Tuesday, October 5, 2010

'Lawyer brothers went on killing spree in India'

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By B Nantha Kumar

KUALA LUMPUR: In a shocking revelation, an Indian magazine claimed that the lawyer brothers arrested in connection with the brutal murder of millionaire Sosilawati Lawiya and three others here could also be responsible for several slayings in India.

According to the prominent weekly, Junior Vikatan, the brothers had allegedly gone on a killing spree since 1992.

Their alleged victims were three lawyers identified as Annamalai, Padmanathan and Dhnabatil Singh. The brothers were also blamed for the murder of reporter Thinakaran Raman.

Junior Vikatan also claimed that the lawyers' father was a “thug” who had moved to Malaysia some 60 years ago.

The brothers, the magazine said, owned a house in the Namakkal district in Tamil Nadu but preferred to stay with slained Indian businessman A Muthuraja whenever they visited India.

The brothers made headlines in the Indian media after reports claimed that they could have been responsible for the murder of Muthuraja, a prominent cinema financier, whose remains have yet to be discovered.

Sosilawati and the other three were allegedly killed at a farm belonging to the brothers in Banting, their bodies burnt and their remains strewn into a nearby river.

The police have yet to charge the brothers and six of their alleged men as rumours swirl about the lack of evidence, especially in establishing the DNA of the victims.

It is also said that the brothers could be linked to more than a dozen murders.

'Muthuraja wanted for murder'

Meanwhile, another Indian magazine alleged that Muthuraja himself was wanted for murder by the Indian police.

The Reporter magazine claimed that the well-heeled cinema financier was high on the wanted list for his involvement in robberies and smuggling activities.

Muthuraja, who hailed from the small village of Vilaagam in Tamil Nadu, was also said to be close to a man identified as Vengedesan, who was shot dead by the Indian police.

The businessman's father was a former police inspector and had stood in the 2006 Tamil Nadu state assembly election but was defeated.

Muthuraja, who was said to be involved in a prominent love scandal, surrended to the police after his father was arrested. However, he was later released on bail. The magazine did not say why Muthuraja's father was arrested.

He came to Malaysia last January, and went missing soon after.

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