Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Evil Plot...

The MCA election has just been concluded. But Wee Ka Siong's sinister plot to become MCA's youngest president ever has just begun.

Everyone knows WKS is the puppetmaster for Liow Tiong Lai. LTL's decision to take on his one-time political sifu Ong Tee Keat and team up with Ong Ka Ting is done at WKS' behest.

During the 28th March 2010 MCA election, WKS instructed his 200-odd vote bank to support Chua Soi Lek for MCA president, not OKT, who was supposedly on WKS' camp. With the Ongs (Ka Ting and Tee Keat) out of the picture, his shortcut to the MCA presidency is all but laid.

Just as the vote-count was going on in Dewan San Choon, WKS' proxy, a MCA Youth central delegate from Titiwangsa who is also a lawyer, got in touch with Sankara Nair, Anwar Ibrahim's counsel. He convinced Sankara to publicly draw comparison between CSL and Anwar over their purported offence for unnatural sex. It was a win-win proposal impossible to refuse - it either forces the BN government to drop charges against Anwar or deeply embarrass the ruling coalition.

Sankara took the bait and on the same day issued a media statement lambasting the government's purported double standards. Hence, WKS' plan to send CSL to prison was set in motion. Through his good friend, Sibu MP Tiong King Sing (of the PKFZ fame), WKS knew it wouldn't be too difficult to convince fellow East Malaysian, Attorney-General Gani Patail to press charges. The government too would be hard-press given the international spotlight surrounding this whole debacle.

Once CSL, whom WKS helped installed is toppled (by WKS himself), half of the Deputy Education Minister's battle is won. Under the MCA constitution, Liow Tiong Lai, as Deputy President moves up the ranks. Getting rid of LTL the vegetarian is easy peasy. It will be a matter of time before WKS, who by then had gotten rid of two presidents (OTK and CSL) slaughter, skin and hang LTL out to dry...


  1. No difference who is MCA president....Porn Star, Brutus Liow, Piggy Wee Wee.....We will bury MCA in GE13


  2. We are indeed blessed to have j4otk around to enlighten us with information otherwise will never see the light of day; you can squeeze the lemon until you can hear the pips squeak still you will not get anything out from the main stream media.

    Bravo.. j4otk..

    To borrow Patrick Teoh's famous catchword, it is hard for me not to say,



  3. If WKS had supported CSL, OKT would have had about 700 votes and CSL 1000+.

    Sorry, your story doesn't quite gel.

    Also, I'm pretty sure OTK will be dropped.


  4. Your story is absurd, nothing to tell already, better just close shop. You talk like you know everything behind the scene, every move made by all players, you are in total command, yet the candidate you support (OTK) collapse overnight. What a shame, your performance speaks for istself.

  5. Anon 7:17

    Why are you here ? Need to close shop ? when party election is next year ? Story absurd ? why are you reading this story ? must be an idiot who reads absurd story ! hahaha

  6. OTK is history in MCA so is J4OTK and all his supporters. You can jump and say whatever you want but OTK will never be MCA's president again. He, being a weakling, has only got himself to blame.
    So, don't cry like Wee pig over spilled milk.

  7. Why don't you anon 7:35 jump into the big blue sea , the sharks are hungry without breakfast for today . J4OTK does not need you to tell him to do or say . Whether OTK is history is also non of your concern unless you are that fucking Wee's piglet born out of Wee fuking a pig .

  8. Hahaha! anon 7.41pm, you are another cry baby!!

  9. Wee fucking a pig or wee fucking a gorilla also not my business.

    As MCA is no use anymore.

    But please do us all a favor, stop referring yourself as "protector of the Chinese" because you simply ain't !

  10. Anon 7:41

    hahaha As MCA is no use anymore so let it be lah ! Why are you still commenting on MCA ? Another hypocrite , condemn MCA but still have MCA in heart like many who left MCA and today regret their snake oil saleman has been talking crap and lies ? so much so many of them have to resign ?

    MCA has never refered itself to as the " protector of the Chinese " only dogs like you , and I think you are no Chinese , maybe an Indian dog . hahaha Your great snake oil saleman will bring you to the moon . hahaha

  11. J4OTK,
    Why not use your blog to fuck those racists like Ibrahim Ali, Mooheddin and etc. It'll be more exciting.

    Being kept crying and jumping over OTK's failure
    will get to nowhere la...

  12. there is another version which J4 was in the dark, it goes like this:

    Ong TK strike a deal with CSL long before 328, after OKT wished to contest.

