Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear Fellow MCA comrades

I have just received news that Tee Keat who sent in his resignation letter as Transport Minister to PM Najib has been rejected . PM najib has also decided to maintain status quo for all the Ministerial positions held by MCA . I believe this was conveyed to the president by Najib when the latter met up with him to present his choice of Ministers for MCA .Therefore Ong Tee Keat is still the Transport Minister . Najib has indeed made a good choice and a good move .

Coming back to Chew Mei Fun who said that she would resign and quit as Wanita Chief if Chua Soi Lek becomes the president however she has been surprisingly been very quiet and has kept silent on the matter after the party elections hoping for the storm to blow away or the matter swept underneath the bathroom mat .
she the one who was harping Ong Tee Keat to honour his words. Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin. Now Chew should and must do what she said she intented to do if Chua Soi Lek became President. Don't hide behind Wanita MCA. I'm sure Malaysian Chinese in general will be very happy if you resign!!!!!
Please do this honor for us and resign !!!!

Update :

Chua not looking at return to Cabinet

Thursday, 01 April 2010 20:28 KUALA LUMPUR – Dr Chua Soi Lek is not looking at a return to the Cabinet.

Neither is he revealing who he would recommend to the Prime Minister for ministerial posts.

Dr Chua, who was a former health minister, said he would prepare the list only after Najib Abdul Razak fixed the date to meet him.

Najib had earlier today said he wanted Chua to settle down first in his new role as MCA president. "There is no hurry (to meet)."

Bernama quoted Chua as saying that in the interim, current MCA leaders holding Cabinet posts should go about their work as usual.

Work as usual until further notice

Dr Chua was speaking to reporters after hosting a lunch for MCA's four ministers and seven deputy ministers at the party headquarters today.

Except for Transport Minister Ong Tee Keat, Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Chew Mei Fun and Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Wee Jeck Seng, the rest turned up for the lunch.

Meanwhile, a central committee member has indicated that Chua would chair his first CC meeting since the March 28 party elections on April 7.

The meeting would decide on who would become the new secretary-general, treasurer-general, national organising secretary and state liaison chairmen.

It is rumoured that the new secretary-general is likely to be former vice-president Kong Cho Ha.


  1. Where is that fcuking cry baby ? Why has she not yet resign as promised ? Maybe someone need her in MCA to do a blow job for someone .

  2. yes,,any video-ing of this scene?

  3. heard there's one with a Malay girl ? anyone ?

  4. Anon 8.45,

    Are you saying PArt 2??

    Juicy man!

  5. That sticking fcuking bitch. Wanita CC should have a vote of no confidence. Or are the wanita's cc members the same breed of bitch.

  6. Based on the above knowledge someone within the deputy's camp has started plotting the downfall of ChuaSoiLeg . This will ensure the No2 gets a fast promotion .

    They have also indentified several runners with money bags .

    On the part 2 , it was leaked during the part 1 episode . Perhaps they have decided the time was not right , save for a rainy day , only then you'll bring out the umbrella .

  7. Is this the reason he has dared not submit his name for a cabinent position ? to stay out ? How " humble and generous" can this man be !

  8. Anon 11:02

    I won't be surprised since the deputy was part of the snoop squad . They have been producing multiple DVDs . Imagine recoding scenes after scenes for a period of one month , with only one girl ? unbelievable ? Even some royalties knew about it !

  9. You people were on cloud nine producing DVDs in the multiples. But haven't you thought of paying royalty to the protagonists ? Hah ha ha ....Be lah..

  10. CMF should open a new restaurant for her brand of Noodles in KL . My intention not to disgrace her. She always uphold her personality like OTK. SHE QUIT. Thus I hope she will do it and for sure fancies of OTK & J4OTK do support her. A LADY WITH PRINCIPLE.800 Heroes

  11. For MCA Wanita Integrity , Accountability , Credibility and Social Awareness - To advocate Husband Royalty to a Wife, the best resolution is TEMPORARY DISSOLVE WANITA UNTIL NEXT PARTY ELECTION as self-punishment. It also can avoid embarassment while doing campaigning in the Hulu Selangor by election.

  12. HSK is still weak to contest for the MCA Wanita Chief post. Do not fall into the trap of some bloggers/hidden enemy. Once Noodle Chow gave up the post of Wanita Chief and Minister post. She will retain HER HONESTY and make her be stronger in the party and comparable with NYY . The ideal post for HSK to contest is Vice or Deputy in 2011. Normal Heart

  13. your wife got kiss you or not in public? you tok tok only?


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