Saturday, April 3, 2010

'Are we now Malay, Chinese, Indian first?'

I am now calling myself Chinese Malaysian and perhaps Nicol can call herself Eurasian Malaysian and Lee Chong Wei can indentify himself as Chinese Malaysian ! and Mamaks will always be Mamaks ! But where did the Malays come from ? Think about it ! From Yunan in Southern China ? The orang asli were the bumis of this tanah , the Malays who closely resembled the Cambodians were believed to have migrated from Yunan .
Should read the Origins of the the Malays .

'How is Najib going to convince the people of 1Malaysia when he is surrounded by people like Muhyiddin Yassin?'

Muhyiddin: I'm Malay first

Beetle: All the money spent to propagate 1Malaysia has gone down the drain. Obviously, our deputy prime minister either doesn't understand the 1Malaysian concept, or he is showing outright defiance of Prime Minister Najib Razak. On one hand, our PM is trying very hard to sell his slogan of 1Malaysia to all Malaysians, and his deputy is screwing it up. The money spent on promoting 1Malaysia should have been given to the poor. Alas, what a waste, because now the people will never buy 1Malaysia with this 'I'm Malay first' mentality. How is Najib going to convince the people of 1Malaysia when he is surrounded by people like Muhyiddin?

Ferdtan: Our soldiers are now equally confused. Are we are Malay, Chinese and Indian first before Malaysian? In case of allegiance, who shall we follow before Malaysia? Indonesia? China? India? Portugal? Punjab? Muhyiddin, please clarify.

AkuMelayu: Yes, Muhyiddin, we are Malays first, and of course true Malaysians as well. How can we Malays not be Malaysians? Those who question our taat setia (loyalty) and commitment to a peaceful Malaysia are the ones whose taat setia to Malaysia can be suspected. There is a vast difference between race and nationality. I can't understand how most people can get so confused. You can be a Malay, Chinese, Indian or whatever. As long as you are a citizen of this country, you are a Malaysian. I am Malay, proud to be one, and I'm a true Malaysian. I would be happy to hear Lim Kit Siang say that he is a Chinese and a Malaysian too.

OMG: After 53 years, we still can't stand united. Why can't we put our nation before race? You, our DPM, have unequivocally put race before nation. Imagine non-Malays saying that they are 'XYZ' first, and then only Malaysians. Should we all go back from where we came from and let you wallow in your servitude to your race? You are not fit to be a leader of this country if you cannot put this country first. Putting your race first is not necessarily in the best interests of this country. The future of this country, its peace and its prosperity lies in its inclusiveness and every Malaysian working together. We are no longer a rich nation. We have to work hard and to work together to get out of the hole we are in. Take off the blinkers. We are all Malaysians and we are all human, period.

Arul Inthirarajah: So does being a Malay first and a Malaysian second mean that Muhyiddin would prioritise the needs of a Malay from Indonesia or the Phillippines ahead of those of a Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indian or Orang Asli (bumiputra tulin)?

Helen Ang: (1) If Muhyiddin had said something like "I'm Muslim first, not Malaysian first", would all you people still jump on him? (2) If your son or daughter, nephew or niece asked whether he/she should emigrate if presented the opportunity of citizenship in the US, UK or Oz, what would you advise?

Gk: What is the use of proclaiming yourself 'Aku Melayu' if you are not like Zaid Ibrahim, Haris Ibrahim, Mariam Mokhtar, Nik Aziz Nik Mat, Nizar Jamaluddin, Anwar Ibrahim, Khalid Samad, Khalid Ibrahim, but choose to be like 'Malay first, Malaysian second' Muhyiddin Yassin? Muhyiddin maybe honest to say he is Malay first, Malaysian second. This is a reflection of how he regards himself as well as his members in Umno and cousins in Perkasa.

Ahmad Iqhbal: I always thought Malaysia is a 'melting pot' of race and culture, so how long before the people of Malaysia are simply Malaysian? Why do we need these extra labels?

SRR: It seems Muhyiddin didn't understand the question. He said, "How can I say I'm Malaysian first and Malay second? All the Malays will shun me... and it's not proper." This shows he is more concerned with what his race thinks of him than what is right. By right, he should have said, "I am a Malaysian and only Malaysian. Being a Malay is only a product of evolution. It doesn't really count. There is only one race, and that is the human race." I would have had more respect and honour for him, or anybody else for that matter, who can think and say that.

Kgen: This is why the government must change. The nation will never progress with this sort of mentality. Anwar Ibrahim is the first Malay leader who dares to campaign on a platform of national inclusiveness instead of Malay racism. All Umno leaders have pandered to race for their political advancement. The Malays have not shunned Anwar. Those who are 'race first and Malaysian second' should ask themselves why. There are huge advantages in nation building to put citizenship ahead of race but nothing useful that I can think of to pander to base emotional instincts of race.

