Thursday, November 4, 2010

DAP’s New Slogan - PIG, No More CAT

Two legs good: 10month old pig Zhu Jianqiang survived against the odds and has now become famous in China

Wednesday, 20 October 2010 16:24
By Terrence Fernandez

DAP used to boast of their slogan, Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT) because they believe that the rakyat see Barisan Nasional as the opposite.

After getting the mandate to rule Penang directly, and Selangor, indirectly, what the rakyat see is that the CAT slogan doesn’t even come close to define DAP. A ‘cat’ is a cute, cuddly little faithful companion and there’s just nothing cute, cuddly or faithful about DAP.

You can’t be friends with DAP, even after you have cuddled them in your arms like what Hadi Awang did.

Unless you are a Chinese, you can’t be a friend to DAP, you can only be their employee, their worker, their slave or their dog. If you chose to co-operate with DAP, you must first understand that by co-operating with them means you have to obey them.

If you chose to work with them you must expect to be back-stabbed, conned, discriminated or abused by them.

DAP will only give you a better position in the collaboration if you are deemed fit to be their puppet or if they perceive you as a natural traitor to your own race.

Like I said, there is nothing cute or cuddly or faithful about DAP, in fact, they are absolutely the opposite. Everything about DAP spells racist, chauvinist, selfish and egoist.

Because of these traits, DAP is incapable of tolerance, respect, compassion and sincerity. These then lead them to being incompetence, unaccountable and biased leaders.

Penang has the ‘opportunity’ to see the true colours of DAP first hand.

Barely 2 years after their taking over Penang, DAP didn’t think twice to demolish Kg. Buah Pala, Kg. Jalan Pokok Asam and Malay hawkers sites. DAP strategically destroys everything that spells non-Chinese in Penang and force them to move out from the island.

This is done by building high-cost housing or commercial property projects on the newly demolished sites to ensure that the low-middle income non-Chinese could never afford to own them.

Most recently, member of Penang City Council (MPPP) was reported to have used the service of a prostitute during the council’s official visit to Singapore. Another two officers were said to have spent time in night-clubs there. DAP couldn’t bare the shame and decided to do what they do best: use force to shut up the newspaper that reported the incident despite their ‘transparency’ slogan and their ‘fight’ for press freedom. The newspaper was forced to apologize and withdrew the article almost immediately.

DAP is also very synonym to gangsterism, especially in Selangor whereby an Exco member is said to have linked to underground mobs and own several night-clubs and ‘spas’. This resulted in the rise of immoral activities and crime in the state.

The problems of corruption then automatically become more severe as these mobsters and gangsters’ activities got entangled with the political game in the state.

Should DAP ruled the country, we can be sure that we would see more crime, oppression and no freedom of speech except for the Chinese, perhaps.

Malaysia wouldn’t be a prosperous, harmonious country anymore. Leadership like DAP would only fill the country with anger, dissatisfaction, sadness, fear and hatred. Even the Chinese wouldn’t be able to live their luxurious lives peacefully under DAP’s ruling.

Since DAP has gone way out of their own slogan, CAT, we would like to suggest the party to change its slogan to fit their true colours.

DAP’s new slogan should be PIG (Prejudice, Incompetence and Gangsterism).

PIG would be a more suitable slogan to fit their character. Pig as an animal despised. It’s dirty, stinky and caused a lot of diseases.

Even a pork-eater would refer their most hated person as a ‘pig’ just to discredit and insult the person. This confirms that a pig is the lowest animal on the planet. Funny that even a racist Chinese would call a Malay pig, just to show his hatred towards the Malay, despite his love towards pork. Sounds like a ‘love-hate’ situation eh? Irony, isn’t it?


  1. my Indian friend from Johor just visited Penang and he like Pg so much not just bcos of the food, but the way Chinese-MAlay-India mix around....truly 1Malaysia. He also mentioned that generally the people in the street are happy with the new government - street much cleaner now..... as those contractors have to slog to earn their dues...... no more your scratch my back and I scratch yours.

  2. Anon 11/05/2010 08:08:00 AM,

    "He also mentioned that generally the people in the street are happy with the new government - street much cleaner now..... as those contractors have to slog to earn their dues...... no more your scratch my back and I scratch yours".

