Saturday, April 3, 2010

Perkasa slams Chinese politicians for calling it racist

Yes you are racists PERKASA !

What do you know about the Federal Constitution ? Porah !! If your group can called other people 'pendatang', prostitutes and beggars so what's wrong when people called you racists?

Perkasa's youth chief, Arman Abu Hanifah (centre) accuses two Chinese leaders from Gerakan and MCA of maligning the movement. – Picture by Choo Choy May

By Debra Chong and Yow Hong Chieh

KUALA LUMPUR, April 2 — Malay rights group Perkasa today accused two ethnic Chinese Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders of maligning their movement and is demanding a public apology within the next 48 hours.

Its youth chief Arman Azha Abu Hanifah slammed Gerakan’s Datuk Teng Hock Nan and MCA’s Low Chew June for their comments on the non-governmental organisation’s (NGO) inaugural congress officiated by former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad last Saturday.

Arman Azha insisted the duo had no right to interfere, and had incorrectly labelled Perkasa a “racist and right-wing organisation”.

He denied they were “racist”, “right-wing” or “extremist” and said they were only “protecting” the rights of the Malay community as laid out in the Federal Constitution.

“I give them 48 hours for them to retaliate and apologise to ex-Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir and Perkasa because all the while Tun Mahathir and Perkasa have been protecting the Perlembagaan Negara.

“If they don’t apologise, it shows they are not respecting the Perlembagaan Negara,” he said, referring to the Federal Constitution.


  1. KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has done well as Prime Minister, said MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.
    “Najib, with his strong leadership, has undertaken the transformation of the Government, including the liberalisation of various economic sectors and setting the target for a high income status,” he said in conjunction with Najib’s one year anniversary as the country’s top leader.
    “Our Prime Minister has created a lot of hope, expectation and excitement among the rakyat.
    “All we need is his political will to ensure that the implementation level is not derailed by the public delivery system,” he said.
    Dr Chua said Najib’s 1Malaysia concept has given the rakyat the confidence that his leadership was inclusive and that the people be given top priority at all times.
    He said the Prime Minister has also given the non-Malays hope that the Government’s policies would be fair to all races.
    Najib does not need the tainted president to carry his balls which was done out off sincerity, no matter how much this tainted fellow have tried, Najib will not trust him, he must be dreaming that PM will putt a tainted fellow in his cabinet. Everybody know the tainted president is very close to a UMNO fellow form Johore who is betrayer like him, betrayed former Prime Minister, Najib know their treachery is too smart for them to deceit him....

  2.'s not fair for you to condemn Dr. Chua when he has been elected to represent the Chinese in MCA.

    You are fully aware that his tainted image has been fixed by enemies Ong Ka Ting and his cronies.

    Besides, the victim has never complained or report of any abuse and or rape by Dr Chua. She is happy and satisfied. Why arent you?

    So, the voice of the Chinese has spoken. Let's give our President the due respect just like you give your respect to your father who has been fucking your mother to make you.


  3. Anon 10:39

    Wisdom should be calling his parents tainted too cos they have been fucking all the time, whereas CSL only fuck once.

    So cheap la of wisdom!

  4. Anon:10:39 AM/10:45:00AM: Both of you don't understand that when a person holds political office/high autnority that person must be clean - not tainted so that people can respect him as a leader. Now that he was elected by CDs does not legitimise his cleanliness or that he is now being accepted by the chinese community. They elected him out of sympathy/prejudice and perhaps there is none better at the time because of chaos and months of conflict/intense wrangglings in the Party. Anyway only 901 out 2317 made the choice - only 38% - not reflective of CDs majority support and definitely even if all CDs voted for him it is not reflective of 6 million chinese voters in the country. The majority according to polls don't like tainted leaders especially one who commits adultery behind his wife's back and got caught and filmed - must have been doing many times/ throughout - no body knows. But his enemies knows and they 'pasang' him. But your reason the CDs voted him because he was being fixed sounds like very low IQ mentality. In politics once you are caught performing sex/blowjob you are a goner and should retire from politics. CSL win is just a tip of the iceberg of greater disaster to come on the Party. The CDs may enjoy the piece of cake but not for long. They have colluded to make him win and they are as much guilty of adultery as CSL was. Don't tell that you are only supporting his presidency and not his tainted/moral character. It also refects one's own moral life/character should an opportunity of lewdness be given. And you use swear words - you don't know what is legitimate and illigtimate and what is legally and morally correct/not. You need to be wise and don't disrupt hly matrimony. Shows how low you can get. Disgusted

  5. Anon 11:23 Are you one of the Delegates that voted for CSL? How do you know that they voted him out of sympathy. There is alot of character in CSL that the Delegates believe that he can unite MCA. You speak out of jealousy and I feel it's not fair to CSL.

