Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trams could complement no-car zone

By Anil Netto,

Tram engineer Ric Francis has responded to a newspaper report about a proposal for a no-car zone in George Town.
Inner city George Town tram route proposed by Ric Francis
I read with interest your article on Heritage Area car free, I have pushed this subject with Government Officials included with my Tramway in Heritage Area, I know things take time to happen in Penang, but this idea would work with my suggestion on a Tramway
Ric Francis
Tramway Engineer
Perth Electric Tramway
Perth, Western Australia
Trams in Berlin - Image credit:
Meanwhile, one political economist has said there is no reason why trams cannot be eventually extended all over Penang. He noted that trams are used extensively and effectively over long stretches in cities such as Amsterdam and Berlin.

Where to find the money for this? Well, if we can afford submarines and fighter planes, then surely we can afford an improved public transport system.

Madrid Pedestrian Zone_Oct09-mk
Madrid: Image by ITDP-Europe via Flickr
It is about time Malaysians are weaned off their car dependency – a move which would greatly relieve our cities of their stressful congestion.

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