Friday, October 29, 2010

MCA boss: Dimwits in Umno should retire

Those politicians who are tainted , racists should also retire !

Meanwhile heard there's a certain rumour going round in MCA circles that a certain Minister has been sending sms to a certain lady requesting for a f*** . Whether this rumour is true or not , I hope that Minister will come out to * cleanse * himself and to dispel the rumours .

KUALA LUMPUR: MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek has one piece of advice for Umno leaders who are not the brightest of bulbs – retire.

The Barisan Nasional leader made the stinging remark when asked to comment on Titiwangsa Umno division chief Johari Abdul Ghani's speech that Umno did not need Indian or Chinese votes.

A video of the speech had appeared on YouTube, but Chua told reporters in Gua Musang that it was unlikely to have an impact on Chinese voters come the Nov 4 Galas by-election.

The MCA president also stressed that such views did not reflect the Umno leadership's stand as illustrated by its president, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's 1Malaysia concept.

“The prime minister promotes policies for every ethnic group,” he said, adding that MCA would propose to Umno not to field members with such chauvinistic views as election candidates.

“This (video clip) tells us that there are some Umno grassroots leaders who are not politically savvy. They are not very smart.

“They should not come out (in public). We will pursue this. They should not represent BN and should retire and go home,” he said.

Dangers of Islamic state in Mandarin

In his speech, Johari had said that Umno could retain the Titiwangsa parliamentary seat if it could rope in 70% of Malay votes in the consituency.

If this is achieved, he added, there was no need for Chinese or Indian votes.

“If we want to win in Titiwangsa, we want Malays (to vote for us). Don't bow down to the Chinese and Indians just because we want to win,” he said.

In another development, Chua said MCA was distributing a Mandarin translation of PAS' constitution in Galas to educate Chinese voters on the perils of an Islamic state.

He said the PAS constitution did not respect Malaysia as a racially and religiously diverse nation.

“I don't think the Chinese are aware of this. They think an Islamic state means they cannot eat this or that. They are simplifying things,” he added.

Watch video of Johari's speech here:

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  1. What really is the concept of 1 Malaysia? When UMNO members give stinging statements on the non-bumi, MCA made enormous efforts to fire-fight and said it is contrary to 1 Malaysia concept. What is 1 Malaysia when even within the UMNO circle they are unsure of the concept.....



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