Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Aussie MPs urged

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KOTA BARU: International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed has stressed to the international community that sodomy is not allowed under Islam and the eastern culture in Malaysia.

Mustapa, who is also Kelantan Umno liaison chief, said foreigners should first understand the country’s beliefs, culture and laws which deemed sodomy to be an offence.

“They don’t understand our culture, beliefs and laws. They should respect our country’s sovereignty,” he said in a speech during a special meeting with Barisan Nasional leaders here yesterday.

He was commenting on the act of over 50 Australian politicians who lodged a formal protest urging Malaysia to drop Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy trial saying it would hurt the country’s image.

The politicians called for the case against Anwar to be abandoned in the interest of building confidence in the impartial rule of law in Malaysia.

A foreign news agency quoted Australia’s foreign affairs parliamentary subcommittee chairman, Michael Danby, as saying that Anwar’s second sodomy trial was a shame to Malaysia’s democratic system and felt that they needed to support the Opposition leader.

The protest letter received mixed reactions from various quarters in Malaysia, with some local leaders saying the Australian MPs were extreme and unaware of Malaysia’s system of parliamentary democracy.

Mustapa said the international community should not define sodomy through their own eyes.

“In the United States, there are laws that allow gay marriages. A man can marry another man and a woman can marry another woman.

“Such practices are frowned upon by Muslims in this country and others worldwide as it is against nature,” he said.

“Therefore, the world needs to evaluate Anwar’s case through Malaysia’s lens and not their own liberal views,” he added. — Bernama


  1. LGE and his 100 coffins.

    Please MCA, now is the time for you guys to fill the coffins with the corrupted PR representatives.

    I will give you a hint ---> The DAP state rep of Penang whose car has pumped in the most expensive petrol in Malaysia (RM 3000 per litre). This guy is corrupt to the max !

  2. Hi Justice4OTK

    Do you mean that the MCA actually believe the trumped up charges against Anwar? Are the words of 3 independent doctors that was no penetration not good enough ?

    Penang People

  3. >Understand Malaysian culture,...

    oh you mean like getting pumped from the back-side?

    Sai Fool

  4. Say Anon 5:38

    The DAP state rep of Penang whose car has pumped in the most expensive petrol in Malaysia (RM 3000 per litre).

    Anymore clues ? This is interesting , J4otk should be greatly interested I'm sure .

  5. Ban j4otk from aussie land.

  6. Aussie only talked about the justice not that they support GAY actions. These are 2 different thigns all together. Get it right.


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