Thursday, September 23, 2010

Racism taking place in Malaysia ?

Really sad .............. Kelingggggg

(via email)
Please read urself n see how Malaysian Malays talk bad bout Malaysian Indians. I didn’t say that Datuk Pathmananthan is right or good person. But these Malays kutuk all Malaysian Indians as org tumpang, keling.. paria… org hitam, hati pun hitam.. its really sad… We need to improve our life style.. upgrade our status… we need proof it to them, who condemn us…
This scenario one of proof that Malays really dun like us.. I Flag all the comment n report it…

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  1. What did your religion teaches you. All humans are equal and same. We are only different in colour. Respect each other. Do not tell me that when you are dying and needed a blood transfusion, you will only choose the blood from your own race only.


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