    Don't bullshit lah...

    I have personally complaint to MPPP regarding the many shabby works carry by DAP appointed contractors which cause many accident to happen. We have to after their ass for them to do a proper job. Go to PISA the swimming there have been leaking for nearly a year...nothing have done yet

    Let me tell you that all the nice looking thing in Penang was done by the previous government. The current DAP government did NOTHING we have lost out alot to other states especially Johore in term developments and by each day we in Penang are getting poorer. I have to fork out every month at least RM500.00 more for our monthly expenses since DAP took over the government due their thoughtless acts in increasing the water rate and so on....

    In Batu Sapi and Galas, the silence majority have spoken...

  3. Wisdom,

    You really bullshit. I am from Penang and stay in Johor, I can rebut all your points easily.

    PISA was built by Koh TK not DAP. If you want development in Penang, ask Fed Gov to be fair to all - this are all tax payers' money. They have to distribute them fairly. Even KTK time, Penang was not treated fairly.

    As for your complaint - pls produce proof and do not just throw stone and hide your hands.

    And lastly for Johor to overtake Penang??? Pls come to Johor and see if you allow your daughter walk alone to the nearest hawker stalls.

    Wisdom, wisdom --- after all not so smart.trying to pull a fast one.

    In Batu Api and GAlas - these are the Kampung people who got no access to REAL story.

  4. Wisdom,

    If you spent additional RM500 for have swimming pool at home kah???

    The RM500 is meant for the increased petrol price lah. Everything goes up except your dick.

  5. Anonymous 11/06/2010 10:15:00 PM,

    You are an asshole, PISA is now the responsibility of the State Government and the Cheap Minister was informed about the leaking swimming pool months ago and until today the leaking was not rectify yet. They are useless and inefficient....go ask the Cheap Minister or take a look at the swimming pool there by yourself, the facts are all bare for all to see, unless you are blind.

    Don't blame on the Federal is the inability of the Cheap Minister for failing to get aids from the Federal Government...he should learn from Lim Chong Eu how to do it..

    If Penang is so good to you and Johore is so bad why are you staying Johore? must be very dumb...yet you dare to insult the intelligences of Batu Api and Galas people.

  6. Anonymous 11/06/2010 10:16:00 PM,

    Correct some of the expenses incur are for more petrol being used due to daily traffic jam...and the lousy Cheap Minister do nothing to solve the problems.

    You are correct again that your itchy ass won't make my dick goes up...but if you have a problem, you should seek Anwar help, his one will surely goes up. Saiful can confirm that...

  7. wisdom,

    Again the traffic jam was during KTK time. They spent million but the problem remains. Again if they Fed Gov did not provide fund, what do you expect the state gov to do??!!! sell your daughter??? how many daugthers you have???

    Pls come to Johor and otehr states and see the jam yourself.

    Perhaps your car too old and leak guzzle petrol too much. Blame your gov for putting the Proton car price so high.

    Wisdom, you have are as tainted in your mind as CSL (since you always whack CSL) you dirtied this place. Also Anwar case is still in court and you are spewing venom. If you have balls, tell it to the court..... as witness.

    Pariah punya WISDOM. BTW, your daughter is with me........ we are having a party last night.

  8. Anon 11/08/2010 09:53:00 AM,

    Are you sure you got balls????...then why must you hide!!!!...

    You people are nothing but only know how to blame, that DAP talent is evidently display here. Koh Tsu Koon wanted to built a monorail to disperse the traffic before he was thrown out...Lim Guan Eng step in and do nothing....the traffic jam is worse now than before...put that into your silly head.

    You DAP bastard talks so much bull's stories and you can't defense your own bullshits but then talk so much cock.

    Previously you spew your lies on justice4otk daughter, now you do the same on my want to lie at least do it intelligently...nobody will believe lies from donkey's brain. Why don't you tell us that you have fun with Lim Guan Eng's daughter....this will make you look smarter a bit.

    Get lost duke...Anwar's dick fit your itchy ass, we don't need donkey's brain here.

  9. u r helpless pig.


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