Friday, March 12, 2010

Another peace deal in the making for MCA?

Another piece of crap by M'kini .

There is a possibility that the March 30 ( MKini says March 30 , we all know its 28th don't we ? ) party elections in the embattled MCA may see potential candidates agreeing to a negotiated settlement. Should that be the case, all key posts in the party will be carved out by the squabbling factions without the need for a bitter contest. Prime Minister Najib Razak has hinted about this possibility when he urged MCA to solve its problems as soon as possible today. "I want a solution. It doesn't really matter whether through elections or an understanding as long as the MCA emerges a credible force to represent principally the Chinese community and Malaysians as a whole," was quoted as saying by Bernama. MCA leaders are currently huddled with their supporters to explore their options. With the party split into three or even more factions, no one group can boast majority support among the 2,380 central delegates tasked to select the new leadership. In the next 11 days leading up to nomination day on March 22, the various factional chieftains are holding clandestine meetings to broker a deal that could produce a breakthrough in the leadership impasse which has afflicted the party for two years. NONEAccording to political observers, party president Ong Tee Keat, who has yet to confirm whether he would be re-contesting his post, is likely to join forces with former nemesis, vice-president Liow Tiong Lai. This is ironic as Liow was seen to be in cahoots with deputy president Dr Chua Soi Lek only last week when their two factions collectively quit to force fresh party elections. Fourth faction Adding into the conundrum is a fourth faction - the one led by former secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan and his younger brother, Ong Ka Ting, the former party chief. ong ka ting ka chuan mca brothers 080408The Ong brothers are likely to swing their support behind Tee Keat as they don't see eye-to-eye with Chua. Chua had blamed the duo for engineering his political demise by releasing the sex DVD involving him and a woman at a hotel. Complicating the situation further is Youth chief Wee Ka Siong - considered a Liow loyalist but is increasingly seen with Chua. Wee command sizable support within his Youth wing, which command about one-third of the central delegates.? One third of the CDs ie 800 CDs? what crap is this ? For all I know is that there are only about 300 Youth delegates who are CDs ? Given such a situation, it is not surprising that Najib would prefer a negotiated settlement instead of an all-out election. But then again, MCA's last peace deal between Tee Keat and Chua, forged only a few months ago, now lies in tatters. Best possible solution The best possible solution is for Ong to step down ( to step down ? Your grandfather ask the MCA President to step down ? What cock are you talking MKini ? ) while Chua ( pornstar ) and Liow( Porn movie director ) take the top two posts with Ka Chuan ( the Perak triad chief ) returning as secretary-general in what is dubbed as the 'Chua-Liow-Ong brothers' peace formula. As a carrot for Tee Keat to give way, it is said that Chua and Liow would allow the former party chief to keep his minister's post. It is claimed that the Chua-Liow-Ong brothers combination would control about 75 percent of the central delegates. 75 % wow what a claim , then during 10/10 when all these people wanted to get rid of Ong , they could only muster 49% of the votes ) chua soi lek sex tape scandal 020108 dvdAt the same time, Chua, who is battered by his sex DVD image, is said to have promised Liow that he would forego a cabinet post and focus instead on reuniting the party and lead MCA to regain its former glory at the next general elections. ( To regain its former glory ? what crap is MKini publishing right now ? A pornstar as MCA president and can bring MCA to regain its former glory ? Say are you hiring std 6 kindy students as your journalists ?) Under this deal, Chua will eventually pave way for Liow to take over in the next party polls, expected to be in 2011. ( pave way ? making a pact with the devil will end up getting your backside screwed )So will there be a free-for-all election to end the leadership deadlock in MCA or will there be another peace deal? As they say, anything is possible in politics.

Chua pulls one over Tee Keat


  1. I heard the onkies (ong brothers) want to go on their own: so now the groupings are:

    1. OTK
    2. CSL
    3. LTL
    4. OKC
    Now MCA is really in a mess.

  2. Now is the time for Ong Tee Keat to repay the Delegates who has voted him to be MCA President. To repay back is to stay and fight.