Eugene: Had Umno/BN practised meritocracy over ethnicity, we would have the best people running the country, we would have been a much more developed country, our judiciary would not be a joke, the police would be impartial, every Malaysian would benefit from the progress we've made as a nation. Instead, where has the riches that Malaysia has gone but to enrich Umno, all in the name of ethnicity. If this continues, in the end, it will not only ruin just one particular race but all Malaysians will have to suffer together.

Ck: No wonder we are facing so much racial problems. I believe we must identify ourselves as Malaysians first. When we visit another country, we always call ourselves Malaysians. If the deputy premier thinks himself first as a Malay, he is distancing himself from other races.

DC: Those who lag behind in socio-economic development over the last 29 years of Dr Mahathir Mohamad's governance, should be given priority and an opportunity to voice their grievances above the political desire of BN or Pakatan. This means our first preference as Malaysian should be directed at finding some mechanism to balance the imbalance of the poor and poverty-stricken Malays and non-Malays. The elite Malays as well as the elite non-Malays are equally at fault for the regression of the nation.

Satinah Osman: Someone should point out to the DPM that there is no such thing as 'Malay'. Everybody's a 'pendatang' from the archipelago or Southeast Asia or some other part of the world. The word 'Malay' is used to conveniently protect the 'mamak' elite, who now pull the strings of the government. Surely educated men like the DPM read history and the course of events in this part of the world over the last 2,000 years. Or else someone should educate him on that. Does he know that the poorer Malays - so to speak - are still scouring the gutters for a living whilst the elites become billionaires?

Eugene: What's the point of having multiple racial parties under one roof if each racial party sit in their own corners, and only interested in the affairs of their own race? Is that the kind of 1Malaysia our DPM claims to be? Then 1Malaysia is no different from the previous racial practices.

Hamisu: If I introduce myself to people of other countries as Chinese first, Malaysian second, I might as well just stop being a Malaysian as it does not mean something I can be proud of. We are all Malaysians first, toiling for our country. Being Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan, etc, should be a sub-set of being Malaysian. This subset should reflect cultural values, instead of state-approved racism.

Tkc: Lim Kit Siang is in top form. He has trapped the DPM into a Catch-22 corner. The negative impact of our next premier saying that he is not 'Malaysian first' is huge. That's what you deserved for playing racial politics.


  1. Obama will regard himself African first and American second if we buy Najib's rationale in his defense of his deputy. With that, all Americans will be happily accepting this gospel since it comes from the mouth of their president and he did say so...

  2. Hi J4OTK

    WKS executing his plan to be Deputy President

    The result of MCA election on 28-3-2010 has brought shame and embarrassment to all Malaysians especially the Chinese community, and more towards the Chinese ladies, due to their 5,000 years strong culture, but suddenly destroyed by an egoistic man Dato Sri Chua Soi Lek for his own personal greed to control the MCA party as president. Dato Sri Chua Soi Lek must know that his acting in VCD will bring damages to whole community that in Malaysia, a so called Islamic country definitely cannot accept this type of person as leader in the ruling Government, which will give bad example to younger generation and encourage them to have extra marital affairs and is proven by national leader and condoned by YAB Prime Minister.

    I would like to suggest Dato Sri Chua Soi Lek to be charged and his president post to be succeed by his Deputy Dato Sri Liow Tiong Lai, a very hard working Health Minister and came out with bright idea of 1 Malaysia Clinic with payment of RM 1 only, and Deputy President post to be filled by the young and dynamic youth chief YB Dato Wee Ka Siang.

    I have lodged the police report today at IPD Klang with contents as follow. Should AG and Police failed to take immediate action I will engage a lawyer to apply to High Court for Court Order to order AG and Police to take action to clean up the national shame case. I appeal to public and opposition party for support for action of just. If a layman like brave to stand out to report against AG and police for action, I believe the opposition will be able to do better with community support.

    Attached is a police report filed today with the report number as 14386/10

    MCA Watcher

  3. LTL/WKS both are Brutus and greedy for power. They want to sideline the power of tainted MCA President and they ignore to want MCA strong for the sake of CHINESE MALAYSIAN, they should clean the mess of the party first. The 61 years old shop need new thinking, new blood and new obligation to the public. They should first support the DIRECT PARTY ELECTION so that all members of MCA have their RIGHT to elect the leaders they want.The 1010EGM /1128EGM/ 307AGM / 328EPE have told Chinese these are the games played by the Brutus and their ultimate aim is to take over the 1st and 2nd post of MCA. Both Brutus think Chinese will forget or forgive their selfishness and irresponsible act to install a tainted president in the party , the latest view is 80% Chinese can not accept a tainted president to represent Chinese community. The brutus should like CMF to doctrine herself to quit for non-compromise a tainted president, but ironically the brutus still greedy in aiming power of MCA.Brutus still be a brutus.Brutus Watcher

  4. MCA Watcher is an Otak Ta Centre man la! Dont listen to him. The report will be baseless and pointless.

  5. Oi MCA Watcher..where did you come from? From your tainted father and mother la!

  6. MCA Watcher is full of vengence. CSL is from Johore and he/she is from Klang..and yet he/she is so angry with CSL.


    The lady in the DVD with CSL could be his mother, sister, wife or aunt..Right MCA Watcher?
    Is that why you lodge the police report????