    I agree that if a person holding high position is tainted should resign. In CSL case, he did resign but was elected again. That means people believe in his ability to transform MCA.

    CSL went into an election with innocent people like Ong Tee Keat and Ong Ka Ting and yet he could beat them. So why dont we accept it and move on from here.

    I love to see comment of policies that can benefit the Chinese not Tainted! Tainted! Tainted! all the time. Fed up of reading such news la!

    People also brought him in together with Anwar. In Anwar's case there was a complainant..somebody he fuck. Whereas in CSL's case, there was no complainant. The person he fucked was satisfied and happy! So how can the Police charge CSL?

  6. To anon 11.23 and 11:52, there is nothing wrong with the words used by both of is from a layman point of view and the other from a learned man. But meaning is the same!

    I agree with 11:52 that we chinese should move on and stop talking bad about our leaders. Give them a chance and if they dont prove themselves, it's not too late to kick them out next year.

  7. No more chance. MCA is led by tainted men. CSL, LTL all the way down to Z. No more MCA in GE13.

  8. Anon 12:12...MCA cannot survive by just your vote. LONG LIVE MCA!

  9. Arman Abu Hanifah..who are you that the Chinese should apologise to you? This is Malaysia and freedom of speech is allowed!

    You can say what you like in Perkasa..So can We!

  10. MCA shames the Chinese.

    Perkasa shames the Malays.

    MIC shames the Indians.

    BN shames all Malaysians.

  11. who said MCA represent the Chinese, you must be sleeping!!

  12. Don't think CSL can unite MCA. Heis just another running dog for Armno. Just wait and see now that he is elected leader and what will happen to ulu Selangor. He can't even raise since elected when thundered and hammered by IA of Perkasa. Guess he can't fight for chinese rights such as those under the Federal constitution and rights of chinese Educational places in Public Uni - Chinese have been oppressed for the last 53 years on those rights - couldn't deliver in the face of Armno opposition - had to withdraw before. What can he possibly do now with an added baggage - just comply and ya betul and yes man all the way. What tragedy. History is written once again. Believe it or not.

  13. Anon 03:28..who are you to judge CSL's capability? Democracy prevails in Malaysia..majority of the Delegates says he can perform.

    Who is Perkasa?...Desperados from UMNO who cannot influence UMNO on any policy making and trying to be the third force.

    Just ignore what they say! Dont retaliate cos you are wasting your time fighting with these idiots...our previous PM Tun Mahathir included.

  14. What's wrong with calling him TAINTED? Would sexual pervert or deep-throat aficionado a better word? A person holding public office must perceive to be clean in order to command respect; and to be able to speak with authority. Wisdom, I've no quarrel with you for using the word 'TAINTED'. All of you, come on, be a sport, Wisdom just calls a spade a spade.


  15. nono,

    if mca does not represent the chinese, who the fuck they represents?

  16. They represent the CDs which numbered only two thousand two hundred and seventy-seven where wine and dine and self-interest is the order of the day. They don't even account for a fraction of the total membership, let alone the whole Chinese community. If MCA is said to be representing the Chinese why DAP make such vast inroad into their territory? Please advise MCA if they are not just back from Mars it will do them a hell of good if they go to the field and FEEL THE PULSE ON THE GROUND.

  17. As a real Chinese with over 5000 years of moral and culture, only tolerated their emperors to have 3000 ladies kept in the palace.CSL is only leaders of 901 MCA delegates and should have no right to represent Chinese. Many Chinese or more than 80% already feel MCA is not relevant now. PERKASA comes to provoke racistism, but 328 MCA provokes sexualism and forgiveness. Chinese will show their Right in the general election and PERKASA will continue show not happy with Chinese Right. Slogan of One Malaysia is becoming the edible fruit of Opposition Party. Chinese reject CAI TAN President whom is not their taste.

  18. The very angry and furious responses from the tainted president supporters to many of my comments saying that their tainted president is tainted, show that they are extremely desperate and distress. Probably their blood pressure increase a few notch. My advise to them is, blame your tainted president and condemn him to hell if your guys die of heart attacked as he put you all into these awkward position...Don't blame the rakyat, we did not ask your stupid central delegates to crown a tainted person as your president....

