Monday, November 1, 2010

Let's Boycott this Ididot's companies

Titiwangsa Umno division chief Johari Abdul Ghani's speech that Umno did not need Indian or Chinese votes.

Johari Abdul Ghani , head of UMNO Titiwangsa is the shareholder of Pemanis that produce PEPSI , MIRINDA, TWISTER and DEW .Let's boycott theses drinks .

Lets show him what the Chinese can do !


  1. coordinate. boycott Pemanis's major customers will be more effective. Eg. boycott Giant on 1st Saturday, Tesco on 2nd Saturday and Carrerfour on 3rd Saturday. Suggest a date and which hypermarket to boycott, then let all bloggers know. Once appear in blogs, email will follow.

    Hypermarket once get the message will either put away Pemanis products or pressure Pemanis to sack that stupid fellow


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