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PKR vote turns shambolic

Is this the way they proclaim they can run the Federal Government ? Better open your eyes . Imagine if they form the Federal Govt , habis lah ! They no No Different from UMNO .

UPDATED @ 12:24:03 AM 27-09-2010
September 26, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 26 — Irregularity after irregularity has thrown PKR’s first ever direct elections into chaos, causing the unprecedented suspension of six divisional annual general meetings after disputes were raised

Five Selangor divisions — Klang, Kapar, Kuala Langat, Subang, and Kota Raja — and the Johor division of Parit Sulong were all forced to abandon their annual meets today.

In Petaling Jaya Utara, Selangor state exco Elizabeth Wong was defeated and immediately cried foul, claiming that her opponent should have been disqualified but was still allowed to run in the elections.

One party leader involved in the management of the elections described today’s events, particularly those in the Selangor divisions, as “embarrassing” and completely unexpected.

“This is the first time we’re holding direct elections, where the members are supposed to show the rest of the nation that PKR is able to hold elections with composure and civility, but instead this is what happens,” said the leader who requested anonymity.

The person also alleged of threats to election officers and pressure on them to allow voting to continue, in an apparent reference to occurrences in Subang, which earlier had voting postponed owing to irregularities on the ballots, but where observation officers were forced to proceed regardless after being threatened.

The AGM there had previously passed a resolution to defer voting to mid-day, after some of the division’s members had left owing to the late issuance of revised ballots. The original ballots were forced to be replaced after the names of several candidates were found to be missing.

The Malaysian Insider understands that voting was, however, made to proceed — minus the supporters of vice president R. Sivarasa — after the election officers were menaced.

“With all the pressure and tension, we had no choice but to proceed. We leave it in the party’s hands whether to uphold the validity of the election,” said one officer.

When contacted, the Subang MP said: “In my opinion, the vote was invalid as the election officers had already decided to postpone it.”

“I can’t say anything more as I am a candidate,” he said when contacted again later in the evening.

PKR’s election commission is believed to have convened an emergency meeting for 10.30pm tonight to consider today’s developments.

The meeting was called following several other incidents, including those in Kampung Raja where ballot boxed were allegedly hijacked, leading to the police being called in.

“The affected ballot boxes have been brought to the party headquarters for further action.

“It is uncertain if the ballots will be tallied tonight or tomorrow, or possibly the day after,” said the same officer.

The Kapar AGM was initially postponed after the venue, a multi-purpose hall in Meru, failed to accommodate all the members present, plus the names of some Youth and Women’s wing candidates’ were missing from the ballots.

“The officers could not control the situation when the representatives started creating a ruckus, but there were no flying chairs in Kapar,” the area’s MP, S. Manikavasagam, told The Malaysian Insider.

Over in Klang, apparent discontent with the election outcome forced the voting to be abandoned.

“Three candidates vying for the chair of the division proposed for the voting to be postponed, and then became unhappy with the election officer’s decision.

“They then grabbed the ballot boxes and broke down the doors,” claimed the incumbent chairman Suhaimi Mohd Nor.

He added that turnout had been higher than anticipated, resulting in a shortage of ballots.

“We had only printed 2,000 ballots, enough for the estimated 30 per cent of the members. However, almost 50 per cent attended and the election commission was forced to make duplicate ballots,” he said.

The meeting in Kuala Langat experienced similar pains, when members attempted to seize both the ballots and ballot boxes to disrupt voting.

“This happened because some candidates knew they were headed for defeat,” said chairman Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid.

PKR amended its constitution last year allowing all 450,000 of its members to vote for divisional leaders and the 25 members of the central leadership council — including the president, deputy president and four vice-presidents.

The party’s 218 divisions will hold two separate meetings: One for the annual general meeting and election of divisional leaders, and a second meeting to vote for national leaders.

The divisions will vote for national leaders over several weekends, from October 29 to November 21.


  1. All political parties are the same. Why?...Power, contract and money.

  2. the diff is they are least for the time being...............


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