  19. WTF. CSL did not even get 50% of the delegates vote. He do not even represent MCA. He is a minority president.

  20. These bloody racist swines.

  21. No matter what you all say MCA's integrity is built on having clean leaders not tainted ones. MCA must call sin by its right name by refusing to accord respect to tainted leaders in the next party election. Count the 328 election of CSL a great mistake. Someone says the reason CSL was elected is because of more than 50% uneducated CDs who just toe the line of their divisional leaders - this is really unhealthy - gutter politics if you may say - need to change CDs - get rid of them - bunch of shameful idiots thast don't know the difference between moral and immoral - only think of lining up their own pockets - that's why MCA Party is ashame, ashame and ashame. LAL confirms this about how well he was taught when young about morals - I salute him. Facts and principles. Basher.

  22. If MCA wish to restore his status from the Chinese whom only gain less than 20% now will be predicted by the Hulu Selangor by election, no other way now either to change new leadership or go with 2011 party election by DIRECT ELECTION , to let MCA members has the chance to vote the leaders from branches/division/state/central whom they support.If CMF quit from her party and government posts further reflects the need from the Chinese community to have a brand new MCA.800 heroes

  23. It is indespicablle to elect CSL to helm MCA. Those elected officials now have no choice but to fall in line. This is so because of too much infighting before. When the dust settles for a while the brurus will have their acts and scenes enacted again. So one chaos will follow another. Looks like it's a never ending story for conflicts and traitorships. MCA, first time, famous for electing a porn to be their leader - the nation is put to shame and the whole world is looking on mystified as they traditionally believe they preached moral ethics, respect, integrity, forbidden adultery - a strong moral ettquette in Chinese History - even pictured in films ever since, has now become acceptable norms - look and model on chinese leaders - the head of family as examples to follow. Confucius - the State is like a family" Do we walk the talk in MCA? How could this happen. Great Shame installed by Eroding moral in chinese. FoffU

  24. Our PM should acts fast before these racists get out of hand!

  25. Why home in on CSL?

    You think MCA was any good before CSL got onto the helm?

    How was MCA under Ling Liong Sik? Was it any good?

    How was MCA under Ong Ka Ting? Was it any good?

    I am not pro CSL but let's be fair.

    MCA under CSL may be shit, but then MCA under other people were also shit.

    It's not that MCA under OTK wasn't shit. Maybe OTK isn't shitty himself but MCA was still shitty when OTK was the president !

    It's MCA that should close shop for no matter who heads MCA it's going to be shitty anyway.

  26. Dear Justice4OTK,

    What is the point of you condemning PERKASA when it is Umno and Mahathir who is behind it. I say this because Goh Wei Liang continues to support racist Mahathir and Umno. Why is it that you refuse to condemn Goh Wei Liang and make a stand against him even though so many people have been ASKING YOU TO DO SO? We, Chinese, see Goh Wei Liang as a two faced traitor. Please make your stand on him, J4OTK.

    Lim Zhew Huan.

  27. Well said Datuk Teng! These Malay bastards needed to be told off. There is nothing for you to apologise.

    The Chinese are behind you.

  28. "Our PM should acts fast before these racists get out of hand!"

    If there ever is a moron, the one who uttered the above quote is definitely one.

    Goddamn it ! The PM himself is a motherfucking Goddamn racist and this moron is asking a racist to act before other racists get out of hand.

    Muahahahahaha !

  29. Muahahahahaha,
    You are the bastard of all bastards. Instead of fucking those racists, you acted like one.

  30. 10.30 is a motherfucking moron !

    The PM is the 2nd worst motherfucking racist in Malaysia, the worst motherfucking racist being Mahathir !

    But then 10.30, as a motherfucking moron, obviously don't know shit.

  31. Wisdom should be calling his parents tainted too cos they have been fucking all the time, whereas CSL only fuck once.

    eh he has gold card for that Kluang Love Motel.. how u know he only fuck once?

    Cos' you only have i set of DVD?


  32. Anon 11.54,

    Please get your mother to take a number and wait for me, I'll attend her when I finished with other morons' mother. Satisfied?

  33. Anon 11.54,

    Why not get your mother take a number and wait for me. I'll attend her when I finish with other morons' mother.

  34. I heard of land MOH which is worse than CD scam. Wonder if anyone realise. Anyone has the website??

    New Comer

  35. What's up with the red headbands? Is it still the 70s?


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