  7. Ninet percent chinese agree with MCA Watcher that we cannot have a tainted person to lead MCA. How long can we tolerate this shameless espisode judging from history such moral turpitude is more than just a crime it is pervading the whole person. This means it does not affect only the person tainted but whole society and very infectios as a matter of moral culture. Is there no integrity and self respect less in MCA to be so desperate to choose someone such as that to lead MCA. IN a State of Shock.

  8. 10:26..Did you dream of the ninety percent? Where was the survey your bedroom huh?

  9. No wonder the Rakyat is laughing at the Chinese. You know CSL has done something which you think is wrong but everybody does it and yet you guys vote him to be the President.

    You guys simply has no balls to say NO to him. Vote him in and talk cock! You guys cannot call yourself chinese la! Better be an Indian and the MIC will accept you.

  10. Let me say this to you guys one more time. What CSL has done is not against the law as long as the the victim didnt complaint.

    He didnt make himself tainted. Someone cheeky like you guys has secretly put a camera to film the event. After doing it, you accuse him of being tainted.

    Just like someone put drugs in your bag and say you are a smuggler..Do you like it??

    THINK LA! Move forward please!

  11. My dear Anon 10.03 & 10.08,

    Please be civilized. If you like joining in the fray or for want of making your your stand heard please don't bring in parents, sisters or some other people other than YOUR OWN SELF.

    Please note that CSL is involved in sessions of UNnatural sex-romp and now he has been elected the president and the people have the right to question his image impacting the Chinese community. Besides, I've not heard of people got pregnant by engaging in oral sex. So don't confuse it with natural process by which children are born out of the product of NATURAL sex...

  12. KUALA KUBU BARU: Delivering the Chinese votes in the Hulu Selangor by-election will give a boost to Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in his continuing work for the rakyat.
    “I hope the Chinese voters will seriously take into consideration the Prime Mini­ster’s efforts and contributions,” said Ho­­using and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha .
    Kong has been appointed by MCA to lead the Hulu Selangor by-election campaign.
    Why MCA tainted president appointed KCH to lead the Hulu Selangor by-election campaign, and not the Brutus deputy president which is the norm. Is this the tainted president inclusive approach to unite MCA which many of his supporters talk about? me, it is the tainted president first stroke to sideline the Brutus deputy president, time and time again this tainted president display his insincerity.

    I support the Brutus deputy president to betray the tainted president to throw the tainted president out. After the job is done then the Brutus deputy himself must resign then beg OTK for forgiveness and support OTK to retain back the MCA presidency. This will surely erase the Brutus tag and many people in MCA as well as the Chinese community will be happy.
    Brutus and gang must listen to my wise advise then I will not call you Brutus anymore.....and the MCA tainted president issue can be lay to rest...........

  13. I thought this posting is about those racists!
    If you lots don't f**k those racists but kept fighting amongst yourself, then better f**k off.

    History has told us Chinese only fight amongst themselves.

  14. anon 11:41,

    this blog is about JUSTICE FOR ONG TEE KEAT.and history told us the chinese always fight for justices. Asshole like you condemning the Chinese, you f**k off.

  15. Methinks J4OTK is getting somewhere ... 'Are we now Malay, Chinese, Indian first?'

    Yeah ... MCA hasn't been "Chinese first" for too long already.

    Every time MCA do something it's Melayu first.

    Every time MCA has its AGM (or EGM) it must invite a Melayu to officiate the meeting, or that AGM (or EGM) is somewhat "tainted".

    Every time MCA has it's "Langkawi Project" thing it must give new school uniform to the Melayu kids, while Chinese kids tak dapat apa apa.

    Every time MCA has a celebration they must invite some Melayu to the event, but when the UMNO has a celebration they do not invite any Chinese.

    MCA of course is no longer "Malaysian Chinese Association". MCA has turned into "Melayu Coon Ass".

    J4OTK, why are you still not leaving such a shameful organisation?

  16. Anon 12.05PM,
    OTK is already history in MCA! He got his chance, and he blew it himself. Why kept crying for him?
    Chinese should join force now to f**k those racists who are treating Chinese like shit. Instead, you fellows still want to fight amongst ourselves.
    You are the real asshole!!!

  17. KCH is one of the 901 delegates vote CSL ? Why he still support tainted President ? He should like CMF to quit and not enter the Hulu Selangor for by election. He is lossing his credibility to against the view of chinese community and to what he say before .

  18. anon 01:09,

    every body know China is successful you insult the chinese history, don't you dare to twist, you are traitor to the chinese. the real asshole is you.

