Sunday, October 17, 2010

Get well soon YB. M'sian politics would be colorless without you

Ibrahim Ali complained of diabetes, numbness in leg and flatulence last week
Malaysia Chronicle

As news that Malaysia's most famous racial rabble-rouser Ibrahim Ali has been taken ill and is now in the ICU at a Kuala Lumpur hospital awaiting by-pass surgery on Monday, his fellow politicians have sent their get-well messages.

The Devils in Disguise has revealed their true identity here's the reason why !
They have hoped for the speedy recovery of the famed racist Datuk Shit Shit Shit , so that he can create more tourmoil for the BN and for the Government . Imagine these goons from the Pakatan Rakyat praying for his speedy recovery so that he can start opening his foul mouth again . Where were these people when he was rattling away with his shit shit shit ?
Here's the lists :

Sivarasa Rasiah, PKR MP for Subang
Despite the fact that we disagree on practically every issue in Parliament and that we were really upset over his refusal to give the late Batu Sapi MP his minute's of due respect, nonetheless we would like to wish Ibrahim Ali a successful operation and speedy recovery. We also hope he will spend time resting fully and well, and also reflect on the bigger picture of what life is about. Perhaps enlightenment will come to him and to us all.

Gobind Singh Deo, DAP MP for Puchong
I hope he gets well and recovers fast. We can always spar in Parliament and having different views is part and parcel of politics as well as life. These are times when we don't set any conditions at all. It doesn't matter if he is Malaysian or not, Malay or not, Muslim or not. As a human being to another, do get well soon.

Dr Lee Boon Chye, PKR MP for Gopeng
Hope he makes a speedy recovery and the operations goes through smoothly. Hospitals can be stressful places. Ibrahim must relax and put his confidence and trust in the doctor. Even though, the by-pass is no longer a complex procedure, Ibrahim must still relax and have faith. Then everything will go smoothly.

Hatta Ramli, PAS MP for Kuala Krai
I am sorry to hear of his ill health. Wish him safe surgery and get well soon.

Tian Chua, PKR MP for Batu
Best wishes for his recovery. We won't want to miss his voice. Malaysian politics would be quite colorless without him.

Ngeh Koo Ham, DAP MP for Beruas
Wish him a successful operation and speedy recovery. Death and sickness help us realize that we are one human family. We need to love each other and care for one another. I hope Ibrahim Ali will one day come to this realization. I also hope he will not insist that his surgery must be conducted by a Malay but a doctor of any race who can help him. In the meantime, do get well and take care.

Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud, PAS MP for Kota Raja
I was surprised to read that he was admitted for heart problems. Let us all pray for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

Nga Kor Ming, DAP MP for Taiping
We hope he recovers soon. Although, we differ in opinion and find Perkasa destructive rather than constructive, as a fellow MP, I do send my best wishes. I also pray he will repent eventually and realize that the racial approach is no longer good for our beloved nation.

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