Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Truth Of Tibet

See the videos of the truth and the lies spread by the western media particularly CNN


  1. Hi J4OTK aka Tan Cheng Liang

    Why are you so against the Dalai Lama ?
    Aren't you a buddhist ?

    Penang People

  2. Penang People

    Don't try to fish in my blog . Just shows how dumb you can be , probably on the borderline of a moron . If you don't know your facts , don't try to fish for information . I was not born yesterday .

  3. Btw Penang People

    This article is not about Buddhism , its about how some people , or a monk , can be made used of by some Western Powers with self vested interest to create trouble to an up and coming super power .
    I have not forgotten how the British introduced Opium to China to weaken the spirit of the Chinese .

  4. this 'running dog' monk is a tool to the US to split n rule china [like what they've done to RUSSIA].the other tool in taiwan,was kept behind bars.their greatest concerh is xin jian province[oil of course].THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH THE WORLD TODAY IS , NOT KNOWING TO DIFFERENCIATE BETWEEN EVIL MONK[DALAI] AND REAL BUDDHIST RELIGIOUS MONKS. people like 'penang people' please pray for more wisdom or else keep your stupid mouth shut!!! happy CNY...

  5. Dalai Lama is not Buddhism and Buddhism is not Dalai Lama. Well said J4OTK.


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