Monday, November 8, 2010

Indeed, Who Is Lying?

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At 6.34pm today, to the ‘PKR Secretariat responds’ post, Potblack sent in the following comment :

“Bro Haris, Please be responsible in your reporting. Either the Sec.Gen or your informer is telling a lie.So can you tell us honestly whether there is any possibilty that your informer is using you to destroy the creditbility of the PKR elections?”

Potblack, I’m going to try and answer you.

Before I address the Sec-Gen’s statement today, let me just draw your attention to and comment on a statement that appeared in The Malaysian Insider yesterday.

“PKR has denied prominent social activist Haris Ibrahim’s claims that ballot papers for the on-going party election is available outside the polls for cheating by Azmin Ali’s camp, saying those in the lawyer’s possession are from the previous weekend’s voting…

“The problem is, that is the old ballot. This week’s ballot is a different colour,” a senior PKR official told The Malaysian Insider on condition of anonymity.

It is understood that party secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution will issue a statement on the matter as soon as possible. He is also due to announce this weekend’s results on Monday” – Malaysian Insider.

The ballot papers that I disclosed in my post yesterday ‘is the old ballot’, according to a senior PKR official.

The question of how I and the informant came to be in possession of this ‘old ballot’ has not been addressed.

This is an important question that has gone unanswered.

The very fact of my possession of the same contradicts the very first statement quoted.

At 2pm today, I met and had coffee with Dr Molly Cheah, the chairperson of the PKR central election committee, the body tasked with the duty of ensuring that the ongoing PKR elections is indeed free and fair.

I met her to hand over the copies of the ballot papers received from the informant, the serial numbers duly removed.

Interestingly, this was the first she was actually seeing the ballot papers.

It is for her now to verify, if she cares to, if these were indeed from the batch of ballot papers printed by HQ for use in weekend No.1 of the party elections, from 29th October to 31st October..

And if so, how then did I, who have no role to play in this electoral process, and the informant who had in his possession at least 100 of the same and claimed to have access to more than 1,000, come to be in possession of these if the central election committee have the ballot papers intended for use in all 4 weekend elections secured under lock and key?

Or, as appears to be the case, is the safekeeping of these ballot papers now entrusted to staff at the Secretariat who were intended to assist the central election committee on administrative matters, and no more?

If so, what other duties and functions of the central election committee have been assumed or, worse, seized, by these Secretariat staff?

Who is overseeing the elections, in truth?

If it is not the central election committee, then who?

The Secretariat staff again?

Free and fair elections overseen by Secretariat staff, then, and not Molly Cheah and her committee, anymore?

How convenient!

Potblack, in my post yesterday, I wrote that the informant explained that the central election committee returning officer could manipulate the list of members attending at the ongoing elections, where voter turnout is low, adjust it upwards and stuff additional ballot papers into the ballot box.

Saifuddin, in his press statement speaks of 5 security features : serial numbers, stamp of the Election Officer, different colour paper used for each week’s ballot papers, presence of candidates counting agents, and a tallying sheet.

Who is lying, you ask, Potblack?

“Zaid’s political secretary Rashid Azad Khan said the polls should be called off in view of allegations of irregularities and claims of phantom voters.

“For example, our polling agent reported that the voter turnout in Kubang Pasu was only 84.

“But the initial vote tally showed that Azmin clinched 80 votes while Zaid garnered 76 votes.

“Where did the additional 72 votes come from? Could they be phantom voters?’’ he asked.

Rashid also said the agents had reported that there was a 30-minute blackout immediately after balloting ended at 4pm Friday.

“Candidates’ agents were not allowed in, and the ballot boxes were not sealed at the time,’’ he claimed, adding one of the election officer was caught on camera wearing Azmin’s campaign badge raising questions over their impartiality.

Rashid claimed that following complaints, the election monitor decided that the Kubang Pasu result should be a tie of 81-81.

“I am appalled. How can the results simply be amended?’’ he asked” - The Star

Now, before I am accused of selectively believing the mainstream media, I have checked this story with Zaid’s political secretary, Rashid Azad Khan, who confirms the same.

Rashid also confirms that the Zaid team have evidence in hand of the fraud in Kubang Pasu and had communicated this to Saifuddin.

Rashid says that Saifuddin promised to see them but has reneged on the promise to this day.

PKR Deputy President Ballot Paper

This is the ballot paper that would have been used in the Kubang Pasu election on 29th October.

Potblack, Saifuddin will hold his usual press conference tomorrow at 11.30am at PKR HQ.

Ask him about Kubang Pasu.

Ask him who is lying.

You ask, Potblack, whether the informant is using me to destroy the credibility of PKR?

Really, Potblack, with all that we’ve seen over the last few months, has not PKR been doing an excellent job on its own in demolishing its own credibility?

At 7.35pm tonight, Sampalee sent in the following comment to the same ‘PKR Secretariat responds’ post :

“Dear Haris,To hide their nonsense,they will cast doubts on you to distract.Do not waste time with pr and get on with the third force.When the third force is up and running,we can then co-operate as peers”.

Bro Sampalee, I lost any hope that BN would reform after the 308 tsunami some time back.

Yes, BN will not reform until they are whipped at the 13th GE.

Today, I have lost all hope that PKR would heed the reprimands of the very persons they had previously counted as their friends, and reform.

Yes, I will not waste anymore time with PKR.

We have a nation to take back. -

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