  19. Thank you, MCA, for your contribution to make Malaysia a shit country !

  20. Yes, a resounding first for sex scandal in MCA. That is the way to put your house in order. Congratulation! we can'tmove forward just yet until family order come first, but oh! mine CSL is a stumbling block to the first first first. This unity for political party, family and racial integration is just a sham. Remember "Fast Forward TV2 program a few year ago (PM Abdullah Baldawi's time)talked about leaving behind ehnicity in order to unite the various ethnic commmunities but now PM Najib and DPM wantes ethnicity first, look like in the wrong track - one hndred rule little chievement and huge naional deficit, ignoring many issues - no political will - yet arrogant on TV screaming Obama going to meet him not Opposition Leader. Of course, needn't show off, moron. So No. 1 in first for closing an eye on Allah issue, reject racial integration, etc., but promote extremism and malay rights first. What kind of country first. Recap-Sex scandal first for top political job and perhaps murder. Don't cry wolf for pretending good deeds. CANT STAND ANYMORE.

  21. Why do MCA want to stay in BN? As long as MCA is in MCA, it is supporting these extremist racist swines.

  22. "Why do MCA want to stay in BN?"

    Need to ask "WHY" meh?

    Without UMNO, MCA simply kenot survive la !

  23. Anon 1:32 , you say " every body know chinese is successful " in what ? Gangster / DVD / Tai Yi Long/ Xiao Lun Nui ? AND how to "insult chinese history " You are real shit like if you can not explain.

  24. anon04:26,

    you dump asshole, not to acknowledge China success.

  25. hahaha ! "dump" asshole?

    hahaha !

    olang mca tak tau tulis kot?

  26. To acknowledge China success and his history any thing related to KCH/CSL/CMF/901Delegates here ? OR your English is BELOW LOW LEVEL ? Damn You as "dump asshole"

  27. Hi All

    The police report was NOT lodged by me but by this chap in

    MCA Watcher

  28. CSL's sex scandals is his personal to handle. But the land scam is Corruptions of the highest degree.

    How can you choose to ignore:

  29. Anonymous said...

    Anon 1:32 , you say " every body know chinese is successful " in what ? Gangster / DVD / Tai Yi Long/ Xiao Lun Nui ? AND how to "insult chinese history " You are real shit like if you can not explain.

    sums it up nicely,
    maybe all the smart and cluey chinese have been exported overseas only the "dump chinese" left behind. Or, all the opportunists.

  30. Writer in Oriental Daily say : During the 328, CSL say Johor Delegates vote Johor Delegates. If every state Selangor/Wilayah/Perak/Sabah do the same thing. The MCA President will be the UNITED STATES of Malaysia.

  31. anon 10:42pm,

    you said "History has told us Chinese only fight amongst themselves."

    i pointed to you chinese fight for justice and every body know China is successful, you bastard twist to " every body know chinese is successful " you dumb asshole, cannot ever read properly still want to insult other people. you traitor double talk spilt MCA and now you want to teach morality, you garbage should be dumped to the deepest pit where hell awaiting.

  32. >>i pointed to you chinese fight for justice and every body know China is successful,

    China successful doesn't mean shit for the average downtroddened malaysian chinese.

    mca never fight for justice. don't bullshit us lah. MCA fight for kang tao and $$$$$$$$/

    Loa Tzi

  33. China success today is the pride of most Chinese no matter what are their nationality.

    Off course doesn't mean anything to the traitors.

  34. PM iMalysia slogan is unworkable. The NEM is supposed to be a transformation and a break from the 1970s NEP, but it is just exactly the same. Where it has failed in not providing for the majority Malays it has now decided to do under NEM - implemtation saja - to let people think there is a change, possibly to get foreign investment lah (market friendly) What a joke - just cosmetic sugery but what Chinese and Indians want is a break from the past discrimation against them for unequal distribution of wealth. So there you are one Mamlaysia is an bankrupty concept just carrying you around in rollercoaster and back to square one. Yet PM is so proud of his NEM and 1Malaysia rhetoric. It is piss off. Scared of Perkassa , no political will for change. Worse PM & DPM advocated enthnicity first than malaysian - so don't expect Armno will help you chinese - 40% Malays are very poor and unhelped the elite Malays are just pathetic - lazy and always dependent - celeka.

  35. Poor Non-Bumiputras4/05/2010 11:04:00 AM

    In every one Non-Bumiputra Millionaire there are thousands of Non-Bumiputras who need assistance more than the Bumiputras who are super rich due to the implementation of the so called affirmative policies which have enriched certain Bumiputras only.

  36. You stupid chinese obviously never read Art of War eventhough the author is a chinese. LOL.

    See - umno has won every major battle since 1950. the last election was just a minor hiccup. UMNO will win Hulu Selangor by a landslide.


  37. To the bastard of 8:32 from personal words of the anon 10:42.
    I never say "China/Chinese fighting among themselves". MCA is losing his credibility from the CHINESE COMMUNITY IN MALAYSIA after 328. I feel that if anything wrong you can rectify to me asap. 328 is a date from which Chinese in Malaysia mostly feel MCA is non-relevant. Malaysia-China have building a very strong tie and trade relation since the late father of PM now.I am doing trading in China and I will not be so STUPID to destroy MY WAY. With this CONFIDENCE from both of the two countries, we Chinese here will feel more save and in return we bring in some revenue to Malaysia and to help to promote economic here as well. In this justice4otk, many posters support OTK and any body who is trying to smearing OTK, I like to be the FIRST ONE to fire him back. OTK , by virtual of his merit , can represent CHINESE IN MALAYSIA but not his party as MCA. I hope you will clear the point now.

