Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chew Mei Fun resigns from all posts

Chew arriving at Wisma MCA for the meeting. – Picture by Choo Choy May

By Clara Chooi

KUALA LUMPUR, April 8 — As expected, Wanita MCA chief Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun has resigned from her party posts.

The decision was announced after she chaired her last central committee meeting for the wing at Wisma MCA here this afternoon. A teary-eyed Chew also confirmed that her decision was inclusive of her government posts, and added that she would resign as a Senator and as the Deputy Minister of the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry.

Chew had earlier pledged she would resign from her posts if Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek were to win the party presidency.

In the March 28 party polls, Chua cruised to a win, beating incumbent president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and former president Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting.


  1. She is a Hainaese, OTK. The Hainanese may be a little light in the head, but the mean what they say. Kudos to the Hainanese like Chew Mei Fun and Ong Tee Keat.

    As for that animal Liow Tiong Lai. Shame on you.

  2. LTL is hakka... so he dun need to resign..
    disgrace to hakka people

    Tiau niameh

  3. CMF did on principle and this showed she did have peinciple, at leat after all the storm and tempest in MCA. She resigned because of a first time tainted President of MCA which shamed chinese people in whole of Malaysia and all over. Now there is little respect left for MCA. Wish MCA never have existed for electing such a character a leader. No amount of argument in favor of such a leader is justifiable. There is no shred of respect left in MCA. From now MCA is nothing but a creep walking on a tight rope of immorality till it ends in the GE13th where the power of Chinese will be shown with greater ferocity and strngth at such lack of utter immorality and shame. The Hainamese CMF takes the lead to show what shame is really about in a high profile and political life no matter where the stain of immoralty happens - all resign regardless of which country except MCA. Real despiscable shame!

  4. No wonder. That Hakka tiau.

  5. More resignations to come....... beh tahan the pornstar leading the 61 year-old association.

  6. What principle?

    Chew is an IDIOT. She made herself a FOOL.
    Don't blame others, when her time is up. After the car accident, her luck ran out....

    All politicians please note: ALWAYS keep a 'backlane' open for yourself. Like LTL & KCH & NYY....

    Never behave like a FOOLISH Chew Mihun. Now she can go and fry mihun! hehehehe

    Senatorship can give to Tan Ching Liang Teochew amoy already, or YB Tan Ah Eng. Cincailah.


  7. Liow Tiong Lai...where is your balls?

  8. What! give the Senatorship to people who are not qualified for parliament. You must be a bloody fool to suggest that. No wonder MCA is such a pathetic organisation and looked down by UMNO.

  9. Chew MF is not a fool not to accept a leader with black moral mole as leader. Only those with backlane are not straight something akin to sinister schemes/craftiness and opportunististic and the like. It only goes to show our politics is the dirtiest of all nothing to commend at all whether back/side/front middle lanes. Really tainted on all fours and besides. Damed.

  10. Politics where got dirty?

    It is the PLAYERS (some if not all) who are dirty/crooked!

    -Neo Platoo-

  11. She make a stand that tainted person must not lead MCA.....and I back her on this one....
    Anyway what is so grand to sit in MCA president council and be part of the contaminated team which make up tainted, cheats, lairs and traitors. The stained chair is so contagious, it must be destroy to prevent spreading the corrupt culture to others.
    It is obvious now that MCA have to shoulder the baggage of the tainted president....

  12. Fried Noodle, Bollywood is awaiting !

  13. Yes, she kept her words to resign cos she got no choice but she will make a comeback in the next mca election which will be held in 1+ yr and she might be describe as a "honourable" person. She juz let yu chok tow keep her wanita head positions warm for her until she comes backin next election . This is all political gamesmanship on her part la. All wayang wayang. i will respect her if she dont contest in the future cos she is really an ineffective laeder.

  14. she should just go home & chow mei fun.
    add sauce. that 's it.

  15. This is the trait of the MCA people. Getting personal and getting clanish. If among chinese the clans clash what more to say with other races.

    Your president is waiting for you to grow up.

  16. The tainted president after apology and come back for contesting and what is wrong to show to Malaysia Chinese - A Brave Step to against tainted president and come back for contesting as PRESIDENT POST ? If CMF wants to come back for next party election is her choice, whether can be elected is different issue and we should RESPECT her decision, but NOT AS A SAVIOR OF MCA / WANITA or LISTEN FROM SOMEBODY ADVISE. SHE MUST STAND UP AGAIN ON HER ON FOOT.800 Heroes

  17. To MCA, to MCA, to hand in resign.
    Home again, home again, to have a good cry.

    But at least she walked her talk. Not like OTK
    who say one thing but do another thing, trying to cling on the President post by getting help from CSL, whom he wanted to kick out. What a shame!!


  18. she should just go home & chow mei fun.
    add sauce. that 's it.

    Add what sauce? Kangkang sauce?

  19. If she has no money and has to see children thru college and universities, do you think you will resign?

    It's MONEY talk and not integrity la.

    She is a very ungrateful bitch. After making use of her position in MCA, acquired her wealth and now she abandon MCA. All these rubbish about tainted this and tainted that are just her excuses.

  20. 我觉得马来西亚的政坛很奇怪,说得出做不到,会被人抨击一番,说得出做得到,也惹来一堆冷嘲热讽,不知算是健康形态呢还是病态?
    另一个关键问题是,新的总会长尘埃若定了,而新的总会长也开了一个先例,也就是说曾经有私德瑕疵问题的当上了总会长. 故且不论过去发生的种种,但如果探讨未来又如何呢?是否多数票的选择暗示了,以后党的上上下下,如果以后有任何人如果犯像目前总会长所犯的类似私德问题的话,是否都可以以任何形式般接受?勉强也好,逼不得已也罢,接受呢?
    一首歌曲如何会成为经典,不会在时间的蕴酿才会成为经典,而是多次的听到或看到才可有所为. 所以关于该不雅影片,全世界的人都在看,以后也将必将成为经典,历代相传,声声不息.所以,未来的事谁知道?这要看以后马来西亚的历史,会给此政党的一号人物,立下什么定位了.

  21. 我也是说,“错”就是错,大错也是错,小错也是错,只有当有人找借口或逃避错时,才会将错分为大错还是小错,就好像“零”.多少数额乘以零,都是零.
    我曾经一段日子没浏览政治部落格,现在看回有些人讲说“光碟事件”是有心人《陷害》所致. 我事后想想,《陷害的定义》不是一方特地安排一个人或事件,故意制造一个陷阱让对方踩下去才算是“陷害“吗?但据说故事是说原本当事人就自愿干那一回事的,有人发现后想抖出来但口说无凭所以就设法拿下证据的. 如果这样也算是一种《陷害》的话,那么全世界的记者所报道的违法行为的人都在“陷害”他们咯?我不是在追究或旧事重提,而只是好奇现在的人,是怎样思考和判断问题的.
    因为现任的总会长在最失意的时候,首相还扶他一把,让他当国阵的总协调. 未来如果有些政策对华社不利或友党的人说了冒犯华社的话甚至有轻举妄动时,他是否会念旧情而不敢呛声?

  22. Daniel Wen said :
    2010年4月11日 下午8:01


  23. Rarely we come across good, genuine leaders like YB Chew Mei Fun.

    Our prayers are with her.

    Wish her the best in her future endeavor and hopeful return to serve our community.


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