Sunday, October 3, 2010

100 youths stage protest as Guan Eng returns from Australia

GEORGE TOWN (Bernama) - About 100 youths staged a protest against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng shortly after his arrival from Australia at the Penang International Airport here tonight.

Calling themselves “Pemuda Pulau Pinang”, they gathered outside the airport at 8.35pm carrying placards condemning him for the state government’s action of giving compassionate financial aid to Muslim senior citizens from money they alleged was earned from gambling sources, which is not permitted by Islam.

Some of the recipients have since returned the RM100 that was given to them.

Lim, who had made a working visit to Adelaide, was seen walking to his car without acknowledging the protestors. – Bernama


  1. pls visit this for a brighter future for Malaysia:

  2. I need the RM100. pls give me.

  3. Youth?? Meaning they are not the ones who got the money...... wonder why they protest..... may be protest got more money.

  4. All Umno elected representatives nationwide should immediately return all their salaries to the government as they come from non-halal sources.

    If this is going to happen....Malaysia will be a rich country over night. Salam 1MAlaysia

  5. haha 3000 bumi employees at genting highlands.. wonder of they will return their salary soon.

    crap article on crappy youth of pulau pinang

  6. Another political show...childish. Why don't they protest in front of the houses of those politicians who had "sapu" millions of ringgits from the taxpayers.


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