Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dragon Boat Inquest : I dare you to do a public poll whether the State Government should be held responsible !

Sodomy II: Lim dares PM to do public poll

Few will buy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's contention that the Sodomy II trial is “a personal, not political trial”, argued an opposition leader.

DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang is so confident the overwhelming majority of Malaysians see the trial as political that he urged the government to conduct a public opinion poll.

lim kit siang on conversion case 210409 02“Extend the opinion poll to all keen observers of Malaysian affairs worldwide and there can be no doubt that the overwhelming majority of opinion - whether national or international - will be of the view that the Sodomy II trial is a political, not personal, trial.”

The Ipoh Timur MP stressed that he had no doubt over the outcome of such polls.

“Is Najib really unaware that national and international confidence in Malaysian governance - an important element for Malaysia's declining international competitiveness - hinges considerably on the process and outcome of the Sodomy II trial, which explains the presence of international observers at the trial?”

Trio go to Washington

Lim said that if the Sodomy II trial is not a political trial as claimed by Najib, the premier would not send a high-powered team to United States to speak at an event hosted by a Washington think-tank next Wednesday.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri Abdul Aziz, Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail and former chief justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad - will be participating in a two-hour seminar on governance and rule of law in Malaysia.

Lim also ticked off Najib for smacking down the opposition leader's suggestion for a special sitting of Parliament to discuss the call by 50 Australian lawmakers that the Sodomy II charges against Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim be dropped.

“Is Najib worried that he will not be able to get the solid support of every Barisan Nasional MPs if there is an emergency meeting of Parliament on the matter?”

I think you are the greatest idiot in the country !


  1. No, Tan Cheng Liang, you are the biggest idiot !

    Penang People

  2. haha. the Lim family won't do a public poll on dragon boat case. the PR troopers were scrambling in search of an answer. in the end, they said it was an act of mother nature. so simple. they wash their hands clean just like tat

  3. Penang People

    Are you suffering from DAPtitis ? Thats infection of the penis head !

    Penang Lang

  4. Have you read about the number of people died of road acidents in Malaysia (7,000 for a 27 million population) as compared to that in england (2700 cases for 72 million population) posted by M.today???

    That is left for j4otk's government to take actions.

    Penang Mari

  5. Response to Penang Mari@Penang People

    Ya correct how to correct a bumi population where you find the following :

    a) Young malay boys riding motorcycles underaged .
    b) Young Malay boys riding motorcycles without crash helmet.
    c)Malay and Indian families carrying their two children making four persons riding a motorbike
    d)Malay teenagers showing off their skills as in the Mat Rempits
    e) Drivers who passed out from the States deemed rural , in other words know how to drive only in the kampongs but not in the towns .
    f)Lembu licenses
    g)Folks who overload their vehicles with more than the allowed passengers
    h) Folks who don't care about the mechanical parts of their cars , ie brakes etc
    i) Folks who don't change their tires when they are bald .
    j)Drivers driving under the influence of drugs .
    If you get the statistics from the jpj majority of deaths occur in backward states and on federal roads and majority are young Malays on motorcycles .

    Penang Lang

  6. justice4otk,
    Pls response to my comments post under Lawless behaviour of motorists shocks JPJ chief regarding MCA Chinese New Year celebration at the Penang International Sports Arena on March 1. I plan to meet OTK but if it were about Gospel event then I will choose some other time.

  7. Penang Lang,

    Have you heard of ENFORCEMENT?? That's the responsibilities of the GOV to protect innocent people like you and me.

    If you start giving excuses, than that's what you get. This boils down to governance and "clean" government.

    So, thank you for the long list - that this the workscope you cut out for your GOV.

    Penang Mari

  8. Penang Mari

    So what does that make us Malaysians ?
    That everything has to be enforced ?
    Illegal hawkers needs to be enforced , illegal and pirate DVD needs to be enforced , car thieves need to be enforced , blah blah blah , talk very easy , I also know how to talk ...

    Penang Lang

  9. Omar Goh, go back to your ummah !

    You have no business dealing with the Chinese matters since you are no longer a Chinese !

  10. Hello anon 9:22

    Do me a favor Goh has every right to post his comments here .
    In fact All are welcome .


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