Friday, September 24, 2010

Muthuraja ‘movie plot’ unravels

THIRUNELVELI: The case of missing Indian businessman A. Muthuraja is playing like a drama - with the mystery of his disappearance, a search that spans two nations and a very nasty family feud.

His mother A. Ramalakshmi has made it known that her son was not on good terms with his wife S. Usharani.

She claimed her son wanted to “escape” from Usharani because she was always putting him under pressure.

Happier times: (From left) Muthuraja and Ramalakshmi, and Usharani and Muthuraja.

“They quarrelled all the time and Usharani had threatened to commit suicide,” she added.

“He has asked me many times to take care of his three-year-old daughter Lakshmi Shree so he could walk away from the destructive relationship,” she said at her ancestral home in Thenkasi near here.

According to Ramalakshmi, Muthuraja spent most of his time in his estate in Mekarai, about 20km from Thenkasi.

She added that Muthuraja had built a house on the estate, which also had a waterfall and spent a lot of time there with his family and friends.

Home sweet home: Muthuraja’s mother’s house in Shencottai, Madurai, India.

Muthuraja’s family members said his relationship with Usharani was a “mistake” after he became estranged from his first wife S. Ramalakshmi.

They claimed Usharani was a widow with one child when she met Muthuraja.

Muthuraja’s younger brother Dr Kasi Viswanathan said Usharani got married when she was only 15. Her wealthy husband later died and left her his assets.

Sources in Chennai said Muthuraja and Usharani had moved into an apartment only a day before he left for Malaysia on Jan 18.

“Judging from the amount of clothing he had packed, it looked like he was leaving,” the source said.

Oh brother! Usharani’s version is now disputed

CHENNAI: Dr Kasi Viswanathan, the younger brother of Indian businessman A. Muthuraja, has disputed his wife’s version of events surrounding his disappearance.

He said yesterday that his family was concerned that Muthuraja’s wife S. Usharani was giving the authorities the wrong information.

“The passport that she’s showing the police and the media has expired. There were four expired passports attached to his current one.

“The current passport is missing and it must have been with him when he disappeared,” said Dr Kasi, who will arrive in Malaysia today to speak to the authorities.

He had lodged a missing person’s report about Muthuraja in March at the Klang district police station.

He said Usharani’s allegations that Muthuraja’s luggage had been given to him by one of the lawyer brothers was also untrue.

“I knew my brother liked to stay in Bukit Bintang due to the good choice of hotels there.

“I went to 11 hotels before finally locating my brother’s luggage when I was there in March,” he said.

He said Usharani was creating a ruckus because she was worried about herself now that Muthuraja was missing and wanted to establish her status as his wife.

“She has no legal link to him and even in his passport it’s stated that Ramalakshmi is his spouse. Her only trump card now is the child she had with my brother,” he said.

He said Usharani was also unable to bring her daughter to Malaysia because the child carried Muthuraja’s name.

“Since Usharani has no legal link with my brother, she cannot take his underage child out of the country. But Ramalakshmi is his legal wife and can travel with the child,” he said.

He also alleged that an Indian businessman based in Chennai was the one behind Usharani’s current actions.

“This businessman, who is instigating her obtained about RM40,000 from me for information about my brother and he put me in touch with a man called Elil to whom we paid another RM80,000,” he said.

It is believed that the Indian businessman is also a longtime friend of a PKR member who had put Usharani in touch with Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam.

Did this businessman who obtained RM40,000 also asked his contacts in Malaysia to murder or silence Indian businessman A. Muthuraja ?? Who is this PKR member ? surely Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam knows who he is ! And besides why is this MP not serving his constituency ? why is he escorting the beautiful illegal wife of the victim around ? Trying to politicise this issue or he wants to do the job of the police ?

The police should haul up this MP bugger and interogate him to find out how he is connected and what he knows !

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