehland country. If nothing is done to correct all wrong doings, the next generation Malaysians will be in real trouble.

    'Anon 11.04am' is still sleeping and dreaming of bright sunshine. Maybe he can get it as he is from Umno.

  4. To Anon 01:55

    You must admit that you and me are not aware of the actual facts or agreement between the State and the Federal regarding the Oil bonanza.

    What I am inferring to Tengku is his ethics as a human being and an employee. He has benefited from his previous role as a finance Minister and Chairman of Petronas so much so that he is so comfortable living where he is. For him to be so ungrateful and breaching his word of honour as an employee gives no room for anyone to spare him.

  5. Anon katak-under-shell:You must admit that you and me are not aware of the actual facts or agreement between the State and the Federal regarding the Oil bonanza.


    Tengku is & is speaking out.. so how bout you going back to your shell.

    kak tak


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