Friday, April 2, 2010

Ibrahim Ali makes a mockery of Malays

This guy has a Shit face , talks like shit , looks like shit , brain full of SHIT !!!~

Arif Shazman: "We, the Malays have forgiven them a lot." This one statement (which I don't expect he'll be retracting anytime soon) speaks loudly of what a narrow-minded, self-righteous, shameless and violent bigot this idiot is.

I disagree with the ending coverage - we cannot simply mute this nuisance out, he is out there preaching evil and without our collective disapproval, it might just be a smooth road for him.

AS Hamidi: He's a potty mouthed decrepit monster. Don't act like you represent the Malays, because you sure as heck don't represent me or my sentiments.

Not Confused: Just keep it up, Ibrahim Ali - your racist and ignorant rantings are now on YouTube and all over the international media. The more people that see these words and actions, the better and the quicker will be the demise of the BN government.

He and others of his ilk are just hastening the day when his kind are relegated to the backbenches and hopefully out of the mainstream politics in Malaysia. He is clearly demented and has absolutely no idea what damage he is doing to his own cause and that of BN.

Inspektor Klueso: The real s**thead is the uber hypocrite Ibrahim Ali himself. What moronic and imbecilic mumblings regarding Malay sacrifices, yadda, yadda, yadda. By clamouring for the continuance of the proverbial diaper and pacifier to his professed martyred race, he is making a mockery of the Malays' ability to fend for themselves.

The truth of the matter is that the NEP is a smokescreen to siphon off the real loot for the Umno chieftains, while spreading crumbs for the kampung. How he say it with a straight face shows the complete pathological liar residing beneath the six-inch slithery skin.

Mangodurian: Cussing aside, I don't understand what he means by "... forgiving ... and sacrificing a lot of [Malay] interests ...". Didn't the non-Malays fought side by side to defend the country during World War Two and the subsequent Cold War? Didn't non-Malays worked three times as hard to build the nation from independence and against zero help from the government after the NEP came into effect?

What 'Malay interests' could they be if not to live well and prosper? If it is about religion, isn't there a mosque every 200 metres and isn't everyone able to speak Bahasa Malaysia and have their taxes used for endeavours that doesn't benefit them? Have non-Malays hindered Malay interests such as a fair judiciary, a modern state, a prosperous economy ... a better life?

Kiasu: The world need not understand the need for racial-based preferential treatment as a needed social programme for the Malays.We have to understand the mood of the world on equality, transparency and equitable access. If we don't connect with the world, there will be nothing for the world to bend backwards and treat us on par with the rest.

Tkc: Before Ibrahim Ali gets a heart attack blaming non-Malays for questioning Malay rights, one should remind him that the push for a more level-playing field largely comes from foreign 'Mat Salleh' investors.

After 40 years, most non-bumiputeras in Malaysia have learnt to cope with the NEP. As long as there is a way to "cari makan", most people will not question it nor push for a change because they know that any distortion to the system will only create more monsters like Ibrahim Ali.
Dingy: Dr Mahathir Mohamad had found out that when he stepped down as PM, people don't listen to him as before. He then found out that he could still voice his opinion via his blog, but most Malaysians don't read his blog. Only journalists like to report what he has to say.

Now, he has found a new platform in Perkasa. He is basically an extreme racist, that was why Tunku Abdul Rahman had to sack him. His book 'The Malay Dilemma' reflects his true colours. A leopard never changes its spots. That's the best to describe Dr M. He had pretended for 22 years to be fair.

Now he shows back his true colours. Only people like Dr M can support another extremist in Ibrahim. With these extremists around, how can there be 1Malaysia, where all races can proclaim we are Malaysians.

Wira: Thirty years ago, it's pretty rare to find myself having a relative or a friend who migrated. Well, at the most, I could find a few distant friends working in Singapore. Today, everyone of my close friends has at least one child living overseas and working there after their college graduation.

Very soon, racists like Ibrahim can have the whole country to themselves and Malaysia will soon join the ranks of countries which almost made it but didn't as our children, encouraged by their parents, give up.

Doc: Hmmm, sounds lie s**t; looks like s**t and smells like s**t. No worries, it's only Ibrahim Ali.

Tc8000: Aiyah, so unfair, why he can *beep* on international TV and we can't.


  1. J4OTK,
    Thanks for this more interesting posting.

    This mouth full of shit IA is a follower of TDM.
    Many Malays do not follow him.

    Wondered why Home Ministry didn't put him under ISA.

  2. UMNO need him UMNO outsourced the S*itto him. BY association, he is BN's and MCA's tool, too.
    MCA is partly responsible for him. If not why is the new MCA leadership so quiet. Where the hell is the bloody Wee Ka Siong and the Youth. Where the blooming hell is the Fried Noodle and Wanita. In which hole is Liow Tiong Lai.

    The silence of MCA tells all.

  3. "This guy has a Shit face , talks like shit , looks like shit , brain full of SHIT !!!"

    Yep, agree with you 100% , CSL share the same feature, right.....

  4. How MM got entangled with this foul-mouth Ib Ali baffles one's imagination. Wouldn't it make the people to question his sanity after all these years as prime minister ?

  5. This shit brain has over taken the role played by Zulklifi Noordin !

  6. How can Hishammuddin put Smelly Shitty Brain into ISA? Smelly Shitty Brain is taking over the unsheathing keris role. Real pathetic example and a disgrace to the Malay race.

  7. Heheheh! what do you expect when his name is Beeprahim Ali.

  8. >>The silence of MCA tells all.

    That's the inbred nature of MCA..
    silence when it doesnt concerned them (their pockets)

  9. It was reported that the bitch said she will resign from her post. j4tk. what is your reaction?

  10. I couldn't stop laughing after reading the article.

    It's a pot calling kettle piece !!!

    MCA is as bad as UMNO. J4OTK is as bad as Ibrahim Ali.

    You guys are just the same.

    Open mouth: "Saya Cinta Malaysia".

    Close mouth" "Satu Malaysia".

    But in practice, Malaysia can go to hell as long as I dapat untung.

    You guys do not love Malaysia. You guys only use Malaysia as an excuse to make more money.

    MCA / UMNO / MIC = Traitors to the country.

    Malaysia is sinking in red ink and you guys do not care.

    The fabric of Malaysian society is breaking apart and you guys do not care.

    All you guys care is how much profit you guys gonna get.

    Sorry, but April Fool's day is over, and what is happening all over Malaysia isn't a joking matter.

  11. His name is Shitibrahim Ali.

  12. As a so called representative of the Malays, he had to be censored by Aljeezera. He made the Malay so shameful internationally.

  13. Ibrahim Ali shames the Malays as much as MCA shames the Chinese.

  14. GLCs post , government post and contracts dominate by malays. MCA fatty swines wee quite like cat. Shit IA nyonyak still sleeping. One Malaysian for 2020 , for better living tomorrow. TDM time capsule should be opened now for the shit IA.

  15. Shit IA should clink and check the income tax department how many PERCENT of Malay/Indian/Bumi/Chinese pay TAX every year and the TAX is channel to which government departments and how many PERCENT OF MALAY/INDIAN/BUMI/CHINESE is directly benefited from the allocation of fund allocated by the authorities.


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