Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Najib's Do or Die

One small step from Najib is one big step for Malaysians . That's the way to go , otherwise you'll never get to clean up the dirt and shit left behind by the Mamak .- J4otk

Hantu Laut

Well done! Mr Prime Minister.That's the way how it should be.A man who is not afraid of losing his job will do a better job.

Najib says his head is on the chopping block for purging rent seekers and political patronage and I believe him.

It's about time a leader take the bold step to stop this despicable practice of political largasse, giving huge contracts to party members,cronies, sycophants and hangers-on who do not have the capability to do the job other than sitting on their asses collecting million of ringgit by selling off the contracts.

The right thing to do is to have fair distribution of these contracts to all Malaysians and where preference for bumiputra participation are required, a special category of tender system exclusively for bumiputra contractors could be set up.There can be a two-category system, one for all Malaysian and the other exclusively for bona fide bumiputra contractors.In this way bumiputras are not deprived of the chance to share the economic pie and can compete among themselves under the new economic model.The other catergory should be opened to all Malaysians including bumiputras who think they can compete with the non-bumiputras. In the case of projects of extreme urgency or of sensitive nature the prime minister can dispense with the tender system and allow the projects to be on negotiated basis.

The present system is a 'catch penny' situation where the person given the contract is only concerned about the money but not the quality of the product.That's why, over the years, we have numerous abandoned projects and sub-standard products delivered to the government and no action taken against the culprit because he happened to be a powerful party member or a rich and powerful crony.The system has made those kind of bumiputras to become the abominable leeches, continuing to demand more and more projects to feed their insatiable greed and laziness.

The ruling party is full of them and think they should be given the handouts as of rights. Where do you think the easy money goes to? Certainly, not to fund further businesses because they have none.It goes to building palatial homes, buying posh cars and branded goods.When the money level is low they would go again for more and if they don't get, they start bad mouthing the leadership and some would even abandon the party and jump to the opposition hoping for better luck in the event the opposition won the elections and took over the government.

I have seen this happening since the formation of Malaysia and you see the same politicians being recycled over and over again.Sabah, used to be the place for recycling politicians but now politicians in the Peninsula seemed to have joined the circus and found the long-term benefits of recycling.

As I have said in my earlier article there is nothing wrong with the NEP if put to its proper use, helping the poor and needy Malays and bumiputras.

Najib needs to change the perception that the NEP is not to make the rich richer but to help give the poor and needy a decent living.The NEP should be retained for that purpose and that purpose only.Under his
NEM he can create a new model to help other needy Malaysians the same way as helping needy bumiputras, therefore, providing fair and equitable treatment to all Malaysians.

There are many other things that he needs to revamp to truly show that he is serious about changing the social landscape of this nation.

Some, maybe, painful to do away with but unless he swallows the bitter pill now and takes his chances and between the risk of being castrated by his party members and the risk of no UMNO government tomorrow, I would say go for it.

Do or die!


  1. Looks like MCA is getting some bola back or wayang kulit

    From Malaysiakini.

    Kapar MCA stages walkout at BN confab
    Kuek Ser Kuang Keng & Regina Lee | Apr 7, 10 3:07PM
    BREAKING NEWS Among others, they were upset over Noh Omar's speech, which alluded that non-Malays be grateful for their citizenship.

  2. Of late there are some who are trying to drag me into their trivial affairs with another blogger whom I know , just like many other bloggers . I have refused to be dragged into their trivial matters as its none of my business what other bloggers write or who they are affiliated to . Whether they are converts , non converts , its none of my business .

    But they have gone to far by insinuating all sorts of slanderous accusations which I have deleted and do not wish to reproduce .

    To these people , grow up ! and behave like a man . Not like a idiotic , moronic nincompoop .

  3. Ohh you mean that guy Omar Goh wei liang ka?



  4. Song Kee Chai got the nerves to complained about the master and slave relationship! Don't worry, Chua Soi Lek is already notified to discipline the minor slave like you!

  5. According to the press report, Liow is starting his brutus act together with Wee Ka Siong.

  6. KUALA LUMPUR, April 7 — Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek had his first taste of bitterness this afternoon when he was faced with voices of dissent against his leadership, during his maiden central committee meeting held at Corus Hotel here.
    The opposition, which came unsurprisingly from his deputy Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, could be a harbinger of more to come.
    Serve the tainted president right.

    Didn't he display that defiance stance when he was the deputy to stainless Tee Keat and plot the latter downfall. This is one lesson Brutus LTL and team learn well from the tainted president to defiant the boss at all cost and inflict as much damage as possible to the sitting president then go for the kill to overthrown the sitting president.

    It is pay back time, the tainted president shall taste his own medicine. He will not get away from it and I love to see Brutus and gang demolish him then we have one enemy less.

  7. KUALA LUMPUR: MCA central committee (CC) members must be careful with their words and uphold discipline at all times, said party president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.
    “It is of paramount importance that the party move forward as a team to contribute effectively to Barisan Nasional,” he said in his message to the CC members during their first meeting after the March 28 party election.
    Dr Chua reminded the CC members to be “considerate, not to talk according to one’s whims and make personal accusations”.
    Now the devil preached sermon on is a insult to the intelligent of the rakyat.

    Those MCA people must be nut to believe that a unprincipled tainted person who did not repent can uphold discipline....he must be thinking that you all are a bunch of wild momkeys....


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