    First OTK must fight the running dogs then fight the UMNO Bastards later. DO NOT SURRENDER BY HAVING DEALS WITH THE RUNNING DOGS OF UMNO.


  3. malaysian chinese is actacking MCA CC not MCA it self.

    why the MCA CC cannot feel that the Malaysian chinese was not happy with them?

    it may be what we call "politic" MCA cc can do whatever they want?

    hopeless 2000 plus delegates done the worst job as far as MCA concern.

    so is good let the MCA member to elect the MCA cc then only 0.0002% to do so.

  4. Anon 03:41PM.. My three year old boy can write better than you. Improve your English before coming to this blog.

    It's very stressful trying to read your comments.

  5. Please ask your three year old to post. We want unstressful comments here.

    Better yet, if you have a two year old, get him or her to post here as well.

  6. Anon wonder MCA is like this today. Because 90% of the Delegates are like you. IDIOT!

  7. ya. another piece of crap from msiakini. they ran out of ideas to spin

  8. 307 AGM OTK has his team. OKT do need to prove to chinese he still has TEAM. We want to see how many numbers of CDs still with OKT and can he form a team before 322 . Those wish to show support to OKT must come out now and not hiding. Pyramid

  9. I heard that the WeeKa Siong Unmasked blog had been blocked by MCMC. Seemed this is the evil doing of Wee Ka Siong. How can he influence MCMC to do this> DId he paid money to somebody in MCMC? This is utterly illegal.

  10. MALAYSIA COCK ASSOCIATION - Malaysia Biggest Porn Star CSL - President for Life

    Now let's see how Government going to justify the Beer Drinking Session & Caning of Muslim Women.

  11. Anon10.09.

    It clearly shows that you do not know the terms and conditions for setting up a blog. If your blog is slanderous and aim at hitting people, it will be closed down by the blog admin. You do not own it and use it to spew venom.

    Who is illegal, the one who spew venom. Sign, do not tell me you are MCA member. Sham on you.

  12. Anon 10.32. You must be a Wee Ka Siong licker. Shame on you. How can you even think of supporting such a corrupting influence in MCA.

  13. OTK must defend his post on his own strength without forming any alliances.

    Remember he is not fighting with anybody in MCA and he said many times that his door is always open to everybody, that explain who ever is elected into offices will be welcome to be in his team.

    It was some MCA leaders who have vast interest are fighting OTK and wanted to topple him....if these leaders do not fight OTK , there won't be any trouble in MCA, right !!!....

    OTK actions have demonstrate that he does not want to fight with any body, he only want to defend his post, do his job well like exposing PKFZ scandal and bringing the culprit to task or any other corrupt proceeding, bring honor and dignity to MCA and hoping that one day MCA can walk tall again. MCA people know pretty well his good intension but some people still want to fight him and condemn him to the very worst. The conducts of these troubled people display that they are senseless, selfish, irresponsible and indiscipline, do not care for MCA interest and do not want MCA to be successful ??? the same breath the very same people kowtow to their big brother. To them MCA are unimportant but UMNO is...........

    A friendly message to all those fighting OTK, they are many, many, many people like me, who will fight courageously and vigorously for OTK, before you get him , you have to first cross our path ....

  14. Anon 10:43

    You can still access the blog via proxy .Find a good proxy thru the search blog and paste the url there .

  15. Is MCA full of kok toker?

    That 10:32 anon is sure a kok toker !

    He himself do not know anything and yet want to tok kok !

    Go tok kok to your own kok, kok toker. Stop toking kok here !

    Oh yeah, you can tok kok to your fat pig master. We here do not like that too pak kuai !

  16. wisdom. you are right. There is no need to form an alliance with another group. This will compromise your ideals. Alliance is a strategy for the power crazy and the selfish leader.

  17. thank you for those with MCA.

    for other is good you can say anything you like (because "syok sendiri" is more important).sometime MCA need to said thank you to all these "hard words". the bitter medician is good for healing.

    anyhow please do not let MCA "dry".

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