  38. Anon 11:12 AM,

    cool down, since you are OTK supporters then I take back what I said about you, OK.

  39. "China success today is the pride of most Chinese no matter what are their nationality.

    Off course doesn't mean anything to the traitors.

    Aiya, you know the perangai of those "GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING TRAITORS" lah ...

    Anything that benefits them they will use one, including the success of China !

    MCA has so many of those GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING TRAITORS that the sooner MCA closes shop the better.

  40. Encik Kepala Otak Bilang:

    "You stupid chinese obviously never read Art of War eventhough the author is a chinese. LOL."

    Methinks you should change some of your own words.

    The Chinese do read and understand "The Art Of War".

    On the other hand, those in MCA can not be called "Chinese" since they are GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING RUNNING DOGS.

  41. Kapala Otak,

    Yes, you can call some Chinese stupid cos even though they know they are being suppressed, yet they still fight and vote for MCA and their associates. In this blog you see they are only f**king each other and left those racists out.

    What a shame!!

  42. Najib said ' I want the people to support my transformation efforts '

    Off course, it is also the people's desire to see reforms and transformation shaping up to bring the country to better height,......However MCA have already fail before it even begin by back paddling on those issues, and going against the people's voices to put a tainted person as their president and a traitor as their deputy and reject OTK who have displayed the insight to carry through the people's vision. If Najib is serious about his plan then what is he going to do about MCA whose actions is clearly not in the same wavelength, is he going to kick those silly people ass?.......

    Message to all Tee Keat supporters;

    He maybe down, but his spirit never fail that is his will, then there is a hope and a dream, that keep his guiding light burning. Noway shall we let his guiding light go down,.... instead we shall provided the spark for the guiding light to continue burning to burn even maybe a difficult task, so what....anyway strength is measure by the amount of hard work and the ability to withstand pain....

    So lets stay focus and not let his adversary to distract our honorable efforts.....

  43. Now the chinese MCA realise that they have elected a tainted person to become President who cannot stand scrutiny by young, old and many others in Malaysia and in fact the whole world. CSL does not have the quality and the intergrity as a leader because of his black spot which will always be beholden to him. How can a black sheep with ...give advice on how to run the party. Can MCA members support him fully. What about UMNO - can they listen to him. Dountful. It is such tragic election that now drives MCA to suicidal tendencies. MCA is at the end of the road. CSL can't even face the voters of Hulu Selangor with confidence. Deep down is a man knowing that he is really not wanted by the people at large save the 901 delagates. MCA is down the tube - the earlier the Party realise the better - no jealosy but facts. The fact that one supid donkey often raise that it is S.o who videoed him and that the woman involved never complained unlike that other in the Opposite Camp is a sub mental kind of defence which is at best low grade argument. Such defence does not decriminalse CSL under the Penal Code and being highly exposed by film and video is an act against morality in society. So MCA srve you right now that you choose CSL and now no body can respect him and MCA. You all go down with himm - the cc and party members whether brutus or not. The whole ship is sinking. Can't imagine all these stupid dworks are making the chinses to become laughing stock not only here but throughout neighbouring countries and whole world. Nothing is defensible for electing a tainted and morally weak and despicable person to helm the Party. The Chinse have no real shame as far the MCA is concerned. Don't talk about Perkasa and Umno bully. You all brought your own downfall and are to blame selves as the destroyers of the Party. Guess you all should jump and inrto the lake and terminate the Party at one- go and perhaps that may be enough to redeem your guilt and all the rubbish such immorality can ever repurchase back. Perhaps China should come and bomb MCA out for such no face turn about in MCA. It is really mpossible. Death.

  44. I just do not understand the naivete from you guys.

    You think you can elect a great person to lead MCA and magically UMNO will come kowtow to MCA?

    Wake up la !

    UMNO has never listened to MCA in the past 6 decades, and will never do so, no matter who is in charged of MCA.

    Tell you what, if you still think UMNO will listen to MCA, please do all the BILLIONS OF CHINESE IN THE WORLD A GREAT FAVOR, please stop identify yourself as "Chinese" since you guys SIA SUI so much !!

    No self-respecting CHINESE would want to be the same group as you guys !

  45. Whoa! We are now calling MCA with a prefix with the like of such - Chinese MCA. Any taker if we have Malay or Indian MCA? That's show how relevant MCA is in the opinion of the people now. Wisdom, the pact that CSL assembled recently is not a cohesive one and certainly untenable as a body. As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. So I reckon OTK will still have a shot at leading MCA again. Let's see how long this bunch of crudely assembled cretins can last before the mudslinging starts again.


