Thursday, April 8, 2010

Liow : I better resign

I found this interesting comment by Liow during his interview with the Sun , here in this article .
Party comes first

Chew Mei Fun seems to be resigning her post of Wanita Chief when she cried she could not accept Dr Chua who was tainted as the president .

Exerpt from the article :

So what other tricks have you left in your bag? You’ve sent the undated resignation letters, you’ve tried talking, you’ve tried consolidating the party, you’ve talked to Soi Lek, but is Soi Lek acceptable to the party?

It’s not that I cannot accept him. A lot of party members cannot accept him – even my 13 CC members cannot accept him because that will further tarnish the party image. I’ve been talking so much about the party’s interest so if I support Soi Lek to become the president, I will be the man who will be accused by the members of not caring about the party but about himself. I’ve told you I have no personal problem with anybody. I can work with him but how do I face the members? Even now because Tee Keat is working with Soi Lek, people are scolding so much. Why go and bring him back when people are scolding him so much? And now, he’s deputy. If I’m supposed to work with him and he becomes president (laughs) I better resign.

Read the full article by clicking on to the Party comes first


  1. Nor Omar says that the Chinese and the Indians must be grateful to the Malays for granting them (the Chinese and the Indians) citizenship.

    J4OTK, do you agree with what Nor Omar has said?

  2. Ask him to look into the formation of Malaysia and the drafting of the Federal Constitution .

    I have poor opinion of this joker whose brother was arrested for possession and traficking of drugs .

  3. Noh Omar is just being his stupid self.. umno style. if mca don't like it -they can leave.

  4. How come Liow did not resign? No balls.

  5. It is better for LTL to resign if he do not wants to work with his boss. That's the logic.
    For MCA to become strong, it's either you toe in the line or shut up. Like it or not, CSL is an elected President.

    As for OTK, it's better for him to slowly but surely join force with CSL, coz he, like CSL, is also played out by the 3rd force.

  6. noway otk will lick csl balls, both csl and ltl betrayed otk, ltl should resign only after he stab scl.

  7. Fireworks for another year ! Watch out for the 2nd edition of the DVD

  8. 2nd Edition coming? LTL must be a busy boy.

  9. Anon 10.59,

    noway otk will lick csl ball...

    Don't say so soon. One day you see him not only licking but also sucking his stick.

  10. anon 11: 44 am,
    no need for otk to do that, there are already people like you sucking csl dick.thats why otk want to cut off that naughty dick.

  11. anon 11:44 am,

    no need for otk to do that, csl have already many people like you sucking his naughty dick, remember he refuse the offer to sit in the president council.

  12. 2nd Edition coming? LTL must be a busy boy.

    Wow, one blockbuster after another !!

    LTL and his FGZ gang are wasting his time in MCA. They should be in Bollywood.

    Imagine Fried Noodle show off her katil kung fu with Too Pak Kuai with LTL yelling CUT !! CUT !!! CUUUUUTTTT !!!!! at the background.

    Hot !

    Sizzling !

    Wooooooooooot !

  13. Was this published before the 328?? sorry for the ignorance.....

  14. woohooo! Chew Mei Fun resigned. At least she had the personal integrity to walk the talk. Liow Tiong Lai??? He is a piece of shit.

  15. Was this published before the 328?? ya before 328 !


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