    OTK had to run for Presidency even though he knew he could not win - 300 votes only then.

    He strike a deal with CSL that he ran the Presidentcy no matter what to split OKT's support. The return was he keeps his TRansport Minister.

    Just watch. These 2 CSL and OTK pawned MCA future.....

  13. I do not think CSL is a pushover. He do not deserve to live if he cannot anticipate the fat pig's action. Forewarned, he must take counter action. No president deserve to live if he cannot take on the fgz.

  14. Anon 9:29

    Wah so far fetch story eh ?He strike a deal with CSL that he ran the Presidentcy no matter what to split OKT's support. The return was he keeps his TRansport Minister.

    Stikong a deal with the devil ah ? who are you kidding ?

    he knew he could not win - 300 votes only then. did you say 300 votes ? OTK got 578 votes lah , mai how seow lah !

  15. Anon 8:56

    Why not use your blog to fuck those racists like Ibrahim Ali, Mooheddin and etc. It'll be more exciting.

    I use to whack them , please check the archives .

    I shall continue with that whacking those racists very soon .

  16. 1. Please don't degrade OTKlah. He is not interested to keep his ministerial post. That's why Sdra Justice4otk reported that he sent "resignation letter" to PM already (though rejected).

    2. If he was active in MCA merely to become a minister, then he is not OTKlah!

    3. It is very difficult for CSL to contemplate removing OTK at this juncture --when PM needs a united MCA....

    4. In the event that OTK is removed from MOT, it was speculated that LTL would take over MOT; Ng Yen Yen to MOH; Kong Cho Ha remains at MOHLG; and Chor Chee Heung to Tourism or another new ministry...: [ Chinese version only ]

    5. Wee Ka Siong the "puppetmaster" ? Eat yourselflah! hahaha 人算不如天算 (Man may plan.Heaven decides)At most, WKS may move to become Deputy Finance Minister only....

    -REN XING-

  17. WKS may move to become Deputy Finance Minister only....

    Do you think with all his bags of rubbish clinging to him , he will move to the finance ministry ..porah !

    More likely Wee jeck seng's porfolio , sports where he can trim his fat carcass !

  18. 8.43 is a dog. It's confirmed.

    Only a dog doesn't know MCA tells the world that they "protect the Chinese in Malaysia", that "without MCA the Chinese in Malaysia will kaput".

    8.43 is a dog, a lousy mongrel dog.

  19. Only a dog calls another a dog ! hahaha must be a pariah dog . at least some dogs are lovable but not a pariah dog ! a bastard dog !

  20. All ministerial post for MCA will remain status quo.

    The reasons being:

    1. If CSL enter Cabinet - ppl will say he is afterall aiming for the cabinet post.

    2. If OTK is removed, PKFZ issues will be under carpet as claimed by many.

    3. If anyone takes over Health Ministry, especially from CSL camp....then the "unfinished" matters come in.

    4. The only disputable post is the Housing Minister......

    5. If Chew decided to leave, and CSL son CTY get appoited to, say Sport Dep Minister.....big backlash will happen.

    So, conclusion..... status quo.

  21. OTK can only be a leader in a no man island... Pora OTk...Sou dong la.. Be a leader in the moon or others planet. OTK u are a totla lier.. U also got connection to uphold ur position. Robert Phang(but not the Tan Sri we know), Simen Hii ( not the clement hii that we know)...and alot..

    all are the "high rank" ppl , u keep contact with to make sure OTK sustain....

    Dun worry, this ppl will get their balasan with wat they did...

    OTK, a totally disgrace for the Malaysia Community...A leader is a person who can united all kinds ppl. Not a person who create this blog and others blogs to whack ppl...

    See Ong ka Ting, see Others leader. When u step down, dun say anythings liao la...Keep quite la...

  22. What is this asshole anon 12:11 talking ? sounds like Ibrahim Ali talking shit , looks like shit , brain full of shit .

    Only asshole like him has shit all over his face ! real stinks from head to bottom .

  23. 901 delegates elected CD Chua ,the leaders widely not accepted by female members, as President and they are very great to forgive him and now their plan is success. But out of the party , more than 80% not recongnised MCA can represent them making MCA is non relevant now and these 901 delegates WILL NOT CARE AS THIS IS THEIR PARTY INTERNAL AFFAIR.CMF if quit further confirm as a female leader could not tolerate the act of New President in the CD. 328 MCA should now be name as MOA ( Malaysia ORAL ASSOCIATION).


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