  46. Cannonball,

    The MCA divisional and branch election will be about one and half years time. MCA member who support Tee Keat should start working on the ground to gain support from the grassroots so to elect as many as possible Tee Keat supporters as the new central delegates. The battle start there, once the central delegate is secure the rest will be very easy. Reform and Transformation would not be a problem.....

    In the meantime we the rakyat do as much damage as possible to the tainted and the traitors.....


  47. MCA are a bunch of eunuchs - we should have an official ball culling ceremony. Then we can also officially keep our "PAo PUI" in the Sang Choon Hall. They'll have urns there.

    Sam Choon (3 bola)

  48. Oh, are you referring to Dewan San Choon ? No wonder they forgot to retrieve and carry with them whenever they're out facing the rakyat.

    What a shame !

  49. The 307 AGM , 600 over delegates have come to protect the old shop of MCA. 200 delegates outsides the Sang Choon hall to call for yum cha by CMF. MCA at least have 800 delegates' attendance to protect the party from DISQUALIFICATION BY ROS. In form of loving the party and believe some may have regret not to vote OTK in 328 EPE. Today 80% Chinese sound together and show their support to OTK ,whom is the RIGHT CHOICE OF MCA PRESIDENT. The people will tell to BN very soon why they cannot accept MCA. 800 Heroes

  50. Every where one goes OTK is recognised as the only person that can deliver a protest against injustice it may be difficult since MCA is a partner of BN. Any way OTK has the quality and the durability as a leader since he can talk quite well, has the brain to think logically and answer question most appropriately on the spot - the others just simply no show. You know why? A political leader must have the ability to talk and use words that is not only fair but justiceable while at the sam time stand the test of practicality. He dare speak up and that is his nature - it is very original but his style is a little arrogant and that distance him from the flock of his follwers who are clouded with jealosy like what had happed on 10.10.2009 espisode thereafter. Secondly, his program of change/transformation in MCA itself is welcoming but the bulk of stupid donkey don't have his vision of an effective MCA in future. He was gunned down politically by leaders who don't have brains and who were only interested in self service and gains. MCA as has been said and articulated is on the path to destruction unless something is done now. The CDs may have seen it coming but they still live in the narrow confines of their own mind by electing an unsuitable person to be leader out of kicks/excitement and for political gains, collusion, hate and revenge. See what mess they put the party in. They realise it now which is a little too late. The part will soon be in disarray from its own doing. Who would want to listen to CSL - none. Party members may go with the flow and soon something untoward and catastrophic will happen and will break the fold. No one can deliver MCA from the oppression of ARMNO who for the last over 50 years has been playing with little napoleans in MCA so long as the few stands to gain from financial windfall - is this all about the mindset of chinese in MCA as opposed to DAP who dare Armno this and that. Chinse are almost dumping MCA and leave it on the roadside to tend itself and they are very very tired of chinese MCA whom they thought as Saviour has now become an enemy of itself. Who can deliver the chinese from theis oppression via NEM and the lollipop 1Malaysian bullshit. OneIsrael

  51. Is it a little coincidence the major component parties in UMNO such as MIC, Gerakan and MCA all have leaders mot an MP and therefore cannot be an effective champion of their own Party. IS it a little or more than strange that these leaders from these parties aforementioned have expanded their use and capability that whatever they say may be of no effect to UMNO. IS it any wonder the last to join in the no leadership ability at the top is none other CSL which the CDs saw fit to replace and yet he cannot do anything by being elected as he is not a member of parliament of and cannot even be considered as or appointed as a senator to be a Minister due to his tainted character. Will Nazib give him a ministerial post? Hardly! If it does happen, Nazib will be seen as a fool as he has so much on his plate and will be seen to intensify his own suspision as a...... by B. Bala in the Atantuya case. Will he do it and if it is asked of him will a ministerial be given. Who is controlling thw whip especiallly in this type of situation. An extra baggage such as this... is not honourable and may bacfire many of Nazib's plan particularly when he is on a high rollercoaster on his GTP and NEM. So MCA is an added baggage to him to solve and solve he can't because he appears to be a weakling too due to Perkasa and other Malay NGO and DPM whose behind the scene act may derail everything he has started. The truth is no one nows but it will only be known as the acts and scenes will be unfolded in days to come. Thus MIC, Gerakan and MCA the top component of BN all suffered the same fate as identical triple twins of not having the ministerial portfolios and MPs and one is the worse being a Mental Patient (MP) at his own behest to the geret to the party and final decimation. Very Strange but Not Accidental, Isn't It? What Omen in partnership!

  52. Yes, Creative Destruction is the word. When things break down you need someone like OTK to pick up the pieces. Bring him back. He is definitely our man among the lot. Don't agree with me ? Go for direct election and see if it prove my point. We need to destroy in order to create.

  53. So what if OTK has the brain?

    So what if OTK can talk quite well?

    So what if OTK is recognised as the only person that can deliver a protest against injustice?

    I mean, SO WHAT?

    MCA is still as rotten as it was, with or without OTK.

    I do support OTK, but I ain't supporting MCA no more.

