Friday, April 9, 2010

Banana Chua: Life goes on without Chew

Dr Banana Chua ( snake ) pic above said leaders “come and go”. — file pic

By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

KUALA LUMPUR, April 9 — MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Banana Chua Soi Lek said today that Datin Paduka Chew Mei will not be missed, after she quit as the party’s Wanita chief.

Dr Banana Chua explained that it was normal for leaders to “come and go” in a democracy.

“I would like to thank her for her contribution to the party. MCA practises democracy and leaders can come and go but the party’s agenda will continue,” he told reporters at party headquarters.

The Wanita MCA chief resigned from her party posts yesterday, which included her post as wing chairman, Wanita MCA Selangor chairman, and the party’s Crisis Relief Squad chief.

It also means that she will relinquish her post as a senator and as the Deputy Minister of the Women, Family and Community Development.

Dr Chua said Chew’s resignation would not be a setback to his leadership.

“We have one million members ... this is will not affect the image of my leadership,” he said.

Chew made a pledge in Parliament in November last year, during the peak of the party crisis, declaring that she would resign if Dr Chua were to become party president.

Her words were not forgotten and when Dr Chua cruised to a win during the March 28 party polls, her words came back to haunt her.

Chew, however, decided to stick to her guns and, after a short meeting yesterday, resigned as she had promised to, despite pleas from her central committee members.


  1. Of course CHUA would say CHEW's resignation as not affecting his image now that he is the Presdent. He thinks he is very powerful still notrealising the bad image he is giving to MCA and the millions of women in Malaysia who can now follow his example of perverted sex. Well MCA is as rotten if not more rotten as before he became President and perhaps much more worse as XXX rated filmstars are eligible for positions in the next lined-up of candidacy 2011. Get all the porn stars as CDs. NOThankU

  2. What lese cna he say? He made a good speech without saying anything.

  3. cmf is gone for good, she overtalk into her own trap. nobody ask her to resign. she did it on his own to save his own skin.

    b4 cmf resignations, this blog attack her personally. when csl join hand with otk in the great unity plan, this blog promotes csl. at that time, this blog never question why otk should work with csl. At that time, this blog never says csl is tainted.

    everything will be ok if people supports otk.
    it shows what ? it shows that this blog is operated by the most unprinvipled peope behind the scene, probably funded by OTK himself.


  4. Well, many Malaysian ladies and men, non-chinese included, MCA members included, can not accept this new President of MCA.

    However, you can kick up the dust, cry and hue, ranting and raving, but as long as he goes back to Batu Pahat where he get the most support, he still can be Minister one day. That's the system works....... sigh!

    So to stop this, open it to all MCA members and not limited to CD only.

  5. The problem with these two big mouthed Hainanese
    is that they are too proud of themselves, so talking without thinking of consequences. That's why they are facing it now...celaka betul lah!

  6. To a question by an Anon that when CSL worked together with OTK under the GUP - no complaint about him being tainted. At the time he is a subordinate andnot the top leader. Now that he is the top leader - the qualification/prerequisite is a person must be totally clean to be acceptable because a top masn is always in the limelight. As a subordinate is not and subject to orders. There are other implications being a top leader. How can a top leader leads when he was known to be a porn. Ask yourself the sensible question. Those who support him are merely thinking of self enrichment or political windfall only. They don't care about the chinese community of up to 6 millions who voted for them in GE.

  7. Anon 10.16PM,

    Are you nut to say 6 millions Chinese voted for MCA?
    The Chinese community almost kick out the whole MCA in the last GE.
    No matter who's the boss, MCA if do not repent and still be UMNO's lapdog, wriggling it's tail all the time, will be completely wiped out in the next GE

  8. Look like your prophecy about MCA being kicked out in next GE is becoming a reality and will be fulfilled to the last dote. Well, good this is the price for electing a porn President and a sucker of the ruling Armno.

  9. do not contine to blufflah. everybody knows that if csl work with otk, this blog will argue in favor of csl. once again you are the greatest hypocrite in this world hiding behind the cyber space.

    let say if ong ka ting is elected as the president on mac 28th, this blog will say something else about okt to disqualify him. you are just a sore loser, willing to participate in party election but not willing to lose. everything is not right after the collpapse of otk, who you think you are ? just because you are the sore loser, the other 2,000,000 voters or so will be influenced by you ?

    if this is case, you can form a new party and becomes the super leader of malaysian chinese. do not continue to bluff, you having bluffing since b4 1010 egm. you having changing your stand.

    liow tiong lai and wee ka siong is ok when they support otk b4 1010egm. after that you make all kinds of accusations against them bcos they withdrew from otk camp. then cls becomes receives yr praise, bcos he worked with otk to stay on.

    after csl stood against otk, you start to attack him, and when csl becomes president you say he is pornsident.

    I think this website is defintely funded by otk bcos nobody will write endlessly if not paid by money.

  10. All CSL's supporters will say this blog is funded by OTK . Thats really a big joke ! I have still yet to receive a single cent from OTK , yet funded by OTK .
    People who knows OTK will know that OTK will never fund any blog nor buy CDs unlike the pornsident whose supporters were all mentioned in a facebook comment that they had all had to make police reports against that someone who posted that comment in facebook . If its not about money , then I do not know what it is .

    Lets take a look at the following during 10/10

    While OTK's and MCA members were given dinner prior to the EGM . The dinner was held in front of the MCA Hq , quite a eatable dinner just good enough to fill the stomach .

    Compare that to the lavish dinner dished out in two prominent hotels in KL with live telecast of his speech . Anyone care to tell me how much he spent on the two dinners plus the live telecast ?

    If this is not money politics then again I do not know what it is ? Seems his money comes in a pipeline like the black gold oil pipeline .

    Then again why is there no mention of OTK giving $$ to buy CDs votes because there was none of it . However the police reports by CSL's supporters against the one who posted in facebbok has some truth , cause without fire , there's no smoke !

    If you want to talk about funding , think first , I may have more info than you .


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