Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chua Jui Meng Acting Like A Dictator'

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Parti Keadilan Rakyat members in Johor are dissatisfied with the move by their head Datuk Chua Jui Meng in appointing members to the state leadership council without any discussions.

PKR Seri Gading head Mohd Bakri Said said that Chua claimed he had consulted the other party members but this was not true.

"As the state chief, Chua should be honest and transparent. He does not need to lie to those present at the meeting.

"What is even more strange is that when the announcement of the changes was made, the secretary who was appointed were not present and the minutes of the meeting was not taken.

"For us, that was not a formal meeting but just a get-together which was not conducted professionally."

Chua was said to have reshuffled several positions in the council, including that of his deputy chief, two vice chiefs, secretary and treasurer, without any discussions or approvals from representatives of the branches as well as those already appointed to the posts.

Bakri, who has been the Seri Gading PKR head since 1999, said he joined PKR because he thought it could bring about changes but instead, the opposite happened.

He said all the previous meetings and decisions were done correctly and the views of the branch heads were taken into account, and the individuals to be appointed are consulted to see if they are willing to shoulder the responsibility.

"Chua's attitude is like a dictator and it does not reflect the party's struggles.

"When we disagreed with the decision, we sent a representative to discuss the matter but he was adamant and said that the appointments were his prerogative."

Besides the appointments, Bakri said Chua's speech at the meeting also touched on matters that were racially sensitive.

He said following the speech, a fracas almost erupted if not for the intervention of security guards, who were hired for the first time in such a meeting.

Bakri demanded that Chua explain his actions, failing which, he would disband the Seri Gading PKR branch.

He had also lodged a police report on the matter and hope that it would get the attention of the central PKR leadership.

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