    MCA is beyond hope liao.

    No medicine, no elixir in this world can help MCA as running dogs will always remain running dogs no matter what happens, and MCA is so full with running dogs that for the 6 decades of its existence, MCA has been selling out the Chinese non-stop.

    So what if OTK is a good person?

    He is only wasting his life in MCA.

    Stop expecting a miracle, bruders !

    Even when OTK headed MCA, MCA was still as rotten as it could be.

    As we have all seen, OTK was the only guy fighting injustice, OTK was the only guy dare to tell UMNO the truth, and in the meantime, the others around him (LTL, CMF, WKS, CSL, OKC and so on) were busy backstabbing OTK.

    End results? UMNO didn't heed OTK's advices.

    No matter who heads MCA, MCA would still be a gone case.

    The longer OTK remains in MCA his is wasting more and more of his precious life there.

    If you truly support OTK, get him out of MCA !

    OTK can serve the Chinese community much better without that big MCA baggage dragging him down.

  54. No matter what one thinks in terms of political parties preferentials it is thought that it is a good thing to have a few strong leaders in MCA even though the Party is dismissed as becoming more irrelevant and outdated to the times by the type of struggle MCA has lately put themselves into. The thing is the current leaders must envision what is going to happen to the Party of 61 years old and do something to revive it now or never. Only OTK can do something by the way he does things - all the rest are useless and hopeless. It is no point for OTK to join the opposite camp, he can do just as well in MCA but the problem is he needs a lot of support from the people in MCA to make him delive - do they see him as a leader that can reorganise MCA to the extent that it is not just a resurection of old silly MCA but a brand new MCA something akin to the struggle of its original founding father's ideology tofight for Chinese in every aspect of political and econonomical and social life of the nation. It is believed he can do it provided he has to be strong and get all members to endorse him. He is in the right track as can be seen in his political philosophy except that being in partnership with BN, a component party to do otherwise and fighting for chinese rights forcibly he needs that extra support from die-hard principle men and women, who are prepared to sacrifice or die for their cause. The opposit camp can do their best to fight for the Chinese whereas MCA in the BN can do much more. We just need the right type and the right group in MCA. Meantime we have all the rubbish and the tainted which have been making a mockery of MCA. The chinese in MCA must have the foresight to know a moral black dot leader isn't good for the Party no matter how much or how many good qualities in those leaders -. In the end you are always measured by your character like your ability is measured by your brain and hardwork. Don't deceive yourself - soon everything will catch up on you. What is left is always your character because in it enshrine your principles as a person - can run away with that. A party to be strong has to be have a vision and knowledge and principled people to follow through and this is the core power of an organision. So take out the rubbish including taints and poisons for these weken the Party and promote its malaise and finally languises in death. DAP

  55. What happen to the all latest postings

  56. >What happen to the all latest postings


    biasa lah

  57. "It is no point for OTK to join the opposite camp, he can do just as well in MCA but the problem is he needs a lot of support from the people in MCA to make him deliver"

    Is that all you can think of?

    Get OTK out of MCA must mean OTK work for the opposition camp?

    Is that all you can think of?

    OTK in MCA will not change anything, and it has been proven before our eyes --- the rank and file of MCA just don't like OTK and they did everything they could to dethrone him.

    If there ever was any "support from the people in MCA" OTK wouldn't have been forced out of the presidential post already.

    So stop dreaming, okay?

    OTK can work much better without the added baggage of MCA.

  58. KUALA LUMPUR: Immediate past president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat will officially hand over his party duties to newly elected president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek at a ceremony at the party headquarters, Wisma MCA here at noon today.


    Today at noon MCA people were conducting a funeral ceremony at the party headquarters for death of the stainless chair, many MCA people put up a brave front, struggling a fake broad smile, but deep inside they cried sorrowfully and silently as the dawn of tainted chair shall be the new chapter...... and a final nail to the coffin gain ground.....

  59. No lah they didn't even cry lah.

    They all wait for CSL to spend them to a yum cha lunch in the nearby restuarant. Usually what else is there to look forward to? usually just free makan only mah.


  60. The last election among the three heavies did not show OTK has little impact albeit only 578 votes which by analogy according to forcasts by experts and political analysts have actually exceeded beyond expectation of their degraded 15% mark. This shows every pundit and prophet may be wrong in their assessment and judgement. So to you who think that the tom dick and harry scenarios of the party in forcing OTK out of the Party as President is but just normal. He was played out by these little boys and girls in high places in MCA who are thirty of power but cannot control the powers in their own hands. These people will soon be pumped off along the way one by one as the political train moves along. Bet many who drive OTK out will soon be out of the picture when a sudden unlooked for situation occurs. Dont laugh yet - one by one the backstabber, the ungrateful, the selfish money muncher will become individually overdue and an unwanted piece of metal scraps lying around the periphery of the Party. We need a driver and OTK is that and there is hope. Just look who are the players in MCA. Ask yourself who can manage MCA - they are mostly dworks/clowns who surface on the scence to take advantage of the political situation, factional and willy nilly, of no depth of character and often seen as floundering in the wind. The political landscape will change in time for a MR Right to make a comeback - what you need is strategy and a little brain behind the wheel of that political train. Expediate direct election for all leaders in MCA next year and you will the sea change of MCA. It will never be the same again. Press for change.

