Friday, October 15, 2010

Any Surprises To See RPK Working With Umno As Well?

Many will bang their fists, show their middle fingers and curse me like hell after reading this posting. All these are an indication of their hate for Umno and their love and believe in Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK).

When your present girlfriend slowly starts to deny you the touch, love and screwing as and when you like, what will you do? You had dumped a few girls before when they are no longer hot and to your taste. These ex-girlfriends of yours found out that you are going to dump your present girlfriend, naturally they will disguised themselves according to your taste from what they had learned previously and making a beeline to attract you back. Since your present girlfriend had shown her dislike to you and denying you the right to screw her you will be looking else where to release your tension and the faster way to achieve that is none other then your ex and they are lining up right in front of you.

Sorry RPK, for dragging you into my posting, this is just what I can make up from my little knowledge of you and politics. Nevertheless, I still need to express how I feel about the whole political scenario and the necessity to get rid of Umno/BN by the 13th GE.

I am nothing or in the minus zone when compared to RPK. RPK is not the type of man who will go berserk when things do not go his way. He is a man with foresight and knows how to plan and play his game well. I need not go into details as to describe the kind of man he is, you can see it through from his writings and the way he gets into the nerves of those who think that they are smarter than him.

Lately, we are seeing a shift in RPK's original intention and planning of how to fight against Umno/BN in the coming 13th GE. At the moment, the gear is shifted from the fifth into the third and yet to reach the reverse gear. There is still hope that he will not shift to the reverse gear unless there is no more options for him to play with. Bear in mind that Umno is watching him very closely, not to intimidate or arrest him but how to woo him to support and back Umno in the coming 13th GE.

RPK is fighting for a better Malaysia, what should have been done ages ago and not what the Malaysia is now, as it is. So, what causes RPK to indicate his shifting away from supporting Pakatan Rakyat and talking about the third force? The problem, it seems, lies with Pakatan Rakyat, especially PKR.

Many of you had viewed the video of RPK talking at the Friends Of Pakatan forum in London on the 2nd October. What does it tell us here? RPK is genuine in wanting to rid of Umno/BN but the possibility of achieving it is slimmed or even impossible because PR is not following the agreed plan as laid out in the Barisan Rakyat manifesto and doing things that are destructive to the coalition party itself. RPK had highlighted and sounded his warning that the way PR behaves and their performances will not lead PR to Putrajaya.

The third force RPK is talking about is not to compete or fight against PR but act as a supportive role, provide credible candidates should PR be short of it and will remain independent provided PR is willing to play along this game plan. Should PR not be willing to play along, the third force can be offered to others, maybe Umno/BN if they are willing to accept the terms and conditions of the third force.

PKR, the weakest link or a destructive force in PR? I had commented in FB that the PKR party election is a lose-lose situation for both PKR and PR. The lust for power is bared for all to see, the rakyat's welfare is secondary to them and the much talk of PKR being no difference from Umno's is on the rise. It is hope that PKR can wake up and not building castles in the air that Putrajaya is within reach with their kind of politicking, internal fighting and sabotaging each other.

Umno/BN is standing on the sidelines, laughing and wishful that PR will self-destruct with the help from PKR, just before the 13th GE. Even though Umno/BN is not going to change for the better they are presenting themselves in a superficially good image performances.

They are gearing themselves to adopt most plans that were initiated by Pakatan Rakyat, be it the economic planning with all the NEM, NAM, playing to the non-Malay gallery of accepting them as true Malaysians and not pendatang or what not with no sincerity nor really capable of implementing them but just to woo the voters that are frustrated with PR/PKR. Malaysian voters are easily swayed by empty promises especially from Umno which are skillful in this game of deceit when the voters are not happy with PR.

They are now even prepared to look into the possibility of a kind of third force. FMT reported amendments to the upcoming Barisan Nasional convention in November.

FMT learnt that some BN component party leaders were seeing red over the amendments as it would curtail their powers and render them as mere figureheads.

If approved, a BN source said the amendments would also rob component party leaders of their say on who to field during elections.

According to the source, there would be no allotment of seats to various political parties as practiced in previous general elections.

“The seats could be allocated to independent members to contest,” he added.

The source said a committee would decide on the candidate for a particular parliamentary or state seat.

Do we see some sort of similarity to the third force in the making by Umno/BN? Is there some hidden hand working between Umno and outsiders?

Is RPK willing to work with Umno/BN, if they can agree with his ideology in changing for a better Malaysia? Are there any talks going on now between Umno/BN and RPK?

We know RPK is able to talk to anybody, even if they are his enemy as long as he is in control and they are willing to listen to him, the outcome of the talk is secondary.

I believe that RPK is being constantly approached by umno/bn not just to end their ugly war but to sweet talk him or "conned him" into joining forces with them.

So, my advise to Pakatan Rakyat especially PKR, is to work closely with the rakyat, serve them and the country and not for your self interest if you ever think of capturing Putrajaya. RPK may not have all the solutions but his advises are worth looking into. Just put this into your thick skull, without the rakyat you all are a nobody and my guess is Umno/bn are starting to see it this way.

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