  61. Wisdom,

    "deep inside they cried sorrowfully and silently"

    Where got?

    MCA is not MCA if they allow someone as upright as OTK to continue leading them.

  62. Direct election?

    Oh boy, we sure got a lot of dreamers in this blog !

    You think the Central Delegates are stupid ?

    You think they will give away their rights to make even more money away just like that ?

    When you dream you do nothing.

    Stop dreaming and look at the reality, please !

  63. anon 03:31,

    every body have dream, this is reality. some people sit on their dreams and some people work on their dreams. we otk supporters works on our dreams and direct election is one of the dream. so what if we fail, anyway nothing for us to lose, but for the CDs their dream may have come to the end, are you one of them?

  64. "every body have dream"

    Not bad.

    But the way many of you are doing sounds much like that famous old song ... "and I dreaming my life away ..."

    That is what you guys are doing, still dreaming that OTK can change MCA.

    Nah ... nothing can change MCA, except the Divine Intervention of God Almighty.

  65. By Boo Su-Lyn and Debra Chong
    KUALA LUMPUR, April 6 — Defeated MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat today denied he had been offered a spot in the party's presidential council, only minutes after his successor said he had turned it down.
    “I had the opportunity to approach Ong Ka Ting and Ong Tee Keat to be members of the presidential council but they declined the offer,” MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek told reporters after a handover ceremony held at the party's headquarters at noon.
    But Tee Keat, who was standing just outside the conference room, denied he had declined Dr Chua's offer when asked his reasons for turning it down.
    “Is there such an offer?” he quizzed, seemingly surprised.
    “The presidential council is normally meant for current leaders. I don't need to sit on the presidential council to contribute to the party,” Tee Keat said.

    The tainted president, not only a good actor inside the room, he is also a good actor outside the room....anyway Tee Keat does not want be near the tainted, it stink......

  66. Direct election?

    where go direct election one..

    for CSL sure got DILECT ERECTION..

    Tok Urut-batin

  67. I tell la...OTK is playing Hainanese wayang, by stupidly saying "Is there such an offer"

    He is a lousy loser!!

    He tried to kick out his deputy when he was the boss. Now the one he wanted to kick, offered him olive branch, he declined but talk cock.

  68. anon 12:58 am,

    otk kick out csl because he is tainted and want to destroy mca and planing to overthrown him.

    csk is a shameless cheat, blatant liar and fucking mca upside down and yet asshole like lick his balls. why because he fill up your pocket.

    you don't talk cock

  69. "otk kick out csl because he is tainted and want to destroy mca and planing to overthrown him."

    No matter how you wanna spin the thing, OTK was wrong to do that.

    OTK has no right to kick out CSL because CSL was an elected officer of MCA, not appointed.

    By kicking out CSL --- for whatever fucking reason --- OTK is telling MCA "I don't give a fuck who you are or what you want, I just wanna do my own stuff".

    No wonder MCA fucked OTK back.

  70. anon 08:41 am,

    you idiot should know what is disciplinary action, no wonder MCA is full of wild monkeys like you fucking you own people.

  71. No matter how many times OTK explained that it is a collective decision to chuck CSL out many are still adamant about it as though they are untaught with a layer of thick skull and inherent moblike attitude. OTK has done good to CSL during the Greater Unity Plan trying his best to do good to the Party and had learned many lessons. NOW CSL is in power after having betrayed OTK 2 days before the 307 AGM. It really shows who has the right attitude and quality of a leader. Moreover CSL has a dark moral spot on his character which to most Chinese is not qualified to take up leadership position. CSL knows this himself. Deep down in his innermost soul he is struggling but his rigteousness or what he should do as a matter of principle in view of his indelible spot has been suppressed by the greater evil in him. He wants revenge and has the support of his faction. It is like Mr Hyde is getting the better of Dr. Jackylle. Since he is a doc it looks he is playing out his role/his character as Jackylle very well as could be seen in his throwing out the AGM which he himself had supported to happen on the day and moreover derailed the Party by asking delegates not to attend. Even Stupid PM took heed not to attend the legal AGM. As this scenario has unfolded like all the others before it it shows the type of character CSL is/was. Evil in a character does not bode well and this will be seen later. Evil begets evil. One needs to overcome evil with good like OTK and CSL appears to overcome evil with evil - the fruit of his reign as President therefore will not yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness but disaster with an added baggage to his disadvantage. Wait & see fellows.

  72. CSL the old fox playing both ONGs. 70% votes non-acceptance offer from CSL is CORRECT. 80% Chinese feel MCA is not-relevant. 39% delegates votes CSL as President and 90% votes MCA cannot work together under CSL. Justice4otk where is your voting ?


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